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Dilly Dilly Chris Berry @dingochrisberry🔁 Bud Light responds to Masters 'Dilly, Dilly!' ban: trib.al
Dilly Dilly Sav🌻 @savannahgentry_🔁 Dilly dilly!
Mike Paris @zyxnix🔁@PaulCalvisi I wasn't into this Dilly Dilly nonsense, until I heard it was banned from the Masters. Now, I LOVE IT.
Dilly Dilly KFAN1003 @KFAN1003🔁The Masters will be kicking out fans who yell "Dilly, Dilly!" on the course

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Dilly Dilly Blake @BHall_6🔁 Our King weighs in on the Dilly Dilly ban.
Dilly Dilly Barstool Sports @barstoolsports🔁Augusta National will remove you immediately if you scream "Dilly Dilly" during The Masters
Dilly Dilly Bud Light @budlight🔁Our King weighs in on the Dilly Dilly ban.
Sports Illustrated @SInow🔁Yelling “Dilly Dilly!” may get you kicked out of The Masters on.si.com
Nick Angel @RealNickAngel🔁Just been told security staff at Augusta National have been handed a sheet with a list of sayings that are prohibited. I'm told "dilly dilly" is one of them. Patrons who shout out these phrases will be "removed" immediately.
TAZ @Danakin_Earls🔁So let me get this straight... Golf fans can get ejected at Augusta National for yelling “DILLY DILLY” but 22 years ago fans could take a club from a pros bag, bend it right in front of the pro’s face, mock him and it result in ZERO consequences? Got it.
Greg Tolleson @kcrazorback🔁St. Louis has too much time on their hands. Dilly dilly. twitter.com
Paperwork Ninja @PaperworkNinja🔁@EdMorrissey Arm Masters personnel with slingshots and bags of marbles. The "dilly dilly" plague will end quickly.
Bo @KimBowm29197229🔁 “dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly twitter.com dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly dilly” The Masters LOST my business this year!
SPANG @CMontyBurnsIII🔁The dudes that have beaten Dilly Dilly to death are the same comedic geniuses that annoyed the living shit out of eve twitter.com ry party in the 90's with Austin Powers quotes.
Adam Lockey @AdamofMabbs🔁Gas works on the A30 junction with Dilly Lane and Thackhames Lane, Hartley Wintney causing massive delays! It took m twitter.com e 50 mins to get from the car sales at Murrell Green to the B3016 (Winchfield) turning at which I bailed to the back roads

Jamal Football @Dahlayy🔁So u get tossed from masters for yelling "" but what if u yell only "dilly" and someone else, like a buddy echoes you with "dilly"? What now Masters police?
Jethro Dull @Wright_ap🔁@EdMorrissey If my friend and I each just say "dilly" is that ok?
Jamal Football @Dahlayy🔁Fans will be booted from the Masters if they yell "Dilly Dilly”.

I’ve never wanted to go see golf more in my entire life.

C. Petes @ChadPetes🔁Bud Light crafts the perfect "proclamation" in response to the reported "dilly dilly" ban at the Masters:
Porter Burkett @porterburkett12🔁@TODAYshow DILLY DILLY!
Seth Thompson @SethET96🔁So you cant say "Dilly, Dilly" at the masters. Boy stuffy, old, white, men SUCK!!!!
Mark Harmon @M5Harmon🔁Well, Dilly Dilly to them. twitter.com
Brandon @brobcohen🔁Why did people actually like Dilly Dilly?
Megan⚡️ @nmgea🔁@manthajf @howie_dilly @iainlee this isn’t new at all, this was a craze years ago
⚜️Skrill-Dilly⚜️ @Skrill_Dilly🔁T-Mobile has fastest LTE speeds in latest Ookla report — TmoNews apple.news
Anthony @tankhead666🔁@cvh1958 I don’t get it. Dilly dilly.
Jim Bicknell @JimBicknell🔁@KFAN1003 I love that Budweiser is sending tons of Dilly Dilly shirts for people to wear!!!!!
houstonfc @houstonfc🔁Bud Light issues hilarious response to reported Masters 'Dilly Dilly' ban a.msn.com
Lura A Dye @LuraADye1🔁Get well soon, dilly, dilly! #RuinaGetWellCard
Lura A Dye @LuraADye1🔁Dilly, dilly! #masters2018 #AugustaNational
The Green Monster @GreenMawnstah🔁@SInow Dilly dilly
Shane Styles @shaner5000🔁If the Masters can ban "Dilly Dilly!", what can we do as a country to stop people from yelling "WHAT?" at WWE events?
Houston Raghibs @DavidInAlief🔁So if a person just says 1 Dilly, what do the Masters do?
Cole Lewis @ColeJumps🔁Dilly Dilly🤟🏾🔥
Charles Rutherford @superchachi🔁No human anywhere should say it, unless they're ordering at Dairy Queen and counting out loud to confirm the two peop twitter.com le who want a Dilly Bar.
SoCal Native™ @yesitsNEIL🔁DILLY DILLY!!!! twitter.com
Charles @SKSnooker🔁@Acosta Yeah OK dilly dilly
Taka Michinoclue @JenJenMichelle🔁 If you wear a Dilly Dilly shirt into Augusta National you should be deported twitter.com
myself, Cha$en @chasenmyself🔁GETCHO DILLY DALLY TOGETHER.
Shane Styles @shaner5000🔁I'm worried about the Streisand Effect of the Masters clamping down on Dilly Dilly.

(I don't actually believe this, twitter.com I just wanted to write a sentence that makes sense today but would have sounded absolutely bonkers 20 years ago.)

Big 102.1 @Big1021Acadiana🔁Using this popular term at Augusta will get you kicked out! goo.gl
Linda Dudek @DudekLinda🔁Masters 2018: 'Dilly Dilly' phrase reportedly banned, Bud Light responds sports.yahoo.com
Ivan Widman @ives715🔁The Masters will be kicking out fans who yell "Dilly, Dilly!" on the course

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WCCB, Charlotte's CW @WCCBCharlotte🔁The popular phrase 'Dilly Dilly' has been banned at The Master's. SEE BUD LIGHTS EPIC RESPONSE: twitter.com
m @dilly_d1lly🔁MAN O MAN I see SO MUCH crazy potential for this world to be head-over-heals IN LOVE with Jesus Christ if we fully surrender and accept His sacrifice. revival is COMING. we’re gonna know how deep, wide, and high His love REALLY is.
Mal @mkrielzzz🔁I leave my mom alone for 10 min in the mall and she comes back with a dilly dilly shirt 😭


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