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Kebin Pairgin @KebinPairgin🔁 Ducks win. @OregonMBB takes down No. 11 Arizona State, 76-72. #GoDucks
GoDucks @GoDucks🔁Ducks win. @OregonMBB takes down No. 11 Arizona State, 76-72. #GoDucks
Ducks no prob Nine @shounenhero🔁i decided my first ducks art of 2018 should be something good for once
Elena Lewis @dron26ad🔁little angels porn sex ducks and rock and roll
ABC News @ABC🔁Ducks skate in a very mesmerizing fashion through a narrow passage on a frozen lake in England.
Kyle @Ky1eLong🔁Ducks fly together
luke sheridan @LukeShez🔁@Ducks_Daily Absolutel meathead
That Is A Terribly @CharismaticDuck🔁Caaaarl what are you talkin about mate, there's no ducks!
Jake @JacobHazzard🔁HIGHLIGHTS | Check out some highlights from tonight's big win in Tempe, as the Ducks downed No. 11 Arizona State 76-72.
Robinn 🖤 @robin_hayes1025🔁 Why wouldn’t ducks be good detectives?

They can’t quack the case

Willie Shearer @thatssowillie🔁I love my Ducks!! 💚? ?
Amy-Louise @amylouisegreenx🔁@Sarah_Ducks Oooh hopefully!! I’ll show you as soon as it’s done!😁😁 x x
PHYLLIS @nunyasaykovdl8🔁What we learned in the NHL over the past week of play
Ducks Bazwell @ducks_duzwell🔁 this thread is a tour de force. read it.
Ann @Titsup_Ramble🔁@Ducks_Daily "Hello? Is this Salon Floof? I'd like to make an appointment to go more floofy."
Angelica Ortega @laumarmohi1970🔁 Should have known USC would beat Oregon when we saw LeBron James & Co. on Ducks' sideline.
Christopher Randazzo @Randazie🔁Can I say this just because I want to..........OREGON IS A VERY SPECIAL PLACE AND THE PEOPLE ARE SO SO SPECIAL!!
จูเนียร์ @byunggonisgod🔁why doesnt vlive want me to see vaan’s “byounggonie jjang” ive been restarting vlive for a couple of times now, leT ME LIVE FOR DUCKS SAKE
Laura Bradford @LauraBr45378957🔁Don't forget to buy your Ducks! @
DHS S&T @dhsscitech🔁Staff from DHS S&T's Plum Island Animal Disease Center in NY supported the 118th Christmas Bird Count on 12/30. Thes e volunteers were counting Common Goldeneye ducks on the west end of the island.
Stromio @stromio1🔁To be a great leader you must first be a great servant! Something I continue to strive for. On the road this morning seeing some great players with Character! Go Ducks!
Jordi Coscolla @kozko2001🔁 Where do Objective-C developers buy clothes?

.h & .m


Brian cohen @NYYankeesBDC🔁Long Island Ducks?
Pretentious Prick @kurttehlizard🔁Ducks are the C++ of the animal kingdom.
IT @R78S46🔁 These moments in time and accusations have many view points, notation, and accusations. It diffuses. Spreads like w ildfire. There r many moving parts and 360 degree analysis. Not all ducks can be lined up. The lies will come out. Inescapable!
B Col. M.S. @bcolgan6🔁Both clubs are bad. Arsenal has no idea what’s going on and you could give Liverpool a billion pounds and they’d stil l find a way to not win trophies. It’s like two ducks fighting over who the better politician is.
OV @Roverman3🔁I’m treating this Titans-Pats game tomorrow like it’s a Natty for the Ducks cause.. it is #mahhhcus #marigota
Ahmed @ Spider Riders @Wateroll_MH🔁@koy_campbell @DucksForBrains DUCKS WHAT IS THIS
Sunrise Realty @SunriseRealtyLa🔁Property for fishing & hunting deer, hogs, wood ducks, etc. next to Palmetto Island. $205,000.
CP @cphills🔁Big win for the Ducks. Best ball movement all year and it showed with a huge road win. Excited for Saturday!
Day Hiking Trails @dayhikingtrails🔁A duck and the granite of Inks Lake state park in Texas
200x85 @200x85🔁100 plus teams in the 1st week of registration! Welcome SE Selects, Yuro Stars, CO Evol, Detroit Flames, Atlanta Kni ghts, Nash Preds, Jr Ducks, LC, CA Patriots, Twin City, Utah Stars, St Louis, DHI, LA Kings, Jr Gamblers, Lakeland, Rochester, Comp & more.
Judith Johnson @judgejudij🔁I know doesn't want us to dwell but we need to help - if we can donate hens, ducks, feed, housing, fencing and all kinds of equipment to triple house the chooks and ducks from nasty Mr Fox then let's send it to him. Let's build 🐔🐓🐣
Dario @DarioinDenver🔁@ChartingHockey The Ducks CA standing is pretty surprising.
WrathofKuntar @archiveslut🔁The ducks always go for the 'forbidden' comforter that is usually covered up. Today, Moon Pie is quite proud that she found the purple blanket again.
David Crochet @ddcajun🔁Arguing semantics ducks the real gist: that the quality of the immigrant is driven by where he/she is from? Isn't tha t racism defined?
yes, THAT Darkcola @darkcola2🔁@KatieBlueprint Ducks obviously
Dana Fleyser @DANAFLEYSER🔁The boys doing their usual 🐾⚓️🐾 watching the boats & ducks pass by⛵️🦆
Gregory H. Hilliard @GHHilliard🔁@joshtpm The female version is bra (quickly ducks head and cowers).
Theresa Snyder @TheresaSnyder19🔁Morning my friend. You go T! Weather is lovely here today. Taking Charlie for a stroll around the pond to feed ducks later.
rod Owen @Kodathekiing🔁This is going to happen because we have the movement of muslims taking hold of high positions, their only purpose in life is to destroy the western world and we sit by and let it all happen, FFS people we have to stand up to this it has to stop we are sitting ducks
JackSledge @JackSledge007🔁More Chaos for EU. Poland, Hungary in defiance. Brits exit. But in London, the Moslem has his ducks in a row. Who is going to rule Europe?
Furious protesters BURN EU flags in chaos across Sofia after Juncker visits Bulgaria
The flying V @victorious63vic🔁Get it bro, I know it ain’t easy but you got this. Yea hopefully by the end of the year I get all my ducks in a row a nd finally start.
The Woozy One 🎅🏻 @trapstar_henry🔁They sleeping on the ducks but no more 🤙? ?
Fortune CLI @FortuneCli🔁Q:Why do ducks have big flat feet?
A:To stamp out forest fires.

Q:Why do elephants have big flat feet?
A:To stamp out flaming ducks.

Ashley Ramm @AshleyRamm🔁Excited for ducks unlimited banquet tonight!!! #wildlifecrew #openbar


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