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#EarthDaySongs princessa_rosa @rosal_princessa🔁 Let It Be... #EarthDaySongs
#EarthDaySongs mattmerchant @midmerch🔁It's Not Easy Being Green. #earthdaysongs @midnight
#EarthDaySongs PJ @pjbowles🔁 I Feel Good #EarthDaySongs
#EarthDaySongs#EarthDaySongs kim @kikkinim🔁 #EarthDaySongs
I Don't Wanna Live Forever in Captivity
#EarthDaySongs LV 🖖❄️ @caterwolime🔁 Every Breath You Take... #EarthDaySongs
#EarthDaySongs SoulFood4Thought @soulfood4thght🔁Get Ur Creek On
#EarthDaySongs @midnight
#EarthDaySongs 13th Grade @13thGradeBros🔁 It's Not Easy Being Green. #earthdaysongs @midnight
@midnight @midnight🔁Your mama... PLANET EARTH... deserves some love so we're playing #EarthDaySongs! Play along.
The Iron Sheik @the_ironsheik🔁BREAK THE EARTHS BACK FOR COLD BEER SAKE #EarthDaySongs
TrivWorks @TrivWorks🔁Climate Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes #EarthDaySongs @midnight
M. W. Daniel @SiWeCan🔁 Sitting On the Dock of What Used to be the Bay #EarthDaySongs @midnight
13th Grade @13thGradeBros🔁We will we will 3rd Rock you #EarthDaySongs
Courtney Veatch @Scott_CourtneyV🔁 This Landfill is Your Landfill, This Landfill is My Landfill #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Jan Peake @lyudilasy72🔁 Don't Go Chasing Aquifers @midnight #EarthDaySongs
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 Blame it on the acid rain

#EarthDaySongs @midnight

Humane Being @JamChrisJoy🔁 I Got 99 Problems (But a Beach Ain't One) #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 Don't Go Polluting Waterfalls @midnight #EarthDaySongs
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 #EarthDaySongs While My Planet Gently Weeps. @midnight
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 I Hugged A Tree And I Liked It #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 Get Out Of My Dreams And Into My Carbon Footprint #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 Who Let the Smog Out? #EarthDaySongs @midnight
The Political Bent @polibent🔁 Frack the Police #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 Frack In Black #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 The Devil Went Down To Georgia (But Returned To Hell For The Cleaner Air) #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 You Can Call Me Al Gore
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 Girls Just Wanna Have Fauna @midnight #EarthDaySongs
Dave Astor @dave_astor🔁 #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Born in the EPA
Dave Astor @dave_astor🔁 #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Acid Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 Mama Said To Throw You Out In The Proper Receptacle #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Danny E @dannyreallife🔁Pollution Was The Case #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 Every Little Thing We Drill Is Tragic #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 #EarthDaySongs @midnight
You don't plant me flowers anymore
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 Please Mr. Compostman
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 Paint it green #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 Everybody Dirts

#EarthDaySongs @midnight

Siddiq Bashar @siddiqbashar🔁 Go Shorty, It's Your Earth Day! #EarthDaySongs @midnight
☆Ophidian Pilot☆ @ophidianpilot🔁 💕 I Think Its Time We Sang a NEW SONG: 🇺🇸
Wilson Luc @TheWillToLive🔁Anything by @GreenDay #earthdaysongs @midnight
Persistent Resistor @jmkrej🔁 "R-E-C-Y-C-L-E, find out what it means to me!"
Theod @Kluvar🔁Not much else will fix the earth unless we address us dropping 26,000 bombs a year.
Danny E @dannyreallife🔁No Bees in the Trap #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Nuel @Nuel_Nurlana🔁 Today is #EarthDaySongs, so... Forever Young!
#QaFReunion #QaF #QueerasFolk
Persistent Resistor @jmkrej🔁 Straight Outta Compost
Delaney Jaye @delaneyjayebrun🔁 Climate Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Very Happy Mondays @VeryHappyMdays🔁 I want you to want Trees #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Lily @lilylanphear🔁 (Everything I Do) I Do It For Crude

#EarthDaySongs @midnight

13th Grade @13thGradeBros🔁Singing in the Acid Rain #EarthDaySongs
13th Grade @13thGradeBros🔁Purple Acid Rain #EarthDaySongs
Danny E @dannyreallife🔁Don't Go Trashing My Earth #EarthDaySongs @midnight
*kill yourselfie* @OhPunSaysMe🔁 Every Little Thing We Drill Is Tragic #EarthDaySongs @midnight
*kill yourselfie* @OhPunSaysMe🔁Whiter Shade of Kale
Philipmcgrade @Philipmcgrade2🔁#EarthDaySongs The Climes They Are A Changing
*kill yourselfie* @OhPunSaysMe🔁Hybrid Silver Lining
AsI Seeit @Team99percent🔁#EarthDaySongs ...Might as well be walking on the Sun.
Andréa Morris @DraisyMorris🔁 #earthdaysongs
Keep On Frackin In The Free World
Danny E @dannyreallife🔁Bitch Better Have My Recyclables #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Babylon Queers @babylon_queers🔁Today is #EarthDaySongs, so... Forever Young!
#QaFReunion #QaF #QueerasFolk
D.P.H. @Dead_Pixel_Hero🔁@midnight #earthdaysongs It's the end of the world as we know it. No really, it's the end of the world as we know it!
Danny E @dannyreallife🔁Save The Last Tree For Me #EarthDaySongs @midnight
13th Grade @13thGradeBros🔁UV been gone a for a long time #EarthDaySongs
Adam Ford @Puttyhead🔁#EarthDaySongs @midnight All About That Basic Human Right To Clean Water
D.P.H. @Dead_Pixel_Hero🔁@midnight #earthdaysongs November Acid Rain
Katie @SnarkDivine🔁My compost brings all the boys to the yard #EarthDaySongs
♥️ @JustErinRobbins🔁 Aint No Sunshine With This Smog #EarthDaySongs
it's a-me, Mario! @dianazorel🔁 I Hugged A Tree And I Liked It #EarthDaySongs @midnight
13th Grade @13thGradeBros🔁Believe me when I say that UV got to be free #EarthDaySongs
Adam Ford @Puttyhead🔁#EarthDaySongs @midnight Baby Got Frack
Siannio @siannio1🔁 Fifty Mission Melting Ice Cap #earthdaysongs @midnight
Randolph Cadillac @jukebox_lennon🔁@midnight blister from the sun #EarthDaySongs
Adam Ford @Puttyhead🔁#EarthDaySongs @midnight Smoke On The Water From The Oil Spill
(((twthejew))) @toddwieder🔁Take me to the Prius (the Pilot is a gas guzzler)
#earthdaysongs @midnight
13th Grade @13thGradeBros🔁It's getting hot in here. #EarthDaySongs
Danny E @dannyreallife🔁God Save The Whales #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Immortality Project @ImmortalityProj🔁Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth by @sparksofficial. #EarthDaySongs
(((twthejew))) @toddwieder🔁We Are You The World So Stop With The Carbon Emissions Already It's Making Us Angry
#earthdaysongs @midnight
13th Grade @13thGradeBros🔁Scuse me while I kiss that Gaia #EarthDaySongs
Mikey🎙 @TheeMikeLang🔁(Everything I Do) I Do It For Crude

#EarthDaySongs @midnight

Randolph Cadillac @jukebox_lennon🔁@midnight all you need is love and a habitable earth #EarthDaySongs
Mike Ouellet @justreadin🔁No More Ice Ice Baby #EarthDaySongs @midnight
Dan Cassabon @motown_man🔁April 2031 by @warrantrocks #EarthDaySongs


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