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Darren Williams @DazAltTheory🔁@mediamonarchy #GeoPolitiks Does, this prove that Russia didn't hack the DNC during #Election2016 ? #RussiaHacking
kim @kim🔁@realDonaldTrump Jeh Johnson said yesterday they waited because a certain candidate was saying #Election2016 was rigged?
Alex Jones @RealAlexJones🔁The Russian government did not interfere with or alter votes in the 2016 election - Jeh Johnson #Election2016
Project Phoenix @PProjectPhoenix🔁New Podcast: Trump and Emotional Intelligence
The dark side of EI
#election2016 #empathy
Steve Herman @W7VOA🔁This new tweet appears to be a direct acknowledgment by the President that he believe interfered in .
Cathy @CJMcG56🔁Dear @RVAwonk You seem to know everything-what's the latest with the RU #Election2016 Botnet society? Still making electoral mischief?
Sima Dunbar @dunbar_sima🔁You can always rely on the Great British public to put things back into perspective
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁who is the most hip candidate ##election2016
Chris Fortrump @chris_fortrump🔁I voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Will you join me? Find your polling place:
RobinHoodsGhost @RobinHoodsGhost🔁
How the Clintons Destroyed and Impoverished Haiti -

Bobo @TFO_Bobo🔁I voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Will you join me? Find your polling place:
Kenneth Bartlett @KennethBartlet9🔁Senate to Probe Lynch-Clinton Collusion in .
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁vote i must ##election2016
Phillip leffert @Phillipleffert1🔁I voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Will you join me? Find your polling place:
Bountiful Babe @Sketch9999🔁It did. In more than 1 (both b4 + after ). AND, specifically talked w about it.
Ernest Farrow @ErnestFarrow🔁 IBD: Trump Is Right, Illegals Cost Him in Popular Vote #IllegalAliens #Election2016
✝Steph 🇺🇸 @EternalRiteWing🔁IBD: Trump Is Right, Illegals Cost Him in Popular Vote #IllegalAliens #Election2016
Bountiful Babe @Sketch9999🔁+ managed, while accusing, 2 officially CONFIRM that in ; is astronomically
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁i want to vote ##election2016
Georgia Girl @JeanJmcm2🔁X CIA & master spy
Dr Steve Pieczenik
Bombshell Interview

The USA intel during
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁i will vote and i shall ##election2016
Ariel @rainbows_111🔁 Who cars if yu took sides in th whn it meant LOL Only so far ths nice lttl pic wll go
Janet Morris @janersm🔁Donald Trump doesn’t understand how or facts work. Don’t be like Donald.
Washington's Ghost @solight111🔁NeoLiberals keep accusing Trump and his supporters for doing the things they are doing themselves.

#Election2016 #Russiagate?


GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁i am a vote ##election2016
Cheetah Pizza @CheetahPizzas🔁 Eve

received $285,000,000 loan.

Same 🇷🇺🇷🇺 owes millions.

GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁im votes ##election2016 @EconDemocracy1🔁 Many have tried to reform D's from eithin,for over a quarter century!sad but true
TheTruthIsOutThere @LuciHoneychurch🔁You did that, Brazile; now hand over the servers to the FBI and stop pretending that Russia affected .
ConservativeRepublic @ConRepbublic🔁Trump Bent on Cutting all ‘Wasteful’ Global Warming Spending #Politics #election2016
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁shit ##election2016
ConservativeRepublic @ConRepbublic🔁New Study Suggests Official Guidelines on Sugar Intake Are Wrong #Politics #election2016
ConservativeRepublic @ConRepbublic🔁US Life Expectancy Is Dropping Down #Politics #election2016
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁clinton ##election2016
ConservativeRepublic @ConRepbublic🔁Researchers Found a Gene Linked to Our Drinking Habits #Politics #election2016
ConservativeRepublic @ConRepbublic🔁Eating Nuts Saves Your Heart #Politics #election2016
ConservativeRepublic @ConRepbublic🔁One Cigarette A Day Takes You Close To Death #Politics #election2016
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁trump ##election2016
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁clinton do dab ##election2016
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁trump do dab ##election2016
Darren Williams @DazAltTheory🔁DNC STILL claim Russia hacked them during yet refused Homeland Security assistance ? It wasn't Putin...
Paul Jaines @Pauljaines🔁 never warned state election officials of any Russian effort to hack or interfere
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁clinton dont dab ##election2016
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁trump dont dab ##election2016
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁clinton flavored vape ##election2016
NYC Sights Sounds @NYCSightsSounds🔁 Never underestimate the #stupidity of the #american people. Good night #USA #election2016
Nanette Ponte @NanetteMPonte🔁Trump Vindicated? Study Shows Up To 5.7 Million Illegals Voted In Presidential Election. | Daily Wire #Election2016
SolarStormJazz @UnivseralKeys🔁 Connection to Another SuspiciousDeath
LAPD Detective Investigating Hillary Donors "Suicide"?

GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁trump flavored vape ##election2016
RebeccaOyomopito PhD @RebeccaAkao🔁 Great Barrier Reef took 20,000 years to grow Keep this one We Can't wait @ajplus
Notorious V.️O.G👊🏾 @NotoriousVOG🔁C'Mon! Groupie liberal elite media who ALL failed America in always let Obama skate, thus giving get out of ja il pass.
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁i want it i need it need it to make me feel heated heated (vote) ##election2016
Notorious V.️O.G👊🏾 @NotoriousVOG🔁.@WashingtonPost has exposed what I've been saying since #Election2016 which is @BarackObama was NO #ProfileInCourage handling #Russia!
GO VOTE @votebotvotebot🔁life sucks and then you die, so vote ##election2016
Jason Wages @jason_wages🔁45 coming up with his zinger half-a-year after ... A certain episode of suddenly comes to mind...
Jazz 4 Progress 🇺🇸 @hiya_jazz🔁Basing my own opinions on the trends shown to me not hard to see America really had no choice, only two bad options!


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