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Elizabeth Warren News 24/7 @News24hoursday🔁EPIC! Don Jr. Trolls Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren After She Refuses to Take DNA Test thegatewaypundit.com
Symone D. Sanders @SymoneDSanders🔁Donald Trump is attacking everyone from Oprah to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, to Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi during this twitter.com ralky. I see a pattern here y’all...
Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11🔁If Elizabeth Warren really has a Native American background, why does she refuse to take a DNA test?

If Maxine Wate twitter.com rs was really so smart, why does she refuse to take an IQ test?


Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁Here's the video of President of the United States calling Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" again, a name many Native A twitter.com mericans consider a slur. (via Fox)
James Toupin @Jamestoupin🔁Asking Elizabeth Warren to take a DNA test to prove her Native American ancestry is the 2020 version of birtherism.
Carol @caroldamnit🔁If Elizabeth Warren really has a Native American background, why does she refuse to take a DNA test?

If Maxine Waters was really so smart, why does she refuse to take an IQ test?


Phillips Atwater @GrambLand🔁Sen. Elizabeth Warren: President Trump beat Team Hillary, which included a rogue Obama DOJ and FBI. He can handle Fat Boy Rocket Man.

Stop embarrassing yourself, Nasty Woman.

Caroline Goatley Gas @GasGoatley🔁Donald Trump attacked the
following people yesterday:

Elizabeth Warren
Maxine Waters
Nancy Pelosi
Hillary Clinton
Oprah Winfrey
Chuck Todd
George Bush
Barack Obama

If you think a president standing behind a podium & insulting people makes America great then you are the problem.

Lindama40887052 @Lindama40887051🔁Elizabeth Warren was just asked if she would be willing to take a DNA test to prove her ancestry. She launched into the biggest BS speech about her family and how they always stick together and how no one will ever take that away. Stick to the topic Lizzy. People deserve truth.
Parene Doubt @pdoubt🔁 Elizabeth Warren rejects DNA test to settle Native American heritage claim - The Washington Post apple.news
Travis Bickle @TravisBickle41🔁"Elizabeth Warren Rules Out Presidential Run, Says She Won't Get DNA Test To Prove Native American Heritage"


Kenneth🇨🇦🇺🇸 @Kennethjpl76🔁Elizabeth Warren is not running in 2020 because she knows President Trump would win in a landslide.

(This comes the day after Trump talks about how Warren pushes away both men & women at his rally in Pittsburgh, PA.)

FELESMALAS @FELESMALAS🔁Don’t ever tell me kneeling for the flag is disrespectful to our troops when Trump calls a sitting Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”
Melissa Hale @MellyG14🔁Trumps new definition of Presidential

Chuck Todd- Son of a bitch
NFL Players- Sons of bitches
Hillary- Crooked and Nasty
Mayor of San Juan- Nasty
Elizabeth Warren- Pocahontas

Kim Jong Un- Smart Cookie
Nazis- Fine People
Putin- Great Guy
Roy Moore- Hell of a Guy


Barney @barneystoneage🔁 REWARD
A $10,000 reward for a DNA sample from Elizabeth Warren is now being offered no questions asked...
ChrisD2019 @chrisd2019🔁Elizabeth Warren announcing that she isn’t running for President after Trump lambasts her at his rally is amazing.

Kingdom Come USA @Verve_Crew_Cove🔁 SHOCKER | Elizabeth Warren refuses DNA test to prove Native American heritage nypost.com
Angelo Ray Gomez @AngeloRayGomez🔁 Elizabeth Warren Refuses to Take a DNA Test to Prove Her Native American Heritage townhall.com
Renmiri @renmiri1🔁Perhaps the day the lyingest President of the U.S. trump decides to:

-Show his goddamn taxes
-Face his accusers of sexual abuse
-Talk to Mueller about collusion

THEN u can question Elizabeth Warren about her Native American heritage.

On 2nd thought, go fuck yourselves.

HecticMon @hectic_monty🔁BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren announces she won’t run for President and won’t get a DNA test to prove her fake Native American heritage.

She’s a fraud.

Suzanne Munsell @ssmunsell🔁 agreed. btw, i have no idea why Elizabeth Warren bothers going on Fox News twitter.com
Luana Elena 🇨🇦 @LuanaElena7🔁I couldn’t care less about Trump’s tax returns, but I would trade his returns for a Maxine Waters IQ test, an Elizabeth Warren DNA test, & Hillary Clinton’s 33K deleted emails.

Sounds fair to me. Regardless, I am demanding Maxine Waters takes an IQ test to prove she’s human.

Lee @csfitness101🔁Elizabeth Warren says she won't take a DNA test to prove she's Native American because: "I know who I am".
Smitty @claysmitty97🔁Don’t be ridiculous, folks! Elizabeth Warren doesn’t need to prove her Native American heritage with a DNA test. A rain dance will do just fine.
Bryan Riley @Riley4Freedom🔁Why is @realdonaldtrump choosing Elizabeth Warren over Ronald Reagan? @CNNPolitics cnn.it
D Semo Cimochowicz @SemoSays🔁The rolls back the rules on the biggest banks in the country and increases the chances of another taxpayer bailout. How can any Senator vote for that?
Sheree Glover @Sherglov🔁 Why not simply “identify” as Native American. Problem solved. #yourewelcome nypost.com
robyntweet @robyntweet🔁Bank De-regulation with bite consumers in the hindquarters...
Elizabeth Warren keeps up criticism of fellow Democrats twitter.com supporting bank deregulation
Jeremy @jrfriedm🔁Liberals listen up.

I’m sorry that your hero Pocahontas, I mean Elizabeth Warren is backing down to Trump & not running for President, because she knows she’d lose, but I have bad news:

Elizabeth Warren still needs to take a DNA test and Maxine Waters must take an IQ test.

Carol @caroldamnit🔁Elizabeth Warren: “I’m a Native American”

Okay, prove it. Get a DNA test.

Warren: “Nope. Not going to do it”

Why would you claim something and then not provide evidence to back it up? Then again, this is the Democratic Party we are talking about. They tend to do that a lot.

Suzette @suzettepetillo🔁Chief Elizabeth Warren will never be taken serious again. She wouldn't dare put a Presidential run in the spotlight. Besides, nobody trusts the Democrats anymore. Those who do vote for them are just voting on the side of hate and diversity.
suntzzu @shihtzzu🔁EPIC! Don Jr. Trolls Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren After She Refuses to Take DNA Test thegatewaypundit.com
Scott V anderson @ScottVanderson6🔁If Maxine Waters doesn’t have a bad I.Q. then Elizabeth Warren must be a real Native American and Chuck Todd is never sleepy!

Bob @bobsudoit🔁Elizabeth Warren sets up a “circular firing squad” among Democrats over Banking Bill. The Bill, that has received bi-partisan support, will ease some crippling regulations from Dodd-Frank. If Elizabeth Warren is against it, it’s probably a good bill.
Ndee Amaugo @NdeeAmaugoTVC🔁Sen. Elizabeth Warren: "I want the President to succeed … but I am very worried he is going to go into these negotiations and be taken advantage of”
Elaine Cooper@ELC17 @ElaineC26681844🔁U just can't make this stuff⬆️‼️Hey Jimmy-Elizabeth Warren is as much a Native American as I am-when one lies by sayi twitter.com ng they r Native American when they r not they have 2 accept the slings & arrows from others including our PREZ‼️Its time Jimmy u grew⬆️⁉️😠😠😠
PG @Petergo80209607🔁 Maybe Elizabeth Warren can get the same guy to do her DNA test that Obama got to do his Birth Certificate 🤨
geet @dj4k4000🔁EPIC! Don Jr. Trolls Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren After She Refuses to Take DNA Test thegatewaypundit.com
ROB @_ROB_29🔁 Well so much for chief "full of bull..." ☺️




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