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dragon ball heroes BaderKQ @BaderKQ🔁 #DragonBallHeroes anime on the way?!
Jay_Pecoraro @Jay_Pecoraro🔁 Best thing about Dragon Ball Heroes anime is that we're going to see Super Saiyan 4 again!!
Mark Yoon (윤진서) @MarkYoonArt🔁 Best thing about Dragon Ball Heroes anime is that we're going to see Super Saiyan 4 again!!
dragon ball heroesdragon ball heroesdragon ball heroes emjay 🤷🏾‍♂️ @Emjay_43🔁SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES GETTING AN ANIME, IDEK HOW TO FEEL RN 😭🤗😍😎🙃
Drew @drewfidizzle🔁 “Dragon Ball Heroes anime confirmed”


dragon ball heroes ITx SENJUIXE @ITxSenjuixe🔁 Dragon Ball Heroes anime Visual.
dragon ball heroes Sasudik Reigns @SasudikReigns🔁 L’anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes annoncé !
dragon ball heroes Ty'ron @SsjTy🔁 Super Dragon Ball Heroes Is Getting An Anime, First Scan & Poster Revealed ShonenGameZ.com
dragon ball heroesdragon ball heroesdragon ball heroes Kalvin @Neat_kal🔁 SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES GETTING AN ANIME, IDEK HOW TO FEEL RN 😭🤗😍😎🙃
H2O Delirious @H2ODelirious🔁Love that we are getting a new Dragon Ball Anime, From a game called "Dragon Ball Heroes" Which I myself don't know a twitter.com nything about. But I welcome it! :D
Troy Hope @JuiceMyers80🔁'Dragon Ball' Reveals New Anime Project comicbook.com via time is something that should never be wasted. At least I got to spend twitter.com time on a project that could help my next project come to fruition cause it's sucks working just for someone2 decline &use ur work
Ibrahim👾 @Hxmaside🔁 Dragon Ball Heroes is getting an anime.
GoldLiger(Master) @GoldLiger0X🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Dragon Ball Heroes ANIME IN JULY & Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 Vegeta, Beerus, Whis,
JR @jrnotjnrcom🔁Dragon Ball Heroes Announces Anime Show + Dragon Ball Super: The Movie Reveals Design For Goku, Vegeta , Whis and Bee twitter.com rus.
Diamond Dust @dakotabraswell1🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be NEW Arcs For Dragon Ball Heroes Anime Confirmed! Universe Survival And Prison Planet
Dat Boii Nazo @NazoXIII🔁Did I hear that right? Dragon Ball Heroes is getting an anime adaptation?

, please dub it, it could bring a lot of i twitter.com nterest to the Carddass games in the west!

Chris Morgan @ChrisMo78065035🔁This Aint From The New Anime BUUUUUT DAMN Dragon Ball Heroes Is Gonna Be LIT ASF!!!! Hopefully They Localize The Card Game Finally!!!
sam kan @SamKandbz🔁New Dragon Ball Series Confirmed! Dragon Ball Heroes Coming This July!! youtu.be via @YouTube
Gurp400 @gurp400🔁Love that we are getting a new Dragon Ball Anime, From a game called "Dragon Ball Heroes" Which I myself don't know anything about. But I welcome it! :D
amigo punk @mugiwaraah🔁ANIME DE DRAGON BALL HEROES
Taicho DAIO @FlashDaio🔁I am excited to cover this Dragon Ball Heroes anime. Will it be fanservice trash? Maybe... but it could be fun and wacky and that's all I can ask for.
TEAM_SMSD - The Dark Swine 🇯🇲 @Team_SMSD🔁The only reason I have to watch Heroes, besides it being Dragon Ball I’d course, is that I want to learn more about Fuu.
Juan @JeadEdge🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be NEW DRAGON BALL ANIME ANNOUNCED 2018!!! Dragon Ball Heroes
✞✞✞ @noitsnothim🔁Heroes is Dragon Ball's own "Marvel Cinematic type Universe" so seeing Goku SSJ Blue vs. Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Goku wil twitter.com l be a treat.
Makaulee Raghdad @macaulayragan🔁A Dragon Ball Heroes anime... i cant even express my excitement. This franchise blows my mind. I cant even believe this is real.
Sagar Haria @haria_sagar🔁Read this @HarshanAndrews
Matty Ice @MattCasey18🔁The melt downs that kids are going to have when this happens in Dragon Ball Heroes. Those "GT aint canon/is bad" kids are going to cry about it for days.
Boom Boom Luka @TentacleFury🔁Dragon Ball Heroes begin an anime means we can get cool shit. Be nice to see where some of the OC's come from.


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