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DreamersDreamersDreamersDreamers Brittany Mederos @brim🔁 We are all DREAMers.
Happy #HispanicHeritageMonth

👉? ?

Dreamers Janis Fritsch @janissf🔁 This. #HereToStay Protect #DREAMers & demand #Congress pass a #CleanDreamAct:
Dreamers nora mehablia @noramehablia🔁#daca I stand with you Dreamers
Dreamers MamásConPoder @MamasConPoder🔁 U.S. judge presses Trump administration on Dreamer deadlines
Dreamers Michael Finnegan @finneganLAT🔁Trump voter Sheryl Dressel of AZ on Dreamers: 'They don't know Mexico. They're Americans.'
DreamersDreamers NAE👸🏾 @Reggie13B🔁 Luv to the dreamers who never satisfied, we a rare breed🚀🚀🚀
Dreamers Michael Finnegan @finneganLAT🔁Trump voter Joseph Wise of AZ on Dreamers: 'I know a lot of these kids. They're good kids.'
Dreamers Marilou George @MarilouGeorge🔁 I stand with #Dreamers. Retweet if you do too.
Dreamers Vivian Copeland @Belairviv🔁They way Dreamers are being used as pawns and tortured with uncertainty is nothing short of evil.
Rep. Joe Kennedy III @RepJoeKennedy🔁To all of our #DREAMers, we hear you & we stand with you. Now it's on Congress to respond. #ProtectDREAMers
Adam Schiff @RepAdamSchiff🔁Does anybody really want to throw out DREAMers?
Yes, as of last week, you & your AG. If you're sincere now, let's pas s DREAM Act immediately
Laurence Tribe @tribelaw🔁While extends an olive branch to DREAMers, he massively slashes national refugee quotas under the radar. Viciously sneaky.
Keydreaming @Texastweetybird🔁'The wall will come later.' Trump strikes another tentative deal with Democrats, reports
Betty Jo Bunker @BettyJoJonas🔁Schumer: "Trump has agreed to allow Dreamers with no wall!"
Ann Coulter: "Impeach him!"
Trump: "I never said that."
Schumer: "I lied."
Paaron @paaron85🔁This isn't just cruel to patriotic young dreamers, it's starving our military of the talent we desperately need....
vroom vroom!!! @witchbebes🔁Approx. 3000 students form human chain around Berkeley High School to protest Trump's decision to end DACA and protect DREAMers.
Far Fig Nugget @farfignuget🔁daca is illegal! Unconstitutional, and 5 yrs old now! What have the dreamers done to insure their lives here?
Luis Lozano @lbcapomana225🔁We will never stop fighting for our friends, family, team members & 800,000 other Dreamers who deserve to fully contribute to this country.
Patriot Drew 🇺🇸🏁 @Patriot_Drew🔁Liberals’ Favorite “DACA Child” Just Got Busted For Her Sickening Crime!! "Dreamers" break OUR US LAWS!!
carlos galarraga @caralbgalcal🔁To : Democrats hear you, and we are taking action throughout to bring the to the Floor.
Wyowanderer @Wyowanderer777🔁 Wtf do u mean aerosol cans and flames were a stupid idea?! #Dreamers
Kay @kacrary2🔁No one was ever going to deport 800,000 Dreamers. Instead, Trump turned it into a valuable bargaining chip to get real border security.
SoCalMan @SoCalGuy55🔁@Amy_Siskind @Bos_imm If dreamers are allowed to stay should their family and other relatives also be allowed to stay?
Nancy @Nan33S🔁Rioting-murder-rape welfare food stamps-stealing jobs-and in the street yelling "Make America Mexico Again"!! Biggest sellout ever
Andrea for Liberty @libertygirl3🔁Trump is not lying. He never talked about deporting all the dreamers during his campaign. I have been a fan of his fo r 26 years. Watched all
Matthew Williams @mlw975🔁#Trump #supporters stand by their man after deal with #Dems, shift on ‘#Dreamers’ - via @realalexjones
Brian @LOLatLiberalism🔁The annual average taxpayer cost in these states was $31,286 per inmate. And that's just one of your
JEANNE - RN 💙 @jhrn1973🔁How about instead of deporting our DREAMERS we just deport the TRUMPSTERS?
MrsVazMayne❤️ @MrsVazMayne🔁Berkeley High students encircle school in support of Dreamers: "No ban! No wall! Education for all!"
NYPatriot @NWOinPanicMode🔁From sanctuary cities to DREAMers, Dems spend all their time pandering to illegals. Call working class Americans racists.
carlos galarraga @caralbgalcal🔁. applauds the bravery of and says we have to speak out even if we might be afraid sometimes.
Brenda nord @Bnord39🔁. on allowing DREAMers to stay in US: "Politically, I don't understand why we wouldn't demand...full border wall funding."
Sara Kuhns @sarakuhns🔁"Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors." ~Jonas Salk
PatriotFirst @jamesirving2🔁When tells you that the base is ok with a deal on amnesty for dreamers-THEY ARE LYING!! We are not ok with it!!
Patti Pierce @patti864🔁Dreamers and unicorns.
PatriotFirst @jamesirving2🔁If you join with in betraying the families whose children were viciously raped and murdered by -and support a deal-SHAME
Mazwell @TheRealFrost_🔁 Dreamers are our nation's students, teachers, software engineers, lawyers, and so much more.
Gustavo Curiel @gjcuriel🔁Los Angeles county spent 1.3B on food stamps & welfare to illegal alien's children aka "dreamers." Time to deport all of them.
Brenda nord @Bnord39🔁Calling them dreamers won't change what they are: ILLEGAL ALIENS!

Maddy Kate Smith @MaddyKateSmith1🔁 Despite extensive reporting to the contrary, there is no DEAL yet on Dreamers, only early stages of a negotiation.
Bay Area Alphas @BayAreaAlphas🔁BREAKING: Berkeley High students walk out of class, form human chain around campus to protest ending of program for "dreamers"
Jim Livesey @jimlivesey1989🔁RT if you agree that should bring the DREAM Act up for a vote on the House Floor and stand with DREAMers!
Jeremy Newberger @jeremynewberger🔁Trans troops have 6 more months to serve, Dreamers have 6 months more to stay, and we have 6 more months to impeach this bigoted assface.
Royce First @RoyceFirst🔁We call them Dreamers because while we're out working they are DREAMING of all the free welfare they'll get.
Chip @chipnjaz🔁These are not "dreamers" they are Mexicans jumping over a 4ft border fence. They are suppressing wages, & draining our resources.
JustBrenda @Purrcival🔁Dealing with Democrats? Protecting 'Dreamers'? Here in Arizona that's just fine with these Trump supporters
IG:TheeJenniferAngel @TheeJenAngel🔁 Congress must swiftly pass the #DreamAct. It’s the right thing to do. 800,000 Dreamers know no other home.
🌍🇺🇸🇳🇬 @FemiAbodunde🔁Continue to stand with Dreamers and take action to fight back against white supremacy and all forms of bigotry.
Peter Herring @pherring🔁@NK_Newt @ElleQSabine @JQC102 Well yeah. But dreamers can dream.
Brett O’Keefe 🇷🇺 @TrendyLiberal🔁@ImJustAMel so you're just another cheerleader that has no opinion of your own? you support amnesty for "dreamers?"
#End DACA 👎😠 @Pammov889🔁Funny how American citizens are painted as Nazis (regardless of race), when illegal aliens brought in by BO are "" 😤
Kleber Ortiz @MrOrtiz86🔁 Clergy wash immigrants’ feet at capitol to urge Congress to act on Dreamers
Michael Petroules @mpetroules🔁 Dealing with Democrats? Protecting 'Dreamers'? That's just fine with these Trump supporters in Arizona
Debbie Leslie @Leslie17Debbie🔁 Trump's diehard supporters say 'he is done' after DACA U-turn | Via @independent
#25thAmendment @EichbergerUSA🔁58% of Republicans said passing legislation to protect Dreamers is an important or top priority:


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