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donald trump WeAreThe 99% @letsliveinpeace🔁 Donald Trump is not my President
Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid🔁What kind of world ... all this needless death and violence, just so Donald Trump can deliver something unnecessary a nd predictably destructive, but deliver it nonetheless, to a few of his billionaire donors.
Walter Shaub @waltshaub🔁Here's a new op ed that and I wrote: Out of loopholes, Trump must disclose his debt for Stormy Daniels payment in h is disclosure Tuesday -- along with any OTHERS we don't know about. A knowing failure would be a crime via
Bill Kristol @BillKristol🔁They warned me if I didn't vote for Donald Trump we'd have a president who would put Chinese phone companies and Chin ese jobs first...
Lifes A Gift @gift_lifes🔁 supporter to launch new for his Irish fans I have No Regrets building this website It will become Bigger & Better its the in me that Never STOPS
KDL @afrikman🔁Now that Donald Trump has broken the , and damaged transatlantic ties, Germany, France and Britain should start their own initiative to negotiate a security framework with , writes in
Jewish Leadership Council @MungleUk🔁Obvious
Joseph A. Gasper @Josephagasper🔁Donald Trump tweets U.S. Department of Commerce will help China’s ZTE ‘get back into business’
charo bolanos @charobolanos🔁“From what I’ve seen the past two and a half years on the campaign trail up until now, if there’s one thing that’s really suffered because of Donald Trump’s candidacy and now his presidency is decency,” Tur said Monday. via
Bob Trlin @Bobapingu🔁Of yes, a Nobel Prize for Donald Trump. "Everybody says so." 😂🤣😂🤣 No laughing matter really, 50 dead already. BTW , when was the last time someone was killed on the Nth Korea/Sth Korea border?
AkebuGoddess XX @Monterria🔁Here's a new op ed that and I wrote: Out of loopholes, Trump must disclose his debt for Stormy Daniels payment in his disclosure Tuesday -- along with any OTHERS we don't know about. A knowing failure would be a crime via
mikeschreiber @mikeschreiber🔁John McCain’s Integrity Exposes Donald Trump’s True Character

bent @greenplanut🔁They warned me if I didn't vote for Donald Trump we'd have a president who would put Chinese phone companies and Chinese jobs first...
❄️jeanie🌊 @njjeane31🔁Um let me gather all these MAGA folks..

You mean to tell me that your savior Donald trump wasn't even with his wife First Lady Melania Trump when she underwent f*cking kidney surgery today but instead he found time to tweet today..This is who you worship..a POS?

Jesus wept..

Wipapa @Wipapa5🔁Trump's big beautiful wall of all of the people, places and things attacked by Donald Trump. Three names you won’t see: Stormy Daniels, Vladimir Putin or Karen
Older and Better @tree7st🔁 Hurry the fuck up, Mueller.
I want John McCain to see Donald Trump taken away in handcuffs for treason.
Brenda Fleming @brendaf50115077🔁.: My thoughts on what happens to people in Trump’s orbit— “If you fly too close to the sun in Donald Trump’s orbit, you will get burned.”
Brenda sue 28 @BrendaBoggs5🔁President Trump kept his promise by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and opening :
306 RESIST MOBOCRATS @benCunn08101304🔁How measurable a life must you have to want to live under King Donald Trump rule? Hell that makes me sick just to sa y it
scott1807 @scott1807🔁A billion-dollar Indonesian real estate development with ties to Donald Trump has become the latest project in China's globe-spanning Belt and Road infrastructure project -- just as Washington and Beijing are tussling over trade.

by me

🇦🇶Zach Weiner🇺🇸 @zynr07🔁What a prick!! Donald Trump hits the golf course on Mother’s Day, leaving Melania alone with their son.
Stephen Hesselbrock @Hesselb1Stephen🔁Does anybody remember that time when Barack Obama made fun of Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner 7 years ago & how everyone, especially the Democrats, laughed at him hysterically but then Trump became our President & erased Obama’s “legacy?”

That was awesome.

Rachel Kelly-Shelby 🍀 @RachelK1979🔁 There are 44 Presidents that loved America more than Donald Trump.
Roslyn Keron @roslyn_keron🔁We taunted Donald Trump for not having tweeted anything today, and two minutes later he hastily tweeted something. Trump is clearly reading Palmer Report and responding accordingly, which is surprising. We didn’t even know he could read.
Jim Phillips @crazytrumpguy🔁I am here because Donald J Trump is president. No other reason. I just wanted to witness the fall of the Deep State at the hands of the Earth Alliance and Trump. It is such a a joy to know this is happening.
Tom Cox @tomcox60🔁It is clear, now, that Donald Trump has given the order to not publicly apologize (let alone fire Sadler).

Their strategy is to wait until the Beltway and political media move on, like after "shithole countries" remark.

That is how little regard they have for a war hero.

ʍɑӀςօӀʍ Worldwide 🕊 @Kinibig_deal🔁President Donald Trump is really Mr Talk and Do.
Jody @Jodybarn🔁Why am I detailing all this? Because, as I and point out in an op ed today, he has a big choice to make tomorrow:

He must disclose his debt to Michael Cohen for the Stormy Daniels payment — and any others we don’t know about!

🌊 Liddle Top Bugg 🌊 @bugg_ray🔁 Would you want Donald Trump to visit you if you were in the hospital?
💥brooks brown💥🌐🏁 @bbusa617🔁“This is why we have Donald Trump, a businessman as President, because he’s delivering the promises and truth to the American people.”~ on
geoff macdonald @macdonmg🔁From and : Trump is out of legal loopholes. To cut his losses, he must disclose his debt (and any others) in his next financial report, which is due tomorrow unless he requests an extension. via
mohammed samy @mohamedsamy15🔁I liked a @YouTube video Camila Cabello - Havana ( cover by Donald Trump )
Nicolas Durand @kemkem421🔁Donald Trump has responded to criticism over the surprising reprieve his administration extended to China's ZTE Corp
Harold P Faustino @aplofhsi🔁President Donald Trump blasts 'Rocket Man' Kim Jong Un in UN General Ass... via @YouTube
Isabel Albert @Issy_Albert78🔁The seditious Left started out wanting to destroy America long before Donald Trump was even born.

You’re kind of passed it there...

Bob Shriver @ShriverBob🔁. interviewing Israelis ahead of the historic celebration of the U.S. Embassy moving to Jerusalem.

"Trump he's the best. Trump is a strong man. He know's what he's doing."

"God Bless President Trump."

"You're the Donald!"

Déplorable Heidi🚂💨 @hidehunt1🔁In fact, there's a chance that Michael Cohen turned on his old boss in early 2017. Here's an interesting piece (anti-Trump, but revealing):


Covfefe Ohtani @ManAmongGods🔁Well that's really a big surprise. Usually you forcefully speak out against terrible people like Betsy DeVos Scott P ruitt Roy Moore Wes Goodman Donald Trump etc. Wait that's someone with integrity I'm confusing you with.
Mz Walden @hwy126🔁 The call to the White House comes after ten o’clock most weeknights, when 'Hannity' is over
Nancy Ann @nancy41557🔁. on : "As far as the Democrats are concerned, they're hoping that she just goes away, because every time she opens her mouth she causes them problems and reminds everyone of why Donald Trump won."
Fr. Brendan McGrath @frbmcgrath🔁President Donald Trump Will Headline National Gala for Pro-Life Women’s Group
Kia Punk @PunkKia🔁 QANON and the targeting of elderly using President Donald J Trump: via @YouTube
cere @chicanafuturism🔁First Lady Melania Trump resting comfortably after medical procedure and will soon be allowed to return to her day job: waiting for Donald to die
@TLC2K18 @TLC2K11🔁Roy Cohn was Donald’s mentor. Cohn: “The polestar of human evil,” as one character describes him. “The worst human being who ever lived … the most evil, twisted, vicious bastard ever to snort coke at Studio 54.”
Willie Lee Davis @WLD01🔁Melania Trump had surgery today and even though Donald Trump had ZERO on his schedule, he couldn't be bothered to travel the 5 miles from the White House to Walter Reed Medical Center.

Husband of the Year, amirite?

Steve Ferguson @lsferguson🔁Former first lady Michelle Obama criticized the role of women in electing President Donald Trump, suggesting this weekend that his victory showed a lack of women's empowerment
Lyn @TruthToPower65🔁“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”

Donald Trump, 2018

(um, I mean George Orwell, 1984)

Dianna @Dianna65527153🔁Donald Trump tweeting at Congress to stay in Washington and do their jobs from a golf course in Florida is the most Trump thing ever.
Profundo @takinmadrid🔁"I had a very sad, depressing, difficult life." "It was not easy for me when I started out." - Donald Trump

Motivational speakers will tell you how good he has done. But they will not tell you his father gave him ‘a small loan’ of $1 million when he started out.

Grace🇪🇺🇬🇧 I voted pro #EU on the 3rd of May @Commonsenseb0t🔁Nigel Farage will start a petition to secure Donald Trump the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nigel Farage, the Putin-backed Brexit leader, who visited Julian Assange in the midst of the entire Trump/Russia conspiracy, and happens to Fish with Dana Rohrabacher...

Neil Stevens @presjpolk🔁When Donald Trump sides with ZTE, he’s siding with an arm of the Chinese government.
Lucky Lindy @luckylindy31🔁One attempt to fill the moral authority gap comes from the : A National Call for Moral Revival.
Barbara Stiles @Dovewoman1🔁 "President Donald Trump remained in the White House during Melania Trump's surgery."
rosemary @indianarosemary🔁"Non Security Clearance" Jared Kushner says today on Fake News Fox~ When Donald Trump makes a promise, he Keeps it.

Really⁉️I'm old enough to remember when Donald Trump promised to release his tax returns and we're still waiting‼️🤦‍♀️

Jacob Fagan @Gengar249🔁Elmo as Donald Trump via @YouTube
@RightKnight21 @RightKnight21🔁Anderson: "If elected what would your first act as President be?"
Waters: "Well Anderson, I would impeach Donald Trump."
Michael @_MichaelsTweets🔁Wow. Trump’s resort in Scotland received thousands of dollars in US taxpayers’ money to host VIP visits by officials from his administration. Trump should be impeached for this. He should be impeached for thousands of other things too.
M.A @Peanut468🔁Boris Johnson and the others are right. Donald Trump should definitely get the Nobel Peace Prize.
DebbiePrice @DebbieJ69706840🔁What kind of world ... all this needless death and violence, just so Donald Trump can deliver something unnecessary and predictably destructive, but deliver it nonetheless, to a few of his billionaire donors.
Mona @MonaMdmeupanova🔁 Do you have any desire to meet Donald Trump in person?
James Sorah @JamesSorah🔁The blood of murdered Palestinian’s are on Donald Trump’s hands. To think that this will result in peace between Israel and Palestine is absurd.
K Dorn Williamson @Dorn66761974🔁.: Donald Trump assumed his decision to move the US embassy in Israel wouldn't lead to violence. He assumed wrong.


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