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emeryemeryemery tosin/toyosi @omtoyosi08🔁 Arsenal have officially unveiled Unai Emery as their new manager. 🔴⚪️
emery Jager Blaster ✌🏽 @ollie_olly_olly🔁 Unai Emery‘s first task at Arsenal: teach Sead Kolasinac how to wear his shorts the right way round
Xhaka⚡ @Rhedalgunners🔁 Unai Emery's first press conference is now finished - what did you make of it?


emery Fawazthegoodguy @fawazthegoodguy🔁 BREAKING: @Arsenal have confirmed Unai Emery as their new head coach. #SSN
emeryemeryemeryemery Cris ™ @sykrhmn07🔁 📸 Photos of Unai Emery's first day as Arsenal manager. (Source: @Stuart_PhotoAFC)
emeryemeryemeryemery Abdurahman B.Egale @alsomaliabucoql🔁 Unai Emery getting the tour of The Emirates. #WelcomeUnai
TheChelseaMogul @TheChelseaMogul🔁 United fans hearing Maurizio Sarri and Unai Emery are coming the Premier League.
emery paramedic☢️☢️ @Soy_Moose🔁 OFFICIAL: Arsenal have confirmed the appointment of Unai Emery as their new manager. 🔴
emery Tukang Retweet @insunpredator🔁 "Arsène Wenger - thank you for your legacy."

- Unai Emery

Jefferson @FPS_Jeff🔁 So what style of play will Unai Emery bring to us?

Here's the answer... #WelcomeUnai

emery David Muya @Kdmuya🔁 Unai Emery & jersey home Arsenal 2018/19.
emery Oladele Olofinro @olaepals🔁 BREAKING: Arsenal have confirmed that Unai Emery has been appointed as their new manager.
emery GOOПΞɌΛDΛM @gooneradam🔁 Attendance for Unai Emery's unveiling was 59,413
emery Aldy Frans Lahengko @nutanews184🔁 "Arsène Wenger - thank you for your legacy."

- Unai Emery

emery ไม่ได้ไม่มีไม่ดีไม่ทำ @amfaiamfine🔁 Unai Emery is aiming high...
emery Muhammad Aqeeb @MuhammadAqeeb2🔁 Arsenal name Unai Emery as new manager nnd.ng via @todayng
emery Sky Sports News @SkySportsNews🔁BREAKING: @Arsenal have confirmed Unai Emery as their new head coach. #SSN
Arsenal FC @Arsenal🔁Unai Emery is our new head coach - find out all about it here #WelcomeUnai


David Ornstein @bbcsport_david🔁BREAKING: Arsenal to appoint Unai Emery as new manager. Thorough process produced 46yo Spaniard as unanimous choice. twitter.com Available after leaving (1 Lg1 title, 4 cups), previously Sevilla (3 EL wins), not fluent English. Announcement + press conference likely later this week
NeymarJr #PSG @serpenta99🔁 Unai Emery is our new head coach - find out all about it here #WelcomeUnai


Arsène Cross♣ @don_cross_AFC🔁Arsenal have informed Lucas Perez that he will have to join them for pre-season at the start of July. Unai Emery is a fan of Lucas & will hold a meeting to discuss his future early next month. []
Fawazthegoodguy @fawazthegoodguy🔁 Unai Emery becomes @Arsenal's first new manager in 21 years and 8 months! 👋🇪 twitter.com 🇸
luke tomsett @maybeluke🔁Emery might have a 0% win rate v Guardiola BUT the matches between them were fascinating. Usually involved Emery coming up with a clever gameplan, getting the upper hand, and Guardiola responding with something unusual at HT to get Barca back in the game
Dr.Serven @Iamdrserven🔁. have appointed as their new manager.

In the previous 5 seasons, Emery won 8 major trophies with Sevilla (3) and PSG (5) - winning the with Sevilla in 3 successive seasons (13-14, 14-15 & 15-16)

Emmanuel waweru @Manursenal🔁🎥 | Video of Unai Emery coaching during his time at Sevilla. Very intense and obsessed by details.
shilz @shilzino🔁 Unai Emery’s English is already better than Harry Kane’s
sampson obeng @moshosho7🔁🔸 Emery v Pep & Jose 🔸

The new Arsenal boss has failed to beat Guardiola and Mourinho in 15 attempts as a manager

📊 Full stats here:

CJL2 @Callum___18🔁0 - Unai Emery has come up against Pep Guardiola (10 games) and Jose Mourinho (5 games) on 15 occasions overall, but hasn't won a single one of those matches (W0 D5 L10). Hierarchy.
Cris ™ @sykrhmn07🔁📸 Photo confirmation of Unai Emery's appointment as Arsenal manager. (Source: )
Dave @SirDaveLambert🔁FACT: No manager across Europe’s Top 5 Leagues has won more trophies than Unai Emery over the last 4 years (8 trophies won - level with Pep Guardiola & Massimiliano Allegri).


Oreva_the_Great @Orayvaar🔁Important to remember Emery is not Wenger’s replacement.

Mislintat (Head of Recruitment), Sanllehi (Head of Football Relations) & Emery are Wenger’s replacements.

🔴⚪Kazille.A.F.C🔴⚪ @kazille🔁Stop fucking bickering emery has a hard enough job as it is without us constantly fighting with each other it’s time we came together and get behind the new man and show the world why they call us The Arsenal family enough is enough let’s Come together now WE ARE THE ARSENAL!!
Abdallarasta @Abdallarasta1🔁Arsenal have confirmed the appointment of Unai Emery as their new head coach, replacing Arsene Wenger at the Emirates.
Dec〽️ @declankane20🔁 Emery speaks better English than the England captain.
Juma @AFCNEWMZ🔁☑️ Hired Sven, Raul, & Huss.

☑️ Sacked Wenger, Primorac, entire staff.

☑️ Took Arteta for a ride.

☑️ Hired Unai Emery from PSG.

☑️ Had Ornstein on strings.

It really is Ivan Gazidis Football Club!

Ǝrancil @Scholika32🔁- United sign Zlatan from PSG

Arsenal fan: He was busy scoring against French farmers at PSG. He's not even going to get 10 goals.

- Arsenal sign Unai Emery from PSG

Arsenal Fan: He's won titles at PSG.👑. He’s a champion.

David Ochola @DavidOcholaJnr🔁Our new Coach is Unai Emery. Arsenal mpya.
Umar @umarsaidvcc🔁 Let's do it 👊 #WelcomeUnai

⚽️ Five Star Footy ⚽️ @FiveStarFooty🔁🆕 ALL CHANGE AT ARSENAL 🆕

Unai Emery’s emphasis on the details will represent a key change of approach for Arsenal. But will it work❓ |


Dro @DroPilot🔁Aurelio De Laurentiis: "I'd like to thank Maurizio Sarri for his valuable contribution to the Napoli cause. He brought joy and prestige to Naples and Napoli fans all over the world with an entertaining brand of football."
Fawazthegoodguy @fawazthegoodguy🔁New head coach Unai Emery says he is joining one of the world's biggest clubs.

Follow all the latest as confirm the appointment of Unai Emery as their new head coach here:

Darius @AspiringLiberal🔁Gazidis says Arsenal interviewed eight candidates and none of them withdrew. First interview conducted on 25th April, last interview on 15th May. Interviewed Emery on 10th May as part of that process. Recommendation made on 18th May, supported by 100 page dossier.
Gooner-T @LJ_Gooner🔁Without managing a single game for Arsenal, Unai Emery has the same amount of silverware in England as Mauricio Pochettino.

Sportskeeda Football @SK_Football🔁The Spaniard offers no guarantees of success but has shown in the past that he is a coach capable of winning titles sportskeeda.com
adrensh @adrysns916🔁Even having had 2 days to figure it out, and having read several excellent pieces on the matter, I still can’t decide if Emery is a good appointment. So, so torn on it.
Atheist_Gooner @Atheist__Gooner🔁Lucas Perez to stay at Arsenal and will be called for pre-season as Unai Emery rates the player. []
Fawazthegoodguy @fawazthegoodguy🔁Arsene Wenger has gone, some are vexed.

Unai Emery has taken over, some are vexed.

If it’s doing you strong thing, please go and support shooting stars or BCC lions of gboko since you don’t want to have sense.

ōməñ @MalequeArrasyid🔁Emery potentially calling back Lucas Perez is a good move for me. Always made contributions when given a chance. Scores hat trick in champions league and gets dropped. Comes on and scores screamer against Bournemouth, gets dropped. Unfairly treated imo.
Opizzle @Its_Opizzle🔁No plans for an overhaul but wants to challenge for every title - can Emery do what Wenger couldn't with the players he's inherited?

Sourav Dey Neogi @sdeyneogi🔁The best part of Unai Emery's @Arsenal appointment is I can't wait for Robb and @ArsenalFanTV to return next season. 😂😂😂 #WelcomeUnai
Fawazthegoodguy @fawazthegoodguy🔁BREAKING: Unai Emery thanks Arsene Wenger for "his legacy" after taking over as head coach.
♟☆MarleyEboÖzil11☜♡★ @EboSmith14AFC🔁Emery on if Wilshere features in his plans: “I don’t want to speak on players individually. This team is a big team, big players, great players. We think we need to change little things.”
Fawazthegoodguy @fawazthegoodguy🔁OFFICIAL: appoint three-time winner Unai Emery as their new manager.



OMGitsIchieEbo @Yung_Kay_Z🔁WATCH: Unai Emery speaks for the first time as manager.

Follow the latest as new head coach Unai Emery speaks to the media following his appointment on Wednesday:

Ravi @Rxvi_🔁 have informed Lucas Perez & his camp that they want him back for the preseason. Emery likes him and a more in-depth meeting to decide his future will take place mid June. Full story.

Ufukyildirim61 @ufukyildirim61🔁Unai Emery Color Training Game at PSG
Track training like this and more with
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Os Grandes @Goonermanish21🔁@Naby_SZN Thoughts on Emery to Arsenal?
Michael @mswainyy🔁@MikeNearLeigh Emery has never beaten Mourinho
Gooner-T @LJ_Gooner🔁The fact so many of our players missed out on the world cup will be a massive benefit for us. Emery's philosophy is a drastic change from Wengers and its gonna take the squad a while to adjust. Most will get a full pre-season, which is perfect for the new boss.
Khalid @WorldOfK_🔁Emery prepared an analysis on every player in the Arsenal squad which he presented in his interview. Would do anything to get my hands on it.
Arsène Cross♣ @don_cross_AFC🔁Unai Emery
Age: 46
Domestic trophies: 5
European trophies: 3

Mauricio Pochettino:
Age: 46
Domestic trophies: 0
European trophies: 0

But One is apparently a young progressive manager at Tottenham while the other is a flop. Jog on.

Ernestein @mazz706🔁Pep & mou =at baca n madrid....not at man u & man cty ...and emery was at valencia & sevilla not at arsenal
MarrsioFootball @MarrsioFootball🔁@Kennyf1283 Get feeling Ox would have been phenomenal for Emery
MancunianBuzz @MancunianBuzz🔁Transfer news, rumours - LIVE: Arsenal confirm Unai Emery as new manager plus Liverpool, United and Chelsea latest - twitter.com The Independent
♟☆MarleyEboÖzil11☜♡★ @EboSmith14AFC🔁Emery on his targets: “I believe the players who are here, the objective is to work hard. With this talent of players, we be a candidate to be a challenger for the title. It’s very important to the club [to return to the CL] after being out of the CL for two years.”
Khalid @WorldOfK_🔁 Ivan Gazidis deserves lots of credit. Unai Emery is very impressive. I like what he is says. A lot.


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