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Geoff Bennett @GeoffRBennett🔁Sen. Dick Durbin now knocking down Trump's denial: "It's not true. He said those hateful things, and he said them repeatedly."
bl 🇺🇸 @realblee88🔁We just want the left to know, despite the fake news on the ‘Shit hole’ comment made by the President- If the Reports were accurate, we agree with the President.

The countries that the President mention are third world hell holes.

Sen. Tim Scott
Dick Durbin
Are you a Racist

Josh Dawsey @jdawsey1🔁After Trump denied our story about him threatening to pull Neil Gorsuch's nomination, sources came back with more det twitter.com ails. Today, Dick Durbin goes on the record after Trump denies. Denials sometimes spark people to tell reporters more (and we very much appreciate it!)
ABC News @ABC🔁Sen. Dick Durbin, who was in yesterday's Oval Office meeting, says Pres. Trump "said these hateful things, and he sai twitter.com d them repeatedly."
SarahCA @sarahTRUMPMORON🔁‘Durbin on Trump’s immigration rant: ‘It was vile, it was hateful, it was racist’’

Durbin was at the meeting.

🌊Mrs. BlueWave 🌊 @RedStateDem_🔁Watch this really powerful clip of Dick Durbin talking about the "shithole"comments and the immigration deal he is spearheading.

Lena Silva @boatlena🔁5 Republicans were in the Room besides Dick Durbin when Trump made the "Shithole" comment.

- Lindsey Graham
- David Perdue
- Tom Cotton
- Kevin McCarthy
- Bob Goodlatte
- Mario Diaz-Balart

Have the integrity and courage to come forward and speak out against this racist liar


Blue Doggie ✌🏳️‍🌈 @3lueDoggie🔁Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin confirms Trump made "shithole" remark at meeting, says President's denials are not true
Margaret P.Smith @Meggypaul🔁@SGTreport 'I cannot even stand to look at you' politico.com via @politico
EveryShadeofBlue @CathyLarson16🔁Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin, who attended the immigration meeting, confirms President Trump made “shithole countries” remark and made other comments that were “hate-filled, vile and racist”
Anna Irene @AnnaIrene59🔁Not politicians, they have reverted back to preschool. I am telling mommy that he said 💩.
Biggest bunch of babies, especially Senator "DICK" Durbin. A Cry-Baby momma's boy.
The problem is the press are his enabling mommy.
Rabbit Hole Gazette @RHGazette🔁Not one single CNN or MSNBC talking head mentioned this when 'reporting' supposed Trump shithole remark:

Dick Durbin Has a History of Lying About White House Meetings


Southlink @southlink247🔁@megwagner FUCK DICK HEAD TURBIN DURBIN!!!
Gina DeCoster @DecosterGina🔁Something to bear in mind. REPORT: Dick Durbin Has A History Of Lying About Private White House Meetings:
Charles Carroll III @VietnamMongoose🔁Dick Durbin says he can't believe any president has ever used hate-filled language before

Apparently the Senator has never heard of FDR, Woodrow Wilson or LBJ, despite all being from the same party as him

David Morgan @StarCoreOne02🔁Just a quick reminder: Sen. Durbin has fabricated quotes out of White House meetings before. Maybe take his "shithole" say-so with all the grains of salt. (link: )
Catherine Schwob @SchwobCatherine🔁so the democRATS care about illegal aliens but not the Millitary which needs a bill sent to President . desk by the 1 twitter.com 9th and where are the dick durbin emails with that shooter at the baseball field?
Agent Renee 🇺🇸 @ReneeCarrollAZ🔁GOTTA BUILD THAT BASE: Dick Durbin, Senate Dems Trying to Extend Amnesty to Millions of Illegal Parents of 'Dreamers' via
Sandra Anne @Antler776🔁VIDEO: Senator Dick Durbin, who called Trump's comments on 3rd world countries 'hatefilled, vile', compared US troops to Nazis.
Freediver Doris @Freediver_Doris🔁Donald Trump’s day so far:

- Yep he said “shithole”
- Sen. Dick Durbin confirms it
- “Trump is a racist” is trending
- U.S. Ambassador to Panama quits
- Trump doesn’t have a U.S. Ambassador to Haiti
- Vows to record WH meetings
- Worked out well for Nixon
- It’s still only 11am

2018/2020 @Gotmyeyesopened🔁in a room of 6 people, only Dick Durbin says Trump said "Shithole" . . personally i don't care if he said it or not, but this is worth pointing out
DONION I. SEFON @donionI_sefon1🔁Thank you to Senators Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. Dick Durbin for their American values and honesty.
George Munson @rhbaseball15🔁 Actual article. dailywire.com
djsoutlook @djsoutlook🔁 I wouldn’t buy and apple from Dick Durbin. If this is your source, it didn’t happen. twitter.com
Missgraciemae 🌹 @Missgraciemae11🔁"I cannot believe that in the history of the White House, in the Oval Office, any president has ever spoken words that I personally heard our president speak yesterday.” ~ Sen. Dick Durbin. Seriously? 🤣 Lyndon Johnson’s own biographer said Johnson used the “N-Word” incessantly!
Viva la Resistance @CavanughT🔁.: "On Twitter today, [Pres. Trump] wrote, 'this was not the language used,' although the president did not specify what language he was referring to."
"It is not true. He said these hate-filled things, and he said them repeatedly," Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) says.
johngaltfla.com @johngaltfla🔁 The plot thickens! 😂😂? dailywire.com ?

TXGirl4Justice @BeaumontMelissa🔁💥Wow .. the term "chain migration" is now racist.. when will these Dems put down the plunger and stop digging up the past.. They're worse than a nagging woman.Everything is racist! 🙄🙄thanks for keep dividing us..it's what y'all preach against 💥💥

onahunttoday @onahunttoday🔁DEM Sen Dick Durbin, who attended the immigration meeting, Confirms Trump Made "S*** hole Countries" remark & made other Comments that were "Hate-Filled, VILE & RACIST."

Daisy the Terrier @DaisyNorwich1🔁NEW: Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue issue joint statement on President Trump's reported "sh*thole" comment, saying "we do not recall the President saying these comments specifically."
20 + C + M + B + 18 @TherouxPeter🔁I wonder how the presidents Johnson, Kennedy, or even FDR have fared if there was a Republican version of a Dick Durbin running to a newspaper reporter or a radio station hyperventilating about every expletive they used in a closed door meeting.

GameOfTrump @GameOfTrumpster🔁Dick Durbin's district. twitter.com
🚂Sam Riddle👊🇺🇸! @KnucklDraginSam🔁Dick Durbin: Trump is 'dangerous'

Also Dick Durbin: Miguel Estrada is “especially dangerous" because "he is Latino"

Imagine that, yet another Democrat being a racist...

Deplorable Karyn M @acuragirl0827🔁 Well, @realDonaldTrump, you offered to work with Dick Durbin and the Dems and they screwed you.
No shock there.
Cathi B @cathibrgnr58🔁LMAO !!! Oh Brother... Democrat Dick Durbin Told Trump "Chain Migration" Was Racist Because It Reminds Blacks of Chains (VIDEO)


Jon Martin @jonmartin44🔁Remember when Illinois Senator Dick Durbin was caught in a flat out LIE? Well it looks like he also LIED about Trump saying “Shitholes” IT NEVER HAPPENED! Which means Shithead Dick Durbin is a Lying Shithole.

Ms. Dee Plorable @MeedgeKnowsBest🔁I don't know if it's true, but it seems that the only person in the room with 6 people, Dick Durbin says he heard Trump say Haiti is a S--t hole? I think everyone in this room, who head this would remember it. Don't you?
Curator of COVFEFE @miamicloser🔁Dick Durbin trying to spin oh Chain Migration into a Racial slur which it's not. Another Democrat causing distraction away from Democrat and Liberal scandals.
DEPLORABLE4djt2016 @4djt2016🔁@AmyMek's account has been withheld in Germany, France based on local law(s). support.twitter.com Learn more.
KENJI™ @kjones88swag🔁I wonder where Cotton and Perdue were when , per Dick Durbin, confronted Trump directly over his “shithole” remark…? Seems like a moment one would recall.
Sandra Jones @SandraMary18🔁Trump is a Racist. Really?

Africa, Haiti, El Salvador & Islam isn’t a Race. It’s a continent, countries and a religion.

Trump is right if he made those comments.

This is what happens when the left brain is embedded with Racism & bigotry. Idiots

Sen. Dick Durbin

🎼AdagioForStrings🎻 @adagioforstring🔁 points out used worse language describing USA military service members by comparing them to Nazis, Soviets in the g twitter.com ulags & Pol Pot than Trump used to describe MS13 gang members

TX Strong @towntro🔁@RandalBrister Good ‘ol Dick ‘shithole’ Durbin.
resistance rises @carlottaclarice🔁 Trump repeatedly used 's---hole' to describe African countries, Sen. Dick Durbin says - CNBC apple.news
Michael A Schaffer @MichaelA10247🔁 dick durbin is a dick he is a democrat he lives and breathes hate day in and day out twitter.com
Queen Margot @margotdate🔁BREAKING: Sen. Dick Durbin confirms Trump made ‘shithole’ comments during meeting. ‘He said things that were hate-filled, vile and racist… and he said them repeatedly’
Gloria T @get786🔁Dick Durbin who claims Trump said **hole in closed door meeting also once claimed "chain migration" was racist because of the word 'chain'

Gene ✝️🇺🇸 @Baloo5232🔁Dick Durbin in full Lib Hissy-Fit😱 over Trump calling Shithole Countries ShitHole Countries. Yet, had No-Problem when Hillary called 1/2 of Americans Deplorable, Obama called Cops racist & for Christians to get off their high horse in regards to Islamic extremism.🐴📎🖕🏼
Kate Benghazi @rvrctygrrl🔁Actual article. dailywire.com
Pragmatist 🇺🇸 @lauracgilleslil🔁@realDonaldTrump


Jim Robinson III ⚖️ @JimRobinson3rd🔁LMAO !!! Oh Brother... Democrat Dick Durbin Told Trump "Chain Migration" Was Racist Because It Reminds Blacks of Cha twitter.com ins (VIDEO)


Anthony Carter @AnthonyC56🔁 Trump repeatedly used 's---hole' to describe African countries, Sen. Dick Durbin says - CNBC apple.news
nicentweet @niceandtweet🔁 Never forget that Dick Durbin once compared our troops to Nazis foxnews.com
Elliott @Elliottgator🔁Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin has a history of fabricating stories from private White House meetings. In 2013, Obama spokesman Jay Carney said Durbin's smear was false: "I looked into this and spoke with somebody who was in that meeting and it did not happen."
William Barnwell @WilliamBarnwe10🔁 Maybe @POTUS was calling Dick Durbin an A...Hole and for that he would be right..
steven @steven80251285🔁democrats dick Durbin, senator everyone around world are laughing at usa, dick Durbin embarrassment the usa, thank yo twitter.com u democrats dick Durbin senator. Your liar lips will sink ships. Hillary selling her book at Costco,in new York city.
Shelby Achord @achord_shelby🔁Oh wait! He actually never said this about Haiti and actually never said it at all, according to senators from both twitter.com sides. It was that sorry ass Dick Durbin that leaked it. This woman is a moron.
Kikimoo @surfleft🔁“In the course of his comments, [President Trump] said things which were hate-filled, vile and racist,” Sen. Dick Durbin says of “sh*thole countries” comments. “He said these hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly.”


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