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Mechaangela @mechaangela🔁Dracula with Creature of Black Lagoon score. #driveinmob
#DriveInMob Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁Admire The Make-Up Of Dracula! #driveinmob
#DriveInMob Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁@ProfessorMortis Maybe Spider-Man could. Blade definitely could. #DriveinMob
Sir Dude @FoolWearsBlack🔁Dracula has a wannabe Zappa vibe going on. #DriveinMob
#DriveInMob Sir Dude @FoolWearsBlack🔁 Admire The Make-Up Of Dracula! #driveinmob
Sir Dude @FoolWearsBlack🔁Thx @CulturalGutter @DriveInMob and all at #DriveinMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁@ProfessorMortis Asshole Beach Murders: Gross Dudes vs. Dracula vs. Chewing Gum Face. #driveinmob
Ann O'Malley @1an0maly🔁@CulturalGutter the gill man #DriveinMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁@FoolWearsBlack When we watched this constantly in college we called him "Frank Zappula" #DriveinMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁Werewolves are in the lead! #DriveinMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁@CulturalGutter @DriveInMob Thank you both for picking/hosting that. It was a tonic for my September blues. #DriveinMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁No surprising results here! #Driveinmob
Sir Dude @FoolWearsBlack🔁 Thanks for another fun #driveinmob, everyone! Stay off the beach--there's a maniac!
Skihardrusa 💎🌠💎 @skihardrusa🔁 "Strikfadden's Props Have Risen From The Grave" #DriveinMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁@mechaangela He played Strange, right? He has made a lot of really dull movies. He learned all the wrong lessons from Al. #DriveinMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁Now I check the ongoing poll results for tonight *3* #driveinmob polls...
Z;ng Tut @Steakcityliars🔁 Is Dracula... #driveinmob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁@DriveInMob This is my first #DriveInMob in which I have conducted *3* polls!
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁@mechaangela It is legit one of my all time favorite mess ups. I'm so glad I got to share it with #DriveInMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁Thanks for another fun #driveinmob, everyone! Stay off the beach--there's a maniac!
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁"Strikfadden's Props Have Risen From The Grave" #DriveinMob
Mechaangela @mechaangela🔁I loved every minute of that. Thanks, y'all! #driveinmob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁@mechaangela @ProfessorMortis Green, aquatic zombies. Water-based make-up. Rarely bother to apply make-up to hands. #DriveInMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁@DriveInMob Even the props are slumming from better movies. #DriveinMob
Brian Kirby @DriveInMob🔁#driveinmob thanks for joining, you guys! More fun next week!
Sir Dude @FoolWearsBlack🔁 #driveinmob PITY THE SLUMMING ACTORS OF DRACULA
Mechaangela @mechaangela🔁@CulturalGutter @ProfessorMortis I have not. #DriveInMob
Skihardrusa 💎🌠💎 @skihardrusa🔁 "Attend the Open Mic Performance of Dracula" #DriveinMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁 That was the best fight scene shot in the dark. #DriveinMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁Not since I was like 10 and it was on TV. My first encounter with make-up that comes off during and between shots!
Bad Idea Bijou @BadIdeaBijou🔁I almost busted out laughing on seeing the "Watch it again" button. #driveinmob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁@ProfessorMortis @mechaangela Have you guys seen Zombie Lake? #DriveinMob
Mechaangela @mechaangela🔁Wait. Greydon Clark went on to make Hobgoblins. This movie is partially responsible for Hobgoblins! #driveinmob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁@CulturalGutter "Sweep the Leafmains of Dracula" #DriveinMob
Ann O'Malley @1an0maly🔁drac's ass is grass...and the rest of him too #DriveinMob
Brian Kirby @DriveInMob🔁#driveinmob PITY THE SLUMMING ACTORS OF DRACULA
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁@CulturalGutter He's totally trying to be the next Arthur Brown. #DriveinMob
Ann O'Malley @1an0maly🔁drac got that ring at a renfair for sure #DriveinMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁Turn The Mulch Of Dracula! #driveinmob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁"Pad the Ending of Dracula vs. Frankenstein" #DriveinMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁"Dracula, Prince of Yard Chores" #DriveinMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁Is Dracula... #driveinmob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁"Follow the Driving Directions of Dracula" #Driveinmob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁@mechaangela @CulturalGutter WINNER #DriveinMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁"Attend the Open Mic Performance of Dracula" #DriveinMob
Ann O'Malley @1an0maly🔁i'm melllllting #DriveinMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁"Dracula has Risen to the Stage" #DriveinMob
Brian Kirby @DriveInMob🔁 Hear The Weird Noises Of Frankenstein. #driveinmob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁Search The Glove Box Of Dracula! #driveinmob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁Dracula Hoofs It Back To His Coffin! #driveinmob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁@mechaangela Always had a convenient excuse to not get in the shots but stuck around for the craft services. #DriveinMob
Mechaangela @mechaangela🔁[spittake] #DriveInMob
Ann O'Malley @1an0maly🔁it's only a flesh wound #DriveinMob
Sir Dude @FoolWearsBlack🔁That was the best fight scene shot in the dark. #DriveinMob
Bad Idea Bijou @BadIdeaBijou🔁"I must get back to my coffin! And I must make the audience aware of this!" #driveinmob
Skihardrusa 💎🌠💎 @skihardrusa🔁 "Fill Out the 1099 of Dracula" #DriveinMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁Hear The Weird Noises Of Frankenstein. #driveinmob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁Al Adamson's "Dracula Shouldn't Play With Dead Franchises" #DriveinMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁You best run, Dracula, the music indicates John Agar is on his way with a spear gun or a "bull prod." #driveinmob
Mechaangela @mechaangela🔁Maybe the Creature is just off-camera this whole time. #driveinmob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁@FaustinaP74 @CulturalGutter How do we know he isn't one?!? #DriveInMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁@CulturalGutter It certainly lacks even moderately competent foes for the monsters. #DriveinMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁 With a white wig, Frankenstein could be a morlock. #DriveInMob
Sir Dude @FoolWearsBlack🔁Frankenstein hasn't been this emotionally played since Billy Futz's portrayal in our 6th grade play. #DriveinMob
Bad Idea Bijou @BadIdeaBijou🔁@FaustinaP74 Bonus; in that case he'd have no lines. #driveinmob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁The movie could really use Santo, Blue Demon y Mil Mascaras. #driveinmob
JMP @FaustinaP74🔁With a white wig, Frankenstein could be a morlock. #DriveInMob
Mechaangela @mechaangela🔁@ProfessorMortis And, gee, Sting's good at a rapey lyric to have done both. #DriveInMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁"Fill Out the 1099 of Dracula" #DriveinMob
Mechaangela @mechaangela🔁@ProfessorMortis You mean "Wrapped Around Your Finger?" #DriveInMob
Mechaangela @mechaangela🔁I thought Marilyn Manson was supposed to be a good actor?#driveinmob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁The Wolfman wins, @CulturalGutter, by not actually having to be in this one! #DriveinMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁@mechaangela I am now imagining this scene, but with "Every Breath You Take" playing over it. #DriveinMob
Skihardrusa 💎🌠💎 @skihardrusa🔁 Prospective vampire hunter even less well equipped than someone trying to kill Robert Quarry. #DriveInMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁Not a lot of people know it, but Dracula totally invented Glam Rock while he was shooting this movie. #DriveinMob
Mechaangela @mechaangela🔁Aw, he lit candles and everything. #driveinmob
Brian Kirby @DriveInMob🔁"But do not worry. I will return with a league of living vampires--an indestructible army of the undead." ~ Steve Ban non
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁@CulturalGutter Tobe Hooper: world's biggest Dracula vs. Frankenstein fan! #DriveinMob
Bad Idea Bijou @BadIdeaBijou🔁Is Al lifting music from The Outer Limits now? Sounds familiar. #driveinmob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁This frankenstein looks and dresses a lot like Leatherface. #driveinmob
Bad Idea Bijou @BadIdeaBijou🔁Whoa, did he just off not-Ross Hagen? #driveinmob
Mechaangela @mechaangela🔁ARISE, MY WIVES, AND HEAR THE WILL OF -- oh, wait, I mean --#driveinmob
Skihardrusa 💎🌠💎 @skihardrusa🔁 Don't be so sure that Mike's death is going to have the effect you want, Durea. #DriveinMob
Ann O'Malley @1an0maly🔁@CulturalGutter groundbreakiing endocrinology #DriveinMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁"But do not worry. I will return with a league of living vampires--an indestructible army of the undead." ~Dracula #driveinmob
Bad Idea Bijou @BadIdeaBijou🔁FIRE BAD! #driveinmob
JMP @FaustinaP74🔁"This your last stop of the evening. Your very last stop." #DriveInMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁 Vampires? Would the Whiz stop you? #DriveinMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁Prospective vampire hunter even less well equipped than someone trying to kill Robert Quarry. #DriveInMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁"Your fear will fully energize the molecular structure of your blood." #driveinmob
Ann O'Malley @1an0maly🔁@FoolWearsBlack i keep feeing sorry for lon...him, not his character #DriveinMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁Mike's found incriminating evidence in Drac's glove compartment. #driveinmob
Mechaangela @mechaangela🔁Lon's death...and the puppy! Are these what humans call feelings? #driveinmob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁"I'm afraid your quest for knowledge must end tonight. Your interference is going to prove very costly to you." #driveinmob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁Finally, we can spend the last 15 minutes with the title villains! #DriveinMob
Cultura @CulturalGutter🔁 LOL i love the creature from the black lagoon music there #DriveinMob
MechaLibrarian @ProfessorMortis🔁And thus Lon Chaney Jr. exits movie screens. #DriveinMob


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