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Soulaima Gourani @SoulaimaGourani🔁 Arnold Schwarzenegger was not impressed by Trump's meeting with Putin
Donald TrumpDonald Trump tlh1128 @gingerchiq🔁@WhiteHouse DONALD J TRUMP HAS DISGRACED THESE
Donald Trump Trash_God @TrashCanGordon🔁@BAP_WW Americans tho, how do you go from BARACK OBAMA to donald trump
Justin Albright @Jdalbright32🔁 Alex Jones talking about himself and Donald Trump sucking “ding dongs”
wtfigiveup @wtfigiveup🔁 Arnold Schwarzenegger was not impressed by Trump's meeting with Putin
John O. Brennan @JohnBrennan🔁Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeano rs.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???
Malcolm Nance @MalcolmNance🔁This is a betrayal to the oath of office. Donald Trump is clearly under the control of Moscow. To him Putin & the oli garchy are his political base & he will always side with them. No doubt this is why is trending #1 today
VoteVets @votevets🔁There is no way after the that our should have any security clearance issued by the US government. It’s time to inv estigate Donald Trump for treason against the United States. RT if you agree!
Peter Lichota @DrSpockets🔁Donald Trump didn't make a "mistake," yesterday.

Donald Trump wasn't "unprepared," yesterday.

Donald Trump wasn't just "overly sensitive" yesterday.

Donald Trump was briefed to not do what he did. He was warned not to do what he did. And he still went and did it.

Shadric Long @LongMical🔁I am neither numb nor in shock. I'm rolling my eyes because its taken the media two years to even begin to acknowledge what Hillary said clearly during the debates: Donald Trump is a Russian puppet.
jf @jf04380850🔁DC became a cesspool of elitists that think they’re the ruling class

They sold out middle America time after time

Donald Trump is breaking from the elitists & is giving power back to the people

That’s why Trumps supporters aren’t going anywhere

No matter how hard they try.

Toots Sweet @Shanes5🔁Nobody should expect Republicans in Congress to draw the proper conclusion from Trump's Helsinki debacle—that POTUS is fatally compromised by his clandestine ties to Moscow, which demand explanation—and commence articles of impeachment.

Here's why ...

Debbbie Ferrante @DebbbieF🔁 I'm Bill Browder. Putin Made a Big Mistake When Trying to Get Access to Me Through Trump
mcm @Michcma🔁My book, "The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme To Clear Hillary Clinton And Frame Donald Trump" hits books stores next month. You can pre-order yours now:

Brian Wagner @brianw2424🔁If Obama had done what you did at the press conference you and every Republican would be calling for him a traitor an d demanding his impeachment.
B BlueTrue#WhereAreTheChildren @bbluetrue1🔁PS/ I didn't get into the Donald Trump Jr. angle because the thread was getting (very) long, but Trump Jr. had dinner with Torshin at an NRA event and then apparently lied about both the dinner and what they talked about. In law enforcement terms, that's "consciousness of guilt."
kenny lane @kennylane5🔁Donald Trump trusts a hostile foreign dictator more than our own intelligence agencies. This is uncharted territory. We must impeach now!

Help me get to Washington so I can fight this madness.

As always, no PACs, no dark money, and no rubles!

NewsJunkie101 @SmartOne8927🔁Donald Trump’s actions were clearly motivated by his own self-interests, not what’s best for the country. It’s time we elect leaders who will truly put the interests of America before the needs of murderous dictators.
Debra Kauti @DKauti🔁1. 17M people picked Hillary Clinton not the DNC

2. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 4M votes, real votes not the votes created in Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump head.

3. The DNC nominated her by the same bylaws Obama won and she respected in 2008.

Stop this bullshit.

Streetsof415 @streetsof415🔁Crazy day today as Putin wants to swap 12 Russian GRU agents who hacked the US election for me in his meeting with Trump in Helsinki. Here’s my take for on why I’ve gotten Putin so rattled and what he’s really afraid of
America 4 Trump @clark7950🔁To be clear: That’s how it’s always worked in America.

To be clear: If we took away all the illegal immigrant votes Hillary had Trump most likely would’ve won the popular vote too.

To be clear: Donald Trump is still your President

Chris @ChrisRager3🔁My latest ===>

By publicly kowtowing to Putin and throwing his own spies under the bus, while spouting tinfoil conspiracy theories about Hillary, Trump effectively ended his presidency in Helsinki yesterday.

The rest is -- & up to Bob Mueller.

Big Tommy Mac Can’t Lose 🗯 @DJDaddi01🔁We're sorry, did Donald Trump sign some kind of "security agreement" with Putin, behind closed doors and forget to tell us?
Alan Kleinman @waggles111🔁Chuck Schumer called on Republican colleagues to join in "demanding testimony" from President Donald Trump's national security team present during the Helsinki summit earlier this week, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, "immediately."
MF @packerpoppa🔁 'How bad was that?': Even Trump aides question damage done @CNNPolitics
BRAGGA!! @TheBossGent🔁 Hate crimes against black people is totally fine in 2018 as long as it justifies hating Donald Trump

Thanks to @CNN

Eileen Hager @emhager4🔁Donald Trump says his meeting with Vladimir Putin went great. We'll never know! | Analysis by CNN's Chris Cillizza
Neil Finney @NeilFinney🔁 BREAKING: Donald Trump says he has no reason to believe Russia hosted the World Cup.
Kristine Heisler #ReconnectJulian @ibdancin50🔁A Republican business owner on Long Island who was a strong Trump supporter:
"The biggest mistake of my life was voting for Donald Trump. The damage he's done to our country will take years to repair. I don't give a damn how we get him out of office, but he's got to go."
A Source Not Authorized To Speak ... @shootersix🔁Trump surprised at fierce criticism of Putin news conference "Fake News is going Crazy!" @CNNPolitics
Myra D. Sirois 🇺🇸🌊🍎🏳️‍🌈 @MyraDSirois1🔁Fact check: “The DNC servers were never missing. The DNC provided the FBI with a copy of their server... We rate this statement False.”
Carlos Rodriguez @cjrodriguez58🔁In one of the most important geopolitical meetings in years, we have to rely on 2 unreliable narrators to tell us what really happened.


Philadelphia Tribune @PhillyTrib🔁In a story July 15 about a CVS manager who called police on a black customer, The Associated Press erroneously report ed he was a state delegate for Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.
🌊🇺🇸Debbie Dolan🇺🇸🌊 @debbiedolan🔁Y'all could never hate President Obama the way we hate Donald Trump. You hated President Obama based on his skin and we hate Donald Trump based on who he is!
An Immigrant 4 Immigrants @TrumpsTyranny🔁What a shocker! America’s stupidest president, Donald Trump, tells America’s stupidest TV host, Sean Hannity, that he and Putin don’t like the investigation into their illegal activities.

Cärlö @SouthPhillyPT🔁President Trump blames media for criticism over Putin news conference via @USATODAY - grow up 👶🏻
LaveauTalent @TheRealMisMagic🔁Dear Mr. Trump:

Please proof your title for correctness before I print your new business cards:

Donald J. Trump
Vice President of the Russian Federation
North American Region

Sayuri Silverman @SilvermanSayuri🔁In the course of every presidency, there are “defining moments” that, in the fullness of time, turn out not to be.
Yesterday, was unmistakably, unalterably a defining moment for Donald Trump.
It will never be forgotten.
reinhard @reinhar94921679🔁Watch as Former President Obama completely destroys Donald Trump without a single mention of his name.

This is what true leadership looks like!

Lily Cash @LilyCash13🔁 Rand Paul ‘Absolutely’ Defends Donald Trump In HEATED Interview On CNN, Slams Intel Bias [VIDEO]
LiquidPaperTrail @liquidpaprtrail🔁@SirJamesGray @cook_ythink @mtracey Not like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin! So truthy! Truthylicious!
Karl Frank @kfrankiii🔁He didn't realize it because he's a Blithering IDIOT! #LoserTrump
m o l l y 💋 @fluffylou28🔁do y'all remember that one time kristen stewart used her SNL monologue to not only roast donald trump's obsessive tweets about her previous relationship but to also come out as gay on national television? because i think about it every day what an absolute icon
Interview: Sean Hannity Interviews Donald Trump in Helsinki - July 16, 2018 via
LaLu @LaLu0109🔁Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???
🏳️‍🌈Audrey's tweets 🏳️‍🌈 @twittyRN🔁WE WATCHED IT LIVE YOU FUCKING MORON.
surprised at fierce criticism of Putin news conference
JasonP @DrPatariro🔁 John Cleese calls Trump 'vulgar' in brilliant Twitter rant
Michael Cudaback @MDCudaback🔁The PM contradicts Donald Trump over Russian interference in the US election, declaring spy agencies’ evidence ‘compelling’

Rocca⭐Bachandouris♊ @Rocca_the_Bish🔁Never thought I'd say this but I am profoundly grateful to Donald Trump for taking over my job of exposing what a conniving, self serving fraud he is. I am guesing that most of the world feels this way.
Maria #voteThemOut #Resist Canada & US @maria22616896🔁'Vladimir Putin Owns President Donald Trump And Both' Know It | Morning ... via @YouTube
Investigate Russia @InvestigateRU🔁'How bad was that?': Even Trump aides question damage done @CNNPolitics
Not Dimitri from Moscow thats for sure @evilrussiabot🔁"Trump has effectively recruited the Democratic party to Romney’s view that Russia is the top geopolitical foe of the United States."
Sheila Puryear @smp0312🔁. makes a good point. Trump has indeed outdone Chamberlain. Unlike Neville’s, Donald’s appeasement is in utter bad faith, driven by his obsession with keeping his Electoral College trophy spotless.
Riah B @riahb3🔁 Supporting Donald Trump and loving America are mutually exclusive at this point
Ryan Eisenbraun @ryan_eisenbraun🔁.: I can tell you the facts: The United States was attacked, and today, President Trump sided with the enemy.
Betty womack @Bettyjwo🔁EXCL: personally profited by more than £50,000 from his weekend trip to his Turnberry resort in Scotland, with US taxpayers footing the accommodation bill for his two-night stay. My story:
LestWeForget @ForgetLest🔁"Donald Trump today left his entire national security team with a clear choice: align yourself with a Commander-in-Chief who stands by an American adversary - or resign in protest." -
Robert Bergey @robert_bergey🔁Spinless coward, just curious how deep are the Russians in your pockets. This is past being Democrat or Republican th is is an American issue. Donald Trump has sided with the Russians on our intelegence, guessing that you don't have any.
elBless @elBless_1🔁 "Donald Trump put himself first, America last"
Carrie Sweet @CarrieSweet2017🔁The latest from John Schindler. Read and learn.
"Donald Trump Tosses Word-Salad, Ends His Presidency in Helsinki"
Earl Jive @EarlJive🔁" If my dear friend Donald Trump ever decided to sacrifice his fabulous Billionaire lifestyle to become President, he would be an unstoppable force for ultimate justice that DemocRATs & Repubs alike w/d celebrate "~Words of
John F. Kennedy Jr 'George' June [1999] ✔
Kassandra💉💖🌹🌺 @Kassandra19693🔁It's an insult to 44 Presidents of the United States to call Donald Trump an American President. That man is an agent of the Russian Federation.
Kathryn Rushent @boogykas🔁Trump surprised at fierce criticism of Putin news conference

This is exactly how disconnected he really is.

Twiggy @twiggy311🔁Queen Elizabeth Says: “Muslim Refugees Are Dividing Nationality, I Fully Agree With Donald Trump We Should Deport Them To Avoid Bloody Terrorist Attacks.”
Jill @jillybeanmoi1🔁SCOOP: Federal govt spending records reveal Trump Org businesses made tens of thousands of dollars during President Trump's trip to his Scotland golf club & resort properties—routed through SLC Turnberry Ltd—with U.S. taxpayer money footing the bill


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