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#Dollar Lisa Min Genius @RukaviChan🔁My precious Bby. What a Cutie. x)

#Mnet #BTS_COUNTDOWN #Suga #방탄소년단 #bts_gogo #Dollar

#Dollar Raf trading @RafKadian🔁$dxy 93.00 #dollar index #DXY $INDEX MAJOR LONG TERM 90.00/89.00***
#Dollar Amana Capital - EN @amanafn🔁U.S. #Dollar faces losses post #FOMC meeting minutes. Check all details on acpt.co
#Dollar BitcoinAgile @bitcoinagile🔁#bitcoin passes $5,000 to hit fresh all-time high Y Magazine #BitcoininOman #Dollar y-oman.com
#Dollar Pedro Rodriguez 🇪🇸 @pedroparralc🔁#Dollar rises after good US producer prices and less jobless claims #Euro #Trading
#Dollar Century Financial @CFB_MarketPulse🔁#Dollar index holds modest gain after jobless claims, PPI data
RT @RT_com🔁#Russia CONTINUES to push away from the US #dollar by stockpiling #gold on.rt.com
RT @RT_com🔁'Pushing away from US #dollar': Central Bank of #Russia adds 1,250 tons of #gold to its reserve on.rt.com
Mercados con MarcoFX @MarcoDaCostaFX🔁 US unemployment claims come in at 243K, expected 251K. #Dollar up 0.06% against the euro as a result.
Robert Meyer @robertmeyer9🔁Revealed: The Social Agents of Monetary Mayhem twitter.com
GLOBALVIEW.ONLINE @GlobalviewOn🔁13.00 GMT Update!🌐
Burma Powell @BurmaPowell🔁 Daily News: 3 Reasons World Could Turn Its Back on U.S.
Michael O'Brien @Gold_Saver🔁#GoldCore Daily News: 3 Reasons World Could Turn Its Back on U.S. #Dollar hubs.ly
#gold #silver #preciousmetals
Mark O'Byrne @MarkTOByrne🔁#GoldCore Daily News: 3 Reasons World Could Turn Its Back on U.S. #Dollar hubs.ly
#gold #silver #preciousmetals
Stephen Flood @stephen_flood🔁#GoldCore Daily News: 3 Reasons World Could Turn Its Back on U.S. #Dollar hubs.ly
#gold #silver #preciousmetals
Shσ̵shσ̵♡ @Sho9499sho🔁 watch


BBC @artiaad🔁watch


Stephen Porter @FXstephenporter🔁TRADER: Can I use the Robot with ECN Brokers? FX EA: Yes, I can make big profits with IronFX and other top brokers. #Dollar #Drawdown
Klocke Capital Group @KlockeCapital🔁If you missed our comment on Monday you can review by clicking the link below!



Marc-Andre Fongern @SkandiStreet🔁 ⬇️post US-Data. comeback ? We don't think so. & political uncertainty ➡️high - dominates outlook. twitter.com
Charles Muhammad @CharlesMuhammad🔁#Gold prices hit 2-week high amid subdued #dollar reut.rs
Peter A. Grant @USAGOLD🔁#Gold higher at 1294.81 (+2.09). #Silver 17.23 (+0.02). #Dollar higher. #Euro lower. #Stocks called better. U.S. 10-year 2.34% (-2 bps).
J.C. Ouellet @jcom_to🔁Did and lead pubLick's not caring about GOV accountability? twitter.com
Big shiner @BigShiner🔁@Independent Oh i know? Lets all get on the bandwagon and see how much #dollar we can get from damages and publicity for out of work actors?
Rakhi Pawar @dollar1rakhi🔁 of the Day
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50yearBeckFan @peedeeheenee🔁#Dow24000: Global Stocks Hit New Record High, #Dollar Mixed After Dovish #Fed | Zero Hedge zerohedge.com #Dow #RecognitionWave
GoldCore @GoldCore🔁 Daily News: 3 Reasons World Could Turn Its Back on the U.S.
Money Morning @moneymorning🔁The teeters in mixed ahead of snapshot... mney.co witter.com/i/web/status/918449923007418370" target="_blank">twitter.com
Yes International @YESInvestor🔁PRECIOUS- #Gold rises on #dollar weakness before #U.S. inflation data reut.rs #morninggoldreport
ADM InvestorServices @TradeADMIS🔁#USDA report day. Grains are mixed to higher. US #Dollar & Gold are higher. Crude is lower this am.
Retweet💖R💙US @ejlazar🔁Part 1 completed. ✅ Next step; up to their other mommy .
ChartMill @ChartMill🔁We love $TTD. Excellent technical rating. Check the full report on Chartmill stockcharts.chartmill.com #Dollar #MLB
Karachi Scribes @KarachiScribes🔁 #Rupee falls sharply against #Dollar today.


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Capital TV @CapitalTV_News🔁#Rupee falls sharply against #Dollar today.


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Brian Zwerner @BrianZwerner🔁#Treasuries Gain on Fed as #Dollar Drifts; #Oil Falls. 30Y #Yield down to 2.87% and #Equity #Futures down small. bloomberg.com
Mark O'Byrne @MarkTOByrne🔁 Daily News: 3 Reasons World Could Turn Its Back on the U.S.
news.goldcore.com tps://twitter.com/i/web/status/918428512679231489" target="_blank">twitter.com
BNT Coins @BNTCoins🔁Own the 24-karat gold-plated , part of the famous US State Quarter twitter.com
Adrian Muller @AdrianM_fx🔁Make over 500%-2,000% per month with our FX Robot. Or we can do Money Management for you, no upfront fees. #Dollar
AvaTrade @AvaTrade🔁Market Update: Rally pauses for & . dips down on dovish goo.gl
Redza Shahwis @merahza🔁#Dollar value drop? #China will 'compel' #SaudiArabia to trade oil in #yuan. Wouldn't #cryptocurrencies be more opportune?
Invstr @invstreams🔁Daily : The falls 📉 flies 📈 Draghi speaks 📢 JPM & report earnings! 💵 twitter.com
Mercados con MarcoFX @MarcoDaCostaFX🔁Nugget Size News: dipped lower as members debate over the perils low inflation
TrioMarkets® @TrioMarkets🔁 weakened amid fresh uncertainty over a potential U.S. rate hike and other US data being released later today: twitter.com
SystemRS @SystemRS🔁Is the world turning its back on the almighty #dollar?
US Dollar Today @USDollarToday🔁#Stocks Mixed, #Dollar Drops on #Fed Inflation Debate: Markets Wrap bloomberg.com
النَّجْمُ الثَّاقِبُ @AnNajamUsSaqib🔁#Dollar value drop? #China will 'compel' #SaudiArabia to #trade oil in# yuan usat.ly via @usatoday
David Linton @ChartsToday🔁US markets holding bullish #spx #nasdaq
Asia up & Aus looking better
#Dollar weak short term. #Euro stronger
Mario Pashardes @tradepedian🔁FX markets outlook 12/10/2017
weakens after minutes rises as Rajoy sets deadline for

Avramis Despotis @AvramisDespotis🔁FX markets outlook 12/10/2017
weakens after minutes rises as Rajoy sets deadline for
GLOBALVIEW.ONLINE @GlobalviewOn🔁9.00 GMT Update!🌐
nigerianbulletin.com @nbulletin🔁Today's (12/10/2017) exchange rate of the Nigerian against the , and . For more, got to twitter.com
TalkMarkets @TalkMarkets🔁Will The CPI Report Send The #Dollar Down? $UUP goo.gl
Allanwater Homes @AllanWaterHomes🔁 that The Views is a 10 minute drive from and a 15 minute drive from ? 🚗 twitter.com


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