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Ed Sheeran Urban Dictionary @urbandictionary🔁@istanhoran Ed Sheeran: a redheaded singer with a guitar<3 ed-sheeran.urbanup.com
Ed Sheeran Let the church say shadadadcoco @TheMochaLatte🔁 Ed Sheeran winning over Gaga and Kesha? If the straights want a war THEY CAN HAVE IT
Ed Sheeran Isac Gezon @IGezon🔁 No, Ed Sheeran did NOT win
pitbull da gávea @rooqw🔁 Ed Sheeran beat out 4 women with a song about the female body at the #Grammys 😒
Ed Sheeran maria @bedretider🔁 me when someone mentions ed sheeran tomorrow
Ed Sheeran glue | property of WICKED @liza7winchester🔁@jashardi_
Ed Sheeran - What Do I Know
NowThis @nowthisnews🔁Ed Sheeran beat out 4 women with a song about the female body at the #Grammys 😒
Ed Sheeran Sam Stryker @sbstryker🔁Ed Sheeran winning over Gaga and Kesha? If the straights want a war THEY CAN HAVE IT
Ira Madison III @ira🔁I guess it’s a good thing Kesha didn’t win over Ed Sheeran, since the music industry doesn’t seem to care about exami twitter.com ning its abuses of power
karma got its kiss for me @juhmuhl🔁It’s ok to be white.
It’s ok to be black.
It’s ok to be asian.
It’s ok to be hispanic.
It’s ok to be female.
It’s ok to be male.
It’s ok to be gay.
It’s ok to be straight.
It’s ok to be YOU.

But it's NEVER okay for Ed Sheeran to win a over Lana Del Rey

Abramovic @JuliaDayer🔁It’s ok to be white.
It’s ok to be black.
It’s ok to be asian.
It’s ok to be hispanic.
It’s ok to be female.
It’s ok to be male.
It’s ok to be gay.
It’s ok to be straight.

But, it’s NEVER okay for Ed Sheeran to win any  over Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, & Kesha.

laura | 52 & 68 days @oldskoolharry🔁Logic singing about suicde losing to Bruno Mars singing about sex and women and Kesha singing about surviving and moving forward losing to Ed Sheeran singing about the shape of someone's body just goes to show how stupid the Grammys are
Khaleesi of the 7 Hills🇵🇷 @marietargaryen🔁I still can't believe Ed Sheeran beat Lady Gaga, Pink, Kesha, AND Kelly for best pop vocal album #Grammys2018 #Grammys
china🦄 @singwithteddy🔁@blurryflor
@ ed sheeran en ig

#BestLyrics #Perfect #iHeartAwards twitter.com

Gina Lawriw @GinaLawriw🔁Ed Sheeran Wins Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance — But Is a No-Show to Accept the Honor yahoo.com
baby j @_jordanburges🔁Ed Sheeran won, if Kesha is so brave why do y’all think she so hurt over not winning? Maybe she just happy her messag twitter.com e got out? Why did she have to win? Lmao
me, tonya? @emilymhuffman🔁If ur fave got snubbed don’t be mad, the opinion of a board who thinks ed sheeran is legitimately better than that w twitter.com hole pool of nominees isn’t really worth much
Sailor Karen from finance @Kieronicus🔁 not to stir up Controversy™ but fuck ed sheeran and that boring song about how much he loves women's bodies
sci @deftlyharry🔁stop coming for ed sheeran he's talented and unproblematic those who's bashing him for singing a song can have couple seats
Highlight Mentega @thefaizroslan🔁Sza: 0 wins
Lorde: 0 wins
Kesha: 0 wins
Lady Gaga: 0 wins
P!nk: 0 wins
Kelly Clarkson: 0 wins

Ed Sheeran: 2 wins
Bruno Mars: 6 wins

OMG! they are a fucking fraud!

Dori M @crypticypher🔁ppl know adele & ed sheeran, but not all british singers.

ppl know JB and Shawn, but not all canadian singers.

ppl know Shakira, but not all latinx artists.

dont expect people to care about your faves just bc one group is famous.

dan @LOSINGGRlP🔁did Ed Sheeran deserve to win his Grammys over the women in his categories? #GRAMMYs
ក្បាល​ធំ @domehnic🔁 me: hi
grammys: ed sheeran rap album of the year
goddess of imaginary light ✨ @chhynnaa🔁Lady Gaga wrote Million Reasons in a healing process to recover from a severe heartbreak. Kesha wrote Praying after being through her literal worst nightmare. Ed Sheeran wrote Shape Of You about a club girl he was horny for. Congratulations Recording Academy. Thank you for this.
Carol(ine)🌹🖤 @i_do_not_carol🔁a lack of female nominees, picking ed sheeran TWICE over deserving females & now not letting females perform on their own? so did y’all have to become sexist in order to not be seen as racist this year? .
Gina Lawriw @GinaLawriw🔁Internet ANGRY Over Ed Sheeran's Grammy Win For THIS Reason yahoo.com via @yahoo
CConev @c_conev🔁 #GRAMMYs Best Pop Vocal Album: Divide - Ed Sheeran
evi @DRAGONSWEN🔁Lana Del Rey: expanded her horizons lyrically, wrote about hope during turbulent political times

Kesha: came back triumphantly after being sexually assaulted and a legal battle with her rapist

Lady Gaga: wrote a deeply personal album and recorded it in one take

Ed: Sheeran

Daniel P Carroll @DanielPCarroll2🔁Best Pop Solo Performance:
🔹Lady Gaga
🔹Kelly Clarkson
🔹Ed Sheeran

And the Grammy goes to...the lad who is less talented than these 4 incredible women. DO BETTER .

elsa loves louis™ @reputationlouis🔁ed sheeran is really talented, he’s played multiple tours ALONE with no band or backup singers & he writes all of his music. he’s never done anything offensive y’all always go for the wrong people to hate. go to the root of the problem for god sakes all he did was sing a song
Radio OndaWorld @RadioOndaworld🔁Sonando Ahora #HITS #Radio #Música #Pop #Dance #Latino #Rock #NowPlaying Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill en listen.radionomy.com
Abeetha @abeetha_8🔁 Kendrick Lamar, Alessia Cara, Ed Sheeran -- here's who's won big at the #Grammys so far. cnn.it
karen from finance @wxtchunt🔁lady gaga: has a strong vocal range makes hits, strong meaning in songs,,

kesha: can hit amazing notes makes bops, opened up about her ab*se, inspiring lyrics,,

lana del rey: can sing THREE octaves, beautiful voice, has an amazing message in songs

ed: sheeran

P. @romeanticism🔁Ed sheeran didn't deserve that award as compared to other nominees yeS but we can't just call him talentless
Saul @SaulBarrios🔁Ed Sheeran is ugly, his music is trash and generic, his personality is awful, his fans don’t wash their ass, his style is horrible, his face is off putting, his posture is uncomfortable to look at, his demeanor is tragic, his eyes are unsynced, his music is trash
esa cubanita 🇨🇺 @DaCuban_🔁 honestly how dare shape of you by ed sheeran win best pop song over PRAYING and MILLION REASONS. i'm mad lmao
Isaiah Davis @ImA_Trailblazer🔁Everytime I listen to Ed Sheeran "Perfect" it makes me cry
Barbara Main @BarbaraMain07🔁Ed Sheeran couldn't make it to the , so he sent a cute cat pic instead 🐱 blbrd.cm
josephine @istanhoran🔁ed sheeran @urbandictionary

I can’t deal with this.

*Give Saoirse Ronan her Oscar!* @Cah04_🔁Kesha really did go through hell and back to release Praying and get nominated for a Grammy, only to lose to an Ed Sheeran song about how he likes a woman's body over a Sia sample
chl03k @ChloeGenay🔁“Omggggg what is Ed Sheeran suppose to listen to at his wedding??!!!??!!!?!!!”
Let’s hope something actually worth listening to


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