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ChicagoSports @ChicagoSports🔁Cubs at Nationals (6:05 p.m., CSN)

RH Eddie Butler (3-2, 4.19) vs. LH Gio Gonzalez (7-1, 2.96)

Chevel @Chevelpr🔁 Eddie Butler
SBR Sports Picks @SBRSportsPicks🔁Heck of a night for Eddie Butler.. goes 5 scoreless and shuts down the mighty Nationals... 1-0 in the 6th though.. a nyones game.
TeflonDon @Dleepi01🔁Who touted Eddie Butler?
DBFantasy @DB868Fantasy🔁Can't believe nats got shutout by Eddie butler 😂
Larry Swentzel @LarrySwentzel🔁All in all Eddie Butler had a decent start.
NATITUDE @natsfan1000🔁Why bother if you're not gonna score off Eddie Butler!?
Austin Zoot @austinzoot12🔁Eddie Butler did exactly what we needed Eddie Butler to do. To get us through 5 against this team is beast. Now the pen has to nail it down.
Mac @Macaveli013🔁 Eddie Butler, dodging bullets and making pitches. Whew.
Wendy 🥃,(◕‿◕🌺), @wendyochith🔁 Carl Edwards Jr to the mound for Eddie Butler who threw for 5 innings allowing 4 hits and 0 runs. #CubsTalk
Larry Swentzel @LarrySwentzel🔁Carl Edwards replaces Eddie Butler for the #Cubs. Butler went 5 innings didn't give up a run.
Cubs Talk @CSNCubs🔁Carl Edwards Jr to the mound for Eddie Butler who threw for 5 innings allowing 4 hits and 0 runs. #CubsTalk
Gus @CubsReallyStink🔁@Tedschuster Eddie Butler could have struck out as easily as Russell did! Out after 64 pitches and a shut out!! Crazy!! #Cubs
Pace of Play Tracker @MLBPaceTracker🔁#Cubs @ #Nationals [B6-0o]

Pitching Change: Carl Edwards Jr. replaces Eddie Butler.

Sonny Dearth @sdearth🔁Heck of an effort by Greenbrier Christian's Eddie Butler, tonight's @Cubs starter. After 5 scoreless IP, pulled for PH Addison Russell (K).
Gary Lasereyes @bigbusinessbird🔁I'm a fan of Eddie Butler
federalbaseball @federalbaseball🔁Two-out walk to Albert Almora, Jr. pushes Gio Gonzalez up to 108P. #Cubs' pitcher Eddie Butler's getting hit for after 5.0 scoreless, 64P.
Mark Zuckerman @MarkZuckerman🔁And after issuing a 2-out HBP and BB, Gio Gonzalez now facing a 6th inning jam with Addison Russell pinch-hitting for Eddie Butler.
barstool carl @barstoolcarl🔁In need an Eddie Butler nickname. Like a real one.
Jakob Stutz ⚾ @Stutz125🔁Unless Almora gets on here I'd keep Eddie Butler in the game
Steven @StevenTho🔁Eddie butler David woat lineups on fleek
(((Ami Schreiber))) @shribr🔁After 5 innings of @Nationals/@Cubs baseball, Gio Gonzalez has thrown 94 pitches (2 hits) while Eddie Butler has thrown 64 pitches (4 hits).
:) @CoronaLimeDFS🔁Does a team that can't plate a single run off Eddie Butler, and has that bullpen, really think it can compete with th e Los Angeles Dodgers?
Nick Pipitone @nickpipitone🔁Eddie Butler doing a spot on early season Jason Hammel impersonation. @cubs #Cubs #CubsTalk
Robert @Suhweetness90🔁#National and #Cubs daily #DFS Stackers gotta be sweating it out right about now. #Eddie Butler GOAT lol
Laura M. Tourigny @LauraMTourigny🔁 Through 5 innings & Eddie Butler has only thrown 64 pitches. #ThatsCub
Mark Zuckerman @MarkZuckerman🔁Eddie Butler has thrown 5 scoreless on 64 pitches, but Cubs bullpen is active.
David Westergreen @dwest9cubs🔁Eddie butler's highlight reel consists of him giving up hard contact and cubs making plays behind him
Sean McDermott @SeanMcDermott14🔁Trea Turner grounds out to Javy Baez @ short as Eddie Butler retires the Nationals 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 5th
Sean Holland @sth85🔁Eddie Butler has allowed no runs on 62 pitches but a guy was up in the pen. Shows how much hard contact he's allowed so far.
Ralph Larosa @LaroSos1🔁 Eddie Butler has been great.
Jorge Castillo @jorgeccastillo🔁7-pitch 5th inning for Eddie Butler, who's thrown just 64 pitches through 5. 1-0, Cubs.
Chicago Sports @ChicagoSports99🔁Eddie Butler has been great.
Larry Swentzel @LarrySwentzel🔁That was close. 1st 1-2-3 inning for Eddie Butler.
McCubbie @real_eel🔁Eddie Butler! I hope I didn't jinx him by mentioning his name.
tiny sprots man @bleacherbum099🔁64 pitches through 5 for Eddie Butler whaa?
David Westergreen @dwest9cubs🔁 Eddie Butler's first start since becoming the only Butler in Chicago sports is going absolutely incredible.
Wrigley Rapport @WrigleyRapport🔁Through 5 innings & Eddie Butler has only thrown 64 pitches. #ThatsCub
Robert O'Neill @RobertONeill31🔁Eddie Butler's first start since becoming the only Butler in Chicago sports is going absolutely incredible.
Michael Liu @liuchiahow🔁#Cubs Eddie Butler has pitched 5 scoreless innings, but he's only struck out one — the opposing pitcher.
💥Swoler Bear💥 @SwolerBearTrail🔁@TommyG Eddie Butler might be the most amazing arm I ever saw pitch in the league. Played him on all 25 lineups 💰💰💰.....#juztrollin 🤣
BigNick54 @NickCianci1🔁How about a couple more runs here for Eddie Butler's
Gameday Feed @CHCGameday🔁Eddie Butler needed just three pitches to get the first two outs of the fifth. Now he'll face Trea Turner to try and get out of the inning.
Robert O'Neill @RobertONeill31🔁Including Eddie Butler
Bill Farley @BillFarleyJ🔁@dan_back how bout the Nats wake up... otherwise Eddie Butler just Pivetta-pelfryed us
John Madonia @madoniavore🔁Past two nights shut down by Feldman and Eddie butler.....
Stan @Crewsett🔁Eddie Butler only has 58 pitches
TomLoxas @TomLoxas🔁 Guys, I don't think Eddie Butler's good.
Robert O'Neill @RobertONeill31🔁Eddie Butler is insofar having the September 2003 Shawn Estes vs. Cincinnati performance. Hope he keeps it up.
WorldSeriesDreaming @WSDreaming_Cubs🔁If you're not into Eddie Butler not missing bats, #Cubs will be looking for pitching upgrades this season & beyond.
Let It Sano @CanadasCousin🔁@Nationals @PresleyPlummer @AlexReynolds24 great day to watch Eddie Butler work that lineup
Hayden Ringer @hjrrockies🔁eddie butler just needs time to implement his system
Jason @JasonZyman🔁lol Nats have 0 runs after 4 innings against Eddie Butler...5.6 points
Steven @StevenTho🔁Holy shit Eddie butler has a horseshoe up his ass
Sara - BCB @BCB_Sara🔁Eddie Butler is quite the escape artist. I'll take it. #Cubs
David Kaplan @thekapman🔁Eddie Butler, dodging bullets and making pitches. Whew.
Steven Golden @GBSportsPicks🔁Eddie Butler lookin like a cy young out there
Larry Swentzel @LarrySwentzel🔁Eddie Butler starting is one of the reasons the #Cubs need another starting pitcher.
NHL Insider Dinger @atf13atf🔁Eddie Butler is so damn bad
j free @JFree39🔁Eddie butler just gives me a permanent bad feeling when he pitches @desipiodotcom🔁Guys, I don't think Eddie Butler's good.
Jeremy Beutel @atBeutel🔁I think Eddie Butler might be bad.
Jason @JasonZyman🔁Nats can't hit Eddie
Ross @RossShinberg🔁Eddie Butler is the luckiest pitcher on the planet. (Or at least today he is)
David Westergreen @dwest9cubs🔁@cubsguy20 1 of those is eddie butler so meh
Sean McDermott @SeanMcDermott14🔁Eddie Butler grounds out to Anthony Rendon @ 3rd stranding Almora & Candelario on 1st & 2nd to end the top of the 4th still 1-0 #Cubs
Gameday Feed @CHCGameday🔁That's twice now that Cubs pitcher Eddie Butler -- batting eighth -- has made the final out of an inning. This time he stranded two on base.
Matthew Paras @Matthew_Paras🔁Baker has walked Albert Almora each time to get to Eddie Butler, the Cubs pitcher. Cubs have two outs already.
DFS @DegenDFSer🔁@TommyG God damn ginger fuck face Eddie butler pissing me the fuck off
William Chase @WillChase_🔁Update: #Nationals announcers tryna make themselves feel better by pointing out Eddie Butler's middle innings ERA
Evan Lynch @eblynch🔁Going to continue to stack against Eddie Butler. Dude is the luckiest pitcher on the planet and #regressionlyfe is going to be $$$
Bill Farley @BillFarleyJ🔁Eddie Butler = Nick Pivetta? @rotobuzzguy
Charles Jaojaroenkul @BeaterBlog🔁#Cubs' Eddie Butler has good stuff; he needs to figure out how to make batters hit *his* pitch, esp. w/runners on (0.84 ERA w/bases empty).
District on Deck @DistrictOnDeck🔁Eddie Butler not exactly quick to the plate. Let the speed games begin!
Larry Swentzel @LarrySwentzel🔁This is the part of the lineup that can really hurt Eddie Butler.
MLBExitVelocity @MLBExitVelocity🔁Lucky Hit: Trea Turner (5) [WSH] off Eddie Butler [CHC]: 93.4 mph, -31 degrees (Single)
Avidan Itzhak @AvidanItzhak🔁@FightinHydrant @masnNationals don't know if I should root for my @nationals or my hometown Chesapeake native Eddie butler?
ZAN #GitGudMovement @ZAN_4PM🔁How did Eddie Butler manage to pitch well enough in the minors to make the Rockies think he was good?! He actually STRUCK PEOPLE OUT.
Sean McDermott @SeanMcDermott14🔁Eddie Butler strikes out opposing pitcher Gio Gonzalez swinging stranding 2 to end the 2nd #Cubs lead the Nationals 1-0
MLB Strikeout @mlbstrike🔁Eddie Butler - Chicago Cubs (1 today, 2 IP, 29 pitches)
Strikeout Tracker @whifftracker🔁#Cubs @ #Nationals [B2-3o]: Gio Gonzalez (swinging; 1)

RHP Eddie Butler (1)
Seq: FF FF ff CU×
s3: 82.4mph Curveball

Casey Knapp @cubs2win47🔁I think Eddie Butler's pants are pulled up too high, he looks like Mister Salty.
Downstate Chad @csupp🔁Eddie Butler should be sent down on principle for throwing Michael A. Taylor a strike. #cubs
Angry Francis @BrianFrancisIA🔁Eddie Butler playing with gas and matches. Hasn't blown up yet. Keep it together brah. #Cubs
Larry Swentzel @LarrySwentzel🔁The #Nationals are sure getting good contact on Eddie Butler tonight.
ZW Baseball! @ZWMartin🔁personally i think eddie butler should stop throwing it over the plate and thigh high


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