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#EAST2018 Gerard A Baltazar DO @baltazarsurgery🔁Post-#EAST2018 family time!
Jonathan Meizoso, MD @jpmeizoso🔁You know, in urban settings with highly-skilled EMS providers, prehospital interventions can be lifesaving witho twitter.com ut increasing prehospital time. |
#EAST2018 Joseph Sakran @JosephSakran🔁Congrats to President-elect @EAST_TRAUMA @elliotthaut! Well done. #EAST2018
#EAST2018 huda💖 @HAl498🔁 @VCU_Surgery’s Bobby Castillo @castilrc engaging the Masters at #EAST2018 @pferrada1 @LeviProcter
Randall DeMartino @randydemartino🔁. Kern Center Surgical Outcomes’ senior analyst Kristine Hanson MPH speaking at on prescribed following laparoscopic cholecystectomy, further exploring potential optimal prescribing amounts by patient and procedural factors.
huda💖 @HAl498🔁 #EAST2018 delivers #Mentoring
@pferrada1 #Mindfulness 🙏? twitter.com ?
huda💖 @HAl498🔁 congratulations on winning for best injury prevention paper 💪🏼 knowledge is power
huda💖 @HAl498🔁 So inspired by @BruceCrookes : safety of our patients starts with caring for ourselves ❤️#EAST2018
huda💖 @HAl498🔁 @scrubbedin @LibbyMD823 @md_castanon great powerhouse of women working in mentoring #EAST2018 @WomenSurgeons
huda💖 @HAl498🔁 @md_castanon @DrKaneneUbesie Thank you! You did an outstanding job!@md_castanon #EAST2018
Anna @agoldetrauma🔁“It’s a sin to be good when you were sent to be great.” Presidential Address at - understand and incorporate static and dynamic quality to every aspect of patient care
Lauren Nosanov @laurenbnosanov🔁 Congratulations to for her work on injury prevention!! Strong showing by our members at
Obos Ekhaese @ekhaese_obos🔁Hey , any surgeons from shithole countries at ? (my Nigerian friends are prolly busy chilling in their huts)
JR Taylor @11A2TraumaMD🔁How do you overcome the aches and pains of making it to the Dodgeball semifinals? A stop in Houston twitter.com
Anna @agoldetrauma🔁What is the risk to providers during EDT? Great presentation at by former fellow Andrew Nunn. Special thanks to all 16 study centers who made this possible
Anna @agoldetrauma🔁Three things that would transform our world...Three things that would transform our world. 1) Presumption of virtuous intent. 2) 6:1 ratio of positive to negative. 3) Remember why we chose this profession in the first place.


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