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EminemEminem Sohyereal @sohyereal🔁@Eminem out of ur dogs, WOW framed nowhere fast are hot in some places at the moment
EminemEminemEminemEminem Marshall Mathers @Eminem🔁New #Revival Collectables - shady.sr
̷A̷ndré ̷S̷ilva @andre00nogueira🔁 #REVIVAL OUT NOW - shady.sr
Starchitect ⭐️ @Itz_Shady🔁 Eminem answers a fan question about "Castle" and "Arose" from #Revival
Marshall Mathers @Eminem🔁#REVIVAL OUT NOW - shady.sr
Marshall Mathers @Eminem🔁I walk on water
But I ain't no Jesus
I walk on water
But only when it freezes
OUT NOW twitter.com
Jake O'Brien @JakeO2556🔁New Eminem Interview: "If women are put in a position where somebody in a position of power is telling them, "If you wanna move up the ladder this is what you're going to have to do," it's messed up."

Axel @AxelVergnes🔁The only reason people are hatin on is because he’s actually rapping more than one word in his song, and not singing about weed or hoes or saying Gucci gang 65 times.
L Rec @laaauren_reckyy🔁It pains me to say but it’s time for Eminem to hang up the mic
Gabriel Farias @GaahFariasOFC🔁#NowPlaying River (feat. Ed Sheeran) de Eminem <3 fb.me
Denzel Sauceington @Colb_E_Fresh🔁I like Eminem flow but when he starts singing those weak ass choruses 🤢🤮
Richie @_AskAboutMe23🔁Does Em know that these terms he's using are about 2 years old lol ... I see he finally joined his masters tho like twitter.com a good little pet
fatlinda hoxhaj🎄 @xitsyourgurlx🔁Eminem and his lyrics 🙌🏼🙏🏼
MSF @smokeynation🔁Music is a release from the real world for me so I have no shame in saying that I like to study the lyrics in all typ twitter.com es of music. Hence, part of why I have my masters degree in English. That being said... Like him or not, Eminem's new album is #1 in 40 countries. That's insane.
Damien Diamond @KingDamien_666🔁@Eminem Go for it man. informationliberation.com
319 days until halloween @RNBlEBERSTAN🔁??this is exactly what eminem sounds like twitter.com
Mr. Egg @kevinG12583670🔁@Eminem Wow you're getting old
SharonSmith @cher_dermgal🔁@Eminem third time's a charm 😉
21'Dec?Mine👑🖤♐ @babygirl12x🔁Eminem ft ed sheeran 《river》🎶❤🤘
comms24 @comms24_c24🔁Eminem, you utter clown.

Remember when you were successful? It was because you pissed off polite society, mainstream culture & garnered mass appeal.

Now you're pandering to political correctness & mainstream culture & failing monumentally as a result.

Jack @Jack_Mashala🔁Eminem dropped an album and Black Thought dropped one of the greatest freestyles i've ever seen in my life.

Hip Hop is alive and well.

Carol Siebert @scsieb42_carol🔁💥BYE, Eminem!
💥Check on Out!
💥Waiting 🍿🍿

Eminem: It's Been 'Embarrassing' To Be White, 'I Feel Like Checking Out On Life'

Ash @ash_bachan🔁I walk on water
But I ain't no Jesus
I walk on water
But only when it freezes
THE Rap Pundit @DubCityRoller🔁If you’re someone who is always looking for reasons to cite why Eminem has lost "it," says 'Revival' is Exhibit A.
🦆GO BUY REVIVAL @ArcadeBorne🔁@Eminem Third try and it looks good since this tweet didn't get deleted. 😂
Eminem Facts @EmFacts🔁@daylyt30 @Eminem Let em know day.
Starchitect ⭐️ @Itz_Shady🔁“Now take your best rhyme, outdo it, now do it a thousand times.” - . Stream now - spoti.fi
✠// @Freddyccus🔁@Eminem Your worst album ever, by far.

Disengage SJW shit and end the self pity

You are still stuck in 2004 but worse

💥Samantha Lauzon💥 @samanthalauzon🔁 Yes, that is my version of “The Rose” on the new @Eminem track “ARose”...his new album “Revival” just dropped today.
lara @_laracarnell🔁 eminem and beyonce and now ed sheeran and eminem wtf this is too good to be true😭😭
bad things • ◟̽◞̽ @viratsblues🔁@Eminem God of deleting tweets skssksk
made in guyana🇬🇾 @Deejayes1🔁 Eminem's "Revival" is set to debut with 300k ,his worst since Slim Shady LP southpawer.com
🎅Christmas🎄enthusiast🎁 @pixelshitposts🔁@Jackamacka1 Listen to Eminem
Kimberly Longley @kimberlyjoann92🔁 Song of the day, River - Eminem (feat. Ed Sheeran)
Khalafallāh ‘Uthmān 🇸🇩🇺🇸 @AmericanZol🔁I’m just mad cuz I stopped being a hater and tried to except everybody’s music nowadays but Eminem’s album couldn’t e twitter.com ven meet my lowest of standards subhānAllah.
Johnny Johnson @saintsfanjohnny🔁See @VinceMcMahon even @Eminem likes @FinnBalor #OVER #finn4champion
The Greene Machine @Ultra81🔁 Nothing has been more disappointing than seeing Eminem become the worlds biggest pussy.
Mert ♪ @meets3vil🔁'Cause I'm just a man, but as long as I got a mic I'm gotlike. So me and you are not alike. Birch, I wrote STAN!!!! twitter.com I WANT THIS ALBUM BUT I CAN'T BUY CAUSE THERE IS NO SHIPPING TO MY COUNTRY !
kay🌻 @kaitlynxcoleman🔁BITCH HE WROTE STAN!!!!! twitter.com
Dominique @DominiqueErin🔁avril-lavigne-girlfriend-feat-lil-mama.mp3
Matthew Woolley @SheepAU🔁fuark Eminem's Album pretty lit.
Lady M. Rap'n~esta @EminemSorceress🔁Yo em I see alot people hating on the album smfh they just don't see u have grown up ! This album is for us grown ups ! Good shit bro ! I hear u !
Alaribechizo @alaribechizo🔁EMINEM IS A god!


MELINDA🇱🇧ALI73 @MelindaAli73🔁I 💕 U. Remember, only those beneath you try to bring you down. Your new album is about different messages you’re t twitter.com rying to communicate in a time where the world’s falling apart. Very powerful 💥.
tom @teessidetom1986🔁Here’s a song for you… Nowhere Fast (feat. Kehlani) by Eminem
Superfly @MEETL0AF🔁Maybe Eminem should rap about actual Trump policies and prove he has no idea what he’s talking about.

The real Slim Shady has finally stood up, and he doesn’t know shit!

King Esco @Esco079🔁 Revival by Eminem is definitely the worst hip hop album of all time and might be the worst album of all time in any genre
Hits 93 Toronto @Hits93Toronto🔁Now Playing: Lose Yourself by Eminem at Hits93.com
2DBZ @DBZtwo🔁@Eminem D12 - Shit On You youtu.be fuckin hater...bitches. Fuck u.
lara @_laracarnell🔁 The fact Ed Sheeran has done a song with Eminem is an absolute game changer.
Joe Lampert @joelamp8🔁Eminem with a new album?? Whaaaaaattt???
Franky @yoFranky_🔁I want to like the new Eminem album, but I just can't jam out to it
detroitli @shadykingdom🔁 @Eminem King of deleting tweets
̷A̷ndré ̷S̷ilva @andre00nogueira🔁Exclusive pre-order for Stans is now live on the site! These limited product bundles are only available this one time as part of the album rollout.
rizin @RRizin🔁Monkey see monkey do, stimulate, patiently waiting, nail in the coffin, till I️ collapse, rap game. Can’t hate on these. #eminem
Angry Me @AngryMe1010🔁@PrisonPlanet I think I love eminem even more ..
Tom B @cafctom1987🔁Eminem's new album isn't great, isn't terrible - just OK. Sort of thing you listen to once to pass an hour without n twitter.com eeding to go back and listen to again.
Sandra Henriksson @Henrixandra🔁@IAmJordanNeel @Eminem He doesn't know how to use a computer. He's not that into modern technology
Typical Trumpism @TypicalTrumpism🔁 Eminem: Trump hates black people, is basically Hitler


🤴🏾T R U P @DKThaTruth🔁Eminem is the HARDEST rapper alive don't @ me
Taylor @YourAverageJet🔁@2a1k6 @kingslayer25 What does that have to do with Eminem being trash?
🇺🇸 Eck 🇺🇸 @ECK888888🔁Gotta go bud. Republicans are not racists, most are just hard working people. Just want everyone else to fight for th twitter.com ere dreams. Same idea promise, two totally different veiws on how to do it. Peace brother. Gotta run.
zura! @azurahhayss🔁walk on water // Eminem ft. Beyoncé
#1 Posner Stan @Christmas @Jackamacka1🔁oh no what do i use as an excuse to not listen to eminem now
MT @SerenityisDeath🔁@Eminem Keebler elf still on the shelf.
Justin @ySquizzy🔁I’m a die hard Eminem fan, a huge aficionado of REAL rap music, but I just can’t seem to vibe with Revival
Pure Gold Productions (follow4follow) @PureGoldProd🔁🚨NEW BANGER🚨 EMINEM TYPE BEAT “SAVIOR” UP ON MY YOUTUBE AND SOUNDCLOUD GO PEEP! 👀👀👀
OT5 @Sonia1_Ramos🔁"River" by Eminem feat. Ed Sheeran debuts at #3 on Global Spotify, #2 on US Spotify and at #1 on UK Spotify.

Congratulations, & !

Justin Howard @yoJGrizz🔁Slim Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP, and The Eminem Show is true genius and that Eminem is the most talented artist o twitter.com f all time in my eyes.. especially at the time


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