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#DreamCruise Dino's Lounge @DinosLounge🔁You know where you need to be! #WoodwardDreamCruise #DreamCruise
#DreamCruise TitleSourceTech @TitleSourceTech🔁Happy #dreamcruise day! From classics to custom designs, you'll see it all! @OfficialWDC #Detroit
#DreamCruise The Detroit News @detroitnews🔁It must be time for a #dreamcruise! @officialwdc
#DreamCruise Andrews Arborcare @AArborcare🔁 7:55pm traffic on Woodward Avenue on the eve of the #DreamCruise !
#DreamCruise Christina Roberts @franzenmuth🔁Man this place is hopping at 9am #DreamCruise #theloop
#DreamCruise Huerto Tequila Bar @HuertoTeqBar🔁If you're not checking out the #DreamCruise this weekend, let Huerto be your sanctuary. 🍹
#DreamCruise 99.5 WYCD @995WYCD🔁We are live at the #DreamCruise today with our girl @RoxanneSteele Tweet us your pictures today!
#DreamCruise Lyle Cifuentes @lylemb🔁Cruise o'clock! #DreamCruise #7Cruises
#DreamCruise Jay Towers @JayTowers🔁Always love to see @RyanEFox2 on #DreamCruise day with my dad. @FOX2News
#DreamCruise Stacey on the Radio @StaceyWOMC🔁Live at @AAAnews in @BhamShopping #DreamCruise
#DreamCruise Eric Michaels @MergingStory🔁#DreamCruise a Detroit institution - Go motor city
#DreamCruise 104.3 WOMC @1043WOMC🔁What a beautiful day to watch some classic cars! 🚗 #DreamCruise #WDC2017
#DreamCruise CBS Detroit @CBSDetroit🔁 Live at @AAAnews in @BhamShopping #DreamCruise
#DreamCruise WWJ950 @WWJ950🔁 What a beautiful day to watch some classic cars! 🚗 #DreamCruise #WDC2017
#DreamCruise Laurén Razzaq @LaurenARazzaq🔁It's a car show in Birmingham! #dreamcruise @OfficialWDC
#DreamCruise 104.3 WOMC @1043WOMC🔁This car may not be crusin' on Woodward, but it has to be in the running for cutest design! #DreamCruise
#DreamCruise#DreamCruise#DreamCruise#DreamCruise Sorg Dodge @SorgDodge🔁 Woodward Avenue. #DreamCruise
#DreamCruise Kia Motors America @Kia🔁The Woodward Dream Cruise is finally here! Stop by and say hello to the #KiaStinger! #DreamCruise
#DreamCruise#DreamCruise#DreamCruise#DreamCruise Dodge @Dodge🔁Woodward Avenue. #DreamCruise
Kia Motors America @Kia🔁Hey Detroit! Tomorrow we head over to the but for now you can catch us at the !
Michael Baikie @MikeBaikie🔁get your car washed today It benefits Troy Athens Marching Band

United Methodist Church
3753 John R Road Troy

Greg T. @GTvlog🔁#DreamCruise ~~ Probably involves my bathtub and a plastic boat
Danny Boy @351Ways2GoFast🔁Today is #NationalAviationDay AND #DreamCruise can today get any better?
ash ⚓️ @dundunduntonnn🔁I feel like I need to make a bingo...the abortion people, the mini garbage truck, a mini van driving with its doors open...
Samantha @Sams_Diper_Boy🔁#DreamCruise Dodge!!!
Ali Boettcher @aliboettcher13🔁Check out the 's mobile billboard on at the Woodward From the
Armen Darakjian @ArmenDarakjian🔁 👌 pieces made with vintage Ferrari metal ... pretty 😎…
Street Rod Life @StreetRodLife🔁Woodward is packed! #streetrodlife #dreamcruise #woodwarddreamcruise #carshows @onedirtracing @dragracingscene...
Tom Shea @tomshea🔁Did you bring a classic #Chevy truck to the Woodward #DreamCruise? I want to talk to you!
Adam Kresch @AdamKresch🔁Shoutout to all the crazies at #DreamCruise
Nancy McGuire @shofarmac🔁We’re gearing up for a road trip! See you at the 2017 Woodward this weekend.
Axle Brewing @AxleBrewing🔁Your weekend companions → Beertails! Night Stroll (Porter + iced coffee) and Run for Your Money (Cider + peach + eld erflower)
Nancy McGuire @shofarmac🔁Can't make it to ? Check our Facebook page 12-4 pm Sat for all the classic car action hosted by
Christina Roberts @franzenmuth🔁I feel like I need to make a #dreamcruise bingo...the abortion people, the mini garbage truck, a mini van driving with its doors open...
Detroit Muscle USA @GoDetroitMuscle🔁Dream cruisers: find us at 13 & #Woodward, W 9 mile #Ferndale, and #Pontiac #dreamcruise #getit
Matt Balcer @reclaBttaM🔁Hey Cruisers! Tune to 1700AM for Detroit bands, Mich. tunes, and car songs. Please share!
The Detroit News @detroitnews🔁It's all about the Mustang here on 9 Mile in Ferndale for the 2017 Woodward . Follow along all day!
Dalibor 💬 @DaliDimovski🔁Happy #DreamCruise Saturday! Looking forward to seeing all the fantastic cars this weekend! #CarDesign
Alicia Smith @wxyzalicia🔁I am officially ready! 🙌Thank you from for the glamorous retro hair styling!!! ❤️it so much!
Ian Thibodeau @Ian_Thibodeau🔁It's all about the Mustang here on 9 Mile in Ferndale for the 2017 Woodward . Follow along all day!
Ashley Zlatopolsky @ashley_detroit🔁 Y'all can go home. This guy won the #DreamCruise.
George Fox @GeorgeJFox🔁Tune in to our Facebook page Sat for live! All the cars, plus fun with 12-2p; and 2-4p.
104.3 WOMC @1043WOMC🔁Partnered with Ford, WOMC plans to make 2017 one for the books. Here is the five must see things!
Royal Oak Review @RoyalOakReview🔁Where will head today for ? “Bitchin’ Rides” host Dave Kindig will be at the AzkoNobel display on Woodward just south of 13 Mile
Dave Acosta @davedrawsgood🔁The #DreamCruise sounds super white, but car culture pervades every demographic. So, roll on, mutherfuckers.
Christina Roberts @franzenmuth🔁You guys prepped and ready for my annual #DreamCruise tweets?
Pug Rescue Network @pugnetwork🔁 Penny Sue wishes everyone a safe and happy weekend
Denise Isaac @Denisewx🔁We are back together! And celebrating the from the studio. …
104.3 WOMC @1043WOMC🔁You could win $1000! ATTN Cruisers, stop by the WOMC Photo Pit Stop by at the Saturday!
OneMoreCorrespondent @ABoleynGirl🔁Happy #WoodwardDreamCruise Day! @officialWDC #dreamcruise Thanks, @ford !
Suzanne Rodgers @suztherapist🔁 #DreamCruise Weather Forecast By The Hour: Chance Of Rain Early
Angel Staugaard @AngelStaugaard🔁Five freakin Ferrari's all just cruised past me in a line I've never seen such a beautiful thing 😍😭 #DreamCruise
CBS Detroit @CBSDetroit🔁Attention Cruisers, stop by the WOMC Photo Pit Stop brought by @meijer at #DreamCruise! You could win $1,000.
WWJ950 @WWJ950🔁#DreamCruise Weather Forecast By The Hour: Chance Of Rain Early


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