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El Real Madrid Savageking.😈👑 @El_chappojnr🔁 BREAKING: Real Madrid appoint Spain manager Julen Lopetegui as new head coach. #SSN
El Real Madrid Tweets de fútbol @TwitsFutbol🔁Please RT!! #realmadrid El Madrid ficha a Rodrygo tinyurl.com
El Real Madrid Adeleke Qa'sim ("Moni-mambou") @El_Carzhifico2🔁 Real Madrid's new manager is Team Messi? 👀
El Real Madrid rAwan @El__GhaRabaWy🔁 Lopetegui, Real Madrid's new manager in 2017: "Lionel Messi is the best player ever, I agree."
El Real Madrid 20 👑 @El_komy007🔁 UEFA Champions League - Group B - Real Madrid v Roma
Mido, Roma @midoahm
El Real Madrid eric @el_eric101🔁 Tuesday: Hired by Real Madrid
Wednesday: Fired by Spain
Thursday: World Cup starts 😳
El Real Madrid ☆Head Of State☻ @el_ncir🔁 Papa Perez To Real Madrid's New Manager!😂🔥
Phil Kitromilides @PhilKitro🔁Julian Lopetegui will be the new manager of Real Madrid! He'll join after the world cup.


Richard Martin @Rich9908🔁Whatever happens in the press conference, I think we can all safely say that the real lesson from this is what it alw twitter.com ays is: El Real Madrid es el Real Madrid.
Dermot Corrigan @dermotmcorrigan🔁Madrid confirm that Julen Lopetegui is joining Real Madrid as coach aftert the World Cup!!! realmadrid.com
Casper Mirren @CasperMirren🔁@El_Comandante19 @AnnnnnnnnnnA_M @English_AS barcelona cant stand real Madrid being at the top, best team in spain, prob the world right now
Mashile. @23Jo_el🔁 @23Jo_el Lol yes phela the idea was join Madrid after the WC but things went south real quick
Moonlight rose 🌙🌹 @lebomathekga1🔁@23Jo_el Lol yes phela the idea was join Madrid after the WC but things went south real quick
loki @El_noni🔁Pique telling the Spanish FA president about rumours in the Spain dressing room that Lopetegui had agreed a deal with Real Madrid.
Daniel Daniandres Adedeji @Dani_el_andres🔁Julen MOSES Lopetegui was caught negotiating with Real Madrid while still having a contract with the Spanish FA, I b twitter.com lame the Spanish FA for leaving him unguarded,,, they are scums 😰🚶🚶🚶
Eljugaador @el_jugaador🔁 Xavi daily routine: Eat, Sleep, Hate on Real Madrid and suck Messi's dick, repeat


Golden Knights 2018 Champs @RJtheLifeCoach🔁El Clasico, Barcelona vs Real Madrid in Barcelona is on my bucket list. I'm waiting to see if Ronaldo stay first befo twitter.com re I buy a ticket & go
Sami Madridista @El_Kaiser08🔁✍ DONE DEAL ✍

have wrapped up Brazilian starlet's signing.

An announcement is imminent.


Ahmadi Arismaharto @ahtmly2k🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be El Clasico - Real Madrid vs Barcelona (Fights, Fouls, Red Cards)
Arun Culas @arunculas🔁Ah back with the Champions league cliche. Don't worry, Messi will be remembered for El Clasico goals, his beautiful twitter.com 500th goal at Bernabeu and all the numerous assists and wins against Real Madrid.
N⚽️DE 5🔴😈 @EL_NEY0🔁 De Gea will no longer be spending a month being coached by Real Madrid’s manager. That’s a win.
The Blessed One @Dharny_el🔁Thank u for throwing more light. Personally, i feel just as Real Madrid should have waited with the announcement, the twitter.com Spanish FA also should have waited with the sacking.
Lil Hat-Trick @MexicanSoccer9🔁Whatever happens in the press conference, I think we can all safely say that the real lesson from this is what it always is: El Real Madrid es el Real Madrid.
☆Head Of State☻ @el_ncir🔁BREAKING: Julen Lopetegui is on the verge of getting sacked by Spain one day before the World Cup after being announced as Real Madrid manager. (Source: Daily Mirror)
☆Head Of State☻ @el_ncir🔁📝 DEAL DONE: Real Madrid have announced that Spain boss Julen Lopetegui will take over as coach after the World Cup. (Source: )
Contraste @El_Mah_Boul🔁Congratulations to former Real Madrid player and coach assistant Fernando Hierro who has replaced Real Madrid’s new coach Lopetegui as Spain’s NT Manager.
Salazar @A_DI_EL🔁What’s great is watching Barca fans talk themselves into this being solely the future Real Madrid manager’s fault in real time. Can’t imagine why.
Adam 🐘 @EL_Borde_🔁"Ed, De Gea's going to spend the next month with the Real Madrid manager"

"Is that right? Let's see about that"

"Hello? Yes, it's Ed. Bin him please. Perfect. "

"No one messes with Super Ed!"

DaddyCool 😎 @EL_Sheva07🔁Announcing him as the manger few days before the commencement of World Cup was extremely rude and foolish when you put the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid as case study.
Salazar @A_DI_EL🔁 this really showed Real Madrid twitter.com
Urhobo_Lekpa_Boi 🇳🇬 @el_joons🔁Imagine working your ass off to arrive at a World Cup in the best possible conditions, being a real contender, and then having Florentino Perez and Real Madrid take a dump on the entire national team two days before the tournament starts. Only in Spain.
Michael A. @el_dorado91🔁Can't believe what's going on with the Spanish NT and Lopetegui. I'm 100% sure that this wouldn't be as problematic without Real Madrid being involved.
Franklin @el_shinkafi🔁Real Madrid should just keep trolling the RFEF and announce that Lopetegui's successor in the Spanish NT will be his assistant in RM going forward.
The Blessed One @Dharny_el🔁So Real Madrid should have waited to for the announcement because? Do they work for Spain? What's their own with Spain? They do what they believe is best for THEIR football club, not Spain.
Kai Proctor @El_Pipita1🔁Mind you, Sergio Ramos knew about the decision. He spoke highly of Julen to Fiorentino and the negotiation was conclu twitter.com ded with the knowledge of the Real Madrid contingents in La Roja.
Imran @Immy_ali9🔁 Julian Lopetegui will be the new manager of Real Madrid! He'll join after the world cup.


Paul'Lpizzy'Ayorinde @El_Pauleta🔁@Osman_billzz I agree with you and Real Madrid should have asked the RFEF for permission to talk to Lopetegui
Osman Billzz @Osman_billzz🔁He should have informed the Spanish FA during the negotiations with Real Madrid, instead he waited till 5 mins before twitter.com the official press release of his new job with Real Madrid. That's isn't professional at all, he got what he deserve. Let's see if he can surpass one year at Real
Daniel Daniandres Adedeji @Dani_el_andres🔁Lopetegui insulted the Spanish FA with his actions..... Just barely three weeks after you signed a contract extension.. You go and sign for Real Madrid without the FA's Knowledge and then you allow them announce it just days before the WC?

What's going on here?

Trinidad ⚡️ @HectorKal_El🔁With their opening match against Portugal just two days away, Spain have sacked manager Julen Lopetegui after he was named as the new Real Madrid boss.


AK @Aks_Khare97🔁Can't wait for some Barcelona player to kick off an off pitch El Clasico by saying Real Madrid are responsible for S twitter.com pain's current conundrum. Just the hype the World Cup was lacking🔥
DaddyCool 😎 @EL_Sheva07🔁The firing of Spain coach Julen Lopetegui 2 days before the World Cup—a day after he was named Real Madrid coach—is yet another example of how much bigger the club game has gotten than the international game.
Omar EL-hiatmy  @El_hiatmy🔁Real Madrid aren’t thinking of letting Cristiano leave but they also can’t turn their back on what he wants (contract improvement). Ronaldo still has no offers and it’s very complicated getting one that’ll satisfy both the player and Real Madrid. [Marca]
Beth Lee 👑🔭 @El_Bethino🔁Isn't Real Madrid the pride of Spain? So why is the Spanish FA mad? Is the President of the Spanish FA a woman? That' twitter.com s the only way this makes sense.
Full Chicken✨ @el_pherooq🔁OFFICIAL: Julen Lopetegui has been sacked as Spain manager a day before the begins after accepting the managerial vacancy at Real Madrid.
Full Chicken✨ @el_pherooq🔁Very good..

Real could have kept the news till after Spain crash out.

That's so unprofessional from a club as clas twitter.com sy as Madrid.

Daniel Daniandres Adedeji @Dani_el_andres🔁To some extent I am too for him but if reports coming out from Spain is anything to go by then he was also the archi twitter.com tect of his failures,,, his employers got wind of his appointment with Real Madrid 15mins before the official announcement.
Franklin @el_shinkafi🔁I am waiting for the Spanish FA to whine and blame Real Madrid should Spain's world cup go awry. Stupid stupid decisi twitter.com on to sack your coach on the eve of the tournament.
Daniel Daniandres Adedeji @Dani_el_andres🔁@Cijae1 Lol they just sacked their manager a day to the World Cup,,, a day after being announced as Real Madrid's coach 🙆
Sebastian Mujica @sebamujica🔁El Real Madrid siendo el Real Madrid. Un desastre el manejo de esto
🚨 Julen Lopetegui sacked by Spain a day before twitter.com World Cup starts via . Read it here:

Jaycob Chiahemba El @el_cynngwa🔁BREAKING: Spain have sacked manager Julen Lopetegui with just one day to go till the start of the World Cup after the Spaniard had "secret agreements" with Real Madrid to be their new manager without informing the Spanish FA.
Elera_theAstronaut @El_e_ra🔁BREAKING: Spain have sacked manager Julen Lopetegui with immediate effect on the eve of the World Cup after the Spaniard apparently made "secret agreements" with Real Madrid to be their new manager!
Elliot Foster @FreelanceFoz🔁. announce manager will be their new head coach after the in Russia. More: twitter.com
Beth Lee 👑🔭 @El_Bethino🔁Your MCM is leaving the Spain National Team to go and coach Real Madrid. Tragic.
Varun Joshi @el_Diablo44🔁Spanish FA fucking up their chances to win the World Cup just to assure Real Madrid have a manager next season. How t twitter.com ough is it to understand that nation comes before a club ? Well, it is tough when country is Spain and club is Real Madrid.
Hail Franco!!

Paul'Lpizzy'Ayorinde @El_Pauleta🔁He left late last night after Lopetegui was announced as Real Madrid manager days before Spain's first game. Robiales had been relaxed and talking to media in Moscow hours earlier. Had no idea this was coming
Random Stock Photos @randomstockpics🔁Mendoza Castle at Manzanares El Real in Madrid province, Spain. A fortress-palace from the 15th century, it is the b twitter.com est preserved castle in
syedabbas @JazzSyedabbas🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Messi vs Ronaldo RAP BATTLE! (El Clasico 2016 Preview, Barcelona vs Real Madrid)
agatha @artemilk🔁 Retweeted itzel (@itzelsandino):


Edgar Martinez @mexicogoldcup🔁🗣 Eduardo Inda: “I think negotiations with José María Giménez are very advanced, he’s getting closer to joining Real Madrid. [El Chiringuito]
Arun Culas @arunculas🔁@Marcus0220 @ESPNFC @adhdwafik @papermagazine Isn't it the same real madrid that couldn't win against a 10 man barcelona in El Clasico?
SH7 💥 @el_Henry7🔁Real Madrid have announced that Julen Lopetegui will take over as Los Blancos manager after the World Cup in Russia.
RMNews @ReaIMadridOnly🔁🗣️ Vicente del Bosque on Julen Lopetegui being appointed as Real Madrid coach ahead of the likes of Mauricio Pochett twitter.com ino and Jürgen Klopp: "I always lean towards Spanish coaches. I think Lopetegui is prepared to coach Real Madrid." [El Transistor]
El mamadou Madia @el_madia🔁Reunited at the Bernabéu....

🇪🇸 Julen Lopetegui led current Real Madrid stars Isco, Dani Carvajal & Nacho to international glory at youth level. 🏆🏆

Daniel Leon @el_churre🔁According to Radio Marca the six Real Madrid players in Spain squad knew the news about Lopetegui and then one non-Madrid player got wind of it so Lopetegui was worried news was spread, he told Madrid and so they made it public immediately to prevent unrest.
AidilMars @a1d1lmars🔁@syfq_el Real madrid will fall once Cristiano Ronaldo leaves bro
Full Chicken✨ @el_pherooq🔁Official Announcement: Julen Lopetegui will be the coach after the celebration of the 2018 World Cup.

nicklaus al-fayeed @EL_thorbyfieD🔁 Interesting that David de Gea is to spend the next month with the new Real Madrid manager.
Salazar @A_DI_EL🔁Julen Lopetegui’s first official club match will be a European Cup Final against Diego Simeone’s Atlético, welcome to Real Madrid boss.
FERNANDO SCHWARTZ @fersch_4🔁Retweeted itzel (@itzelsandino):


Yasu Madridista @EL_PRINCIPE_6🔁🇪🇸 Spain coach Julen Lopetegui to take over at European champions Real Madrid after the World Cup.

ℹ️ Details 👇👇👇

Full Chicken✨ @el_pherooq🔁BREAKING: Real Madrid have announced that Julen Loptegui will be the club's new manager; finishing the 2018 World Cup in charge of Spain first.
ⵙⴻⵍⵢⴰⵏ @El_Maltezer🔁Lopetegui and Casemiro reunited! They were together at Porto in the 2014/15 season when Real Madrid loaned him out and Casemiro showed his great talent under the Spanish coach.
Teboho Teboho @TebohoTeboho14🔁Occupy Space to Create Space: Sergi Roberto vs. Real Madrid

Full video in post here 👉



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