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Jerome Telos @JeromeTelos🔁YOU MORON
#DragonBallFighterZBeta #PS4share


#DragonBallFighterZbeta KPB Sharpie @dapurplesharpie🔁Adult Gohan Translated Move Set [Translations by @HiagoXYZ | Image by @dapurplesharpie] #DragonBallFighterZBeta
johnny! 🕷 @404saken🔁dawg i’m fucking cold at this game #DragonBallFighterZbeta
#DragonBallFighterZbeta How Over 9000! @ThatHowGuy🔁Beta boyz!!! #DragonBallFighterZbeta
#DragonBallFighterZbeta KPB Sharpie @dapurplesharpie🔁Android 18 Translated Move Set
[Translations by @HiagoXYZ | Image by @dapurplesharpie]
Alioune @Alioune85🔁Oh wow guys, go watch the replays, it has the commentator in the official channel haha #DragonBallFighterZbeta
BC @BigCheeseKIT🔁Trust me. I am ready for This weekend! Anybody can get it! ANYBODY! lol twitter.com
DBFZ's Worst Adult Gohan main @basedjawnsunn🔁Adult Gohan Translated Move Set [Translations by | Image by ]
Will Weston @93Weston🔁The buttons to use Kamehameha are bullshit. Never seems to activate. #DragonBallFighterZbeta
The Phantom Thief @NintendoBlaze53🔁I have my 3 mains for the beta chosen out, but I can't practice with them and learn their combos as I'm stuck WAITING twitter.com TO FIGHT SOMEONE! If I could send invites I wouldn't have this problem, but we're stuck with randoms all over the world.
The Phantom Thief @NintendoBlaze53🔁I hope the FighterZ beta doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth on the game, cause frankly it's awful. Waiting upwards twitter.com of 10-20 minutes for a match and when I finally get one I get decimated due to not having time to practice with my chosen characters.
#Woken Eric @EricNintendo🔁Nah, I want #DragonBallFighterZbeta #DragonBallFighterZ on my #NintendoSwitch @NintendoAmerica @BandaiNamcoUS
GenoGunkMain @GenoGunkMain🔁And I'm Live!
DBFZ Open Beta, come chill out and enjoy the beta!

Kazzuhira Miller @MillerKazzuhira🔁*bout to win match*
*inputs motion for level 3 to punsih opponent*
*input lags then I lose*
Blake Ross @blakeisadalek🔁Been playing the FighterZ beta for 4.4 hours. So far, I love it. Been losing like the bitch noob I am though. Since B twitter.com lack’s absent, my main team has been Freeza, 18, and Krillin. The lip flaps are weird in English...


Dan Mitjans 🇨🇺 @WARDOG🔁Time to show everyone on @WatchMixer this new #DragonBallFighterZbeta! mixer.com mixer.com
「blackangel • 」 @shinobu_sensui_🔁Why doesn't the Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta have an actual training mode? Most folks can't connect to anyone and the b twitter.com attle tutorial isn't cutting it.
Chosen @Ohmybadchosen🔁I need to get home and play #DragonBallFighterZBeta
El Angus @The_SuperAngel🔁Watch me bodie some low life saiyans.
Jeremy Kratka @jkratka🔁Yeah is the worst game of 2017. Perfect match going and the 1 hit left and they become invincible. Trash beyond tras twitter.com h
Soul @GameSoulz🔁#DragonBallFighterZbeta is pretty damn great, Arc System Works delivered something wonderful again
Sacrush @TheSacrush🔁I'm LIVE with on ! Join us for insane fights!

twitch.tv er.com/i/web/status/952165728223887361" target="_blank">twitter.com

Silent_Pulse97 @Silent_Pulse97🔁Hakai FTW literally took out 3 characters with beerus he is always my last resort such a beast! Just need hit and ssj twitter.com blue goku to complete my team
conor mullin @Conor7Mullin🔁Least you guys are getting on the game my 12 digit code didn't even work, "invalid" apparently 🙄🙄 thanks GAME 😶 #DragonBallFighterZbeta
Franck @Tenshin26100🔁I also played another battle before this one if anyone is being curious in it ! ^^ youtube.com twitter.com
Jeremy Kratka @jkratka🔁Seriously I can wreck someone and not even get half damage on them. Cheaters everywhere. #DragonBallFighterZbeta
GameszDean @GameszDean🔁So it seems the #DragonBallFighterZbeta isn't open yet for people who didn't pre-order a digital copy. That sucks. 😐
GAME Bury The Rock @GAMEBuryRock🔁The fight has begun!

The starts today!

come in store and pre order your copy and receive your early access beta code and get in the fight today!!

Krysh☀️ @kryjaku🔁If you guys are interested in fighters, my bae is currently live on twitch at twitch.tv playing . It's his very first l twitter.com ivestream too so tune in if you want~!
Jeremy Kratka @jkratka🔁So many charters 😡 #DragonBallFighterZbeta
#TwitchKittens @TwitchKittens🔁 #DRAGONBALLFighterZbeta TIME! LET'S GO!!!

LET'S GO!! #TwitchKittens #TampaCM


Will Weston @93Weston🔁How do I play against the CPU? Don’t wanna sit around waiting for other players #DragonBallFighterZbeta
Will Weston @93Weston🔁Managed to connect to one person and got destroyed. Should I give up til the full game? #DragonBallFighterZbeta #DragonBallFighterZ


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