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#WakandaForever @DaChampjd🔁 I gotta watch Eli Apple and Ross Cockrell as my number two CB
Dan Duggan @DDuggan21🔁Giants cornerback depth chart right now:
Janoris Jenkins
Eli Apple
Donte Deayon
Brandon Dixon
Jeremiah McKinnon
Tim Scott
Miss Britt💦😙🏈🥊💦 @OfCourseMsBritt🔁@Giants And you keep Eli Apple instead?? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR DOGGONE MINDS?!? GET HIM BACK! GO GET HIM BACK! PLEASE?!
Gabriel Duran @GabeD14🔁@Giants But we still have Eli Apple?
Paul Schwartz @NYPost_Schwartz🔁 on DRC losing his starting job to Eli Apple: "In my honest opinion, he never should have been out of the starting l twitter.com ineup as a corner because he had one of his best years at corner, then all of a sudden he’s no longer the starter, I never understood that move.
FrankLasVegas @FranklenVegas🔁@nysportsfan2015 same Eli Apple that is related to 90s pop singer Fiona Apple?
🗽⚖🌊⚾️Ken Ghazi🏀⚽️🐶 @ForzaEnjay🔁How is Eli Apple still a Giant?
° @_BeatTheOdds_🔁Get rid of Eli Apple too then. twitter.com
Matt Ehalt @MattEhalt🔁@DonCheech Probably missed watching Eli Apple play last year.
Jay 🇩🇴 @metsfanjay🔁 Eli Apple better start playing like a 1st round pick and Gettleman better shoot 100% during free agency
John Anthony @themaj381🔁 Giants cornerback depth chart right now:
Janoris Jenkins
Eli Apple
Donte Deayon
Brandon Dixon
Jeremiah McKinnon
Tim Scott
KALLOL (CAVS 38-27) @kallol_joadder🔁@NYG_WHU Hold up we still got fucking Eli Apple. DRC much better
The Giant Insider @GiantInsider🔁@_porterhouse15 Right now Eli Apple is other corner, but pretty sure help is on way via draft and free agency.
gilbert bautista @gilbertbautist2🔁@Rollicking_R8R That's my Outlook also I'm just praying for one receiver and I'm also praying that the Giants release Eli Apple
D.Porter/Kyle watson @_porterhouse15🔁@GiantInsider whats gonna happen now cromartie leaving...if Eli Apple our go to cornerback we in trouble he be getting toasted struddled smh
Champagne ‘Lito @karlito21_🔁Eli Apple better start playing like a 1st round pick and Gettleman better shoot 100% during free agency
.. @vGLegendz🔁 @Giants But we keep Eli Apple? Sometimes being a fan of you guys is tough
Steven Savvinidis @SSavvinidis🔁@snacks would rather see Eli Apple gone
Imagine that...J’Challa @Who_Is_JayMaple🔁We were hoping for Eli Apple to be released but the Giants did one better and released DRC an actual slot corner
Freddy @FreddyJ_23🔁Give DRC credit. He moved inside to the slot so Giants could play Eli Apple. He did it relatively well, and mostly without a peep despite his ideal position being on the outside.
Will @spainman1991🔁We might see a new Eli Apple this year. Even he admitted that he wasn't listening to him, but at least now he's getti twitter.com ng it
Michael Santos @michaelsantos🔁Next up: Eli Apple 😶 twitter.com
Giants @Giants2019🔁 So it would be Jenkins Cockrell and pray on Eli apple
Chris Amos @Chris_Amos54🔁@DDuggan21 Trying to make our Sunday better after we lost an hour by telling us it looks like we’re going to have to rely on Eli Apple???
luke @LakeEffectBro🔁@ahmad_dahman @DavidZavac would you trade him for Eli Apple? these are the things I'm starting to think about. idk much about Apple at all
Carmen Tan Diego @Tabelisnotabel🔁If Giants fans want to read the whole caption of this Eli Apple post to DRC...seems like EA been doing some reflectin twitter.com g this offseason and maybe just MAYBE showing signs of maturity? Let us pray
Whitney Munro @whitney_munro🔁😡😡 but keeping Eli Apple? Yeesh twitter.com .
Brent Siler @bsdh23🔁@prodigy1214 @AdamSchefter Are you confusing him for Eli Apple?
Ms. Jerry @Juic3E87🔁But we keep Eli Apple smh


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