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Dusty Peach Neji's Palms @J_Star4🔁 The "Dusty Peach" Nike SF AF1 is coming this Spring. Cop or Drop?
Dusty PeachDusty PeachDusty PeachDusty Peach ⒿⓄⒿⓄ @JodyBi🔁 #ReleaseDate Nike Special Field Air Force 1 High 'Dusty Peach' - January 12, 2018 (tomorrow)
Dusty Peach ⒿⓄⒿⓄ @JodyBi🔁 The Nike Special Field Air Force 1 in "Dusty Peach" drops on Thursday. Cop or pass? #kicksonfire
A. Wendel @anthonywendel🔁So Dusty Peach is just the name for a weird pair of shoes?
Foot Locker @footlocker🔁Built For The Streets.

The Dusty Peach SF Air Force 1 High drops in stores and online Friday. | Stores: twitter.com

Footaction @Footaction🔁The Nike SF-AF1 High "Dusty Peach" drops this Friday, January 12th. Find a store location near you: twitter.com
Nerd, Established 1975 @TAYREL713🔁Raise your hand if you thought "Dusty Peach" was trending bc a porn star accused Trump of slimebag behavior
Social Good Stuff @socialgoodstuff🔁“He's like a drug for you, Bella.”
Dusty Peach Democrats -- America
May.. @May38338234🔁WAYCH

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Lina Barber @linabarber1874🔁WAYCH

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vinylbachelor @VinylBachelor🔁Ok, if Dusty Peach is Betty Whites porn name while she had an affair with Trump, I'm going back to bed.
John C. Martin, Jr. @JohnCMartinJr🔁 Let's face it, we all had the same thought when we saw '#Dusty_Peach' trending.
John C. Martin, Jr. @JohnCMartinJr🔁 When I read the words "Dusty Peach" to be honest, sneakers are the very last thing that comes to mind!
Joe Calabrese @Brook1ynNY🔁Wakes up, sees Dusty Peach trending, thinks it's another Donald Trump hooker, realizes it's a Nike shoe instead.
Tim Arnold @timarnoldBITCH🔁OK, I thought Dusty Peach was someone that got with 45* back in the day when she was known as Juicy Peach.
Silly me.
👊 Sadipue 👊 @pmcgil43🔁 I assumed Dusty Peach was another porn star Trump tried to bang behind Melania's back. Not remotely kidding.
M @mm77atl🔁Liberal bot accounts all saying the same thing about Dusty Peach, Boy you guys are all so unique and creative, can you say sheep?
cindy @thelidthelidthe🔁"Dusty Peach" All the bots saying the SAME THING
Drocha @daddyd50🔁Melania- "Dolling, vhere are jew going now, more the golf?

Trump- "No, just got a taste for some peaches. Be back in 6 hours baby."

Mmmm, gonna get me some Dusty Peach es. Ohhh yeah.

DeplorableBadHombre @Soulm81🔁The "Dusty Peach" trend just shows that those with Trump derangement syndrome also have their minds in the gutter.

Like all you think about is hate Trump and your genitals.

Sec. of Day Drinkn' @hike0192🔁Melania- "Dolling, vhere are jew going now, more the golf?

Trump- "No, just got a taste for some peaches. Be back i twitter.com n 6 hours baby."

Mmmm, gonna get me some Dusty Peach es. Ohhh yeah.

SB2017 @SPMB13🔁Liberals r obsessed with Trump. They can’t open their mouths without Trump coming out. He owns them. Dusty Peach
Tiny Sweet T ☕🇺🇸 @TonyaDiNolfi🔁Figured Dusty Peach was the fourth porn star in Trump's hush money stable not shoes. Really bad name at a bad time Nike, might wanna rethink it, just sayin'
Lil Hughes Knipp @LilHughesKnipp🔁 Nike is going to pull this ad. Everyone thinks it's about another Trump porn star "Dusty Peach"
ⒿⓄⒿⓄ @JodyBi🔁Nike Special Field Air Force 1 ‘Dusty Peach’. This pair takes on a tonal appearance, and includes a premium suede upper with ballistic nylon for that military-inspired look. Retailing at RM709.00 (GST Included). Available at & .
Mr not Wright now @FuriousWrite🔁I thought dusty peach was about a woman with an ashy butt
Mr Burlesk @mrburlesk🔁Okay, since everybody saw "Dusty Peach" trending & thought it meant the latest hooker to come forward about Trump, d twitter.com oes that mean if you buy and wear these new Nike sneakers you're a hooker? Or that only hookers can afford them?
Mr Burlesk @mrburlesk🔁To be honest, it's truly sad that I immediately thought "Dusty Peach" trending was another porn actress with the .
Keena Winn @keenawinn1348🔁WAYCH

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Kenneth Jimenez @MrKennyJimenez🔁Wasn't "Dusty Peach" George W. Bush's nickname for Dick Cheney?
KEG @_KEG_🔁Trump has Dusty Peach hold his glass of "lemonade" in case he gets thirsty. #OddThingsInTheStateOfTheUnion
KEG @_KEG_🔁I'm secretly hoping that Dusty Peach is the name of an 80 year old porn star. Sadly, I just googled it really hoping twitter.com to find something.
((Wry™)) @RIWry77🔁Makes perfect sense that folks thought Dusty Peach was the name of another porn star “friend” but nope it’s a new s twitter.com hoe from hahahahaha
aten @AtenBellas🔁Bawal chiffon
Bidang 45
Whatsapp- 0175204640
Rm15 each
D01 - barley white
D02-baby yellow
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twitter.com D05-old roseD06-dusty blush
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Jane the Scammer🍩💦 🌹✂🥀 @RenegadeINFP🔁 Saw "Dusty Peach" trending. Thought it was yet another porn star that Trump had sign a NDA before the election.
Jane the Scammer🍩💦 🌹✂🥀 @RenegadeINFP🔁 When I saw "Dusty Peach" trending I thought it was another pornstar Donald Trump tried to bang behind Melania’s back.
Globelamp @globelamp🔁 Saw "Dusty Peach" trending and assumed it was another porn star paid off by trump lawyers.


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