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Alan Gonzalez @alankg24🔁 73. this is dollar general
Eliza Orlins @eorlins🔁My friend is running for Illinois Attorney General. He isn’t taking contributions from special interests like some o f his opponents! He needs grassroots support!

Will you chip in and join the effort? Every dollar helps!

Dollar General Metro Nashville PD @MNPDNashville🔁Shooting suspect Ronald L. Kirby being taken from the Dollar General Store where he was hiding.
Dollar General 🤪 @_livvylivliv🔁 Olivia from Dollar General 💋
Metro Nashville PD @MNPDNashville🔁Shooting at Resolution Inc. off Dickerson Pk. Former employee reported to have shot current employee in the face. Victim at Vanderbilt Hospital. Suspect may have fled to neighboring Dollar General. Store evacuated. SWAT on scene.
New York Jobs @NYJobConnecter🔁#NewYorkJobs #NYjobs #jobs ASST STORE MGR - Dollar General - Holland Patent, NY see➔
EarthlyMails @EarthlyMails🔁Road rage leads to 1 dead, 2 injured at Ft. Mitchell Dollar General
y&r boii @danimorph🔁If I was an army general I’d give 250 dollar visa gift card if you enlist
OregonFan @dswidow🔁My friend is running for Illinois Attorney General. He isn’t taking contributions from special interests like some of his opponents! He needs grassroots support!

Will you chip in and join the effort? Every dollar helps!

Jenny Schweigert @JenSchweigert🔁We were ruthless this week where it comes to milk. I think We've gone through 6 gallons. Good thing there's a Dollar General in town!
Rogue Scientist Nightwatch @RSNightwatch🔁My friend is running for Illinois Attorney General. He isn’t taking contributions from special interests like some of his opponents! He needs grassroots support!

Will you chip in and join the effort? Every dollar helps!

OLDTPBUSER 22 @OLDTPBUSER🔁@bobby To answer that RC cola question, they still do. though it's only sold at Dollar General IIRC
TJ @MrGoodBeard__🔁@55mmbae being a fancy bish vs dollar general
NanaBarbarian @WarpedBrassiere🔁Snagged these beauties at Dollar General for about $3 each...MSRP $20-30. Maybe I'm a little old…
brittany ✨ @BrittanyMinjar2🔁@ anyone from the Monte alto area !!!
Please be careful there are very terrible fires spreading because of the very harsh winds so please watch out !!!
There is a huge one before entering Monte Alto and another one far right from dollar general so pls be careful :(((
Larry Staats @OhLurry🔁why is what I thought was jank-Walgreens actually some kind of wild Dollar General meets Walgreens offspring, but has chosen to deny aesthetics, hiding their inner complexity and glory, surpassing the others
Bug @marshallwmarler🔁Idk what’s worse, the fact you think titty piercings are hoeish or the fact that you’re trying to criticize women whi le your Avi is you dressed as Harley Quinn if she smoked crack and worked at Dollar General?🤔
Jordan🌹#WeNotMe @No_To_Duopoly🔁The CEO of Dollar General recently acknowledged that his company stands to benefit from rising inequality.

“As middle class continues to go away,” he said, the economy will create more of the chain’s “core customer.”

Carol Goodwin @CarolGo18658081🔁I know a lot of them, I work there. They may get 25 hrs a week. You may say why don't they find a better playing job. My town you have Walmart Harvey mom's and pops resturants, Dollar tree and Dollar general. No jobs!
God Goku @GodGoku01🔁Plz shut up you dollar general version of Dlo.
Factz are right on your face and you can’t see it.
Ain’t no way Mitche ll is better than Ball just because he’s a better scorer.
Where is your basketball IQ sir?!
Sarah Shea @ItzSShea🔁Dollar General quality Freightliner and Volvo Big Trucks! Please bring our big truck companies back 2the U.S. We need quality! I see an explosion in Interstate technology just ahead! So many fascinating advances! We need the equipment to carry it!!💕❤️Love you President Trump!
T ᖇ E ᗩ 💕💋 @treeaaa_🔁Ima just go to dollar general and get two fruit cups
Fort Dodge Iowa @FortDodgeIow🔁Fort Dodge Messenger Dollar General announces moving plans Fort Dodge Messenger This lot, at First Avenue South and 1 8th Street in Fort Dodge will be the site of a new Dollar General Store. The new store is expected to open this summer.…
avenue_ponybooks @avenue_ebooks🔁Dollar General find: this cool old VHS camera
Hammersmith @Czernobog🔁@newLEGACYinc I got my Dollar General cards gimme a sec
Carrie Saunders @carrie_out_🔁I tried to have a discussion about global warming in dollar general with the cashier in Waldron.

I’m pretty sure h is jaw dropped when I said I believed it was true.

Bonnie Washington @BonnieWashing14🔁My town got two a couple of years ago, but only to assist at an interstate overpass. Our shopping options ar e Dollar General and Family dollar. Oh, we got a McDonald's at the overpass too. As soon as you turn east though for a fifty mile radius only 1 gas station. Nothing else.
Kaylee🍉 @kaylee___beres🔁@MekailahP Oo I love dollar general 😂❤ I hope you get one of them🤞🏼
Sammy @iamsammmy_🔁i witness somone steal from dollar general today for the 2nd time, & it made me realize i need to get tf out of sa :)
Alabama Wadsworth @ALGANCTNwx🔁Road rage incident - started in Columbus GA, ended in Fort Mitchell AL - ends with 3 people shot and 1 killed at Dollar General, according to Russell Co. Sheriff. will have a LIVE update on at 11 tonight.
toynamerbot @toynamerbot🔁Mackenzie the shiny beige bear from Dollar General
toynamerbot @toynamerbot🔁Buckeye the skinny clear alligator from Dollar General
Military Dollar @Military_Dollar🔁@goodlifebetter @reachingforfi @TreadLightly_RE Colin Firth in general wins, but Matthew Macfayden wins as Darcy.
chobbsy @ChrisHo01441969🔁You like your governor's to be lying, cheating, blackmailers? Wow - you do have low standards!! Meet all your men a t Dollar General, lol?!
®ich Homie ®azz @_RazzleDazzle🔁@TheBlacktalian1 See What I Mean... I Go To Dollar General For My Cleaning Supplies And My Toiletries...
Supra1BqTeam @supra1Bqteam🔁"STORE CLERK TEMPORARY - Dollar General - Piggott, AR"
Raviee @ForeverBlackmon🔁@mccallandmorgan Not the dollar general version! 😂😂
Tiffany Lester @KVIITiffany🔁Vega residents tell me what they think of a new Dollar General being built right on Main St.
Supra1BqTeam @supra1Bqteam🔁"STORE CLERK TEMPORARY - Dollar General - Athens, AL"



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