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BIG AL @HOPE4THE_FUTURE🔁 I'm loving @crissles on #DrunkHistory rn 😂😂😂
Drunk History @drunkhistory🔁//twitter.com/booradleysayshi/status/966147777003687936" target="_blank">twitter.com
Derek Waters @derekwaterss🔁Look who’s back!!
Come have a drink with me @crissles tonight in a brand new #DrunkHistory #CivilRights 🙌
tee @symbolicth0t🔁 On tonight's #DrunkHistory, the fight to pass the Americans with Disabilities Act got very real.

Drunk History @drunkhistory🔁Are you supposed to give gifts on ? No? Oh well. Here's a bunch of classic presidential for you: twitter.com
Lisa Diedrich @lldiedrich🔁@LongmoreInst Jefferson Airplane was #DrunkHistory's #Drunk504 white rabbit? Very SF. Very meta.
R2 @mr_ewhite🔁Look who’s back!!
Come have a drink with me tonight in a brand new 🙌
Doris Strong @MascaraStJames🔁 Keep Crissle coming, we want more @drunkhistory @ComedyCentral #DrunkHistory
Allen Hoffman @twithoff🔁What an honor to be apart of the episode of All three stories showing the power of fighting for our rights
Mallory Hunter @MalloryHunterTW🔁“I was in real love once. That’s all my heart could handle” 🖤 mallory hunter
My mind still thinks of twitter.com those nights Memory ⚫️
V 🏳️‍🌈¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #WakandaForever @Goddessvicky🔁 RT if you’ve cried at #DrunkHistory twitter.com
tee @symbolicth0t🔁 It was an honor to be in a room full of disabled actors for this episode! It was surreal... #Drunk504 #drunkhistory
Evan Sullivan @EvanPSullivan🔁 Woo hoooo! #DrunkHistory #Drunk504 twitter.com
aziz @vzizplz🔁the show #DrunkHistory is genius btww
Project LETS @projectlets🔁just watched the bit on and can i please nominate "Me and my 150 friends would actually like to roll over your ass, 'cause we're about to make a change." for the biggest mood of 2018?
Kathleen Brooks @yhlau8808🔁We can both be happy about authentic casting of Disabled people on , and listen and affirm the feelings of Disabled Black people who are tired of not seeing stories about Black Disabled activists, especially during Black history month.
Bharani @bharaningyore🔁 segment with on The Birmingham Children's March is so inspiring and familiarly relevant with present keep em co twitter.com ming.
fata padgitt @rhododendronfan🔁I can't tell you how much it hurts watching talk about the birth of civil rights protections for people with disabilities knowing that the House just passed HR620, which systematically dismantles those protections.
Fergie’s Vocal Coach @QueFitNation🔁 Thanks to everybody who tuned in tonight! I was seriously wasted. #DrunkHistory 🍹 twitter.com
BIG AL @HOPE4THE_FUTURE🔁 youtube.com I love #drunkhistory
BIG AL @HOPE4THE_FUTURE🔁Oh my gosh! My friend introduced me to that show a week ago in San Diego. I’m still laughing 💦
BIG AL @HOPE4THE_FUTURE🔁 3 civilizations in 1 book site: Admit Their Top -Can We Learn?
BIG AL @HOPE4THE_FUTURE🔁ADA is under attack, if you’re watching and remember we are still fighting for our rights. Call your senators.
BIG AL @HOPE4THE_FUTURE🔁I seriously watch and get upset about the shit I NEVER learned about in high school lmao like straight heated. Like here I am,24, getting re-educated by someone who can’t even keep their eyes open 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Kochava Lilit @AutisticLilit🔁 This is amazing!!! #DrunkHistory twitter.com
Hueyoncé Corleone @BaebyHuey🔁 “I love drinking, why don’t I do this more?” @crissles on #DrunkHistory - a whole ass mood 😂😂😂


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