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Eagles #MyCollabEconomy @MyCollabEconomy🔁"When eagles are silent, parrots begin to chatter." - Winston Churchill #leadership #success
Philadelphia Eagles @Eagles🔁"We're playing for something bigger now, boys."


Philadelphia Eagles @Eagles🔁Happy birthday, Fletch!


Eagles NFL @NFL🔁Clinched: Their first NFC East title since 2013.

The BEST @Eagles play from every game so far! #FlyEaglesFly

NuckinFuts @Eaglesinc311🔁Eagles beat Giants, clinch first round bye

Eagles win 2 games, clinch homefield throughout playoffs

Birds 12-2 at home with Doug Pederson


Jim Lowe @FastestSurgeon🔁@NoPhlyZone5 @MalcolmJenkins @Eagles @greengoblin @NigelBradham_13 @TheWorldof_AJ @Lanejohnson65 @brandongraham55 Done!
James Watson @LmDuppins🔁 Would you feel good if the Eagles signed RG3 at a backup to Nick Foles?
jgander @jgander54🔁@greengoblin @SportsRadioWIP @theScore @Patriots @steelers @Vikings - Show them how wrong they are @Eagles!
Vincent Do @Vincentdo72🔁0. SEE Foles play the next 3 games b/f you give your opinion. Did you think Eagles were SB contenders before the se twitter.com ason or after 10 or 11 games this year? SEE before you rate...
CheerMom 🐾🌸🌹🌷🌺🐶❤️🎁🎄 @sccheermomm🔁Come out and show your support for at the game with the 📣and 🏀 Go Bearcats beat Eagles. twitter.com
will🦅 @will_mccurdy44🔁"When Carson Wentz went down, I had so many opponents- coaches, GMs, a couple players- reach out and say had bad they felt...

For some reason, Carson Wentz is a guy that even people who hate the Eagles root for."


Tia Owens @tiajvde🔁 owner Jeffrey Lurie told me Carson Wentz’s ACL surgery today, done by Dr. Bradley in Pittsburgh, went “very well.” Wentz wanted to do it as quickly as possible to begin rehabbing for 2018.
Hoodie Bib @Hidden__Talent🔁Packaged up some clips of some of my favorite plays from Nick Foles. I like his deep ball, some pin point accuracy & of course some late game clutch throws like against Seattle when he threw to Bailey on Richard Sherman & Earl Thomas. Hopefully this lightens the mood.
HOLIDAY SWAGMEISTER. @devdweight🔁The Rams secondary is thin after the loss to the Eagles, breaks things down here
postoo_ @Bottom_35🔁eagles 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Atnis @AtnsMM🔁


Kelly @football_Kelly🔁"I'm going to redo my Herd Hierarchy. I'm going to move the [Eagles] from 8 back up to 3... I've never done this before." —
Animal Life @MeetAnimals🔁Eagles Bring Baby Hawk Into Their Nest Planning To Eat Him, Decide To Adopt The Bird Instead themindcircle.com
Ho Ho Ho Seph @paizurizilla🔁Idea: An NFL quarterback is injured mid-season; a British prince, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the QB, yearning to see how the other half lives, switches places w/ him. Hilarity ensues. And the Superbowl.
>>"The Prince and the Passer"<<
Joe Russo @Eagles_102085🔁 😂y’all silly twitter.com
ECS @ecs_eagles🔁ECS Alumni & gave hitting lessons at our Indoor Hitting Facility! Learn to swing from the best! twitter.com
Sean Costello @ogoL_sbop🔁@GodorecciCG3 Why do you hate the Eagles so much? They’re not even in the same conference as the jags
Donna Freedman @DonnaF4Kids🔁Mrs. Sailer has taught for ROP at Santana for 19 years! She is retiring! She received an award at the ROP Board of twitter.com Education Meeting as we all thanked her for her many years of service!
Zack @BiqCountry🔁Fun Fact! The Steelers and Eagles have 0 rivalry so it’s actually not weird at all.
KarateMark215 @KarateMark215🔁 I claim to be ‘s most positive callers/tweeters but being out took all of my confidence.Even 04, Ive NEVER said th twitter.com e WILL win the SB. Up until a few days ago I was convinced for the 1st time they would. 🙁
kleido @skykleid🔁@flaggmark1 @tylerweltz ^ fraud eagles fan poop face
Rhonda @flyeaglegirl🔁Abdulla with a charge and a blocked shot on back to back possessions, getting it done on the D. Mucci with a couple treys and a floater, Eagles lead 10-4
Dayner @dana_ma🔁Carbon dioxide does not hurt Polar Bears. That is mindless superstition.
But fear of carbon dioxide does kill thousands of eagles.


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