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Elias🦋 @elias_chairez🔁 me and my friends: ew applebees is gross af

"$1 margaritas!"


Elias blake moseley🌵🐊 @badbitchblake🔁vote for blake and elias😂
EliasElias Elias Rodriguez @emerodz6_elias🔁 Who wore it better?
Elias🦋 @elias_chairez🔁 when you forget you're not gay
Elias 🎃Law(spooky)rence🎃 @DeadEyeDraw🔁 WWE Network launches Chinese cooking show “Wok With Elias”:
Bubba Ray Dudley @bullyray5150🔁I "rolled my eyes" on #Raw once and got a call from the Deadman the next day.

Elias is in BIG trouble!!

Brian Aspinall @mraspinall🔁"There is no wiser way to begin a school year than by taking time to build your students as a caring community of lea rners and as a problem-solving team."
- Maurice Elias, Educator via
Bucci Mane @Buccigross🔁Hat Trick in Consecutive Regulation Periods - NHL History
2017 Alex Ovechkin
1976 Darryl Sittler
1920 Joe Malone

kjude @k_jude13🔁 Kj is the best and so is “Elias” bc she makes me laugh, thx lil boys
Home Tips Bangla @HomeTipsBangla🔁Elias Vs Apollo Crews WWE RAW 9th oct 2017 via @YouTube
Avianfluman @Avianfluman🔁@LanceStorm Elias vs undertaker wrestlemania. Book it!
gabriel 👽 @itsGabrielv🔁 I "rolled my eyes" on #Raw once and got a call from the Deadman the next day.

Elias is in BIG trouble!!

sula @thomasearlpetty🔁Elias: "Here I am in an Indiana town, on an Indiana night..." Tom Petty lyrics from "Mary Jane's Last Dance". Classy.
Powerbomb Jutsu @PowerbombJutsu🔁 Elias does Old School, and no one mentions The Undertaker? 😱 #RAW
Funk Soul Bubby @funksoulbubby🔁I just checked Elias and the @Indians are still outscoring both the @ChicagoBears and @Vikings.
Elías Godoy 👤 @Elias_Godoy02🔁Literal...
Nerds and Marks @NerdsAndMarks🔁I am thoroughly enjoying Elias & Titus. Again. 2 of the most simply recognizable characters on tv.
Tony Wood @ideasbytony🔁Via the Elias Sports Bureau: The Nationals are the 1st team in postseason history to lose multiple games in a...
Eʟɪᴀs(Missing?) @OfVainQueen🔁@OneOutOf101 "First question, What are your siblings' names?" Elias asked first, looking at Freckles and leaning back on his own chair.
Elias🦋 @elias_chairez🔁 "Next time open your ears cuz I didn't even call you a bitch, see"
Jose A. Munguia II @joseamunguiaii🔁@RevEliasLimones Blessings to you and your family Pastor Elias. It was very special to be present for the dedication of your grandson, Alek.
Whitney @mygirlwhitney🔁"There is no wiser way to begin a school year than by taking time to build your students as a caring community of learners and as a problem-solving team."
- Maurice Elias, Educator via
EXTREME2DEFY @MannyAguayo🔁Now you can go by getting the tee at !

Jannell @jannneell__🔁Kj is the best and so is “Elias” bc she makes me laugh, thx lil boys
Nerds and Marks @NerdsAndMarks🔁Elias. Still nailing it. #RAW
Alexa Blissed 🇮🇪 @alexa_blissed🔁@WWE @WWERomanReigns @WWERollins @TheDeanAmbrose Replace Roman with Elias. 😎
CMn9ne (\S/) @prototypex89🔁@wnwnews Switch balor for Jordan. And bray for elias . and I would be down
Spooky Werewolf Viv™ @TrashRogue🔁Arista: "I took pictures of it!"
Arista: "I didn't think to do that..."
♒️ar© @TweetMarcster🔁 Elias taking it Old School. Elias vs. Undertaker confirmed for #WrestleMania. #WWE #Raw
e.estrada🥀 @ericka934🔁@Elias_Munoz00 not true at all
CMn9ne (\S/) @prototypex89🔁@wnwnews Shield ,Jordan, and hardy vs miz, the bar, Braun and elias ?
Sactown mom @sactown_mom🔁 Illegal immigration advocate Elias Bermudez charged with tax fraud | Sonoran News
Mary @maryy_elias🔁 suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255

will you retweet and possibly save a life?

Francisco Rodriguez @SaviorMex🔁 In kayfabe, why isn't Elias getting title opportunities?
Elias🦋 @elias_chairez🔁 Bitch fuck you
Leveland Rowns @LevelandRowns🔁@FANShowOfficial You know what you need? You need to walk with Elias...
Taylor Robertson @TaylorasaurusX🔁My new book is OUT!

Are you ready to welcome Tommy Taffy back into the family?

The Guido @our_man_guido🔁Hello I'm Elias...

And you're not


T @Mack_Throwin_3🔁It's been pretty much downhill after the opening segment... The Elias-Titus shit got a laugh out of me but other tha n that... Meh
faiz @faizmohd3012🔁@elias_tyler He wanna challenge u man
Jordan Ramirez @JRAM_91🔁Elias, Cesaro and Shield shirts fire. @WWEShop been on a run.
The Guido @our_man_guido🔁Cole: Are you ready to walk with Elias!

Me: Nah I'm good


B. @Mayerislife🔁His Elias bitch ass doesn’t shut the fuck up #RAw
Elias @elinewstyleprod🔁Listen to Turbulence (Elias x Oddi x FallenOne) by Nsp Studio #np on #SoundCloud
Mikachin @izukaos🔁Ray and Elias are there, in spirit, meaning I didn't have anymore room in my location
Daniel Philabaum @DanielReaper86🔁 Elias > Shield. He can sing and play guitar #RAW
michael lafferty @elaffant🔁the shield reunion is cool but im still waiting on the beater and jeans stable of ambrose, elias sampson and luke harper to start up #raw
K-Dogg 3000 @KDogg3000🔁How many damn times does Apollo Crews have to lose to Elias?? booking/creative We get it you hate Apollo, move on.
Karla Elias @elias_karla04🔁 I’ll never sweat you I’m Forever Cold.
بشير ابو ملاك @6z58lx674i7xfb🔁Thx 4 ur comments Elias
Elias kirui @elias_kirui🔁 There comes a point in your life when your realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.
Jamie Williams @BigglesJamie🔁@LanceStorm (Vince) It's called walking with Elias now pal
(everyone else) ummm...okay boss
HeelTeam6 @HeelTeam6CHEF🔁Does anyone know what the guy from wwe #Elias Twitter handle is ?
Micah Andrew Elias @Micah_A_Elias🔁@Meghayyyy Ayyy! That’s the way to do it! 🙌🏻
EliasBinRedha [SDMN] @elias_tyler🔁Yooo fam why you dress like a hypebeast in polyclinic
Ryan James Elias @R_Elias_23🔁Florida Gators unveil alternate uniforms for game vs. Texas A&M and they're...interesting


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