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Doctor Who kristine @DEADRlNGER🔁 Congratulations on Doctor Who, ladies, but stay vigilant. We’ve got a lot more work to do.
Fozia Siddiqui @FoziaSid🔁 A female Doctor Who? It's about time.
Doctor Who Full Frontal @FullFrontalSamB🔁Congratulations on Doctor Who, ladies, but stay vigilant. We’ve got a lot more work to do.
HaveIGotNewsForYou @haveigotnews🔁Surprise as alien life form Doctor Who nerds are most frightened of turns out to be ‘women’.
Robbie Day @rday815🔁So I got a referral to see a doctor who's giving me a referral to see a better doctor.

The only thing she said was "oh yeah, that's bad."

Jo @JaayEmmBee🔁 Tell me again how women are treated the same as men.
Deloar hossain @dipudipu513🔁Perspective: Of course Doctor Who is a woman. Sci-fi has always been about progress.

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Ali Ebrahimzadeh Esq @AEArtLaw🔁KQEDarts: *SURPRISE* The 13th Doctor Who is a Woman — But the Show Has Had Female Pioneers From the Very Beginning…
Scott Stevenson @Almostfm🔁@roushfenway @nascarcasm @IMS What is that on the right-a Dalek from Doctor Who?
Sean Fanalis @KalThrace🔁This again? I'd love to see the Venn diagram of men outraged over a female Doctor Who and trolls who tell Muslim women they're oppressed.
Clarence Worley @whatakerfuffle🔁He's saying he doesn't oft have a problem with a female doctor who. But. AND IT'S A BIG BUT. He does really.
Angie M. @wwdove17🔁@TableTopWizard1 @HallHLine First timer, too. but i have passes to the Doctor who party Sat 7-10pm. Means I can't get a wristband, right??
Chiara Peverati 🇨🇿 @ChiaraPeverati🔁I was talking about the modern Doctor Who. I like to look at the new and classic one separately.

Tom Baker is indee d a legend.

City 'til I Cry! @tomritchiemcfc🔁@HovisBlues @WilliamShuttoh Lord of the Rings is shite. Doctor Who is shite. Game of Thrones is a work of genius & the greatest boxset ever!
Cubic & Wisest Human @memeings🔁I’m Thankful My Daughter Can Grow Up In A World Where She Can Be Whatever The Hell A Doctor Who Is
Samantha @Gressersamantha🔁Everyone I talk too who has twins says my doctor read my ultrasound wrong and there's 2 babies not one 😮😮😮😮😮
NattyJane @njanexx🔁So i have decided to finally see the classic doctor who for the first time i saw reboot but i have always been hesistant to see classic
thyratext @thyratext🔁 Doctor Who, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, super heroes...what can we women "ruin" next? I vote for the US government!
Nonstop news @CLM_net🔁 'Doctor Who' female lead was a long time coming: In the story of the…
Alise Tallents @alise_tallents🔁nerd boys: i hate that there's a female Doctor Who!!! if a woman is in it i'm OUT!
also nerd boys: women won't date me because i'm too nice
Outsiders' Network @OutsidersNetwk🔁Great commentary on the new Doctor Who from @katyjon #outsidersuperpower
MIDDLE MAN @mydata49🔁Name a politician who hasn't, what's important are the consequences and in Jr.'s case there was none, not like, "you can keep your doctor".
Just JJ @jjsmeiman🔁 @Annettoz @cateici Even the doctor who wants to treat him gives him 10%. I would suggest that is wildly optimistic!
RobertNTaupier 🇺🇸 @RobertNTaupier🔁 Japanese doctor who worked until months before his death passes away aged 105
Larry @datavortex🔁How could so many be furious over a female Doctor Who? They answer is they’re not says
Rüya @cloudwanderer3🔁 Doctor Who is closer to Blue Peter and Strictly Come Dancing than Supergirl, and that's one of the reasons I love it.
CorbynSupporters50+ @corbyn50plus🔁‘Every junior doctor knows another junior doctor who has either taken their own life or come very close’

Megan Callahan @thunderrodds🔁day who even knows anymore: I'm at the doctor for the third time this season


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