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DwightDwight dwight sj fernandez @sj_dwight🔁 Support!❤️🙏🏼 #TayongDalawaOniTunes our chulie eyn❤️
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Breaking: The Hornets are finalizing a deal to send Dwight Howard to the Nets for Timofey Mozgov and two future secon twitter.com d-round draft picks, league sources tell .
Dwight bassmaster dewey @bigfella520🔁 "Your Uber is on the way. Dwight (2.1 stars) will arrive in 3 minutes."
Dwight 12/29📍 @Obey216🔁 Dwight Howard and Brooklyn will negotiate a buyout, per @ChrisBHaynes
Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn🔁Charlotte is finalizing a deal to send Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets for Timofey Mozgov, league sources tell ESP twitter.com N. Nets will save $17M on deal in 2019-20 season, allowing them to create two max salary slots.
Chris Haynes @ChrisBHaynes🔁Dwight Howard and Brooklyn will negotiate a buyout to enter free-agency, league sources tell ESPN.
Theon Kyne Dy @thekynedyman🔁God help us all. 😐😐 nesn.com 😐 
paulo alcala @iamMegaPascal🔁Reports: the Hornets are sending Dwight Howard to the Nets for Timofey Mozgov, 2 future second-round picks and cash. (Via ESPN)
Boogie Boog ‼️ @GameTimeBOOGIE🔁They just gonna get Dwight in free agency 😂 twitter.com
Jack Boy @jackryan01130🔁This is the only chance we have to break up the warriors, get dwight to golden state to ruin that chemistry
𝕬𝖗𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖚𝖘 𝕽𝖔𝖕𝖊𝖗 🛸 @Aroper10🔁*The Nets buy out Dwight Howard*

“Hahaha Dwight Howard is so bad that even the Nets don’t even want him.”

*Dwight Howard signs with the Warriors for the minimum salary*


geaprisa @geaprisa🔁"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." - Dwight D. Eisenhower
Pedro Froese @Dwight_Schnute🔁@ka5sh Miniature horse by your side with a full set of gold plated armour
Denno @Dennytttt🔁At one point Dwight Howard was such a dominant player with the Magic. He led a Magic team & beat LeBron James to go to the Finals (taking away from us the LeBron vs Kobe NBA Finals we wanted to see!) Now he’s on his 5th team in 7 years.... ⁠
Professor Jane (Ph.D.) 🌸 @AntiBullyJane🔁OH Sorry to hear that. I thought they got along well. Dwight is in one of Lin’s videos. Anyway. It seems Nets & Dwig twitter.com ht are talking about a buyout. He may not even be in Nets uniform next season. So....
Bianca Buono @BiancaBuono🔁Police have arrested 42-year-old Keith Dees after they caught him driving a car stolen from the Fountain Hills home o twitter.com f the couple killed by Dwight Jones
Rooster @PhillzLike98🔁 You think people hate Warriors now? wait until Dwight is shooting corner 3 and laughing at your team while W’s up by 25
C.O.P.S. @COPSTW🔁Pastor Dwight Pledger bringing the word tonight
Read my @ @iTweetToArgue🔁It’s crazy how I said Dwight should go to the Warriors earlier
Lucy Churner @lucychurner🔁@KatelynNeal @OfficeScenes Lol I would take Dwight any day
Phil McArdle @macbroker🔁@BillBellis we've had about 2" here in Dwight last night through now.
Paula Rutledge @LegacyMedSearch🔁Great choice !!! I can already hear the music from when rocks the ! Will he have the same impact as young Dwight - or even Shaq?
Derek Alexander @Derek_Dwight🔁Trump’s Plan to Overhaul the Government is to Scale Back the Safety Net via @NYTimes nyti.ms
A Bot That Smokes Pot 😂 @Zakkgee1991🔁@Diego8_SEP @spurs B crazy to get Dwight Howard he's a free agent now
Donald Patel @LastDovahkiiin🔁 pls your greatness deserves to stay at cleveland. the lakers are a joke as long lonzo is there... having beef with k twitter.com uzma... cmon. ... Bring kawhii, kemba, dwight, dwade, cousins to the cavs. stay at home or go to the rockets... beat gsw...
Ryan Milroy @ryan_milroy🔁Dwight Howard is being bight out by Brooklyn. The Cavs could EASILY grab him and trade for Kemba without giving up love. Lineup could be as follows:
PG Kemba Walker
SG: Jr Smith
SF: LeBron James
PF: Kevin Love
C: Dwight Howard
Heidi Barker @Heidi_Barker🔁Meet actor at ! Best known for his role as Dwight Schrute on The Office + Star Trek: Discovery, Six Feet Under, Galaxy Quest! Info: Get your pass: Photo Ops available:
Tweets @TacoShells_🔁"I believe only Wilt Chamberlain had more God-given ability than Dwight Howard. Dwight is built like a Greek God ... He could run; he could jump out the building, but he never expanded his game, so now he's archaic." —
iSportZoneTV @isportzonetv🔁Dwight Howard may join the Golden State Warriors youtu.be
clesportsallday @pidge216🔁I think will help and the tremendously but still needs to go get at the least Dwight Howard and a way better SG twitter.com than years past. Doable
dwight sj fernandez @sj_dwight🔁 Can't wait! #TayongDalawaOniTunes
KopACEtik♦️ @idealistic_KJ🔁Needs Dwight Howard. JR is a toss up... twitter.com
Jeremy Back @JBackAttack🔁@TheClemReport Nets have their ass in the jackpot for Dwight Howard
iSportZoneTV @isportzonetv🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist youtu.be Dwight Howard May Join The Golden State Warriors
Doug Bearak @dbearak🔁@BryanFonsecaNY No Dwight/No Moz #WhyNot
dwight sj fernandez @sj_dwight🔁 Let's do this! #MGPPagalisSaMansion
Mark Stryker @Mark_Stryker🔁Delighted to land a copy of John Simon’s first book, “Acid Test” (1963, 1rst ed) w/added bonus of Dwight McDonald’s i twitter.com ntroduction. Struck by first line of dust jacket copy: “Few critics have had as many enemies at an early age as John Simon has at 38.” cc ⁦⁩
A$AP Kobe @ImCaliBro🔁 When they mic Draymond up next Finals it's just gonna be like 75 minutes of him saying "shut the fuck up Dwight" over and over
Christian @lordburke4🔁Dwight cracks me up dude
NandoKingz🇵🇦 @queens0215🔁 I like that the @OrlandoMagic picked Mo Bamba a defensive prescence they havnt had since Dwight Howard left
dwight sj fernandez @sj_dwight🔁TODAY at 6PM!

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janie @janieecraig🔁This is our rescue kitty Dwight, we took her in a year ago and she used to hate us but now she loves us and sits on t twitter.com he counter to watch me brush my teeth and waits outside the bathroom for me and sits outside my room until I get up and follows me everywhere I go
Joseph Martinez @joseph5martinez🔁Missed The Afternoon Show with & ?

- Seth Greenberg ()
- 2018 Draft coverage!
- Dwight Howard to get bought out
- Marcellus reacts to "his Clippers" picks

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jonbolghini @Bolfly🔁 Dwight Howard and Brooklyn will negotiate a buyout to enter free-agency, league sources tell ESPN.
Wajih Rahman @wajerrr🔁 The Magic have lacked rim protection ever since they traded Dwight Howard. Mohamed Bamba would solve that problem.
https://anchor.fm/wjam1099 @PoorSports1099🔁Warriors? No. Better talent left anyway. Btw, be more afraid of a soon to be so called undesired and already paid Dwi twitter.com ght Howard joining fellow psychopaths Draymond green nic young zaza pachulia and the other d bag center in golden state on minimum.
Cole E Gummere @e_gummere🔁 Dwight goes to the Warriors all you gon’ hear is a mic’d up Draymond telling him to shut the fuck for 75 minutes
Lou.Williams @KiaryonDoe🔁I wouldn’t be surprised if Dwight Howard try to sign with bron
@DonnaC @DonnaC83832642🔁President Dwight D. Eisenhower once noted, “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."

J @Jdaniel_25🔁Dwight: This is a lake!
Michael: The machine knows.
Dwight: This is the lake! There's no road here!!
Michael: Maybe it's a shortcut-Stop yelling at me!!!
ESPNLosAngeles @ESPNLosAngeles🔁Missed The Afternoon Show with & ?

- Seth Greenberg ()
- 2018 Draft coverage!
- Dwight Howard to get bought out
- twitter.com Marcellus reacts to "his Clippers" picks

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Patrick @Patrick49856147🔁 "Hornets finalizing a deal to send Dwight Howard to the Nets, ESPN reports" twitter.com
P.K.Koduri @ikoduri🔁BOT 🚨

American flag background ✔️
White angry male ✔️
Fake outrage and patriotism ✔️
Victim blaming ✔️
Conspiracy twitter.com theory peddling ✔️

Swipey Sosa @EWhite12_🔁Dwight was the best center in the nba for like 3-4 years

Won DPOY 3x, 2 gold medals, 8x All-Star, 8x All-NBA

He just corny as fuck

Shabazz the Great 💰 @JohnRodgersIV🔁@weleftandre I thought it was Dwight but you damn near right. Yeah lol


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