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dortmund Kristin McGunnigle⭐️ @kristinkmcg🔁@MenInBlazers man and pug mutually concerned about Dortmund.
A M A T E R A $ U @Vicky_Mooon🔁 Sum up Borussia Dortmund's season with a GIF #BVB
dortmund Jörg @jeydunbar🔁Graffiti & Street Art in Dortmund #03 – The walking dead
Martin Chab @MartinChab10🔁 📆 May 22

@Andre_Schuerrle and @BVB are coming to @BancStadium.

Be there. ? ?

dortmund Sortiwa @Sortiwa🔁Borussia Dortmund make contact with Man United for Anthony Martial
dortmund Jack McKelvie 🎗 @JackMcKelvie🔁 Finally, a table with Borussia Dortmund at the top!
dortmund Nick Romero @nicky_romero34🔁 Here's to more Champions League nights in Dortmund 👁️
k. @grwohe🔁 Sum up Borussia Dortmund's season with a GIF #BVB
dortmund Bundesliga English @Bundesliga_EN🔁Here's to more Champions League nights in Dortmund 👁️
Squawka News @SquawkaNews🔁Before the final day:

3rd = Dortmund: 55 points (+19)
4th = Hoffenheim: 52 points (+16)
5th = Leverkusen: 52 points (+13)

After the final day:

3rd = Hoffenheim: 55 points (+18)
4th = Dortmund: 55 points (+17)
5th = Leverkusen: 55 points (+14)

A lot of drama in between. 🍿 @WhoScored🔁It’s all over for another season in the Bundesliga with the following outcomes from a remarkable final day

Champions League: Hoffenheim, Dortmund (joining Bayern and Schalke)
Europa League: Leverkusen, Leipzig
Relegation play-off: Wolfsburg
Relegated: Hamburg (joining Cologne)

Paul Patrick @PaulTyredagh81🔁"Return the Old Spotted Dog Ground to the People"

Solidarity from supporters of Werder Bremen at the Bundesliga game against Borussia Dortmund, 29 April 2018

Mark @WorldTownFC15🔁New video. Football Manager 2018. Borussia Dortmund. Chelsea. European Champions Cup. #FM2018 #FM18 #BVB

H-World News @RjHassan522🔁New post (Borussia Dortmund boss resigns after scraping Champions League qualification) has been published on World N ews -
ivan miranda @ivan_miranda26🔁OFFICIAL: Peter Stöger has confirmed that today's final-day defeat to Hoffenheim was his last game in charge of Borussia Dortmund.
Mannie 🇳🇬 @Mannie_osa🔁 Borussia Dortmund are interested in signing Anthony Martial. #mufc [Le 10 Sport]
Rudy @RudyAFC🔁Should’ve thanked @Arsenal for taking Aubameyeng away from Dortmund
Ivan Majdandzic @IMajdandzic15🔁✅Andrej Kramarić
🆚Borussia Dortmund
➕Kramarić adds an assist for Hoffenheim's second goal
➕Hoffenheim at No.3⃣ at the final table
➕ football next season
🇭🇷 🔥
Faheem hasnain @Fahemmessi🔁Roman Weidenfeller (Dortmund) "Dembélé leaving Dortmund? That's not the way to leave a club. It caused an unbelievabl e unrest and nobody could calm down. This is a team sport. Football is not tennis. He did not even take his boots before leaving. It's ridiculous." [espn]
Nikhil @niksz7🔁Dortmund offered Lichtsteiner a 2 year contract, Monaco has contacted him a few hours ago, Marseille is also interested but the Germans are the favorites to sign him. [Romeo Agresti]
Epl 360 @epl_360🔁Bayern Munich are interested in signing Chelsea winger Kenedy, who’s impressed on loan at Newcastle, with Borussia Dortmund’s Christian Pulisic also a target. (Daily Mail)
.... @Cillian_tweets🔁Can having Dortmund, Bayern, Juve, City all intrested in him now going to Juve and starting for Germany in the Euro s emi final in midfield while if Henderson left he'd be extremely lucky to get into a top 6 team
Greg @bgreg0615🔁I am still thankful for Stöger tho, we were 8th when he was nominated and he took the squad to UCL...

But I am still glad he is gone!

call me CHELSEA @Amankwaah69🔁Before the final day:

3rd = Dortmund: 55 points (+19)
4th = Hoffenheim: 52 points (+16)
5th = Leverkusen: 52 points (+13)

After the final day:

3rd = Hoffenheim: 55 points (+18)
4th = Dortmund: 55 points (+17)
5th = Leverkusen: 55 points (+14)

A lot of drama in between. 🍿

Borusstatistik @Borusstatistik🔁🇬🇧453 - He wore the Borussia Dortmund jersey 453 times during his career : Roman is the second most capped player in history after Michael (571). Weidenwall.
David Ronnie @oldmanDR🔁 Watching Hoffenheim take apart Dortmund is only increasing my desire to see Nagelsmann as our manager
J. Martinez @VOLSTEELERS🔁#TSG #1899 beats Dortmund 3-1 to qualify for the Chanpions league!! LETS GOOO #THELITTLEGUYWINS
Franz @fcb_typ🔁@TedescoTime doesn't that apply to most Bundesliga squads right now? Compare Dortmund 12/13 to Dortmund now
Footy Headlines @footyhlines🔁Borussia Dortmund boss resigns after scraping Champions League qualification
Jamie @DimitarTurnatov🔁Ademola Lookman: 5 goals + 3 assists in 579 minutes at RB Leipzig
Jadon Sancho: 1 goal + 4 assists in 682 minutes at Borussia Dortmund
Mason Mount: 12 goals + 9 assists in 2250 minutes at Vitesse

I guess the next generation of English talents might just be alright

JB 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @JblincoTHFC🔁There have been a number of standout games this year like the thrashing of Liverpool at Wembley, both of the Madrid g ames, both of the Dortmund games, the Southampton game on Boxing Day was very memorable for .
Save the OSD @SaveTheOSD🔁"Return the Old Spotted Dog Ground to the People"

Solidarity from supporters of Werder Bremen at the Bundesliga game against Borussia Dortmund, 29 April 2018

Josh Conklin @drumming_man815🔁@ChelseaFC @PLinUSA @mbatshuayi YEAH DORTMUND!!!!!!
Dominic Ngeleka @DominicNgeleka🔁Bayern Munich are monitoring developments with Chelsea's Kenedy, with Dortmund's Christian Pulisic also a target. (Source: Daily Mail)
🤷🏼‍♂️ @Rayane78500🔁[🇩🇪] OFFICIEL !

Les qualifiés pour l'Europe en Bundesliga :

1⃣ Bayern : LDC
2⃣ Schalke : LDC
3⃣ Hoffenheim : LDC
4⃣ Dortmund : LDC
5⃣ Leverkusen : UEL
6⃣ Leipzig : Barrage UEL

🤷🏼‍♂️ @Rayane78500🔁[🇩🇪] Classement :

1️⃣ Bayern 84pts
2️⃣ Schalke 04 63pts
3️⃣ Hoffenheim 55pts
4️⃣ Dortmund 55pts
5️⃣ Leverkusen 55pts
6️⃣ Leipzig 53pts
1⃣6⃣ Wolfsburg 33pts
1⃣7⃣ Hamburger SV 28pts
1⃣8⃣ FC Koln 22pts

Supersport @gentian366🔁Borussia Dortmund manager Peter Stoger is leaving the club following the conclusion of the Bundesliga season. He made the announcement following today's 3-1 defeat by Hoffenheim.
Sky sources have suggested Nice boss Lucien Favre will take over at the Westfalenstadion.

jason @neaterguyonline🔁Imagine if Dortmund just ceded a little bit of control to Thomas Tuchel instead of going through whatever the hell this season was
Adil 🛡️🇳🇴 @KloseDistance🔁Fill in the missing words in space provided: “Batshuayi is the...” — Belgian professional footballer who plays as a s triker for Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund, on...
5 Fast Facts @Ha72Van🔁Hoffenheim 3-1 Borussia Dortmund: Home side snatch third as both need scrape into Champions League: via
Dortmund Weather @DortmundDE🔁current weather in Dortmund: clear sky, 20°C
52% humidity, wind 4kmh, pressure 1011mb
// @Alvarobility🔁- Dortmund
- Arsenal
- Chelsea ?
- Napoli ?

All needing new managers could make for a very interesting summer

Max Gross @mr_max_g🔁I love Dortmund and hope CP stays but situation is deteriorating. They need to bring some players this summer and alt hough CP underwhelmed this year now might be the time to sell
Kyle Rouvaldt @rooskie09🔁@Moley_LFC Agree, but look at Jadon and how he's been introduced at Dortmund. Might have something to do with it.
Jon @BlakeBennett3🔁Grateful that Dortmund qualified for the UCL next season. Even more grateful for the luck that it took for Dortmund to qualify. Ugly season with no consistency. Glad it's over.
Jon @BlakeBennett3🔁Dortmund was complete shit all season. Hope we’re better next season
The Challenger @RareTega🔁BREAKING: Peter Stoger announces he will not coach Borussia Dortmund next season.

"This was my last game for the Dor tmund, which we decided to do together some time ago," he said. "A new stimulus with a new coach, will do the club well."

Matt Greer @mattiswheezy🔁@APlender @BBCSport with dortmund? that’s not liverpool you melon
er rincón spors🇪🇺 @mgoetze10🔁My favourite transfer rumour this week: Borussia Dortmund's new coach Lucien Favre will bring Mario Balotelli with him from Nice. Marseille and Lokomotiv Moscow also interested according to Tuttomercatoweb.
Eddy Darragh @eddydarragh🔁Building progress 1 step at a time, champions leauge was priority this season, finishing 8 points above Dortmund is n ice though. You are in dream land if you think you can carry on selling your best strikers and win the title
Millennium Sport @Millenniumbet🔁Peter Stoger confirms he is no longer Dortmund boss: “This was my last game for Borussia Dortmund. We decided some time ago. A new impetus, a new coach, will be best for the club.”
Just Another Slave @VeganJase🔁Been Heysel , Dortmund, Istanbul , Athens & Basel to watch the Reds in European finals . Been lucky to see some great wins . Today I was unlucky . To all those who have tickets , sing your hearts out and bring number 6 home . 👍
Bids B🌟V🌟B @Bigtrees1973🔁For Dortmund it's about winning the title & recently failing miserably.

For S03+1 it's about finishing above Dortmu nd.

Well done fella 👏

SHOCKMAN @SHOCKMANN🔁Fi di Next generation long side big_shenn up in a Dortmund 2n9T…
_munir11 @munir1116🔁@Gol @SevillaFC @Alaves @Srgio_Contreras De dortmund a betis


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