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Tim Miller @Timodc🔁I know people who were offered opportunities to lie for Donald Trump and quietly declined.

Harvard & The Emmys calling the wrong folks

Wayne Wedge @nuthntoseehere🔁She couldn't beat Donald Trump. When will you clowns realize she couldn't win if she acted like anybody on earth?
Cheryl @caselvis58🔁FBI Covers Up Truth About Trump-Bashing Dossier
James Woods @RealJamesWoods🔁Emmy Ratings Hit Low With Trump Bashing, Sunday Night Football Dips // What is their common denominator?
Provencio @Azulimperial🔁 @mmpadellan When will twitter block Donald Trump?
Galaxy Girl @someswelltrash🔁 NYT: Don Jr. is giving up Secret Service protection, says he wants more privacy.
Stalkerella @eye_picard🔁So both Donald Trump Jr. and Kellyanne Conway eliminated their Secret Service protection today. Clearly they're paranoid about something.
PatriciaHelene @PatriciaHelene🔁Donald Trump’s idiot fans can’t figure out difference between a Trump wiretap and a Paul Manafort wiretap
Trump Is A Drumpf @RKnowley🔁Donald Trump’s cabinet splits over refugee numbers via @WSJ
unclepaula @UnclePaula🔁@JoeBiden What will it take for Donald Trump to behave in a civil manner ? Is he even capable ?
BadHombre003 @devintoddish🔁🔥PENCE🔥

"Pence? That was all Manafort. Pence is on the phone with Manafort regularly" about CABINET picks‼️


s t e p h @iheartsteph_🔁My 8 year old niece just asked me if I knew that Donald Trump hit Hillary Clinton with a gold ball smh how does she know this 🤦🏻‍♀️
Esther Poldvee @estocanam2🔁Fun Fact: Manafort, when he was under a FISA warrant, was in contact with Trump transition officials, including .
Pamela Farrow @PamelaPffarrow🔁Donald Trump didn't write this tweet. He wouldn't even know "bilateral" is a word, let alone how to spell it.
Payton Scott @PaytonnnScottt🔁Floyd Mayweather defends Trump: "You never heard anything about Donald Trump being racist until he ran for president and won."
dawn mclaughlin @littleredcleric🔁The greatest threats to America are Donald Trump, his staff, his family, his administration, his nazi buddies & the Republican Party.
onahunttoday @onahunttoday🔁49/ So watch the president *very* carefully over the next week—because there's every reason to think tonight's news inculpates Donald Trump.
N and J @LovingVolTrav🔁 Trump Jr. requests scaling back his Secret Service protection
Hillary Won, Period! @igob4u2🔁 NEW: The pro-Trump America First Policies is spending another $500k on Luther Strange in #ALSEN.
Mike Drescher @mdresch2🔁 How Donald Trump Used Facebook Quizzes to Suppress Hillary Clinton’s Vote #ImpeachTrump
Obama Girl... @Leelee1gMaria🔁 Donald Trump’s idiot fans mistakenly celebrate Paul Manafort wiretap
Wayne Wedge @nuthntoseehere🔁Emmy Ratings Hit Low With Trump Bashing, Sunday Night Football Dips // What is their common denominator?
Davis, Charlie @DTeambanning🔁Donald Trump U.N. visit off to rocky start as president slams organization
Shefik @shefik_info🔁 Donald Trump Jr.’s decision to forgo protection could be a big cost-savings for the Secret Service.
elizabeth n jackson @bettynjackson🔁Stop it crook,Donald Trump
Dean Jackson @deanjack700🔁Donald J. Trump’s record on truth and accuracy is astonishingly poor. So far, we’ve fact-checked more than 70 Trump statements and rated fu
kathleen delay @DelayKathleen🔁DonJr doesn't want Secret Service protection any more.

Is he looking to run, or know...he'll have other guards? 😈

Provencio @Azulimperial🔁trump's been inciting violence ALL ALONG. Not only is , he's a dangerous demagogue.

rebecca. @rebxccaaa🔁 .@DonaldJTrumpJr is seeking to scale back his Secret Service protection
Mattie Payne @MattiePayne13🔁If you lied for Donald Trump and helped cover up the Russia Probe like Sean Spicer did then you don't belong on stage. You belong in prison.
Teapot warfare @LeBondAZ🔁#Trump think his "Make America Great Again" is first to Become a Bully Internationally.
It's going to be ugly.
Victor Williams @VicDWilliams🔁 Dianne Feinstein: We intend for Donald Trump Jr. to testify publicly.
Galaxy Girl @someswelltrash🔁Donald Trump has said 4 black men proven innocent should still be executed. When that guy has the presidency I can't take Nazis as abstract.
Patriotic American @PantherEyez7🔁The classic Donald Trump golf swing.

Perfect shot. Hole in one.

Reap what you sow @2017moderate🔁 Just wondering: if the Manafort potential indictment is about money laundering, whither Wilbur Ross?
Eclubdigitalproject @eclubproject🔁Yesterday referred to Kim Jong Un as "Rocket Man". If that's the case, then does that make Donald Trump "Tiny Dancer"?


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