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#ESPN Shrop @BShrop🔁Just another day in the US of A #POTUS #ESPN #whiteprivilege
John Pavlovitz @johnpavlovitz🔁"You don't get to hire Bannon/Miller/Gorka/Sessions & express indignation at the implication..."
#ESPN Carmen Campos @CCMADONNA🔁#JemeleHill #ESPN Jemele Hile better stay in place ESPN!
DrZoeGrey @drzoegrey🔁 ESPN's Audience is mainly #Trump Voters. #ESPN doesn't Care! Keep Bashing & Lose Your Audience.
Andrew Wilkow @WilkowMajority🔁And a job at #ESPN
Andrew Wilkow @WilkowMajority🔁I'm waiting for #ESPN to launch the new O'Donnell and Moore #SportsCenter sponsored by butter
Luxoh @JustLlkeLuxoh🔁 accused of trying to take Jemele Hill off the air via They have a probl em, more than 1 racist
Carolyn Ritchie @ccrritchie🔁 is on quite the tear this morning. must have slept in.
Faz @m5rocket🔁@realDonaldTrump Millions more watch #ESPN than your mouthpiece #Foxnews
Leitergirl @leitergirl🔁You insulted a sitting president for years without a shred of remorse. Why the hell do you think YOU deserve an apol ogy and not HIM?
Rangi Rawhiti @rangir53🔁Should fire host Jemele Hill for calling a 'white supremacist' and saying his voters were racist as well?
Galàcticos @inmadopicouroz🔁 @jemelehill Focused on race baiting instead of reporting sports no wonder #ESPN is a sinking ship #Trump #MAGA
🇺🇸JenniferLee1🇺🇸 @americanchic🔁Left wing trash network is now attacking as a "white supremacist".

Thanks for ruining sports !

william prettyman @prettymansc🔁YES.Need to focus on servicing their customer & NOT THEIR POLITICS!Keep politics out of sports & entertainment.Rating s/Box Office DOWN!
Chris Elam @chriselam🔁I will boycott all shows except for college football & basketball games! Love my some
Leitergirl @leitergirl🔁That is a damn lie will GAIN viewers for not bowing to white supremacy. When will YOU apologize for lying about ?
Roger Dale Beverly @TheRealRogerB🔁Call and let them know what you think of 's comments about our
👇 👇

David Ramirez @Condorcaliche🔁@realDonaldTrump great programming #ESPN we will always support them . @POTUS will be gone pretty soon. Incompetent-in-chief
#DeepStateSwampDrain @Ms1Scs🔁Analysis | As #WhiteHouse calls 4 her firing #ESPN 's #JemeleHill addresses the 'elephant in the room' #BoycottESPN
MrBarney @KingAcer33🔁 @realDonaldTrump No one is "dumping" @espn. Enough with your stupid alternative facts, #trump #espn
Yahoo Canada @YahooCanada🔁.'s defended the anchor who called Donald a white supremacist:
Eddie Gaona @eddiegaona🔁@jemelehill I got you. #espn
Kaizer Sose @KaizerSose6🔁 And a job at #ESPN
Ernie Somers 🦂 @_beingErnest🔁@realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump IS A WHITE SUPREMICIST #ESPN
DustyD @dUstYdInEEn🔁Everybody should listen to because if there is one thing this man knows, it's bad ratings. .
Max Cofrancesco @MaxCo7🔁Refreshing to see a sports talk show talk about sports this morning @FS1 !!! @espn #ESPN
Johnny Galt @GaltJohnny🔁#JameleHill #ESPN #BoycottESPN I'm with Trump! Boycott ESPN!!
Kristin @krismjnj🔁@realDonaldTrump I'm going to start watching #espn today and everyday!
Scarlett Wilson @Scarlet76506684🔁As Gov Scott "might" say we can replace your liberal mamacita but the old format of sports only is destroyed.
John Parisella @JohnParisella🔁@realDonaldTrump And DT should do same on #Charlottesville #ESPN
TruthIsLikeTheSun @HorseFeatherUSA🔁@rutledgerm @BreakingDTrump @realDonaldTrump You and your 89 followers are going to sink #ESPN.
Steve Bartin @stevebartin🔁Disney Mocked By President Trump #disney #espn #cable #politicallycorrect
🐬🐬🐬 @HugoLdph🔁Thibault Chretien scores his first goal for from 30+ yards into the top right corner
Rocco Narva @rocconarva🔁Actually Don, ur paying the price 4 calling some white supremacists "very fine people." Complimenting them puts u W ITH them.
TruthIsLikeTheSun @HorseFeatherUSA🔁@BreakingDTrump @realDonaldTrump #ESPN is going UP, #FoxNews is going DOWN!
Brian @bdonewy78🔁People like you killed Stu Scott rolling in his grave!!! Maybe you Kap could hook up!!
American Andy @Andy4America🔁Agree. But then again, I stopped watching after they kept talking about everything but sports. 2 years clean!!! 😡
Chris Pitchford @databoybiz🔁#Corruption @realDonaldTrump is your hallmark. @PressSec already a flack for suggesting #ESPN reporter resign contra law, so you #DoubleDown
Lisa Trump'ette @LisaDeplorable🔁So, to address your absurd statement...You called Kid Rock a racist. His son is half black. Fool. You're the racist.
Judy F @judyfinn73🔁@realDonaldTrump #ESPN love you!
Joe Chicago @slymil🔁Sarah 'Hayseed' Sanders now on the hot-seat! #JemeleHill #FireSarah #FireSarahSanders #ESPN
Ricey #Obamacrat @bjorkianrice🔁EXCLUSIVE: tried to kick off the air and replace her with another black host
Brian @bdonewy78🔁 needs to - she is a racist!!! Our is the best thing to happen to the !! !!
JudyK @portside27🔁Bad programming? ESPN: 1 Oscar, countless Emmys. Trump? No Oscars, no Emmy wins (kind of like no major legislation pa ssed).

Robert Pogachnik @RPogachnik🔁 is firing and you're tweeting about . Something wrong with you, . Give you a hint -
WeAreRIGHT🇺🇸#MAGA @GrammyTammyMAGA🔁 check out my full interview with @ClayTravis about more craziness out of #ESPN
Garrick McFadden @electgarrick🔁Instead of creating or discussing an infrastructure bill that would add tens of thousands of jobs, the POTUS is cryin g about .
Class of '71 @luv2row🔁Maybe it's time for #ESPN @espn to pair her up with Robert Lee in the broadcast booth
Jennifer's Eyebrows @JennifersEyebr1🔁
Maybe after SportsCenter you can hit on a couple of these topics.
Put on it or hire back.
Beth M Huntsberry @HuntsberryBeth🔁@realDonaldTrump No one is "dumping" @espn. Enough with your stupid alternative facts, #trump #espn
John Hunt @hunt589🔁#ESPN grow up and do the right thing Get a set
burx4change @burx_lee🔁looks like another mindless rant from attacking & and expanding the AND again. "SAD"
CLG Hockey @coorslight397🔁 Jemele Hill, Robert Lee
Sounds like #ESPN has the race problem
#cnn #msnbc #foxnews #maddow #tucker #firejemelehill
WARRI0R @WARR10R12🔁idk whr #trump gets his info! I still watch #ESPN & confident the rest of my fam&friends still watch it. The layoffs wld be the ONLY REASON.


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