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#EMTC Currently Updating @UpdatingCurrent🔁Early morning blog post @KFCBarstool would love feedback #EMTC #JJO
#EMTC JDF16 @Ant_Sal🔁 This is my dream come true. #EMTC
BENNY BASEBALL @Mistah_J74🔁@KFCBarstool clocking in #EMTC
Dan Pamp @DPamp🔁Super #EMTC checking in, whatup dog? @KFCBarstool
#EMTC Mr. Wed Nesday @thenamesmikeG🔁@KFCBarstool bless up, #EMTC
#EMTC Mr. Wed Nesday @thenamesmikeG🔁@KFCBarstool gotta get that Jesus in early, #EMTC
Matt G. @mattyg2k10🔁I don't know what is going on in this gif or where it's from, but I know it has me in tears... #EMTC @SmittyBarstool
#EMTC KFC @KFCBarstool🔁This is my dream come true. #EMTC
KFC @KFCBarstool🔁This is it. This is PEAK #EMTC.
KFC @KFCBarstool🔁Early bird gets the MFing worm. Thats the lesson to be learned here. #EMTC for life.
Mitch Tucker @TheMitchTucker🔁 This is it. This is PEAK #EMTC.
Kevin @yortnivek🔁Being mad at yourself is a wild concept. Like afternoon me is going to hate me for not sleeping but it's all the same person
Hayden @haydengaspard🔁@hen_ease @BarstoolBigCat just checked Twitter and saw all of these... Gonna start waking up at 4:30 CST to join #EMTC
cartoon avi @colinhateswater🔁#EMTC and @MickstapeShow got me through the elliptical this morning. Blessed.
Billy Pilgram @Ben_Eggleston🔁Early Morning Twitter Crew #EMTC #JameisWinstonTampaFlorida
Dan Buckmaster @buck_master7🔁Starting my Friday on the #EMTC
Mike @mferrante_🔁 @mferrante_ @KFCBarstool The problem is we are all a little dead inside already #EMTC
Colleen McCarthy @LAWL_een🔁@KFCBarstool @BarstoolBigCat @DonnieDoesWorld @TheClemReport @hen_ease @YoungPageviews It's on #EMTC
Anisa Palomo @nisa_palomo🔁#MyBaeSoMessy David Desharnais #MerrieMonarch #FlashbackFriday #EMTC Runoff Election Ledell Lee #UCLdraw
Kyle Reese @jerkstoreclerk_🔁@hen_ease @KFCBarstool I always assumed it was Eccentric Masochistic Tactless Cynics #EMTC
Jeremy Allen @jdallen15🔁@KFCBarstool We just delivered our first baby last night so this is perfect timing. Haven't slept much. #EMTC
aka Tall Guy @akaTallGuy🔁@hen_ease @KFCBarstool #EMTC is actually "Couple" this morning cause it's so far just you two #StayLumi
Lambo @AO_CptBarbosa🔁@KFCBarstool is it too late to partake in #EMTC ?
Josh Lewis @JLEW99🔁@hen_ease @BarstoolBigCat @PFTCommenter I already listened to today's @PardonMyTake concerned that being #EMTC is going to kill my Friday.
Ian Cruickshank @iccruickshank🔁#EMTC is kind of depressing. I just keep refreshing my feed hoping someone wakes up and starts tweeting.
Rob @bobbymo11🔁@KFCBarstool ever wonder how soft the linens are at Jay Z and Bey's house? They aren't showering with crap towels like us plebeians #EMTC
Mike @mferrante_🔁Would rather be dead than get out of bed. #EMTC @KFCBarstool
Hank Fleming @hen_ease🔁@KFCBarstool fair point.
Side note, what does #EMTC mean?
Sandy_McFiddish @TB12goat5🔁@KFCBarstool @hen_ease can't hang #EMTC
Matt G. @mattyg2k10🔁Got to work before 6 this morning. So I'm enjoying and right now. And it's ENvelope...
Andrew @a_holloway4🔁@hen_ease #EMTC producer to afternoon producer "sorrey!"🇨🇦
Pat Martin @PMartinOne7🔁@KFCBarstool Love the #EMTC movement, it used to be about checking tweets from the night before, the live action is almost too exciting
Nick Kourey @nickourey🔁En- but the real question is your mom/dad's sister your On-t or your An-t.
Hank Fleming @hen_ease🔁Being mad at yourself is a wild concept. Like afternoon me is going to hate #EMTC me for not sleeping but it's all the same person
JDF16 @Ant_Sal🔁NEVER CHANGE. I'm the only one of my friends who listens to this podcast. I need new friends.. #EMTC
Adam Hammer @adamhhammer🔁@KFCBarstool You're up because you have a kid though, I'm up because I'm a raging insomniac #EMTC
fems @AndyFems🔁@KFCBarstool @BarstoolBigCat @DonnieDoesWorld @TheClemReport @hen_ease @YoungPageviews #EMTC because 4/20 made me fall asleep at 10 pm
Jordan @Jordan710_🔁@BarstoolJordie I've been celebrating the rangers win all night. I'll go to bed around 8am #EMTC
Jordie 🔵 @BarstoolJordie🔁Would just like it to be known that I'm usually #EMTC but primarily just lurk around and don't participate until after 7
Alek. @realest_cashier🔁Living on the west coast limits me to only being a part of the #EMTC when I'm way to drunk to be on twitter
JDF16 @Ant_Sal🔁#EMTC is so woke. I'm the only one out of my friends who even dares to rep a set like this. I need new friends..
cartoon avi @colinhateswater🔁@KFCBarstool Earth now revolves around #EMTC
Grace Garde @ggarde2🔁@hen_ease feeling confused bc I'm still awake bc I'm drunk so I feel like I don't actually qualify as #EMTC @KFCBarstool official answer?
KT @KingKagan🔁@hen_ease ICYMI and #EMTC don't mix. The ICYMI is for the late risers who did in fact miss it.
Jordie 🔵 @BarstoolJordie🔁GO BACK TO SLEEP. #EMTC
The Hood Pope @chefferystrano🔁Love seeing #EMTC being litt. Feel like I'm always in a wasteland this early @KFCBarstool @BarstoolBigCat
Ben Millett @BenMillett_🔁@hen_ease Sleep Shift*

Not sick of your tweets, everybody's first couple days in #EMTC take getting used to

Deez Nutz @wood_feed🔁When there is a baby in the quiet car of the train and you left your headphones at home <<<<<<. #EMTC @KFCBarstool @TheClemReport
Carl Danilo @CarlDanil0🔁@KFCBarstool the boys are jealous of your #EMTC everyone trying to get in on the action
Hank Fleming @hen_ease🔁Feel like the #EMTC is already sick of my tweets, gunna try and hit a sleep cycle again
Jordan @Jordan710_🔁@KFCBarstool I haven't slept yet. Just been sitting here drinking and watching highlights and then Vikings all night/morning #EMTC
Grit E Sports @GritESport🔁Or are you all releasing a line of shirts? Or statistics show early morning tweets gain the most traction. Wtf is go ing on here
Jack Lamson @JackLamsonCBS6🔁You all merely adopted the . But don't go anywhere.. because its normally boring and this has been a great developmen t.
rob s @rps984🔁@KFCBarstool #emtc no joke today!
Steve @CripMn🔁@hen_ease I like the name change. I'll go with #EMTC cock sucker
Andrew Widmer @widthekid10🔁@TheClemReport @KFCBarstool being 6 hours ahead over here in Rome, the #EMTC has been the best thing to happen this semester
KFC @KFCBarstool🔁@BarstoolBigCat @DonnieDoesWorld @TheClemReport @hen_ease @YoungPageviews yo guys is in EN-velope or ON-velope? #EMTC
Hank Fleming @hen_ease🔁I think #EMTC means Early Morning Twitter Crew but I'm not sure
Clemzingis @TheClemReport🔁If a huge story breaks, Barstool will have the jump on the entire media world (Even though it’ll probably lead a dozen or so reblogs) #EMTC
sean @germansean🔁@BarstoolBigCat @hen_ease @DonnieDoesWorld @YoungPageviews @TheClemReport pshhhh does #EMTC once @KFCBarstool
Jake Frohriep @JakeFrohriep🔁@KFCBarstool #EMTC reporting for duty
phil q @Phil_Q_NY🔁@KFCBarstool #EMTC on fire today
Jason Waterfalls @kranman85🔁@TheClemReport You have now taken over the #EMTC from @KFCBarstool! Congrats on the promotion!
JWK @J_Ku1p3r🔁@BarstoolBigCat @hen_ease @DonnieDoesWorld @YoungPageviews @TheClemReport Just cucking @KFCBarstool's #EMTC
Kyle DenHartog @kjdenhartog🔁@BarstoolBigCat @hen_ease @DonnieDoesWorld @YoungPageviews @TheClemReport Woah! The rest of barstool getting in on @KFCBarstool #EMTC
just j @Justjames1331🔁@TheClemReport #emtc with you brother
Clemzingis @TheClemReport🔁I am awake for the day and stuck between the hours of the #LMTC and #EMTC. It's No Mans Land out here
BGdart @BillGildart🔁@KFCBarstool hey did you catch @desusandmero last night? Prob. not as you're #EMTC Desus gave u a shoutout/called you Barstools fav racist!
KFCCommenter @KFCCommenter🔁@BarstoolJJ #EMTC @KFCBarstool @BarstoolJJ how is there not a Judge shirt in the works... he's the Yankees for 10+ years
Hell On Heels @HellOnHeelsGirl🔁Okay #emtc what's your policy on social media posts (pictures) with an ex
east atlanta 🎅🏿 @rickcourage🔁@KFCBarstool am I too late for #EMTC? I live in ATX and it's too late usually
FML @fml_compilation🔁 @KFCBarstool Birds. Today it was the birds at 5am. Woke the whole house up. #FML #EMTC
Chris @Chris_E_Burbs🔁@KFCBarstool Birds. Today it was the birds at 5am. Woke the whole house up. #FML #EMTC


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