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Harry... @Harry_Parrry🔁 Eric Ebron’s controller got unplugged
scott pianowski @scott_pianowski🔁You should drop Eric Ebron like he's a pass intended for Eric Ebron.
Natalie Hogue @natnatscadat🔁 Eric Ebron’s controller got unplugged
Dream @Zac_dreamWeaver🔁 Eric Ebron’s controller got unplugged
Mike Sullivan @MikeSullivan🔁Please stop throwing the football to Eric Ebron.
Tim Twentyman @ttwentyman🔁Man, Ebron drops the touchdown. Stafford can’t throw it any better than that. Have to catch that. Nothing else to say. #CARvsDET
Joan Brandon @jjbr00🔁@LLamorandier @BigJoeFauria @DarrenFells Why isn't he the #1 TE? Fells is more dependable than Ebron.
Mad Dog Sports Radio @MadDogRadio🔁Mr. Vegas is coming up on Mad Dog Sports Radio!!!
SXM channel 82
Sox, Forster are out...Baker & Stanks should be...Ebron says Stafford sucks
Lions 3-2 @DetLionsTweets🔁@weezy_631 I know but still, Ebron is one out of many issues , that drop did have a huge impact on the game, but no one played wee
Ryan Ford @theford🔁Eric Ebron seemed to dispute that would-be TD was a drop. So I rewatched his targets, rendered a verdict on his play
Saul @s4ltman🔁If you're having a bad day because of the Lions, just go through this thread ripping on Ebron. 😂
Jamie Ebron @emashais_beauty🔁Maybe it’s just me but if there were two deputies knocking on the doors and windows of my house saying “Carteret...
Joe Boyd @Joe_Boyd_FL🔁@daverichard Close your eyes & pretend you’re Eric Ebron #OnePride
LaVar Ball @LaVarBalI🔁 @LaVarBalI Straight scrub Ebron is, ain't the fans fault he sucks while he peddles cheap shirts
Ricky aleman @rickaleman99🔁@lloyd_ben7 @InQuinnWeTrust @Lions I personally say even if Ebron can run more routes fells can catch more balls so play fells
Tony Elias @bomaizey🔁@PrideOfDetroit Pass it to Ebron to give to Fells.
Cuck Fighter @Wykidforze🔁@LaVarBalI Straight scrub Ebron is, ain't the fans fault he sucks while he peddles cheap shirts
Lions 3-2 @DetLionsTweets🔁Let's not hate on Ebron a lot, Tate had a crucial drop on a 3rd down, Offensive line let Stafford get murdered out there.Ebron is 1 issue
AlGal @AlexRakowskiXOX🔁Coming up at 6:20 on ... sits down with Stafford to talk health, offensive woes, Ebron & much more
Michael Gibson @helmedon🔁@gullett_james @IamTJ_Jones Yeah, because Ebron can't catch a ball consistently and certain o linemen are getting our QB killed.
Michael Gibson @helmedon🔁@IamTJ_Jones @Ebron85 Tell Ebron to tackle his adversity with an intimate relationship with the jugs machine.
Colin @ColinBelleville🔁@Lions Like releasing Ebron?


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