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Drake Laces ☔️ @lacey_drake🔁@drew4955 Already voted had to add my two sense tho 😝
Beast The Kid @Sphephelo4089🔁 Drake 😂😂😂😂😂 Why Mara
Drake Unc @_UncPhilly🔁 8 years ago today, Drake released his debut studio album “ Thank Me Later”.
Drake B O W M A N @kylzcomz🔁 Drake’s new album “Scorpion” drops June 29.
Drake kuljeet thandi @kuljeetT17🔁 June 29, 2018 #Scorpion @Drake
jereezy @wdupjerrod🔁 Us: YOU’RE HIDING A CHILD
Drake spanishcandy @tkrystal_🔁 Today in 2010 Drake drops Thank Me Later
Drake Charts 🦂 @ChartDrake🔁All songs released by Drake in 2018 picked up top 20 in iTunes US.
DrakeDrakeDrakeDrake Leah @GoofDaTroof🔁 You know that if Drake puts his face as his album cover then it’s gonna be a fire album 🔥🔥
Drake OVO Sound @OVOSound🔁June 29, 2018 #Scorpion @Drake
Desus Nice @desusnice🔁j prince: drake has a song that will end pusha's career

pusha: release it


Quinta @quintabrunson🔁I think you guys are confusing degrassi fans with people who care about Drake’s beef with Pusha T. We only care abou twitter.com t SPINNER AND JIMMY BACK AT IT AGAIN and TERRI AWAKE FROM HER COMA and EMMA RECOVERING FROM GETTING HER PERIOD IN CLASS and our first gay icon MARCO.
DIMPLEBOY♡ @RJPinkyA31🔁[🌎] Today has BTS vs. Drake on from !

You just need to post BTS + the hashtag . Don't forget to also mark on your tweets! 💪

OD @DeonnieB8🔁 A response could very possibly still be on the way 😏

Can't go 50/50 wit no HOE @talented_genius🔁 @DrakeDirect_ @Drake "JUNE 15TH IN THIS BITCH WASSSUPPP"🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Nii Lantei @blaccjaq🔁 j prince: drake has a song that will end pusha's career

pusha: release it


leah @lovelyrealities🔁Drake a master marketer tho that degrassi reunion was actually iconic I don’t even care about Pusha T anymore has he ever starred in a teen drama about the realities of Canadian high school? No
Westini 🍕 @wessssst🔁Drake's dad thinks the movement wouldn't be necessary if women avoided putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations!!
Dre Garcia @iitsdre95🔁New DreRadio Episode 69 out now !! Ft
asapvar @asapvar🔁What drake song is this from? twitter.com
Annie Lane @futrellannie🔁y’all remember that summer we were all cruising around listening to “controlla” and “one dance” by drake & maybe even a little bit of “you was right” by lil uzi. now THAT was a good summer. i’m trying to be back on that level of happiness.
The Bald Bastard @ImJustGusto🔁@ManLikeStretch Sksksksk I used to get Adam, Dappy and Drake allll the time when I had a hairline
Officially B 🔥🍕 @BrandBreyton🔁Love Galore, Bodak Yellow, Teenage Fever, And Love 😍🙈 || , , ,
Dre Garcia @iitsdre95🔁New DreRadio Episode 69 out now !! Ft twitter.com
✨ @CarstairsQueen🔁[🌎] is an event promoted by where artists compete with each other. The winner gets a place in in the programing. Today is BTS Vs. Drake!

Vote for BTS! To vote, just comment BTS + and don't forget to mark in your tweets!

We Do Awesome @WeDoAw3some🔁Who else is living for the Degrassi nostalgia brought us in the “I’m Upset” video? 😍


dirtbag @KeenanBrennan🔁 Marco, what do you think about Drake hiding a child/family? twitter.com
👅🎮 @manlikeabuz🔁 Its over bro, we already forgot bout ya album and waitin for drake’s 🤷🏾‍♂ twitter.com
Arielle🦄 @ZemmahLewinsky🔁 So, can we expect a #Degrassi revival after that reunion? Miriam McDonald says, "Never say never." eonli.ne
👑 AKUA 🇬🇭 @Hoerreur🔁 So he Kanyed her?
Then he pulled a Drake?
THEN he assaulted her?!?!

It just keeps getting worse!!

Katie Lancaster @Klancas1🔁 Netflix or Hulu better step it up and add Degrassi. Drake just put me in a whole mood with this music video
pilot jones @mireyugh🔁if you’d rather see drake and migos unfollow me twitter.com
Jasilyn Albert @jasilynalbert🔁The most surprising thing about Drake's music video is that he can now walk. The miracle of modern medicine.
Val @val_said🔁If you listen closely Drake’s whole Im upset track is actually about his baby momma and how he’s a dead beat dad like his dad but it’s okay because she’s a hoe. This mans character is something else smh lol
Saint LàRon @BitImNOTFunny🔁Alotta people missed this, but Drake held on to the degrassi card his whole career. It was panic button put in place to mislead the sheep from the huge L he just took. The video don’t even go with the song, but now was a great time to pull that card... well done drizzy.
I'm @DX_Ageezy🔁 One of the greatest disappointments of the Drake Pusha beef fizzling out so quickly was Father’s Day’s impending approach.
Edsworld | Stream I LIKE IT @itsrealedgar🔁Next week is predicted to have a new battle for #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 as Post Malone’s “Psycho”, Drake’s “Nice For What” & Cardi B’s “I Like It” are all expected to have 320-325 points on the chart.

Who are you rooting for?

CK #SQUAREUP @cheekyy3🔁@bts_I_AM_HER did Drake just release a new song????
Justin Losacco @justinlosacco🔁J - "Just a Memory" by Train
U - "Used To" by Daughtry
S - "Someday" by Nickelback
T - "Twist My Arm" by the Tragical twitter.com ly Hip
I - "It Feels Good" by Drake White
N - "Nothing But Summer" by Dallas Smith

I don't wanna tag people but there ya go

Chris McLean @Chris_McLean__🔁Drake #HinoCampeaoMTVHITS ✅


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