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Donald Trump Ressie @OneLuvRessie🔁 Please read my statement on Donald Trump's racist slurs about immigrants! 🚨
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁Spoke to three Republicans this morning that made it clear Trump never wanted a DACA deal in the first place. He want s the program to fold and all DREAMers to be deported. The plan has been to delay until it’s too late & then blame Dems. Donald Trump & Republicans are to blame.
Newsweek @Newsweek🔁Trump told not everyone on welfare is black: “Really? Then what are they?” he responded: Report
CNN @CNN🔁Dr. Allen Frances on Donald Trump: "It's an insult to the mentally ill to say that the reason he shouldn't be in offi ce is mental illness. He's a bad person, he's an ignorant person, he's impulsive. He's been like this his entire life."
Shoosh 1🍸🇺🇸🏈🎼✈️ @NewsJunkie60🔁Who's gonna break it to the Republican Senators and House members that they can pass a DACA bill any time they want without Donald Trump's permission, them being members of a certain co-equal branch of government that makes the laws...
JWest @j_hph2tc🔁11/4/16 - "The company that owns the National Enquirer, a backer of Donald Trump, agreed to pay $150,000 to a former Playboy centerfold model for her story of an affair a decade ago with the Republican presidential nominee, but then didn’t publish it"
Jevaughn @Jevaughn_Brown🔁Donald Trump:
• 1st Golf Club Owner in Palm Beach to allow Blacks & Jews
• Has a Jewish Daughter & Granddaughter
• Dated a Black Model for 2 Years
is somehow a Racist according to Liberals because he wants Safe, Secure Borders & merit-based Immigration. 🤔
Clíodhna @cliodhnamcc_🔁Donald Trump's week so far

Monday: Russia scandal
Tuesday: DACA scandal
Wednesday: Book scandal
Thursday: Shithole scandal
Friday: Pornstar scandal
Saturday: Hawaii scandal
Sunday: Please just give us a day off

Spydr🇵🇷 @Ahrnandz🔁Whatever you do, don’t retweet this evidence found proving Donald Trump Jr did business with a banker behind a massive Russian money laundering scheme! 😊

MDA @birdwatcher319🔁@jaketapper A poor comparison of Donald Trump to Archie Bunker, a better comparison would be Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Google it!
Tanya Qaiser @Tani_US🔁Donald Trump, Jefferson Sessions, Stephen Miller, Michael Anton (AKA Publius Decius Mus)... these people aren’t complicated. They are the pro-Apartheid white South African, the “Rhodesian,” the Confederate holdout... the George Wallace voter in the 60s...
mind bender 1 @MadalinskiRick🔁Everybody lies, it is human to lie, but it's funny that I've never caught Donald Trump in a lie, not once!
. @iuvnr🔁Donald Trump cheated on his wife with a porn star after she had given birth. This is y’alls president with his nice Christian values
Cannablissed @Cannadablissed🔁Somebody’s confused and thinks Senator Waters should be flying the plane, or possibly serving him drinks, during an 8 -hour flight.

His handlers should tell Donald Trump that according to his cult, it’s not okay to look at those magazine photos of himself he loves so much.

AssistTrump MAGA 🇺🇸 COE @wendydcoe🔁“TRUMP HATES WOMEN!”

Kellyanne Conway was the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the first mother to be a White House Press Secretary.

Barbara Res was the first woman to EVER build a skyscraper.

All were hired by Donald Trump.

ShantyIrish☘️👌🍨🍨 @aShantyIrish🔁Before he was President, Donald Trump helped Rand Paul finance a trip where they would give vision back to 200 people in Haiti.

The Clintons looted Haitians after a terrible earthquake.

According to the left, only one of those groups of people are evil racists.

Joe @jakuuire🔁Donald Trump about to get "Tiger Woods"....
Patricia Humphreys @pathumphreys281🔁 NEW: Eric Trump's charity paid Donald’s business $150K during the election
Jane Stinson @faith024🔁"I think Donald Trump is amazing. And I think what makes him so amazing – or rather, so effective as politician and a world leader – is that vulgarity which we’re all supposed to pretend is his fatal flaw."
Martin Nicholas @MartinNoNickers🔁The Word of the Day is "Racist". Donald is not a Racist! Trump wants to work with all Americans and .
нєхуйьовий Portland (Shithole-American) @the_boris🔁Rand Paul, who said he would have opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, has decided to become Donald Trump's character witness on racism. Yeah, everything is fine now.
Beverly Cassata @b3vmc55🔁Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech is on January 30th.

He’s obsessed by TV ratings.

America - don’t watch his State of the Union speech. Turn off your TV and watch his ratings plummet.

Please retweet.

Rachel Spears @Rachelspears31🔁Donald Trump won the White Evangelical Christian vote by a margin of 64 points, 80%-16%

It's shameful these people demonized a decent man like Barack Obama and tirelessly praise an indecent, racist, bigoted, lying, adulterous man like Trump

UncleGBO @veqtor7🔁Nigerians who live in Nigeria know that Nigeria is a shot hole. They queue up at embassies every week begging to escape.
Nigerians who managed to escape and their Pan Africanist cohorts (living away from the shit hole) are the ones angry Donald Trump called Nigeria a shit hole.
Kris Desposito @KrisDesposito🔁I am a black woman who grew up in poverty. Donald Trump is NOT a racist. He cares for ALL Americans. The leftist media narrative is being pushed by the true racists: the democrat leaders who want to keep our communities poor and hopeless in exchange for votes.
alexa 👼🏼 @cuntaloupe_🔁how come stuart little could talk to humans and other animals, but no other animals could talk to humans also why is donald trump president
Jim Waurishuk @WaurishukJim🔁So to the actors and haters out there. Put a lid on it. Real people, not actors, not ideologues, elected Donald Trump President…real people...the ones who only get one take to provide for their families. My
Kim Guerino @GuerinoKim🔁'I'm a Muslim who voted for Donald Trump' Thank You!
UdnSpeak4me @UdnSpeak4me🔁White Europeans destabilized entire continents & have the audacity to call our countries “sh*tholes” the same way in which some American neighborhoods are “sketchy” until they are gentrified.
Ronald L. Rice @RRice27927🔁DACA was an executive order issued by President Obama. Donald Trump rescinded it. His party controls all the levers of the federal government.
Eric King @kingphoneman🔁Donald Trump is soooo racist...

That when he was a private citizen he funded Rand Paul's medical trips to Haiti to help restore the vision of the people there.

In other news: Democrats need a better platform than "Trump is a (fill in the social justice buzzword of the week)."

Christopher Suprun @TheChrisSuprun🔁@pacelattin No. Donald Trump is an anchor anchor around America's neck.
Sherry Wall @SherryWall20🔁Proving they are complete morons, Jim Carrey and Jamie Lee Curtis lashed out at President Donald Trump on Saturday, blaming him for the nuclear missile scare. Lets be clear. Clinton, Bush and Obama allowed North Korea to get nuclear weapons and dumped in in Trumps lap.
Roger @RogerDeanMille1🔁✊✊. Respect Thank you Alveda King.......The more People that call them out the Better ✊

MLKNiece: Donald Trump Is Not a Racist. There Are Countries in Africa That Are Indeed Hellhole (VIDEO)

Dan Castle @Atanaryon🔁We have reviewed the audio from our interview with President Trump, as well as the transcript provided by an external service, and stand by what we reported. Here is audio of the portion the White House disputes.
Windsandsea @Windsandsea1🔁Dr. Allen Frances on Donald Trump: "It's an insult to the mentally ill to say that the reason he shouldn't be in office is mental illness. He's a bad person, he's an ignorant person, he's impulsive. He's been like this his entire life."
UnFNbelievable @InFNsanity🔁The Trump campaign just selected a white nationalist leader as one of its delegates in California via
Sean McCloskey @IrishOregonian🔁Tom Cotton “can’t recall” hearing Trump say shithole.

Jeff Sessions “can’t recall” meeting with or talking to any Russians.

Donald Trump Jr. “can’t recall” what was discussed in his ‘adoption’ meeting with Russians.

Does anyone really believe this crap?

Jocelyne Rochette @JocelyneRochet🔁BBC News - 'I'm a Muslim who voted for Donald Trump'
livetta di meglio @artistdime🔁Libs love to call mentally unfit to be President. I guess I'm crazy too because I love Trump....especially his RESULTS!

Obama accomplished a lot during his term. I thank God every day that our nation continues to recover from it!

elizabeth bustillo @bettyregarde286🔁You know, it is possible to not like Donald Trump the person, but still support most of the agenda his Presidency is advancing.

There's nothing unusual about this.

Be honest: Most Democrats would have been in the same position if Hillary had won. I mean...who likes Hillary?

Zbigniew EG (very stable genius) @EG_Zbigniew🔁Fake news consumption throughout the campaign & Donald Trump voting at county level were consistently correlated; Internet Explorer data

Brigg Garcia @221BriggGarcia🔁BREAKING. NBC Reports that Sen. Jeff Flake is planning to slam President Donald Trump's attacks on the press on the Senate floor this week in a speech that will compare the president's use of the term "enemy of the people" to describe the media to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.
Red-pilled in Texas @nanfromTexas🔁MLK's Niece: “Donald Trump Is Not a Racist… There Are Countries in Africa That Are Indeed Hellholes”

The Mosquito @Playfulimp🔁I am so sick of Republicans twisting themselves into pretzels to defend Donald Trump. It has become clearer than ever that the Republican party is complicit and must be voted out in 2018.
The Kids Can Read! @staceypawson🔁It is Sunday, January 14, 2018. One single citizen, I humbly call for the resignation of Donald J Trump as President of the United States. Fellow citizens please retweet.
Tony Merrow @merrow_a🔁Robert De Niro is Correct When He Said "The World is Suffering from the Real Donald Trump". Exactly! - The People are Suffering through the Lowest Unemployment, the Highest Stock Market in History & Tax Reform Giving Middle America More Money. Lets the Suffering Continue!
Erika Pena @EPbrisa33🔁President Trump is at his Florida golf club this morning, marking his 93rd day at a Trump golf property and his 120th day at a Trump property since taking office
Barbara Castellano @barbcast60🔁Don Lemon of CNN opens his show by plainly stating the obvious fact that Donald J. Trump is racist.
Pauline Beer @pauline_beer🔁Donald Trump is leading us to a war that threatens civilisation. He's going to turn the world into a shit hole of his own making with the help of deranged and greedy corps & republicans. Everyone must resist him.
Dennis Talley @dtalley1952🔁Donald Trump’s “shithole” comments are dreadful. I’ve spoken to many migrants who are so angry about those comments that they said they’d leave America & go back to their native counties if they weren’t such shitholes.
America First @TexasScottLee🔁I'm just a loopy llama, not a libel lawyer, but it looks like and even have ammo for a defamation case here
D. D. Syrdal🌘 @DDSyrdal🔁Trump told not everyone on welfare is black:

“Really? Then what are they?” he responded.

No. Really. This is not "The Onion".

The American president believes that only black people get social services.

Lead Kingz @LeadKingz🔁Retweeted Seth Abramson (@SethAbramson):

Here's a question for U.S. media to ask Donald Trump: "Did you use...

RED IS THE NEW BLUE! @GetEG88🔁"Of course uncle Martin Luther King, Jr. was considered to be an agitator and an outsider sometimes and it reminds me of our leader President Donald John Trump. Now the President of United States." ~


ShareAwakening @ShareAwakening🔁 Trump Prophecy: the Donald Trump "777" Presidential Inauguration Prophec... via @YouTube
United We Stand 🇺🇸 @SandraS33102628🔁Donald Trump’s Twitter fails continued this weekend as the president retweeted a man who once carried a “rape Melania” sign to a rally.
Kim Messeri @KimMesseri🔁Donald Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any American president after one year in office. Is that a fair take on what has he achieved?
UnFNbelievable @InFNsanity🔁"Why we voted for Donald Trump": David Duke explains the white supremacist Charlottesville protests via
Defcon 5 ☢️ Rover @TerryMcCracken🔁My first story with wasn't about .

It was long sought, but never before publicly revealed PROOF that Donald Trump is a racist & ran an illegal housing discrimination scheme never admitted publicly.

Lead Kingz @LeadKingz🔁Here's a question for U.S. media to ask Donald Trump: "Did you use *campaign funds* to pay off the women accusing you of sex crimes a month before the 2016 presidential election?"

As I recall, politicians have gotten in serious trouble for misusing funds in this way.

mwicklif @MTWGeorge🔁Donald J. Trump:
- A weak man's idea of a strong man.
- A stupid man's idea of a smart man.
- A coward's idea of a brave man
- A graceless man's idea of a graceful man
- a selfish man's idea of an altruistic man
- A foolish man's idea of a President
waller @peteralanwaller🔁Ana Navarro on Trump's "shithole countries" remark: "We cannot normalize the fact that Donald Trump has turned the Oval Office into a shithole -- into a morally bankrupt place" where there are lies and division and racism that come out
SixSBRings:) @MadPatsFan1954🔁“Donald Trump picks a fight with....”

“Donald Trump takes credit for.....”

Blah 🙄

President Trump doesn’t “pick fights” he finishes fights

President Trump doesn’t “take credit” he earns credit

Losers just keep losing.

Linda M-H @LindaMH6219🔁 How embarrassing. Everyone knows you’re lying and you do it anyway. For Donald Trump.
Elene peters @Elenepeters9🔁@Elucifer23 The justice dept accused him of being a racist in the 1970s you dumb fuck. Learn to read.
Natalie Neal @NNealWhitefield🔁"I didn't hear it, and I was sitting no further away from Donald Trump than Dick Durbin was," Sen. Tom Cotton says President Trump's words, sentiments on immigration were misrepresented (via )


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