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Duke Robert Jenkins @robert95ledford🔁 SHE SAY DO YOU LOVE ME? I TELL HER ONLY PARTLY.


Duke Coach Joe Philon @coachjoephilon🔁Can't wait to see #duke #basketball @rjbarrett #future is bright! #rjbarrett #jarvispope #raphaelanderson
bemz @AFbembry9🔁 “Duke johnson terrible RB. Bad out of the backfield”
Duke Duke BSAI 2018 @BSAIatDuke🔁Some of the welcoming Duke students smiling their way to a fun weekend
flyingeagle 🚂🇺🇸🇺🇸 @ghostrider050🔁 Dr. Corsi Reports On Ted Malloch's FBI Detainment And Tells Mueller, "Let's Duke It Out"
ESPN @espn🔁Zion Williamson AND R.J. Barrett?

Duke has some NASTY incoming freshmen.

Duke SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Breaking: Marvin Bagley III declares for the NBA Draft after 1 season at Duke, he announced on his Instagram.
Stephanie Ruhle @SRuhle🔁Please don’t do this. Let’s find a place in the middle in honor of decency. Everyone can hang in their respective pa twitter.com rtisan corners and duke it out on policy/politics.
Please don’t taunt a school shooting survivor abt college acceptance.
Nathan Avalos @Nathanavalos18🔁@nilay_621 Quinn Cook guy???? He won the NCAA tournament with duke. He was already a champ before he joined your whack ass team
@Father of Cats @MatGrano🔁Please don’t do this. Let’s find a place in the middle in honor of decency. Everyone can hang in their respective partisan corners and duke it out on policy/politics.
Please don’t taunt a school shooting survivor abt college acceptance.
leigh jalland @leighjalland🔁★★ #5 LONGEST RESIDENT - NOW IN HIGH DANGER - PAST SAFETY DATE OF MARCH 13 ★★ DUKE (Moreno Valley, CA)
Male, blue and white Pit Bull Terrier mix.
The shelter thinks I am about 3 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Feb 22, 2018 and I may be available for …
Dxk3🌶 @duke_xtra🔁why do girls think it’s cute to have bad attitudes 🤨
DRGN|Corvid @CorvidCharizard🔁 *duke nukem voice* I'm a musky husky :3
Steve Richardson @Kstarrs_R7B🔁Now playing Illusions by George Duke!
$huri @afriquesiii🔁 Ahhhhhhhh 😂 Lol tell them put some respect on your name N-Dot!! Duke Legend!!! twitter.com
Meghan Randolph @_Mortimer_Duke_🔁Hell hath no fury like a Mortimer scorned. #tistrue
🇳🇬 Kachi 🇳🇬 @IgboPrinceKachi🔁University of North Carolina
University of Louisville
Columbia University
Drake University
Northern New Mexico College
Duke University

just a few pwi with embezzlement scandals over the past 8 years.

who’s calling for the immediate discrediting and shut down of those schools?

jord 🤙🏾 @jordhnic718🔁I’m the truth Duke, listen.
Lebuhraya DUKE @LebuhrayaDUKE🔁Here are some guide to solve your daily dilemma. Do you know that there are plenty of nice food around kepong area t twitter.com hat can access by DUKE highway?

Mark Hallock @MarkHallock🔁Christ's convulsive struggles in the Garden of Gethsemane is the clearest proof that personal "peace" is an unreliabl twitter.com e indicator that you're "in God's will." Sometimes faith sweats blood. - Duke Kwon
Faizal Dawood @faizaldawood3🔁@dwn4ce Hey Duke
silenceISgolden @BAnderson1971🔁Don’t know the facts on that one yet. Once the facts are well laid out from start to finish I’ll form an opinion. L twitter.com earned that after the duke rape case.
johnny v murray @BigPoppy846🔁: Birthday girl Pearl Bailey & husband Louis Bellson. I had NO idea she was in an interracial marriage!! AND they were married in the early 1950s?! AND her hubby was the only white member of Duke Ellington's band?! This needs to be a Netflix series PRONTO.
steve @1OG_steve🔁@NdotSmitty They sleep a Duke legend
Michelle @blbtmblues2🔁"“We don’t want people to tune into a ‘General Hospital’ that is unfamiliar. It should be that comfort food,” FYI, Mr. Varni, fans have NOT been comforted by Anna having a child with Faison, by Duke, AJ, and Nikolas dying, by Genie Francis being taken off contract...
Bayden Collins @bayden_collins🔁So much Duke greatness in one photo! , and gearing up for the 3PT contest tonight.



lift babe @qua_qua21🔁@Dukeweiser @Doctor_Dumbbell Duke if you don't get your ass somewhere🙄you pick up big women
Bayden Collins @bayden_collins🔁2,123 students from across the country and around the world just found out they have been accepted to Duke. A moment we will never forget 💙 Join us in welcoming them to the by using 🎉
Dan (The Comic Concierge) @movierevolt🔁Interesting Luke was never a character that I got that from. Star Wars was never a huge thing with me though as a lad twitter.com . Duke yes, but mostly because he reminded me of this guy...
SciPolJobs @DukeSciPolJobs🔁Advocate at Union of Concerned Scientists scipol.duke.edu
#LockHillaryUp @Wingzblessed🔁MUELLER has reduced himself to a bad 1930s Edgar J. Robinson film - gangsters & thugs - YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE FBI - detaining Malloch at airport GIVE HIM BACK HIS CELLPHONE - com'on MUELLER lets DUKE IT OUT in the ALLEY - I'm on Alex Jones today at 12CT 1pmET
Alyssa🚀🤘🏼 @alyssa_mireya🔁I remember researching Duke in elementary & was always shocked when I saw they rejected Valedictorians. Little me, w twitter.com ith no knowledge of college, thought that always guaranteed admission. I told myself I’d work even harder to not become that statistic, and today I was rejected 🤔
Adam G. @agoldy66🔁Is this the same guy that picked Duke last minute over Cuse and then never saw the court and quit? Would have gotten twitter.com so many minutes, shots etc. Kids make bad decisions all the time. No worries.
Shahbaaz Singh @ShahbaazSingh6🔁News:

John Cena Will Likely Go On Hiatus After To Focus On Various Hollywood Movies He Set To Have Starring Roles Including "Duke Nukem" And "The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle"

VinniePriceIsRight @DukeForum🔁This really is a good watch. Duke fans should take the time. twitter.com
Brooklyn @BrooklynBoy1der🔁That Cardi joint already a problem B. Be Careful my guy. She on one duke

We white dudes must live out the last of our days with all the dignity we ca twitter.com n muster.

So like a lot of whining, incoherent anger, and shitty combovers.

DukeBasketballReport @dbrsbn🔁Next Year dukebasketballreport.com
Lt. Uhura @LtUhura2017🔁 knows... She's the inspiration for so many. WoC in particular were inspired to achieve great things by this amazing lady's example. ❤️🖖
Tim Benz @TimBenzPGH🔁My interview on w/ new This interview does nothing but enforce my iheart.com opinion about it being a really good hire... Aside, of course, from his CLEARLY stilted view of SYRACUSE/DUKE charge and foul calls over the years!
CinCin @CinCin1992🔁He wrote about Louis XV’s regent, the Duke d’Orléans having an incestuous relationship with his daughter. Up til this twitter.com point, one didn’t write negatively about the king or the church. All writing was to support the monarchy or the church.
Azania Justice @AzaniaJustice🔁@KelleeAzar @Duke_temz @JamesHa39485637 CPS should look into that ‘close friend’
Sommer Hilderbrand @SammysWifey45🔁 Duke guys come in with the hype and Carolina leaves with the hardware. Typical.
DJ Valentine @TryingToBeDJV🔁Luke Skywalker, Optimus Prime, Duke, Mrs. Brisby...pure of heart heroes that I grew up with. I grew up with Indy too twitter.com but from the beginning they let me know he operates in the gray. Luke, Prime, Duke, Brisby...they were the light...especially where they left off last.
Boogers McFlogwopple @floglandaroony🔁@triplemfooty What's going on with Duke's new newsreader hairdo? Are Ch 7 grooming him (literally) to replace Peter Mitchell? :-)
Dr. Taco Bell @tha_duke_1🔁@theneedledrop I really miss your meme review.
James Sanders @jsanders4u🔁@chiefsdiva69 The Duke's of Hazzard showed me a long time ago to never trust a Hogg
Siti Nor Ramadaniah @dannynia🔁 PLS AVOID MRR2: from Zoo Negara - Ampang as a burst water pipe near Ukay Heights causing 1.5hr crawl. Pls use the DUKE or Jln Genting Klang.
Teicchi @debaucherry_🔁@kujoholly Duke Golgo is the outlier here your type is “Barely has pulse”
Lindsee Dye @lindseedye🔁Incase anybody forgot.

Kentucky is college basketball.

Duke can try all they want, we know who’s on top.

Niko Duke Smolinski @Niko_Duke_33🔁I seriously think political affiliation should be a box on the ATF 4473 firearm purchase form. We could eliminate a huge chunk of gun violence if liberals were prohibited from buying them.
Matt Cooksey @mcookseybari🔁@JUSTINtime4aLAF @JimSterling Duke Amiel isn't seeded highly enough. He gets a double round bye to avoid all the casuals.
MK- @MkThalapathi🔁 Short Ride On My Ktm DUke 390 youtu.be
Femme Warrior @femme_warrior🔁Black History Month: Preserving Black Culture at Duke | Duke Today ref.gl
Josh Cook⚽️ @JoshuaCook7🔁You put buzz lightyear and woody in the first round. That’s like Duke and Kansas in the first round. Y’all wild twitter.com
anita 🇳🇬 @anitaaa_xoxo🔁 6.4%. Honestly, inconceivable. #Duke2022 dukechronicle.com
Tyler Robbins-Author @Robin_Badillo🔁 | Duke by Jax Hart | via goo.gl 9931363725312" target="_blank">twitter.com
TheBAMFshee @TheBAMFshee🔁Quarterfinals:
Skeletor > Jimsaw
Duke Amiel > Steam Cleaner
Scarecrow < Sterdust
CH > Pog

Skeletor < Duk twitter.com e Amiel
Sterdust < CH

Duke Amiel > CH

Jared Johnson @AvonCoachJJ🔁Duke, they are playing fast but do you think they should press off that back side foot more? Jw because I am teaching twitter.com gaining width on the first step. Thanks
Master Duke @Duke_Of_Dollars🔁"According to our records, you bought 132 boxes of Twinkies last year. Your rate has increased by 64%." twitter.com
DeVanté Franklin @DW_Franklin🔁When it finally hits that Duke won’t be playing this weekend and Marvin Bagley III, Jeff Capel, and Grayson Allen are all gone.
juleelynnclegg @juleelynnclegg🔁This is a hit song. Wow! So proud of Ellee Duke and for writing Lift Me Out for Worth of Souls. I couldn't agree more with your lyrics! And thank you to Big Yellow Dog Music,...
Michael Jones @onesecondjones🔁"We Have To Be The CUTEST CLASS!" Hilarious Exclusive With Duke Commits Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, Cam Reddish & Tre Jones 😂 Full Vid:
📽 @dominichiralez3🔁Report: Duke, NCAA found no issues with eligibility of forward Marvin Bagley III sptz.us
Barry Hingley @BarryHingley🔁I just came across an Amish white supremacist liking a David Duke tweet. I was shocked. Not about his white supremacy, but about his access to Twitter.
QueenSoso💦🤤 @Solangetho_🔁for all you bitches that got duke dick in y’all mouth ? keep holding that bitch 🤭 how we spent the last night together .. & for every bitch on here sneak dissing hml.. i want all the smoke 317-701-6894 xoxo ; his fl 🤗 DIME
ASA DUKE @Duke_Asa🔁As tragic-a-story as this is, the Home Office should reason with their heads not their hearts. There are other immed twitter.com iate matters where funds would be much better directed. Let the McCann’s fund the search for Madeleine - wasn’t it them who neglected her in the first place?


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