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#ThePersistence @ScottPresler🔁Tomorrow is Election Day in Virginia & I will be voting Republican.

Nothing is going to stop me from voting tomorro twitter.com w or Tuesday, November 6th, 2018. I reject the democrat party of MS-13.

𝔸𝕝𝕥𝕠𝕟 𝕎𝕒𝕟𝕘 @altonwang🔁Did you yesterday? Or did work make it hard for you to get to the polls? wants to make sure everyone can vote by asking the top corporations in America to give their employees election day off.

Sign if you agree:

Flippable @flippable_org🔁🇺🇸 It's election day in Wisconsin! 🇺🇸

Governor Scott Walker is so afraid of the , he tried to obstruct the democ twitter.com ratic process by blocking special elections. It's time to for and and show him he had reason to worry.

#ThePersistence @ScottPresler🔁Listen:

We have fewer than 5 months until Election Day. Republicans must keep the House & Senate. We need to be visi twitter.com ble and vocal in our support for President Trump.

Don't let this historic opportunity go to waste.

Nonya @zugzwangu2🔁On Election Day after I vote, I’ll head to my car to grab a hat & jacket that say “ICE” on them...

I’ll then stand at the entrance of the polling center...

No Illegals will be walking into my polling station to vote...

It’d be a shame if you did this as well...🤔

Kat 🍓 // happy pride month!🌈 @lovesickjaeyong🔁me:
jaehyun: [bursts into my living room] have YOU voted today?
me: jaehyun it’s not even election day here i can’t-
jaehyun: it’s your duty as a citizen of this earth to let your thoughts be heard!!! power of the people!!!!! tAxatioN withOut repRESenTai
Miss Rosemary Isu @RoTweet🔁In commemoration of d posthumous award of GCFR to Chief M.K.O. Abiola and official declaration of June 12 as Democracy Day, please WATCH & SHARE this trailer from a documentary in post-production on d TRUE STORY of d June 12 election and annulment as told by EVERYONE involved.
Sweet Peach 🍑🍑💋 @Peach_Joons🔁 Betting it will be a slow day cuz its election day in Korea.
T.E.A. CUBE @UnitedCube94🔁[] Today June 13 is the local election day! I finished my vote~ You know how precious each vote that you have, right? twitter.com (^E^)
TabooJesus @JesusTaboo🔁 It's local election day in South Korea. Holiday!
Rha94line 🍎 @RXLMKZ🔁[] Today June 13 is the local election day! I finished my vote~ You know how precious each vote that you have, right?(^E^)
♥RaquelVzla #LuckyGirl♥ @victorialove351🔁Today is Local Election Day in Korea!😲
Make sure to check and see if your destination is open on public holidays!😉
Is election day a public holiday in your country?🤔
jaemark @markeu_babylion🔁@NCTsmtown What a election day?.-.
✝️🔮💗Nikolas💗🔮✝️ @InfiniteNikolas🔁I just cast my vote in the White Earth Nation Election! What a great way to end the day after traveling across the state. I’m proud to be a Native Minnesotan and a native Minnesotan.
Jason Karsh @jkarsh🔁Me, all day: OMG, has made it so easy to vote, this is so great, it's truly the greatest—THE GREATEST.

Me, 3+ hour twitter.com s into waiting for Clark County to release election results:

Danny Yap @dan4ualways🔁Cayetano to this day, still doesn’t get it. Duterte has no respect nor regard for him at all. Even during election pe twitter.com riod, BBM was Du30’s choice for his VP & not him despite their joint promotion. Cayetano morphed into a degenerate without self respect & without dignity.
Queen Paola 🇨🇦 🇮🇹 🇩🇪 @Paola_Dec1231🔁Oh my God is killing me. If he doesn't get it together I'm pretty much going to have to drown some puppies on live TV on election day to have a chance at losing this shitty job.
Raquel Cruz-Juarez @_raquelcruzj🔁Honestly, I’m tired of the narrative “there’s so much at stake this election, we need 2 get behind candidate X bcoz w twitter.com e have no option” ACTUALLY, POC have “so much at stake” EVERY SINGLE DAY not dependent on an election. So get outta here w/ that. I just can’t tonight.
kelly Chiles @kellyaj72🔁@TomiLahren Dear Princess a million things can happen between now and election day 2020
jamie brown @jrbrownx2🔁Today is the big day, South Carolina! Election Day!

Let’s spread the word far and wide!

Help me get 1,000 retweets to get out the vote!

Thank you for your support! Onward to victory! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Gerald The Silverback @HaitianSlvrback🔁I want to come back to this tweet when the results don't go in your favor. Just like the 2016 Presidential election. twitter.com Which is still funny to this day.
🐣 @bobaekhv🔁@parkingjisung its a local election voting day if im not wrong!!
austin bashore @Bashore101🔁It’s Election Day in Korea!
Erica White @EricaLeighWhite🔁On Election Day, a family member told me I was a snowflake, and I threw away my vote because of how I voted. Well, a twitter.com snowstorm is brewing so be careful with the snowflakes.
malibufire @malibufire🔁There’s an answer to all this stupidity.

We control the future.

All we need to do is show up & vote.

That’s it.

Let’s end the madness in 2018 & 2020.

This war on twitter is meaningless.

None of us are changing minds.

No more staying home on Election Day.

It’s that easy.👍

Sheikh @Sheikhoficial🔁Allah will take action one day. Vote wisely in coming general election. Public is responsible for its decision. Don't twitter.com support any criminal whether he is from any party.
Suderson AAP @sudersonsarathy🔁Modi ji has attended parliament 19 times in last 4 years, and election rallies 800 times. A round of applause for him, working 18 hours a day.
bravzgrl @bravzgrl🔁Republicans defend Wisconsin's , in day's 2nd special election result: Jon Plumer wins this GOP-held district by 8%.

This is right between the district's presidential results in 2012 & 2016, as calculated by : +3% Obama, +15% Trump.

✝️🔮💗Nikolas💗🔮✝️ @InfiniteNikolas🔁Today's decision is troubling, but fortunately it will not affect Minnesotans because we have election day voter registration. No eligible voter will be shut out in Minnesota. Want to register or check your registration status? Go to .
Mr Cruiserdog @Wowk67🔁I had an ad, 1 day before the Ont election asking me to support the NDP......W.T.F....so I blocked and reported it. twitter.com Unbelievable.
-M @ChasingGreens🔁In the week since Election Day, we've gained 1,462 votes! Thank you to all the voters and volunteers who made this possible. We will be back out on the field very soon! 💪🏽🔥✅

Tuesday, June 12th is Election Day
➡️North Dakota
➡️South Carolina

It is so important that you get out and vote, as these states have critical Senate & House seats Republicans need to win.

Chesky 🎷 @CheskyGold🔁Trump Torches Sitting GOP Rep. Mark Sanford Day of His Election With Snipe on Infamous Sex Scandal mediaite.com
Geo Garcia @CrunchyBobJones🔁Please leave this up till election day. Sometimes some of my Trump buddies forget how important it is to get out and vote. This will remind them. Tnx.
liz k. gorski @liz_kusanagi🔁I mean... I'm not opposed to this, but adding on this: make election day a Holiday or on weekends, expand early votin twitter.com g, and maybe we might see more voting
Susan Borts @susan_borts🔁The issue is if you are registered, but then skip a vote (like a primary or special election), you can now legally be removed from the voter registration list and not even know it until the day you go to vote.
니다 @byunbaekhnidaa🔁today in KR is election day? twitter.com
Dragons_Den @Khaleesi1024🔁That look you get when you walk into your polling location on Election Day, when you live in a deep blue city and there are no dems on the ballot. 😆😆 Worth it to vote for 🗳 maga 🇺🇸
Scott Slaughter @Scott9357Scott🔁It's about time the senate blocked something . Are they finally realizing that election day is approaching and they twitter.com haven't done anything good
neBhasikoro #FBPE @neBhasikoro🔁What!
So NOT the I was once a member of.
In my day we took the far right head on
“Jeremy Corbyn says Labour by-e twitter.com lection candidate is right to snub hustings as they will not share a platform with “people who espouse racist abuse”

Maggie B🔴 (K) @Maggieb1B🔁🔴 Voters 🔴
🔴 August 7 is Primary Election Day 🔴
Voting in is CRITICAL to get the right Republican candidate
🔴 🔴 has been endorsed by . Here is a link to others who endorse him
Follow on Twitter
doctorow_no_bb @doctorow_no_bb🔁Maine's governor, who has simply ignored ballot initiatives that got a majority of votes, now says he won't certify the results of tonight's election.
sonofvbeach @SonofVBeach🔁 Lifehack: make election day a holiday
Diana's 2 Sense @DianaHollins🔁Is there a law where you don’t campaign for someone on election day? twitter.com
Claudia Rae Moyer @Moyer1963🔁Tomorrow is Election Day in Virginia & I will be voting Republican.

Nothing is going to stop me from voting tomorrow or Tuesday, November 6th, 2018. I reject the democrat party of MS-13.

Louis Fisher @sueludad🔁How many days until Election Day in US? days.to
WandaSusie_101 🌴🌼🌿🌻 @WandaSue_101🔁@Mediaite Trump should shut the fuck up on election day.
Dr Nelson Ruwa @nelsonruwa🔁The indelible ink should be tested. If it is genuine, then election monitors & elections agents should do their job. twitter.com If the people will find their names in the voters roll on polling day & no one can vote twice, then rigging is going to be difficult. Ballot boxes are transparent
damion thurston sr ⚠️⚠️adult content #fbr🌀🌊🌊🌀 @jtheq🔁June 12: It's Election Day in ME, NV, ND, SC, VA, and WI
Please share so voters in those states are aware that they need to !
Dan Palm @DanPalmWSET🔁Primary Election Day race winners
Dr. K. Lee @GayEqualGlobal🔁Only 2.5 months till FLA primaries. Are you registered? Make it a point to ask five people you know if they are registered & encourage them to do it NOW if they aren't. And if you have older neighbors, be kind enough to offer a ride on election day if they need it.
Cryn Johannsen @Cryn_Johannsen🔁I never thought he would lose, and that was before understanding that he seized power through a coup. That said, the twitter.com day of the election was no less devastating.
Edwyna Washington @theLegacyPrep🔁What a shitty thing for Trump to do. He goes after one of our top Conservatives, , and takes a shot at Sanford's personal life.

This coming from a President you'd never let your daughter near. Disgusting. Let's hope Sanford wins big time today

Prof @kutclose🔁Many are asking what to do, here are the solutions:

3. If available we will need volunteers on the ground on election day, your role will be to stand or sit outside polling stations for the duration of voting gathering data through technology we are building.

Downtherabbithole @urs_truly_alice🔁I've ordered 400 lobster tails, 100 platters of caviar, the best champagne, and everyone's favorite Haagen Das ice cream for the blow-out party we're gonna have watching Liberals cry on election day.

Maybe I'll add some strippers, Ferris wheel, and cotton candy too.

grammagretalverynasty @flashfire451🔁Totally. Though I’d propose Election Day as a federal holiday or scheduled on a pre-existing federal holiday as another step in the right direction.
🌹Aerin Cruz🌹 @KAIJUKING23🔁We have 14 days left until the election.

THIS is usually when all the big money, worst oppo, and stunts get pulled by the machine.

We need ALL HANDS ON DECK, EVERY DAY for the next 2 weeks from our supporters.

Mobilize here:

Sanjivee @sanjivee🔁 Modi attended Parliament 19 times and held 800 election rallies in 4 years. No wonder he's working 18 hours a day!!!
Vijay Kumbhar @VijayKu49793781🔁Satish jharkiholi is deserving cabinet than others because he did funtastic job in election....Not a single day had twitter.com spent in his own constituency for election campain...But party unfortunately forget his efforts.
The antisocial socialist @rcastledine🔁An the advertisement for election day All over Nevada was simply pitiful We can do better then this If you didn't keep up with the political process You would not no it Get On Top Of This Crap
🍟 @peachcentral🔁me:
jaehyun: [bursts into my living room] have YOU voted today?
me: jaehyun it’s not even election day here i can’t- twitter.com
jaehyun: it’s your duty as a citizen of this earth to let your thoughts be heard!!! power of the people!!!!! tAxatioN withOut repRESenTai


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