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Laura 🦋 @imafckinlibra🔁 I need a cigarette after that #DragRaceReunion I’m very satisfied
kerrie🏳️‍🌈 @kerriepants🔁The Vixen was done dirty in the #DragRaceReunion
TATIANNA @TATIANNANOW🔁Oooooo girl! #dragraceReunion just LIT UP!!!!! Bishhhhh I have opinions but I’m keepin em to myself lol
TATIANNA @TATIANNANOW🔁I need a cigarette after that #DragRaceReunion I’m very satisfied
2nd Lead Vocalist @fkapigs🔁Nah Rupaul definitely is just tryna exploit the queens, why would you show Blair confessing to being sexually assault twitter.com ed at the reunion?
Shannon Power @shannonjpower🔁Ugh, Kalorie’s tacky gimmick to be eating popcorn during The Vixen’s segment. Too on the nose girl #DragRaceReunion
anyelo @ymasumacstan🔁RuPaul focused more on why the Vixen brought to light Aquaria’s cowardice and reacted to Eureka provoking her than she did the other two’s actions and that’s what’s unfair I’m with here! Stop gaslight and imposing respectability politics BS on POC
Melissa 💖🦖🍿🍷 @MelGillougley🔁Love how @kalKARBdashianw was prepared for the reunion with her actual popcorn 😂🍿 #DragRaceReunion
hayley 🌮 @hayleynxrth🔁#DragRaceReunion made me all kinds of pissed off
Philip Mercer @Philly_RIOT🔁Wasn't gonna mention anything, but after that reunion damn I am , that was a reunion full of very uncomfortable view twitter.com ing
Jessica @JessicaKuiperx🔁This reunion... wow..
Jayd🌙 @jaydht🔁Someone PLEASE talk to me about that reunion tho #DragRaceReunion
YungBoochie @FauxBrujo🔁Could we just replace Ru with Asia already? We need more compassion this Pride month and less willingness to write vulnerable people out of queer spaces. I couldn’t believe the hypocrisy of Ru’s behaviour regarding The Vixen’s exit. We should all hug The Vixen
niamh SAVE SHADOWHUNTERS @arianasmaIec🔁Im with Kameron on this. One of my biggest pet peeves with other LGBT folks is them thinking we all have to be friends. Like no hoe that's not how any of this works.
kyle x change @fkaPapipaya🔁The reunion was gaggy but it’s hard to sit through seeing almost every black queen be targeted and the white queens b twitter.com arely having their shit brought up.
I Dream In 4D🌹🌹🌹 @IDreamIn4D🔁okay so some thoughts on the
the reunion showed how much rupaul doesn’t care about the girls and they’re just cash cows for him, instead of letting the vixen speak he talked over her and allowed the rest of the girls attack her. it was uncomfortable to watch
I Dream In 4D🌹🌹🌹 @IDreamIn4D🔁The Vixen went home thinking that untucked fight with Eureka was all her fault. And turns out Eureka specifically said she started that fight on purpose. Then everyone at the reunion was like "Well here's why it actually was your fault." Of course she left
callum @wonkahei🔁okay so some thoughts on the
the reunion showed how much rupaul doesn’t care about the girls and they’re just cash c twitter.com ows for him, instead of letting the vixen speak he talked over her and allowed the rest of the girls attack her. it was uncomfortable to watch
Marky @markyboi🔁I don’t like the reunion episode format, feels too much like a real housewives episode and takes away the generally g twitter.com ood natured side of the show
I Dream In 4D🌹🌹🌹 @IDreamIn4D🔁 Pearl talks back to Ru and everyone is living. The Vixen does it and everyone is judging her. #dragraceReunion
angelica @ReinaDeLaIsla🔁Raise your hand if you're shocked RuPaul decided to tone police The Vixen last night on #DragRaceReunion

Me either

GEMMA @ARTPOP_ADDICT🔁Ru just wants Eureka to win, Vixen was right to be mad, Asia is a true intellectual, they came for Kameron for no reason and Aquaria deserves to win. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


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