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あなたのお父さん @Kakkuruzu🔁 Sony definitely won this year's E3 for me 👏 #PlayStationE3 #E32018
#E32018 Dyram Blade @DyramBlade🔁 Gorgeous #E32018
OcarinaStriker🏔 @BorutoStriker🔁 When You’re Not Ready For The New Games Shown on #E32018 🤥💸
Latoya 🇯🇲 @xo_toya🔁 JUMP FORCE (Bandai Namco/Spike Chunsoft, 2019)

#E3 #E32018

#E32018 Naughty Dog @Naughty_Dog🔁.@TheVulcanSalute is Ellie.

#TheLastofUsPartII #E32018

Naughty Dog @Naughty_Dog🔁As draws to a close, we want to take a moment to recognize all of the hardworking developers at Naughty Dog. Thank y twitter.com ou for the passion, creativity, and dedication that you bring to the studio and to The Last of Us Part II.
Halo @Halo🔁Thanks so much for joining us at for a small glimpse of the franchise's future. We’ll have more to share later down twitter.com the road, but for now, here are a few treats to sweeten your desktop backgrounds.
Silverpaws @SilverpawsRAWR🔁You read that right...every single character that has ever been playable in Super Smash Bros. will be in Ultimate!
DMC V & RE2 IS HERE BOYS @CalamityFrenzy🔁Meet Nico, an expert craftswoman and creator of Nero's new "Devil Breaker" arm in Devil May Cry 5.
Jorge Mejiaf @Jorgito_Mejiaf🔁Part of the network cabling system we used for the Experience at at the earlier this week
BeingAsif Khan @BeingasifK🔁Tune in later today for a special recap episode of !

Tons of great upcoming titles to discuss and we'll be announcing the winner of the & World-Wide Giveaway!

Be there on 6/15 @ 4PM EDT!

Viveandchill @ViveandChill🔁Episode 109 of the Everything Vive Podcast has been uploaded! In this episode, Ronnie speaks with the developers of a couple of PC VR games that he found on the E3 2018 show floor. Come listen!! ⁠ ⁠
• M’BAEku •⚡️Tony Stark Defense Squad⚡️ @cumbercookies_P🔁The man who performed with the shakuhachi flute at is none other than Cornelius Boots, an internationally acclaimed composer and recognized shakuhachi master (師範). He started learning music at age 9.

That's him with Atsuda Okudaーthe greatest shakuhachi player alive.

Beat-Kun Is Always Listless @1BeatGames🔁Thank you ! Driving a few hours back home to have dinner with my family & driving right back to LA to fly to Texas for !
Shawn C. Steiner @ShawnCSteiner🔁It was all about the games press conference where they gave us extended looks at Each game was stunning in i twitter.com ts own way and you can read about it Explora!
Nithin.C.N @Nithincn🔁With E3 2018 is coming to a close, what are your favorite announcements from this year's show? Let us know using and for a chance to win a 144 hz 4K G-SYNC HDR monitor!
Darren Randall @darren_randall🔁 youtu.be new video is up everyone #E32018 #Bethesda #Fallout76 #gaming
Charlie Nicholson @ChasmofThought🔁 Thanks @NewGameNetwork for dropping by with the "Best of #E3 award" #E32018 #DOA6 #deadoralive6 twitter.com
yipperbear @yipperbear🔁Keep your cool at and come grab some free ice cream 🍦🍦🍦:
Can’t make it? Don’t steelseries.com sweat it. Enter our "Stay Cool" Sweepstakes and more.
Nintenchu! @redchuchus🔁You don’t want to miss the last day of Nintendo Treehouse: Live | , which starts right now!
Diego de Astora @Civic_DL9🔁 Mi top 5 del #E32018
- Kingdom Hearts 3
- Anthem
- The Division 2
- Gears 5
- Cyberpunk 2077
Nintenchu! @redchuchus🔁Thanks to ⁦⁩ for the Editor’s Choice Award for . Award wall looking good.
Yasuki @gon2_Yy7🔁The Second Usean Continental War rages on. In a conflict where both sides fight for what they believe in, and nothing’s as easy as right and wrong, how will you face what lies ahead of you?


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