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Eisner TotNightWatchman @TotNWM🔁 “Mine!” gets Eisner Award nomination for Best Short Story for “Ethel Byrne” comicmix.com
Eisner io9 @io9🔁The nominees for the 2018 Eisner Awards are here on.io9.com
Eisner Andrew Eisner @andrew__eisner🔁 808’s and tax breaks
Eisner TotNightWatchman @TotNWM🔁 2018 EISNER AWARDS Nominations newsarama.com
Eisner anyalien jay @anywalien🔁 The nominees for the 2018 Eisner Awards are here on.io9.com
Eisner Suky-chan @_purplefiction🔁 🤸🏻‍♂️MY BROTHER’S HUSBAND 👨‍👨‍👧 has been NOMINATED FOR AN 🔻EISNER AWAR comic-con.org D🔻! 🍾
Saladin Ahmed @saladinahmed🔁I am just absurdly pleased to share the news that BLACK BOLT has been nominated for an Eisner Award for Best New Seri twitter.com es!
DC @DCComics🔁Congratulations to all the 2018 Eisner Award nominees! DC earned 10 nominations for the prestigious awards, including twitter.com ones for MISTER MIRACLE, THE FLINTSTONES and more! Head here for more on the awards and nominated creators:
roxane gay @rgay🔁I am genuinely thrilled to be nominated for an Eisner for best limited series for World of Wakanda. comic-con.org
Kelly Fitzpatrick @wastedwings🔁@jasonlatour It felt like a detour from the real conversation. The Eisner's need to change.
🍥 🍥 🍥 FDT @unmei_kajitsu🔁My comic "Small Mistakes Make Big Problems" from has been nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Short Story!!! WOW! I'm honored! I've put the comic on tumblr for you to read. Thank you to editors , , & !
I'm thrilled!! A genre comic with a mostly-POC cast, with 2 Muslim protags in a healthy loving rship, in a non-Western setting, written by a Southeast Asian WOC, getting SEEN like this.

Christine. @christineluc🔁ELEMENTS won an Ignatz, and IPPY and now it's up for an Eisner! I'm over the fucking moon! This is truly the little book that can. SO proud of and everyone else involved!! You're all WONDERFUL ;____;
Edward J Grug III @edwardjgrugiii🔁Pleased as punch that the jaw-dropping HOME TIME by is officially an Eisner Award nominee!
Dxter009 @darkowner3🔁Congratulations to all the 2018 Eisner Award nominees! DC earned 10 nominations for the prestigious awards, including ones for MISTER MIRACLE, THE FLINTSTONES and more! Head here for more on the awards and nominated creators:
Gabe Bridwell @GabeBridwell🔁@ClaytonCowles Congrats on your Eisner nomination Clayton. Much deserved.
michi🔮✨@ zines + comms @RequiemPluie🔁!!!!! Congrats to our two Eisner nominees! for THE TEA DRAGON SOCIETY and for SMALL FAVORS! 🎉🎉🎉
Wendy @Kaji🔁IT’S FINALLY HERE AND WE COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED! Feast your eyes on the 2018 nominees! A huge thank you to our incredible judges and everyone that sent in submissions!

Erika @pottertardis🔁@ChrisSamnee Where do you keep your eisner? Do you have a special place for it?
K Michael Russell 🎨 @kmichaelrussell🔁Re what I said about the Eisner colorists debate:

Ideally I do believe you'd see a wider breadth to the nominees. Colorists should absolutely make your voices heard. If nothing else in order to educate on the fact that there are distinctions when it comes to the process. 1/

Dead Culture @DeadCulture_🔁Thank you to everyone for the Eisner congratulations - it means so much. I had an incredible team from the first day to the last and I’m so grateful to them and for the experience. I love this book we made and I’m so glad you do too. 💜🏹💜🏹💜🏹💜🏹💜🏹💜
Darmoking Birb @clarice_willow🔁An incredible honor for Team Monstress. Sana and I can't thank you enough for the kind words and love. We are so grateful to our readers and retailers, and !
CHRIS SAMNEE @ChrisSamnee🔁Huge huge HUGE congrats to all the Eisner nominated folks. Thrilled to know and be friends with so many of you. Well done, gang!! 🍻
Ed Webb @edwebb🔁I am just absurdly pleased to share the news that BLACK BOLT has been nominated for an Eisner Award for Best New Series!
Pop Goes The Culture @pgtcpodcast🔁congrats to the legend on his Eisner nomination for best cover artist. He’s been making all Wakanda books including look great for a minute now. Thanks, Brian!
C. B. Wright (A Madman Unhing'd) @ubersoft🔁Congratulations @saladinahmed on your Eisner nomination!
kanna ☀ @chaossuta🔁Another day another achievement!

Golden Kamuy has been nominated for Best U.S. Edition of International Material - Asia category for The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards

Lo ✨ @LoMakesComics🔁🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Lady Garland @ChrystinGarland🔁ELEMENTS: Fire has been nominated for a 2018 Eisner Award for Best Anthology.


Purchase here:

Alan KW Wong @crabbicalamari🔁WAIT WHAT HOW WHEN OMG YAY @reimenayee EISNER NOMINATION twitter.com
WESTofOZ@DiNK#387 @WESTofOZcomic🔁This is insane and I couldn't be more honored and happy to be part of this list! Thanks to
and for making this book such a badass project!

Gina Brandolino @ginabrandolino🔁And finally a lil werewolf girl is getting some of the recognition she deserves! @Emilferrisdraws comicbook.com
Multiversity Comics @multiversitycom🔁Some of this year's Eisner nominees include "Black Panther: World of Wakanda," "Hellboy: Krampusnacht," and our twitter.com pick this week, "Grass Kings." We have the full list for you.
DANIEL CHABON @NotTooChaby🔁Congrats to & on their Eisner nominations!

WESTofOZ@DiNK#387 @WESTofOZcomic🔁So proud of my baby boy and co-creator, Jorge Corona on his 2017 Nomination for "Best Cover Artist" on NO. 1 WITH A BULLET!

Chronos @chronocross_xp🔁Wait, so this fellow who works on Mister Miracle, HE gets an nomination for best covers!?! Over me!?!
Philip Shropshire @mrpshropshire🔁Congrats to for the Eisner Award nomination in the Best Webcomic category! Read "Dispatch From a Sanctuary City" here:
Chronos @chronocross_xp🔁Wait. No. NOW I hear this “person” who works on Mister Miracle and Batman (thinks he’s so big time!) ALSO gets an nomination?!? For lettering!?! OVER ME!?!
IndiGET WRECKED w. @IndybotGo🔁 Congrats to all of the Eisner noms and Lesbians today
Andrew Eisner @andrew__eisner🔁 A letter was discovered in which the FBI urged Martin Luther King to commit suicide.
Swamp Thing @DCWorldSwampy🔁Guys don’t panic, I know I’m not on the list of Eisner nominees but I’m sure it’s just an oversight and will be corrected shortly
dawnreshendoty @dawnreshendoty🔁Congratulations, to FB illustrator John Jennings, and adapter of the novel, Damian Duffy on their nomination for their amazing adaptation of Octavia Butler's novel, Kindred. If you haven't seen or read...
⚫ @JakaAdy🔁 Jiro Taniguchi, H. P. Lovecraft's The Hound and Other Stories, More Nominated for Eisner Awards • Furari, Golden Kamuy, My Brother's Husband, Otherworld Barbara, Shiver nominated for Best U․S. Edition of International Material—Asia
Jean Grey Jr. @jeffrey0924🔁What If... you had a series nominated for Best Continuing Series and another for Best New Series but had cancelled them both by the time the Eisner nominees were announced?
⚫ @JakaAdy🔁DC Entertainment Garners Ten Eisner Award Nominations! Including
Alan Ro Gallardo @alan_r_gallardo🔁 I will forgive you for this snubbing, Eisner Awards. But I will never forget. twitter.com
anna subiros @annasubiros🔁BARRIER nominated for an Eisner Award in the Best Digital Comics category!
Thanks and congrats to all nominees!
Shannon Wheeler @MuchCoffee🔁Holy crap. The Eisner Awards (comic book top award) comic-con.org
Jacob Nelson @JoeSomebody2🔁If you'd like to read my 💖💖Eisner-nominated💖💖 story, it's in the anthology Enough Space for Everyone Else and you can get it here:

Jacob Nelson @JoeSomebody2🔁 Hey!!! I'm up for an Eisner this year!!!!!!!! 🤩 twitter.com
Liset Márquez @JournaLiset🔁'' the story of a superpowered Latina quinceañera, has been nominated for an Eisner Award. Congrats to , , ! via
May contain unicorn bits @FormerlyHurogGi🔁Holy crap! 's Black Bolt series has been nominated for an Eisner! That's great! What a delightful recognition of his work.
🍀 sheila 🍀 @Shelagal_🔁BIG CONGRATS TO REIMENA! Her work is amazing and constant inspiration! If you haven’t read the EISNER NOMINATED COMIC!!!! PLEASE READ IT ✨
Caitlyn Brazill @ctbrazill🔁Our audience at tonight’s documentary screening will hear from Alba Teta, IT Support Engineer at Amazon, Plinio Ayala, President & CEO of Per Scholas, and Annette Brantley, Purchasing Agent at Federal Reserve Bank of NY. Panel moderated by Ken Eisner, Global Lead of AWS Educate
Frozen Demon King Lord July @julianlytle🔁Kanye lost his damn mind. Cosby's guilty. Fan Con is trash. I didn't get nominated for an Eisner. It's a rough week for out here for black folks!
Pablo Guerra @polcomics🔁Cheers to our 2018 Eisner nominees! Thanks to for recognizing these titles: NIGHTLIGHTS (), ARTHUR AND THE GOLDEN ROPE (), AUDUBON (Fabien Grolleau and Jeremie Royer), & A CASTLE IN ENGLAND (Jamie Rhodes)!
TotNightWatchman @TotNWM🔁‘My Favorite Thing is Monsters’ and ‘Monstress’ lead 2018 Eisner Award Nominations comicsbeat.com
TotNightWatchman @TotNWM🔁The 2018 Eisner Award nominations are out, and it's a MONSTROUS years, with Emil Ferris's My Favorite Thing is Monsters continuing its awards rampage with five...
TotNightWatchman @TotNWM🔁. and I are proud to be a part of the EISNER-NOMINATED Mine! anthology!!!!!!!!!! Big congrats to , , & at for all their hard work and to & for their amazing short story!
TotNightWatchman @TotNWM🔁We are proud to announce that & story, Ethel Byrne, in our anthology Mine! has been nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Short Story! Congratulations! Please visit the site for the full list of nominees. Voting is open to pros through 6/15!


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