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FAKE NEWS @khillwill6🔁 Disturbing video of Panthers fan punching an older eagles fan during the game last night
Eagles 😁 @EBHszn🔁 Eagles QB Carson Wentz is a man of the people #PHIvsCAR
Eagles Soph🌻 @littletomassi🔁 Statement. #FlyEaglesFly
Eagles jim anderson @ta_cuda🔁@EaglesDJ_JBones @ColoradoEagles Where in Texas ....will the Eagles Schedule take them in 17-2018 🦅
moneymakinGwilbur💰 @BMGwilbur🔁 Eagles were fired up after last night's win 🔥 (via @realronalddarby)
Eagles Lynaé 5-1🦅 @AlexisLong97🔁 Another reason to celebrate.

Happy birthday to the 🐐, @BrianDawkins! #FlyEaglesFly

Eagles David Schwartz @Sports_Schwartz🔁 Panthers Fan Arrested After Man Is Punched At Game
Eagles Philadelphia Eagles @Eagles🔁Another reason to celebrate.

Happy birthday to the 🐐, @BrianDawkins! #FlyEaglesFly

Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Eagles were fired up after last night's win 🔥 (via @realronalddarby)
Eagles Philadelphia Eagles @Eagles🔁Statement. #FlyEaglesFly
C for Colby @colbrackks🔁 Bothahood❗️❗️❗️
PBS Athletics @PBSAthletics🔁McKey starts the Eagles off with a kickoff into the end zone
Brett Keener @brett_keener🔁Noah Aeppli kicks a 27-yard FG for the Eagles. Bermudian leads 10-7, Delone will now get the ball.
Jeremy Isenberg 🦅 @PhillyfanJSI🔁Interested to see how this is handled by the media compared to if it were an Eagles fan punching a Panthers fan.
Chad Brown @cb451983_chad🔁@VarsityAllAxs Gibbs Eagles Running Back Noel Leyva 11 yard run for touchdown(Mullins run)

Halls Red Devils 21 3rd
Gibbs Eagles 21

✝ @humbleoneight🔁Freedom offense wakes up, drives 79 yards with AJ Felton running in from the 1. Eagles lead Woodbridge 28-14 with 1:21 left in the 3rd.
chris stewart @CStew01🔁Eagles 5-1 after 4 road games, not having their best cornerback all year, missing best o-lineman and d-lineman for stretches. Impressive.
Flip Zion🇯🇲 @Flip_3x🔁Williams takes on the eagles were trash
TouchdownRamsBot @TDRamsBot🔁 Watts to Campbell touchdown McCaleb kick good Rams 33 Eagles 27
Tom Mulherin @T_Mulherin🔁Already another score, Kemp from 11 out for #HobbsFB. Eagles O is just doing whatever it wants, Hobbs leads 21-0 w/ 6:36 left in 1Q
Thomas Cairns @TommyWD18🔁 Eagles win 28-6 great job men!!!
Collin Braconnier @HitItFromDaBRAC🔁 Eagles look like the real deal this year! The city of Philadelphia deserves it!
Kathy Wentz @crnkra🔁@M_Liddz10 Eagles haters SUCK
Clairebeamer @clairebeamer🔁Now the cowards at the networks are too ashamed even to broadcast the playing of our National Anthem.
eggidora @Iiggyyy🔁2 bands from 2 different schools- uniting as one! ❤️🎶Eagles and Vikings! 🎶
Kent Koester @22statman🔁End of 1 qtr of play we are all tied up 0-0 COWBOYS and Eagles
David J. Dominguez @EHSPrincipal🔁Eagles called for Holding...Cove ball at Eagle 16...
AltuveMVP @Sportslyfe81🔁@NoPhlyZone5 #Eagles 10 for 126
#Panthers 1 for 1 yard

Favoring huh? 👌🏽

vic barnett @vicbar58🔁Why are Americans paying their hard earned tax dollars to subsidize the NFL?
PhillyFan62 @PFan62🔁 You win games in the NFL with a smart, tough, talented QB and warriors in the trenches. Say hello to the 2017 @Eagles 🏈💯
Olivia Morgan VB @OliviaMorganVB🔁Tough loss to Eastlake last night - they'd played awesome. But us Eagles never gave up!

V.Weygandt @cgrface🔁 = =

It's not about what you do, it's about who you DISRESPECT!

AHS Eagle Football @warbirdsradio🔁Going into Half Time
Eagles 3 - Chargers 0
TRNsports @trnsports🔁Decatur HS Eagles: 7, Argyle HS Eagles: 38, halftime. #footballfriday #txhsfb
EHS Info @EHSEaglesInfo🔁The Eagles win 77-7 and now they are now 8-0 on the season. They play at Genoa next Friday. Presale tickets available in office next week.
❄️ @_FireAndlce🔁No the eagles took advantage of us being ass
Joe Cicero @jbcicero🔁Last 4 times Pete Morelli's crew officiated an Eagles game, Eagles have 40 penalties; opponent has 8.

Tim Pierce @TimPierceWI🔁Undefeated on the road! The boys take down the Boston College Eagles 5-2 and go to 3-1 on the season
Louisiana Preps @LouisianaPreps🔁 Start of the 2nd half. Eagles lead Oak Grove 7-0
Logan Ulrich @loganulrich🔁PAT is blocked by Warren County, and a wacky game very well may continue for a bit longer. Eagles has 39.5 seconds to try and stave off OT.
Mike Gleason @MTGleason🔁 Out of the mouths of babes.
Greg @GregsaGooner🔁Because they won, Eagles able to laugh off unfairly officiated game penalized almost 10-1. Nice to see it is not happening in our game
🍑Gatten🍑 @gatten_DA_🔁 I liked a @YouTube video Greg Eagles at 2015 San Diego Comic Con
taylor denman @taylorddenman🔁Three-and-out for the Eagles. Mountain View from their own 47.
@HHS Rams Football @rams_hhs🔁Watts to Campbell touchdown McCaleb kick good Rams 33 Eagles 27
Daniel Youngblood @ARN_Daniel🔁We've hit halftime, and it's still @Abilene_Eagles 3, @KellerCentralHS 0.
Jack Coolahan @_JCool15_🔁 Eagles vs Pats Super Bowl. Wentz is 2nd best QB in the league
John Adams HS @Adams_Eagles🔁Touchdown St. Joe: Adams 19 St. Joe 14 5:16 to play in the game
Fernando Galvan @ferny_1616🔁GRAPHIC ⚠️

Disturbing video of a Panthers fan sucker punching an Eagles fan in face.

(📹 )

Rob Dinardi @dabearsmc🔁After 1Q Cowboys 0 Eagles 0 #mtscores
Don Carter @club_status🔁@RapSheet Victim was not an Eagles fan...perp was a jerk, choosing to stand and block others view
Edward @Edward40258414🔁@ZERTZ_86 @Eagles @TreyBurton8 @nflnetwork @NFL Feeling like a bunch of assholes
Brandon @brandon29us🔁It wasn't even an Eagles fan so why do you care? And honestly that's ridiculous. If I can't go i'm going to sell the m.
Black&Yellow Fellow @bknywfw🔁@NFL_Auction @ProFootballHOF @raylewis @PSAcard @Eagles @Ravens Wowza beautiful prize ty for the chance
Ruth Daiger @skibumsva🔁 JerQuist Morris makes Eagles pay for turnover, sprints 44 yards to make it a two-score game. 45-33 with 3:38 to go.
Jack @JackMcCaffrey11🔁Yo the Eagles fans are in CAROLINA's stadium for post game with Carson Wentz chanting "Trust the Process" 😂😂😂 this city is undefeated
KC @Kaleb_M_Carter🔁Eagles get another defensive stop on fourth down. Take over on own 25.
Chris Jung @ChrisJungKNE🔁In case you were wondering, last time Graves County was shut out was Oct. 14, 2016....against Christian County. Eagles scoreless at half.
t👻ylor @TAYke_me2church🔁I honestly don’t know how to act with an Eagles team this good. My heart says yes but my past 22 years of philly sports says DONT
John C. Nolan @johncnolan10🔁@richeisen @Eagles Good to see the GMen contributing so.
Walnut Hills Eagles @walnutathletics🔁FINAL:

Eagles 16
Knights 35

Skyline Athletics @Skyline_Eagles🔁End of the 3rd quarter with the score remaining the same 35-14 @pinckneyath with the lead
Tweet King @Kr4cKc0d3🔁But I know it's about eagles or birds. And the total of parts is 7. Because on the 7th day she opens her eyes and she sees her own child. @TrendeetalkCom🔁Police arrest fan who sucker punched someone in the face at Eagles-Panthers game -
Carolyn Schleker @carolynSTaylor6🔁Allen 24, Plano 0 @ 5:13/2Q. Eagles tack on your garden variety 90yd TD play. Grant Tisdale to Carson Schleker. Eagles rollin'.
Cheyenne Gibson🕶 @Chey_Gibson11🔁Mildred Lady Eagles took home 2 wins this week! Took care of Blooming Grove, Tuesday, & Palmer tonight!#DontStop @MISDEagles 🦅❤️🏐
Progress Sports Dept @progress1sports🔁Bald Eagles down to the Bison 17 on a 43-yard run. 1:23 to play.
Jim Bricker @BreakfastOnTour🔁I’ve seen a lot of great bands in this stage - Phish, Stevie, Chili Peppers, The Eagles, Kanye - but now it’s Jay-Z’s turn!
Hoecus Pocus @xvita_xo🔁 Don't be scared of being outnumbered. Eagles fly alone while pigeons flock together.
Chris K @MLB1stInnProps🔁NFL YTD 3-5


Panthers- 3 +100 loser

Eagles/Panthers Over 7.5 +100 1Q loser

Kennedee @ken12card🔁 EAGLES WIN!
Women’s Volleyball sweeps OU Chillicothe 3-0 (25-16, 25-16, 25-13)
Michael Wilkinson @WilkinsonVVP🔁FINAL: Central 40, Westfield 6. No. 1 Golden Eagles are 4-2, the No. 14 Bombers drop to 0-5.
NEO Sports Insiders @NEOSportsInside🔁 shutout 28-0 here in Amherst / Comets now 5-3, Eagles fall to 4-4
Bishop Watterson HS @BishopWatterson🔁 Eagles make it 31-0 over the Cardinals with 7:30 left.
@CCLAthletics @AM820scoreboard @NBC4FFN


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