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Elon Musk shut up mark @lactaidpopper🔁elon musk missed his chance to save the kids from the caves but here is his chance to save me from atlantic city
The Daily Beast @thedailybeast🔁Elon Musk has been revealed as a top donor to a Republican PAC aimed at keeping control of Congress thebea.st
Chelsea Handler @chelseahandler🔁Nice to know the person responsible for making electric cars is able to divorce himself from climate change by donati twitter.com ng to the very people who deny its existence. I traded my Tesla in last week after my friend’s Tesla caught on fire, so I saved a trip
Elon MuskElon Musk Craig Donovan @TheCraigDonovan🔁Lol predictive search results really fecked Elon Musk over here. So I hear you're a paedo now, Elon!
CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk🔁Billionaire inventor Elon Musk made an unfounded and disparaging accusation against a diver who helped in the Thai c twitter.com ave rescue after the diver criticized Musk's idea of using a mini-sub for the rescue
Izathel Xyan @AlabasterSentry🔁love him or hate him elon musk is absolutely right that 99% of white guys who expatriate to thailand/phillippines/etc are total sexpreds
Anne Lee @ShojoPower🔁Billionaire inventor Elon Musk made an unfounded and disparaging accusation against a diver who helped in the Thai cave rescue after the diver criticized Musk's idea of using a mini-sub for the rescue
Jasper Jackson @JaspJackson🔁The problem with Elon Musk is rarely his inventions; the problem with Elon Musk is his unhinged, entitled, teenager personality. on the billionaire's spat with the divers who saved the Thai football team.
Cassandra Tells You So @MissAbsinthe🔁 British cave diver considering legal action after 'pedo' attack by Elon Musk | Via Guardian theguardian.com
cleta @cleta01094978🔁Amazing startup idea, new disruptive "call cave rescuer a "pedo" button"...


Master Of Madness @MovieManMadness🔁 Elon musk got in his feelings faster than his cars go from 0-60
Deb B @Gobrait1953🔁In Twitter attack, Elon Musk labels U.K. diver as pedophile after spat over Thai rescue ottawacitizen.com
epale epale esa es mi piernita @PiinkCookie🔁GRIMES: [angry R2D2 noises]
ELON MUSK: it wasn't that much money!
GRIMES: [Mario dying sound effect]
ELON: I gave to both parties!
GRIMES: [Microsoft error sound effect]
ELON: I—what do you want me to say, that I care about poor people? No!
GRIMES: [hissing static]
Jordan W @GeneralPith🔁Lotta Elon Musk fans have been very Mad at me for the last few months because I criticise him. They ask "what have you done to help? At least he's doing something"

Today I have an answer. What I did was "Not donate thousands of dollars to the Republican party"

TechnicallyRon @TechnicallyRon🔁Elon Musk has just arrived in Helsinki with an honesty machine he has built. Nope sorry he's left after calling a journalist a nonce.
Jeremy Nicholas @Jeremy_Nicholas🔁Elon Musk has destroyed his reputation in an instant. I'm never going to buy his perfume again. bbc.co.uk #AfterDinnerJem
Brian Armada @Armadaeggon🔁Friendly reminder Elon Musk's ex wife exposed his narc fragile ego ass quite a while ago and it got barely any attention.
Cascadian @CascadiaForever🔁I’m not going to thank Elon Musk for paying the Sierra Club to filter a glass of water if Musk then pays the Republican Party to pee in the glass before I drink it. I’m glad that he helps keeps you all employed , but your water is being poisoned downstream.
Addie Porter🌻 @KrabbypAddie🔁hey guys i was offline last week so are we loving or hating elon musk now? no judgment, just need to know where i should stand
Melanie Collins @imnotbitterbut🔁Me: [trying to reach the top shelf]

Elon Musk: I'll save you! with my patented rocket-powered-

Me: nah it's fine I got a stool

Elon Musk: You're a paedophile

Cascadian @CascadiaForever🔁I’m not going to thank Elon Musk for paying the Sierra Club to filter a glass of water if Musk then pays the Republic twitter.com an Party to pee in the glass before I drink it. I’m glad that he helps keeps you all employed , but your water is being poisoned downstream.
Skyy @skyandbray🔁elon musk has a billion dollars and is still extremely online. dude if i had like a thousand dollars i wouldn't be online
Virginia Tech Engineering @VTEngineering🔁"From every objective measure that is out there, Flint's water is like any other US city with old lead pipes," says S twitter.com iddhartha Roy, of the team that helped shed light on the and has tracked it ever since. via
🏳️‍🌈goth bf🏳️‍🌈 @necromaxy🔁If you're reading this, you've probably freed just as many kids from a cave in Thailand as Elon Musk. Yet only Elon seems angry about not being patted on the back enough for it. Weird.
eat the rich @awaffleoverlord🔁All of you people hated Steve Jobs and all he did was make great phones in his little workshop and eat celery. Now you’ve got Elon Musk. I hope you’re happy.
Kanoktham massage @KanokthamM🔁Elon Musk flipped out on a Thai cave rescuer who called his plan to help with the mission "just a PR stunt."
Adele Taylor @Adele_Pthagonal🔁 Not a fan of comparing Elon Musk to Hank Scorpio because Hank Scorpio actually cares about his workers
Christopher Hughes @ChrisMJHughes🔁Washing machine just leaked and flooded the kitchen floor, bit concerned Elon Musk is going to turn up with a midget sub and start calling people nonces
A @ThefirstLady___🔁Elon Musk was going for the "Renaissance children" genes by pairing with a woman who can nurture that side of their brains.

Also, he created a special school for his boys to be educated.

Remember, he could send his kids anywhere. But he decided no school was good enough

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub @allanray_08🔁Wow. Elon Musk is the epitome of being part of the 1%, the elite, the privileged, in this capitalist era. Such a sham twitter.com e that I used to look up to him and actually dreamed of working for the guy. (I probably couldn't, but hey, it's a dream)
VictorVictrola @victrola78🔁@GerberKawasaki When will Tesla step up? $tsla inc.com
M @m__michelley🔁 What a weird day. theguardian.com
Farangis Najibullah @FarangisN🔁Guys, Elon Musk launched a satellite for the Turkmen regime in 2015 and only now you are beginning to to question his morals?
cuck schumer ({¡}) @slapperofasses🔁To the people in my mentions telling me to bring back Italian Elon Musk: No. No conceivable parody could be funnier than calling a rescue hero a pedophile because he made fun of your waterproof space trash boy casket
Sarah Manavis @sarahmanavis🔁The problem with Elon Musk isn't his bad ideas, the problem with Elon Musk is his unhinged personality.

Me on last twitter.com week's Thai cave rescue:

P.L.O.Y @Ploy_iKONIC🔁‘Asked if he would consider taking legal action against Musk, he told reporters: “Yes, it’s not finished.”’ Welcome to English defamation law Mr Musk 💁‍♀️
Paradox Of Tolerance @DagNabbs🔁 "Put the kids back in the cave. I'll show you." - Elon Musk
francesca @ancientexiles🔁 date: i like a someone who redistributes their wealth

elon musk, getting up to leave:

A @ThefirstLady___🔁And to show you just how calculated Elon Musk was-

Justine Musk, his 1st wife, bore six boys.
Twins & triplets via IVF.
It's highly likely they specifically chose boy embryos.

She's beautiful AND intelligent.

A writer too, which balances out his background


R. Axel Alonso @RAxelAlonso🔁 Hank Scorpio cared about his worker's rights and welfare.

Stop comparing him to Elon Musk.

Rob RoderickZabrocky @G33K_D4D🔁If Elon Musk is Tony Stark, then maybe Avengers 4 ends with Iron Man tweeting that Thanos is a paedophile until one of them dies
Christian D ~I LOVE YOU OR WHATEVER.~ @MacrossCreddie🔁Let’s be honest.

It didn’t require a Ph.D in tea leaf reading to predict that Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk would turn out to be unscrupulous, turbo-charged douche canoes.

PRECURSOR @dbarry_🔁Seems , and DNC want to legalize ‘pedo', perhaps it is a word like “Racist” that White incessantly endur twitter.com e from (AP) and .
Kyle Bonnett @kyleisdaft🔁 everyone is being really mean to elon musk today. wonder how he would be treated if his name was “kyle”
Will James @mrpartypantz🔁 Elon Musk will pay for clean water in Flint. fxn.ws
2 @johansilentio__🔁@irin Elon Musk is back at it
go commit die @ReurkGuremes🔁I know we’re all hating on Elon Musk but can we not appreciate his absolute ingenuity in being able to make himself the villain in the Cave Boys story
Traveller @CoyoteTraveller🔁Elon Musk doesn't want to cure cancer. He wants to turn people into dinosaurs. twitter.com
Dick James @012000Rick🔁@CNBC @nbcbayarea Elon you Musk fix those bucket-ass Teslas.
Tis cheap* @cheapasterisks🔁First attacking a nanotechnologist and calling nanotechnology bullshit, and now this. Used to look up to him, but tha twitter.com t feeling is diminishing every passing tweet.
Oakyman @Oakyman🔁Heard about 's rescue "submarine"? The cave-diver who masterminded the Thai cave rescue called it a "PR stunt"—that was the politest thing he said. You might be wondering: well, he tried to help. Let me explain with this thread and this NYT piece.
Tendai @warmbelge🔁Wow. What a riveting read. Guys check this out it’s about Elon Musk’s ex wife. A lot is covered here, agency, marriage etc
Irina Kostyukova @Rikostyusha🔁Asked if he would consider taking legal action against Musk, Unsworth said: “Yes, it’s not finished.”
💔 Kim’s Doctor is a Red Velvet Cupcake 💔 @Apollostowel🔁Who else thinks Elon Musk was just trying to start another news story, call that guy a pedo, just to distract from t twitter.com he news that he donates to a Republican PAC.
FreeSpeechRN2018 @FreeSpeechRN🔁 Elon musk calling out pedos?
Tom @T_Chappers1997🔁BREAKING: Elon Musk labels local firemen ‘nonces’ for putting out orphanage fire with hoses instead of using his ice-laser rocket ship.
Rizqikha Hanung Ciptayukas @riskyhands🔁Cave diver that Elon called a pedo: “It’s not finished. I think people will realize what kind of guy [Musk] is.”
Lorulean Citizen @Lorule391🔁British cave diver, Vern Unsworth, who helped to rescue the Thai boys from a cave is looking to sue Elon Musk after the tech entrepreneur referred to him as a "pedo guy" in a now deleted tweet.
Ride Cowboy @rideum_cowboy🔁Elon Musk is having a bad twitter weekend. Outed as a Republican PAC donor and liberals are freaking out (see Chelsea Handler) and now he's calling the hero diver who rescued the Thai cave boys a pedophile. Can't make this stuff up.
Steve @imuosdwisrdewoh🔁Elon Musk has been revealed as a top donor to a Republican PAC aimed at keeping control of Congress
Tradia🇭🇷 @amalieskram🔁Look, guys, Elon Musk may have called a hero child-rescuer a pedophile, but we’ll all forget about that as soon as soon he manages to send the fifty richest people in the world to Mars right before the rest of us get killed by an asteroid.
Zhenyu (Jason) Ji @j_zy28🔁Diver in Thai cave rescue considers legal action after Elon Musk 'pedo' tweet cnet.co via @CNET
Good Boys R'Us @mathiashauk🔁While his tweets are now deleted, it’s worth noting in this post-Gawker age that billionaire Elon Musk libeled a hero as a pedophile, then sneered that he would somehow prove it, for the same reason his old pal Peter Thiel did: someone mocked him
Jym Dyer @jymdyer🔁Elon Musk’s climate credentials:

1. Supports fascists who have dismantled the EPA.
2. Sells electric cars that occasionally explode.
3. Builds car tunnels so the rich can avoid public transit.

Steve @imuosdwisrdewoh🔁This makes no sense.

You wouldn't have to call them if they weren't in power and you are giving them money that will help them stay in power.

(Background: )

🌌Betty Edwards🌌 @rolling_racoon🔁It's midnight. A forest clearing. Elon Musk mutters to himself over a pond, his face ashen.

"They're... heroes... I should... congratulate them..."

Scowling reflection of Elon Musk, staring up from the water: "call him a pedo"

Ivana Dabs @ivanaFool🔁oh seems like today's political discourse is either:

Trump/Putin/Russia (aka every day for the last two years)


Elon Musk called a person he doesn't know a Pedo because he was one-upped

Iveygirl08 @iveygirl08🔁Cave rescuer considers suing Elon Musk over 'pedo' tweet


tech fleece tormund @the_blueprint🔁@MF_DAD in the case of elon musk, it didn't even help a little bit.
Joe Inglish @joeinglish🔁Congratulations to Elon Musk on joining the club of famous people whose behaviour gets described as “increasingly erratic” in news articles
Pranay Srinivasan @utekkare🔁In my experience, designers are prone to the same kind of hubris that describes here. We need more patient listening, thoughtful iteration, and respect for specialized knowledge
Chrissie Shadowbanned @z_chrissie🔁Very disappointed in Elon Musk's behaviour towards one of the British divers involved in the Thai cave rescue last week.

Calling Vern Unsworth a 'pedo guy' in a now deleted tweet has debased Elon and his brand. Low grade. Very bad.

Soyoung @Dogearpress @dogearpress🔁If you heard about Elon Musk "helping" the Boars in Thailand but didn't hear about Suratin Chaichompoo, who drilled water for exactly no reward, or the farmers who allowed their rice to be flooded so the kids could get out, that's exactly Musk's angle and goal here
Steve @imuosdwisrdewoh🔁I expected more out of a man who prides himself on science, a hunger for knowledge and a desire to combat climate change. I guess I expected too much. At this particular moment in time, this is a really sad and unfortunate realization about a hero of mine
Ryan Espinosa @KingSystem303🔁Good


🤘🏽👽🤟🏿 @DroogOfKL🔁 Elon Musk Arrives In Malaysia With Submarine Capable Of Saving Opposition thetapirtimes.com
Steve @imuosdwisrdewoh🔁 Musk's donation placed him among the PAC's top 50 donors. huffp.st
UpsidesEarth @At_Ert🔁Here's the full meltdown where Elon Musk calls one of the rescue divers a pedophile and then doubles down because the diver didn't like his little submarine
sorcerex @faxefoxe🔁ELON MUSK: “I’m paying to fix the water in Flint, but also giving money to pro-lead poisoning groups so we can have a dialogue”
🇨🇦MGTOW #FREETOMMY @icemanss73🔁Ummmm. Your never gonnna be happy? I followed because Elon musk gave ya a shout out a few days ago. Seems like your twitter.com all about msm new garbage and pushing an agenda that most of the public knows is trash. This is a garbage tweet by low IQ individual. Delete
Faeyas @Faeyas🔁Billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk made an unfounded and disparaging claim about an expert caver involved in the Thai cave rescue, after the caver criticized Musk's idea of using a mini-sub for the rescue:
Alam Ahmad @alam_wealthkid🔁 Elon Musk, who runs a "business" propped up Californian taxpayers, is off his nut. @ovationchris thefederalist.com
Borjaxton the Bold @Borjaxton🔁 Reports coming out that Elon Musk upset at a blue hedgehog repeatedly thwarting his dumbass plans


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