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Barry M Brown @barrymbrown2017🔁 I am sorry, but your “Color Analyst” Dick Vitale is embarrassing your network. This is just horrible
Mike Griffith @MikeGriffith32🔁ESPN's Dick Vitale on national coach of the year: "My choice is Rick Barnes"
lablover @njlang4🔁 Why is Dick Vitale on television? Why? Why? Why?
mccade cox @bigmacdaddy32🔁 At least Dick Vitale doesn’t play favorites when he calls Kentucky games.
Big Joe @BIGJOEONTHEGO🔁Kids, in case you were wondering...the mute button was created exclusively for Dick Vitale.
RockyTopTalk @RockyTopTalk🔁Dick Vitale, after Grant gets thrown into the bench: "Nah, you don't call that."
cLint @ClintFromOhio🔁Dick Vitale probably just took out his glass eye and threw it against the wall when he realized Notre Dame was out.
Mick McCabe @MickMcCabe1🔁No Domers. Well, at least Dick Vitale has something to cry about.
John Royal @John_Royal🔁Cue Dick Vitale’s Notre Dame was robbed screams in...
Jay Lawless 🏀 @UKJayL🔁Oh...tough night for Dick Vitale. Louisville and Notre Dame not in
Daniel @DBacon15🔁 I've never hated an old man more than I hate Dick Vitale
Jeff Cherry @JeffACherry🔁Dick Vitale is already trending on twitter and he hasn't even gone on Sportscenter yet to whine about Syracuse and Notre Dame getting left out.
Shaka Shakur @AnothaDukeWin🔁Selection Sunday predictions:

- TBS airing the selection show will cause confusion
- Twitter will complain Duke got the easiest draw
- John Calipari will complain UK got the hardest
- Gonzaga will be underseeded
- Dick Vitale will throw an fit over Notre Dame not making it

RealWillFelder @realwillfelder🔁Dick Vitale is gonna have a duck. #NoIrish
Ron Lassman @redsme66🔁@Koewler I guess you will not be inviting Dick Vitale to your next party?
Trey Herrell @HerrellTrey🔁 Dick Vitale: “You don’t call that” 🙄 twitter.com
The Shep Abides. @geauxshep🔁DICK VITALE: Welcome to the 47th overtime
[Sun rises]
[Sun keeps getting bigger]
[World engulfed by flames]
Eric Herring @eherring44🔁Dick Vitale:

Tennessee scores: “Eh.”

Kentucky scores: “Oh baby! He’s so good! Yeahhh baby! We are Kentucky baby! Jam city!! Up, up, and away! Ohhhh!! *cringe worthy laughter* Oh my!!”

Drew Cubitt @drew_cubitt🔁 Dick Vitale draws ire of Tennessee fans for chanting 'We Are Kentucky' kansascity.com
Stump Jumper @Gregbpav🔁@hsimon62 And dick vitale
Take the Power (T) Back! @AtlantaVolFan🔁but Russ don't you want to hear some talking heads' "expert analysis"?!?! Maybe a Slick Dick(head) Vitale cameo?!?! O twitter.com h wait, he's in the motel room with Calamari
Tracy Teffeteller @MSvolsfan1🔁 Kids, in case you were wondering...the mute button was created exclusively for Dick Vitale.
TENNYGAME @tennygame🔁Dick Vitale buddy ; something tells me you done made the mud list on the hill with Volnation....
Joseph St. Germain @JosephSaintG🔁It’s a tragedy that *large school that doesn’t deserve to make the tournament* didn’t make the tournament. I’m shocke twitter.com d and appalled - Dick Vitale in an hour or two
Peter Ewing @PeterEwing10🔁 Dick vitale is the dumbest gosh awful commentator I’ve ever heard
dakota @ffbkoda🔁Dick Vitale when a Tennessee player scores “yea that’s a good shot there.”

Dick Vitale when a Kentucky player scores “LETS GO BABY!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!? THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT BABY! LETS GO!”

Mute this man.

Delonte West @bpow_1🔁If I could hang out with any person in the world for an entire month it would have to be dick vitale during March
Barry M Brown @barrymbrown2017🔁 People I want to punch in the face

1. Butch Jones
2. Dick Vitale
3. The entire set of officials that the SEC employs

In JRob We Trust @LLCooolJay🔁Honestly, Dick Vitale has turned into one of the worst “Color Analyst” in all of College Basketball. He’s great for the game, but it’s time to just put him in studio.
Kiel Apple @Apple_Kiel🔁 Dick Vitale is definitely on John Calipari's payroll.
Mike Hancho @ShakenBakeMike🔁 Dick Vitale is a CUCK


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