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END IT Joseph Lee Morgan (6xFantasyFootballChampion) @JosephLeeMorgan🔁 Could this be the end of @JohnnyGargano's #WWENXT career as we know it? @AndradeCienWWE
Gov. Mike Huckabee @GovMikeHuckabee🔁News of Billy Graham's death is "fake news." He's more alive than ever! The life he now lives will never end. THAT twitter.com was his message. If not true, his entire life was a tragedy. It wasn't. My tribute to Dr. Billy Graham attached.
dani @danieIacs🔁 me when the classmate who borrowed my pen takes off at the end of class without giving it back
END IT ピートジェイ 🎸 @ppraewpst🔁 "Every DAY6 Project is going to end, can you imagine what it (the last concert) would look like?"
CNN @CNN🔁🎶 "You may have brought the dark, but together we will shine the light" 🎶

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School stu twitter.com dents give a moving performance of the song “Shine” at the end of the town hall

The New York Times @nytimes🔁Melania Trump's parents have obtained their green cards. Immigration experts say it was likely through "chain migrati twitter.com on," which President Trump has fought to end.
Coach MacDonald @WWUCoachMac🔁Not a big fan of medal rounds going to shoot outs. These games should remain in sudden death eliminate so it's a team twitter.com fight to the bitter and sweet end. The two teams are so close in talent let it be decided in the battle. US / Canada woman's Hockey was a awesome game.
D D @rathidd🔁Just now, Kejriwal has done an urgent meeting after VK Jain statement in court.

New Strategy - Some "Paid" Journalists will now tweet and say that Kejriwal should apologize to Cheif Secretary and this matter should end.

It's a criminal case now and Kejriwal is an accused

makenna @makennaalisa🔁Erik Killmonger: You and me? It’s like that part in Naruto where Naruto fights Sasuke at the Valley of the End. That part during the Sasuke retrieval arc you know what I’m sayin’?

T’challa: I don’t— I don’t understand a word you’re saying

Col T #FBPE @col_t_yay🔁It’s time to end:

Gun free churches
Gun free creches
Gun free soft play areas
Gun free tea dances for the over-70s
Gun free kittens

They are magnets for bad people!

amrita🌻 @amr_ita🔁 The only people who refer to things as “it’s not that deep” are people who’ve got too used to the shallow end.
Akil Kapasi @AkilKapasi🔁With 's announcement that the PSL will be his last tournament abroad, it's dawned that we're nearing the end of his c twitter.com areer as a whole. Whatever you thought of him, there's no denying that he was Englands best batsman in a generation. We just didn't bat like that before him.
guk @21c0n1c🔁hobi: *drops hixtape snippet*


Kalin Tsekov @_ikalin🔁The recording of our BlackHat talk "Tracking ransomware payments end to end" is finally here: Check it youtube.com out!
Momgetofftheweb @momgetoffthenet🔁Melania Trump's parents' immigration status raises questions about whether they are living in the US by the very means President Trump has strongly criticized and sought to end
Shawn T. Bryant @ShawnTBryant🔁We’re in it to END IT! Are YOU?!

Join me today as we SHINE A LIGHT ON SLAVERY. draw an ❌ on your hand and post it using . Let’s tell the world we’re in it to END IT! ❌

Kamila Gomez @__kamilaaaa🔁 Parents swear they’ve lived a mistake free life, so when we make mistakes, it’s the end of the damn world.
YMƓŦƐ 💲💰💸 @tangkillerjr🔁This is definitely my bf 😭 .. I won't hear the end of it & don't let me decide not to go to a class, he definitely won't let that go
mandy/satan @hoodhearts🔁Harry Styles doesn't deserve the award. Not because the video is ugly but it's because Little Mix stayed at the #1 spot from the start to the end. If y'all wanna give the award to him that bad then don't make it fan voted. It's such a waste of energy & time
Mia @dukeblueblood🔁Overlooked in Tenney’s mass murderers “end up being Democrats” comments was the discussion of race that preceded it
Totally Man Utd™ @Totally_MUFC🔁Massive changes need to be made at OT, end of. People blame the older lads but they're the only ones that sing near me, and it's only 4 of them which says something. We need a section where younger lads my age can sit and bounce around all game.
Sutton West Labour @SuttonwstLabour🔁And the Lib Dem council are spending £17k per week (£800k per year) of residents money trying to fix the IT problems twitter.com with veolia - as minuted at January full council, with no confirmed end date.
State Bank of India @TheOfficialSBI🔁The link is working fine, we have reverified it at our end. You can try the alternate link or you may twitter.com alternatively call our contact centre to get it registered. 1800 11 2211 (toll-free), 1800 425 3800 (toll-free) or 080-26599990
I N Z U N Z A @_amoralesjr🔁if you want something then go build it. your possibilities only end where your imagination stops. your capabilities only end where your determination stops.
Mary K.🇺🇸 @MarySylvi🔁America,believe it or not, last November our government came perilously close to falling into the hands of globalists-socialists- idealogues who think their end justifies any means
to turn America into a godless pen of sheep with no personal rights
God please never let it happen
Hussnain shah @alispeaksss🔁This decision is not going to affect our stand in anyway! Apparently it has made Pmln’s vote bank even stronger! If you think the people haven’t realized yet then you seem to be living under a rock! We will keep fighting for democracy until the end!
شوق @bullet__010🔁 Reminder: It will all work out in the end. It will be okay.
Ogho Enuku @UzeziOgho🔁Trying to reach my goal of 900 by the end of February. If you don’t already follow me, I’d appreciate it if you did! ☺️

Alexis V. @alexisvMI🔁I may end up living in a box due to my @mydrunkelephant obsession, but I’ll do it with freaking FABULOUS skin!
Alex ☭ Forward to FALQSC ☭ @xmakina🔁We don’t want to detain people for months on end or longer, only to find they have a right to stay, and so it is Labour policy that we will end indefinite detention and completely review the operation of detention centres. | Click to watch the speech ↓

Free Tamimi, Jail Netanyahu 🇵🇸 @grislydiscovery🔁cops HATE him. learn this ONE weird trick to end cash bail. splinternews.com
DEANORU HAD ME SHOOK @rainbowiscode🔁Me putting the curling on: Why are they throwing bricks down an ice rink?
Me 2 hours later: What’s he putting that much in-turn on a blocker for? They’ve got the last stone in end 7 just get it near the tee-line and hope the other team can’t remove your shot-rock

Kevin @RedBuds🔁I did not say it was fair to be arrested for a plant, I was stating the fact that they were carrying weed in a Hostil twitter.com e State. I am definitely pro-cannabis, end of story. You are right, when that prick gets sick he'll wish he had a cure As Natural as cannabis!
City Students' Union @CityUniSU🔁If you're a disrupted by the strike action and want to help end it, you can do so here! Write to your univers ucu.org.uk ity and demand the negotiations with the UCU to be resumed
-8DaysToMy19thBirthDay @klowlbs🔁I hear the kids and what they want me, the adult, to do! So that is why I am marching with them March 24th and then taking it to the polls in November. Here's my sign all ready to go...if I don't end up just making a new one a month from now. 😏
RickyDiablo @RickyCarrillo1🔁When it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump, otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole twitter.com life, and that I can't do.
K Jackson @KJackottawa🔁Every dollar of disposable income creates, by it's end, $1.60 in economic activity. Every dollar that fails to make it to the pool of disposable income is $1.60 in lost opportunities. With large scale automation looming, Basic Income is a viable option to keep the economy strong.
Daniel Helton @dthelton17🔁It snow today because it is winter time. Does that mean that it will definitely snow? The suspicion that something ma twitter.com y happen doesn't mean it will. End of conversation.
TheD @poetfly14🔁To anyone angry and fed up - the best thing you can do right now is go grab a gun and start shooting politicians. Lea twitter.com ve the kids alone, and train your ire and fire on those who really deserve it. In the end, we’ll absolutely get gun control. NRA or not.
Andrea_Nicole @ItsUndreaaa🔁It’s okay to cry & okay to be sad. It’s okay to miss them & okay to wish u did something different. but never blame urself for how things turned out. Never tell urself u can’t do better & never tell urself this is the end of the road. It’s okay to fall but never okay to stay down
Rebecca Knowles @BriteGreenWorld🔁Honoured to sponsor this most pure running endurance discipline, it’s just you against the mud!! I hope those who ran can join the end of season awards! Some nice RNW kit for the prizes 🏃‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️🙌🏻
Peter Gowen 🇺🇸🌹 @petergowen🔁Was told, at the very end, that I was supposed to have picked these up by myself along the way, just by reading artic twitter.com les. 🙄

If it’s important, teach it.

Peggy Boese 💙🌊❄️🌊❄️ @pboese🔁Everyone who is worried about our democracy needs to be listening to this asshole leader talking at right now. It twitter.com will fire you up to do all you can to end this scourge and get these people out of power in November. , , .
(' ')AA—,,. @ariminion🔁[From. YEHANA] You thought I left, right?ㅋㅋI didn’t leave

HIghs who greeted me on my birthday today! Thank you so much💕 now my birthday’s about to end, too..ㅎㅎ😭 I was able to communicate with HIghs so it was a really fun day~!! I love you, HIghsㅎㅎ

Chris @mccroreychris🔁Liberal Communists just don't CARE it's NOT their money. They NEVER change and NEVER will. They spend Canada into oblivion leave office and expect the rest of US to clean up the mess. TIME to call an END to THEM and their Party
City Students' Union @CityUniSU🔁Are you an affected by the strike? Help to end it by supporting the action - write to the University and ask the talks with the UCU to be resumed!
डॉन™ @EpicRoflDon🔁We have 4 evils to fight with.. Communalism, Corruption, Biased/Paid Media & RSS. We have to finish them for d betterment of India

thats their pinned tweet. so mistake could have happened from their end too. small kids not worth ur time. my point is speak and get it resolved :)

Gringo in CDMX @MexicoCityLFC🔁 outraged about the length of Holgate/Firmino review. Instead of letting in die they continue to rant about it. You c twitter.com an't create a system that punishes those that speak out against what they thought was racism. Firmino (rightfully) cleared so end it.
Chester Goodhew @chester_goodhew🔁I went with Rudy last year. Thought I would be macking in no time. Wrong. Got a bit better at the end but thought I w twitter.com as gonna slide straight back into it
Roiyo @🍌🐟🎉DO NOT REPOST MY ART🔪 @Roirence🔁Idk how I feel about it rn tbh like I'm so happy for the anime but disappointed by how they changed some things from twitter.com the manga, but yeah...can't say it will he bad until we see it! It's gonna be a 2 cour all the way until the end fhfjf
Jim Caldwell @JimCaldwell12🔁"If you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, they could very well end the attack very quickly."

met with students and teachers in the wake of last week's Florida school shooting.

Wheel Estate @Wheel_Estate🔁Can you believe it is almost the end of February!? Camping season is closing in so WE thought it would be good to get twitter.com you thinking about some campy breakies......

Cathie MacIntosh @cathiefm🔁That’s not how we Canadians act. They played hard. I believe that’s a ridiculous way too end an Olympic hockey game, twitter.com but I’m not in charge. Be proud, we’ll get it back at next Olympics🇨🇦❤️👏🥈🌟
Terri kolek @KolekTerri🔁How much longer do we have to put up with a mentally ill sociopath? When the fucked up psyche of the leader of the free world comes before the horrific deaths of innocent children, it’s time for GOP patriots to stand up and end this sickness.
Deirdre Walsh @magicdmw🔁But when telling the tale of a plan so evil and so vast it ultimately infiltrated nearly every activity of human life (not to mention the health of the planet) then any place you start the story will end up in a seemingly random place.
Mandisa Buthelezi @buthelezimandi🔁Helping my coz with her homework, end up doing it on my own 😒😡😠
Cole @Coley_Moley🔁Be kind to everyone whether they appreciate it or not. One day they will realize how good you were to them, & how big of a pos they were, but you won’t care bc you will be happy af w/ the ppl that appreciated it from the beginning & life will be great the end.
Maia @elegancexpert🔁At the end of the day, it is all about the consumer... lnkd.in
ProudBelieber💜💜 @jblove09🔁🎶 "You may have brought the dark, but together we will shine the light" 🎶

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students give a moving performance of the song “Shine” at the end of the town hall

A Regular Joe @JustARegularJoe🔁I loved how Rubio told those kids last night "this can't end here. You have to keep going.".. as if the onus is now on THEM to fix our broken government.

NO MARCO! It's YOUR job! Let the kids be kids! DO YOUR JOB!!

Alyssa DuBose @alyssa_dubose🔁on top of spirit night, come find us today & tmrw on campus:
⇾ at the end of row
⇾ AND in front of the IT building to donate your spare change to Children’s Miracle Network!

& special thank YOU to our new friend Collin for coming back with an entire bag of change!!! 🤭

--Chayce-- @ChayceTheDream🔁What’s better than a short school week???? A free improv show to end it this Friday February 23rd at 6:30 PM in the CT auditorium! Be there!
vin @vinny_1797🔁🎶 "You may have brought the dark, but together we will shine the light" 🎶

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students give a moving performance of the song “Shine” at the end of the town hall

lex @bultaoreunekook🔁Hobi is working so hard oh and honestly I'd wait til the end of time for it my eternal sunshine is putting his hear twitter.com t and soul into this and I know it's gonna get the love he deserves
민 천자 @SUGAsBaee🔁We don't talk about this intro enough so let's appreciate Jimin's and Hoseok's beautiful dance

Her Serendipity
Seemed to be in
However, in the end, it turns out to be FAKE LOVE
Tear Singularity Answer Epiphany

Deke Davisson @RichardDavisso8🔁Godspeed to the kids of Parkland. May our law makers understand and this time and DO SOMETHING !!!
Stop The Killing of our students and teachers. It "can" end ! It "must" !
#FPL King @TheFantasyKing2🔁That’s a great question Gillian and if like me your bench isn’t great , I’d wait it out till closer to the end when u twitter.com can plan to bring in players for it. Have you used any of your other chips? Double game weeks are a good time if you have used your other chips up already.
John Wayne @itsjhonnybitch🔁🌎 Spotify Update — Taylor's most popular songs:

1. End Game — 69,760M (+4,458M)
2. IDWLF — 661,227M (+4,717M)
3. LWYMMD — 323,510M (+3,491M)
4. Ready For It — 155,125M (+2,548M)
5. Gorgeous — 81,721M (+1,974M)

TootsMag @TootsMag1🔁In the end, it’s the Breakdown of RESPECT for God, family, and fellow Americans and the lack of accountability to law twitter.com s on the books.
Kurtmize @Kurtmize3🔁Concealed Carry...

You'll have no idea that i carry. But I do. Everywhere I go. If trouble starts, I will end it🔫 I will always have, no, demand a fighting chance ... and I may just save your life.

SpoileddddB ✨ @ThaaBraat🔁 In the end it pays off to be sweet. So don’t be ugly that gets you nowhere 💛
indi @markhunbae🔁[TRANS] 180222

There's time when Lee Rubin performing at stage. He only focusing on the camera in front of him. He keep following it, and didn't realize there's speaker in his way. So he end up hugging that speaker

Golden Hobi Day @SyeerQ🔁once hoseok's sister starts posting or promoting about hixtape in her ig story, best believe it's gonna be the fucking end for every single one of us
Joshua Tan @juicewhattan🔁End of the F***ing World was double-cherry-on-top brilliant!!!!!! Enjoyed every episode of it. The series, I think, w twitter.com as perfectly suited for just a one-season run. But part of me still wants to know what really happened after that one last gunshot.


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