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Drew Brees Zesty NFL Saints @zesty_saints🔁Saints Reported to be Bringing Back Sterling Moore canalstreetchronicles.com
Big Cat @BarstoolBigCat🔁🚨🚨🚨Big Cats Fantasy Corner Is Now Open🚨🚨🚨

Tom Savage
Blaine Gabbert
Brock Osweiller

Drew Brees
Tom twitter.com Brady
Carson Wentz

Let's get weird

Field Yates @FieldYates🔁Bills QB Nathan Peterman threw 5 first half INT, which is as many or more than Alex Smith, Tom Brady, Tyrod Taylor, D twitter.com rew Brees, Dak Prescott, Jared Goff, Kirk Cousins, Case Keenum and Carson Wentz have thrown ALL season.
Stephen A Smith @stephenasmith🔁The GREAT Drew Brees is 11-for-11 on last two drives after trailed 31-16 with under 5 min left. Now they’ve scored o twitter.com n 2-pt conversion. Game tied 31-31. Let’s see what do now.
Brett Hildebrandt @hilde_O7🔁Blake Bortles has more wins this season against the (1) than Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Brett Favre do combined (0).
Emily Villafarra @EmilyVillafarra🔁Abby Unsworth thinks that Drew Brees is the saints coach. Someone kick her out. Idk what of, just kick her out.
Nick @Nickolah84🔁3:49 is plenty of time!

-Drew Brees

Don't take my baby ok? I just want my babyyyy @OGpoonsoakerr🔁Only team in the NFC that scares me is the Saints. And that's cuz of Drew Brees.
Dianne Callahan @DianneCallaha16🔁Falcons QB Matt Ryan has reached 40,000 career passing yards faster than any other QB (151 games)

Broke Drew Brees record by 1 game


outta fux @geloAD02🔁 Hey everyone just a friendly reminder... Drew Brees is better than Tom Brady
BrandFlakes @BStacks_TM🔁Nahhh dem Niggas got drew Brees , ain't no way we was winning in they house too 😂 twitter.com
C Po @Cizpoetry😂😂😂😂 🔁 Bout to block the following words
Drew Brees
vernita copperhead green @80suburbia🔁Bout to block the following words
Drew Brees
Greg Wille @TemBelSports🔁@texashsfootball Tie: Drew Brees from Austin Westlake and Rex Burkhead from Plano.
Brian @NoWhiteFlags504🔁Saints down 31-16 with 6 minutes to go and Drew Brees goes 10 for 10 for 161 yards and 2 TDs in his 30th 4th quarter comeback of his career.
Translation: 🐐
Rod Kimble @liilRichardson🔁Was Kirk dealt a shitty hand yesterday? Hell fucking yea it was awful but you know who had a shittier hand? Drew Brees down 15 with 3mins left in the game.
Seasonal 🍁 Chasé @lilfrappe🔁Hey everyone just a friendly reminder... Drew Brees is better than Tom Brady
DADDY ICE @DaddyIce2🔁Every time Sark calls that play, Drew Brees grows an inch taller.
Quenton.P @oG_PVRRP🔁You ain't Drew Brees nigga what that is a flea flicker
⚜️⚜️Lattimore ROTY 8-2 @LattimoreSZN🔁 @NFL @gmfb These guys might be joking, cam newton over drew brees?!
⚜️⚜️Lattimore ROTY 8-2 @LattimoreSZN🔁 @NFL @gmfb C’mon , really? Drew “the goat” Brees . No doubt
⚜️⚜️Lattimore ROTY 8-2 @LattimoreSZN🔁 @NFL @gmfb Falcons fan saying drew brees is the best i love matt ryan but drew is that dude
⚜️⚜️Lattimore ROTY 8-2 @LattimoreSZN🔁 @NFL @gmfb Drew Brees and its not even close
⚜️⚜️Lattimore ROTY 8-2 @LattimoreSZN🔁 @NFL @gmfb Drew Brees
⚜️⚜️Lattimore ROTY 8-2 @LattimoreSZN🔁 @NFL @gmfb Drew brees, no question
Matt @MattNYD🔁@plsBrady @tatumbetter @BleacherReport Also, Drew Brees is 10x the QB Tom Brady is.
Bradley @jehricurlz24🔁If Alex Smith can’t score 10 points in Giants Stadium, it’s Mahomes time.

Cooper Kupp killed the Rams today.

Drew Brees is a fantasy murderer.

The Jaguars are doing the opposite of opening it up with Bortles - it’s almost like they’ve closed it up and barricaded the windows.

Butters @andrewbutter12🔁Okay love Baker but he is not Drew Brees playing in Pac12 and BigTen wayyyyy different
BackOnMyBullshit! @DrN0_🔁 Ha Drew brees combacks 😂😂😂 RT @80suburbia: Omg that cut me deep damn deep shit dammit sh twitter.com it
C Po @CizpoetryHa Drew brees combacks 😂😂😂 🔁 Omg that cut me deep damn deep shit dammit sh twitter.com it
BackOnMyBullshit! @DrN0_🔁* laughs in Drew Brees comebacks * twitter.com
Jack Casey @Lil_Jacky_Paper🔁@TheSeigeDFS Drew Brees begs to differ...
Franklin @Frankles7🔁QBs better than Kirk Cousins
Tom Brady
Aaron Rodgers
Russ Wilson
Drew Brees

QBs that *may* be better

Gonzo @Collin_Gonzo🔁 If Drew Brees finds a way to win another super bowl with the Saints then he’s better than Brady no doubt
Mr. Jackson @saintslsu01🔁 Drew Brees
Mark Ingram
Andrus Peat
Alvin Kamara
Michael Thomas
Cameron Jordan
Marshon Lattimore
Kenny Vaccaro
Thomas Morstead
Ken Crawley
•nthudist• @kI_BET_🔁 Suh-Weetness!!!!

Never doubt the greatness of Drew Brees.

Who Dat?!

Sextina Aquafina @Nola_Darling84🔁The GREAT Drew Brees is 11-for-11 on last two drives after trailed 31-16 with under 5 min left. Now they’ve scored on 2-pt conversion. Game tied 31-31. Let’s see what do now.
#Saints 8-2 ⚜️ @WhoDatSailor🔁 Drew Brees is now 3,046 yards from the NFL record for yards passing in a career.
trevor mcgee @TrevMcGee🔁Matt Ryan has now thrown a touchdown pass in 29 consecutive games - the longest such streak in the (Drew Brees owns the all-time record with 54)



42, Ph.D. @42PhD🔁Rondo to the rim is like those Drew Brees runs. Not the leap-over-the-line-and-go-fetal style. The actual runs. Legs twitter.com moving, forward progression.
SWISHOUT @swishout🔁 Tom Brady
Aaron Rodgers
Russell Wilson
Drew Brees
Carson Wentz
Bryce (Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl) @BryceStawski🔁In the win against , QB Drew Brees extended his record with his 94th game throwing 70% or better completion percentage.

Peyton Manning is 2nd with 90

After Manning/Brees, the closet QB is Tom Brady with 64 games.

2KBC🤙🏻™ @BigActionBlake🔁Tom Brady
Aaron Rodgers
Russell Wilson
Drew Brees
Carson Wentz
heavy "EL REY" @heavy_EL_REY🔁Givr drew brees dez... He already had 10tds ... We need romo back
Sign Ohtani @any_bull🔁drew brees completing over 70% of his passes. insane
⚜️8-2 Heaux ⚜️ @Mattpl1981🔁Drew Brees is 1,106 yards away from 70,000 career passing yards! Based off of his YPG, he should reach it by the Jets game or Falcons game on Christmas Eve!
Tozza @TozzaFla🔁@BMGramlich Dos QBs que curto mesmo tem 3:

1) Aaron Rodgers
2) Drew Brees
3) Cam Newton

Jarrod Casteel @jarrod_casteel🔁CONTEXT: He's currently sharing a backfield with Mark Ingram and future HOFer Drew Brees. A majority of his time here twitter.com he played second fiddle to a future wide receiver at Baylor University. Not hating on Jalen, but I think point is valid
Kim Halata @knemetzhalata🔁@texashsfootball Drew Brees
Browns_ @brown_washed88🔁Maybe Manning is a buddy of Drew Brees, then draft Mayfield whom I've heard him compared to. CLE > New Orleans as everyone knows
Marc Anderson @mentalsports🔁Anyone can see the adversity in a difficult situation, but it takes a stronger person to see the opportunity. ~ Drew Brees
S² @SeanStwrt🔁Drew Brees made Graham seem so good.
MariaE✝️Houshmand GoSaints⚜️8-2 @MariaEHoushmand🔁 Drew Brees, with two minutes, is the Boogeyman.
Jimmy Neutron 🎅🏾🚀 @MegatronOllie1🔁 Drew Brees made that man. twitter.com
Lakers 72-10 @itsLOSO_🔁Drew Brees made that man. twitter.com
ERICK MARTINEZ @ATIERICK🔁With one TD pass, Eli Manning would have thirteen consecutive seasons with 2,000+ pass yards & 15+ TD's, tying Drew Brees for the fourth longest such streak in history.
Paul Spencer @spencer212🔁@_PeteSmith_ Who do you think is the closer comp for Baker Mayfield, Russell Wilson or Drew Brees?
{~_~} @dirtbotdom🔁From the front door to the door with a Drew Brees TD run.
⚜️🖤Saint Derek🖤⚜️ @DPLegendary24🔁Mike Smith was so afraid of Drew Brees that he decided to go for it on 4th and 1 from his own 29 in overtime.
J.H. @Kona302🔁The Skins did a lot wrong, but some of the fans going full torches and pitchforks could consider that some part of th twitter.com e problem was also... Drew Brees is good at football.


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