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Doctor Jessiie Whittaker @_jessiie🔁 Introducing the 13th Doctor, #jodiewhittaker . #DoctorWho #DoctorWho13
Doctor Zoe Schafer @zoeschafer🔁 Congratulations on Doctor Who, ladies, but stay vigilant. We’ve got a lot more work to do.
Doctor Pradateufel @ZodiacWay🔁 #ffxv Verstael, in a backup unit, ten years after Ep Prompto. Working as a doctor in Lestallum.
Doctor Gay af Coach 🍌 @GeiBaar🔁 Welcome Jodie Whittaker.
The 13th Doctor.
It’s so very nice to meet you. 💙
#DoctorWho #13thDoctor
Sudhakar L @su_smile4u🔁 @rajnathsingh
Why do we need Doctor in INDIA ? When we have these FRAUDs?
Geek Out Huntsville @geekouthsv🔁 "Doctor Who makes sci-fi history by casting a woman as the lead"
m@®|{ µø₽₽û§🏳️‍🌈 @markhoppus🔁Oh great a female Doctor Who. What next? Female real doctors? Female pilots? Female scientists? Female sisters and mothers? Female WOMEN?!
Merriam-Webster @MerriamWebster🔁'Doctor' has no gender in English.
Colin Baker @SawbonesHex🔁Change my dears and not a moment too soon - she IS the Doctor whether you like it or not!
Greit @GrettJ🔁 'Doctor' has no gender in English.
Dan Murrell @danimal99🔁 RT if your actual real life doctor is female.
James McGee @BigJimMcGee🔁 You mean like, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."? 🤥
Mhm @nameterminated🔁 Based off of what I see in your avi, I would definitely get that dick checked out by a doctor.
Travis Logan @trvslogan🔁I’m Thankful My Daughter Can Grow Up In A World Where She Can Be Whatever The Hell A Doctor Who Is
Valérie Aumais @VAumais🔁@BR_Doctor What is going to happened to American Alpha?
haley@RNW prep @augustasands🔁This person thought they were dissing The Doctor regenerating as a woman. In fact, they were creating the only GWTW reboot I'll ever accept.
Jerry (2 silent r's) @jlock17🔁 To appease the male uproar after casting a woman as the next Doctor, the series will now be known as Nurse Who.
Jive Oxford @JiveOxford🔁Tried to buy book today: out of stock and reprinting, which is great news. Hope the right people are reading it
Jews News @Jews_News🔁Your Body Is Acidic. How To Alkalize Your Body Naturally (The Truth Behind Cancer That You Will Never Hear From...
R. Melnick-Lippart @Plant_Doctor🔁@geneticmaize @wrobertsfood ...or crops produced. I worked in cacao for years, that isn't consumed locally.
Eric Schuetz @etschuetz🔁OMG! They totally ruined NOTHING! I am going to love watching Doctor Who again!
Cody Punk @codypunkxx🔁are people complaining about the doctor being a woman? really ? they are people who watch a show with lizard lesbianism and think that way?
deb⭐*^∇゜)v @eryxia🔁But I'm really excited for a bunch of superhero movies and doctor who !! Wow!! Especially that.
Asher☠ @RainbouzXP🔁 "I just can't picture a female doctor!"
It's a fucking TV show mate, they provide the pictures for you
Ninja Of Truth @ninja_of_truth🔁@MichaelsANewman @Dr_Soapstein Oh, I'm laughing. Just read through a lot of his page. If he is a "doctor", it was earned online.
Zachary F. Davis @ZacharyFDavis🔁Exactly. She is an accomplished actress, and there's a lot of potential. But she can be a great Doctor without being the "Woman Doctor".
Ernie W. Webb III @Ernie_Webb_3🔁@bhallier @StevenTDennis @MattHoffmannMA My doctor, Arden Andersen, is running for governor. Great guy.
Jaimé En Fuego @JaimeEnFuego🔁I liked a @YouTube video THE SHINING Cemetery Dance UNBOXING & DOCTOR SLEEP Review - HAIL TO STEPHEN KING: The
stop uwu @uwuhater🔁there's a sign on my door
and it reads
"Doctor Uwu Puncher"
Hyh @How_Hardy🔁 Me: I'm not changing anything about myself just for you

Doctor: sigh

(insert full name) @Itarille🔁David Tennant, Arthur Darvil... & now Jodie Whittaker. And you thought it was a COINCIDENCE that "Broadchurch" is an anagram of "Doctor Who"
Charlize Veritas @CharlizeVeritas🔁Everyone is talking about the Doctor and GoT but...
Sushi trashing. @voDKadads🔁 A xan a day keep the doctor away
emil on ice @zestiestmemes🔁Yay for Rey, Furiosa and the Doctor but these are the Science Fiction/Fantasy heroines I'm here for.
Ellis @furry2120🔁@Doctor_Alphys_ "Ok good cause you are very beautiful Alphys."
amalind @Amacutnso🔁Their drug hangout was busted, meth was seized, and someone overdosed. No one got arrested. No police report filed!
MachineCore @machinecore010🔁"Clinging to the same old patterns, especially at this moment in time, would have been a big step backward."
The Doctors Song @ASLTrekkie🔁 Change my dears and not a moment too soon - she IS the Doctor whether you like it or not!
always♡ @saraxscofields🔁a gay black female companion and a female doctor in the same year doctor who you're doing FUCKING amazing sweetie i love you
Paul Guy @paulguy6🔁 They've had six months to doctor them up.
Vivian @VivianBigMomma🔁At least we will get to see a Doctor.
Ranting NewYorker @RantingNYer🔁 Murdoch-owned paper publishes nude photos of new female #DoctorWho. Because #misogyny
YvesStLaurzy @YvesStLaurzy🔁There once was an old Doctor who
On dying, became someone new;
One day she awoke,
No longer a bloke,
Cos women can be Doctors too.

Princess Mer-Bae 👑🐬🍁 @fauncreations🔁"Doctor Who is being run by PC lefties now"

In 1963, it had a woman producer and was directed by a gay Asian man.

Wayne Drash @DrashmanCNN🔁This LA Times story on the former USC medical school dean. WOW!
Bethoc Aeilflaed @elflein1🔁Nancy, back to the days before you & Obama promised we could keep our doctor and average family would save $2,500. 🤡
DaveJ_H @StcrevDavid🔁@thetimeladies_ Hasn't Doctor Who always proved that women can be heroes without making the main character female? Rose/Martha/Sarah Jane?
beauxbaton ✨ @CarlChrizenda🔁 Earth is 100% happy to finally have a female Doctor saving the world; after all, women save the real world everyday.
Josh Crutchmer @jcrutchmer🔁 This story about the USC medical school dean is BONKERS.
Tovarich_Rodolfo @Shambhala7🔁"Josef Mengele had some offbeat ideas about medical research, but that does not mean we do not respect his expertise as a doctor."
Joeprior @Joeprior13🔁What the fuck is the deal with all these women dominating the world. A woman is now the doctor and two female charac ters for zombies.😒
always♡ @saraxscofields🔁If you think The Doctor changing gender is unrealistic I have some bad news about aliens, time travel and regeneration.
Ray Nebroskie @raynebroskie🔁And now people are talking about doctor who so someone do me a favor and kill me now
Gaza Chin ✨ @samzzille🔁imagine you pay money fi guh doctor fi the doctor tell you seh you need fi guh see a doctor fuck unu a guh medical school fah ?
Philip Graeter @graeter🔁This is heartbreaking. Please vaccinate. And ask your doctor about vaccines. My prayers are with this family.
monica geller @naomateabruxa🔁 Merriam-Webster shuts down trolls complaining about female Doctor Who casting


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