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Detective Pikachu Epic Loot Drop @EpicLootDrop🔁Read the eBook Prequel to the Detective Pikachu Game for Free
Detective Pikachu Nathan Dye @NathanDye4🔁This Detective Pikachu amiibo has to be one of the coolest yet! 🤩 #Pokemon #DetectivePikachu #nintendo
Detective Pikachu Poketrainer John @supersayinjonic🔁Hey @AbdallahNATION i got the detective pikachu amiibo
Eliskor Sakura | Falcom/XSEED fanboy & shill @Eliskor🔁My Ni no Kuni 2 and Detective Pikachu are out for delivery!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Detective Pikachu The A.V. Club @TheAVClub🔁It’s hard not to fall for the coffee-drinking, jazz-loving Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu Mark Rogow @mrogow🔁 It’s hard not to fall for the coffee-drinking, jazz-loving Detective Pikachu
Kaiji Tang @KaijiTang🔁If you're picking up , you'll hear me as the titular waddling super sleuth, Detective Pikachu! Let's uncover the myst ery in Rhyme City together! Maybe get a coffee after. I hear that Hi-Hat blend is fantastic. Erm-I mean, ahem. Pika, Pika. Pikachu.
Kaiji Tang @KaijiTang🔁Detective Pikachu's Final Smash has him breaking a beer bottle and waddling towards you slowly.
Pokémon @Pokemon🔁No case is too shocking for this Pikachu! 🔎⚡️ Get ready for , a Pokémon game unlike any other:
❄️Alolan Umbreon☀️ @AlolanUmbreon🔁🔎👀 DETECTIVE PIKACHU 👀🔎





50 character name @softdraggin🔁oh!!!! detective pikachu today!
Gamingfiker678 @Gamingfiker678🔁When a hard-hitting detective mysteriously disappears, it’s up to you (and a one-of-a-kind Pikachu) to solve the case before it’s too late! is available now:
Eduardo @Nintendokusou🔁 gives great insight into the world of through its fun mysteries and wonderful coffee-loving lead.

Our review:

Gamingfiker678 @Gamingfiker678🔁Just remember, if you have any intention of playing Detective Pikachu, I advise not watching any Let's Plays or livestreams.

It's a very story focused game and by watching them, you'll lose a lot of enjoyment

The Hero Of Time [Grim] @GrahamG60748964🔁Serebii Update: Today marks the release of Detective Pikachu globally in retail and on the eShop. We have been covering the game in full, with coverage coming to a close, and all details can be found @
Caticulated @caticulated🔁Detective Pikachu | Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 - @YouTube @YouTubeGaming
Eduardo @Nintendokusou🔁Gather evidence, interview witnesses and unravel the many mysteries of Ryme City in , out now on !
Marie Mayfield🏳️‍🌈🎹 @ FanimeCon/PERSONA DANCING @NoirFortuna🔁If you're picking up , you'll hear me as the titular waddling super sleuth, Detective Pikachu! Let's uncover the mystery in Rhyme City together! Maybe get a coffee after. I hear that Hi-Hat blend is fantastic. Erm-I mean, ahem. Pika, Pika. Pikachu.
Dark Pulse @grimtendo64🔁Finally, after today the Detective Pikachu noise will stop and we can finally focus on a more relevant Pokémon game
Lune! is not okay (I promise) // 🔜CFz @luneymoonkitty🔁Oh my god, Detective Pikachu is amazing already.
bird school, which is for birds @swablueberry🔁....oh shit detective pikachu comes out today i have to GO
Titan Pikachu @TitanPikachu🔁 If u think I’m not buying detective pikachu immediately you should reconsider the kind of person you think I am
Titan Pikachu @TitanPikachu🔁I‘ll be ending my Gold/Silver/Crystal Giveaway later this weekend or next week (I’ve been so busy & preoccupied with life & other things, so I apologize again for the delay)

Have a little bit more free time now!!

Enjoy the latest Detective Pikachu GA I pinned!!

Stay tuned!!

Titan Pikachu @TitanPikachu🔁Serebii Update: Our Detective Pikachu coverage has now come to a close with all details being listed @
Celv @KafkasEgg🔁The things I would do to be a fly on the wall the moment Nintendo came up with the bonkers idea for detective pikachu
The Game MD @TheGameMDx🔁Pick up your copy of Detective Pikachu or No No Kuni 2 today. We have a few more oversize Pikachu Amiibo available. G et yours before they are gone.
Draco @Killer_Draco🔁 what if detective pikachu is just detective looker dubbing him over from behind a tree at all times
DC @princessneneng🔁Yay! After waiting a looooonnnngg time for it, I finally have The Great Detective Pikachu game and Amiibo!!! So happy ! Time to play on the 3DS and become a Super Sleuth!
Wolfgang Nava @WolvesEntertain🔁I liked a @YouTube video Detective Pikachu Review
Alligator Aberdeen @SamTheCaptain_🔁I'm interested in this Detective Pikachu game because:

a) It is Pokemon
b) It is completely different to other Pokemon games

Adam Webb @AdamWebb1994🔁Picked up Detective Pikachu and Ni No Kuni 2 to add to ever growing pile of games that'll probably take me forever to get round to playing
CALLIE'S BACK IN SPLATOON!!! @CallieBestSquid🔁 requested today's with Detective Pikachu. Must be waiting on a bolt of brilliance.
PJ @PJDESTINY8🔁@JoeMerrick so there’s no blue pikachu in the detective game then?
lyd @owldoesart🔁detective pikachu is out today as well but i'm waiting on some reviews i'm interested but like i want to see what oth er people think sjdjdkk
Lexi @IceJurinx🔁Starting to think Detective Pikachu might have been a bad idea.
The World of Kevin C @worldofkevinc🔁I'm on the East coast and it's midnight, soooo. If you're picking up a copy of Detective Pikachu, you'll be able to hear me as Amanda and some various Pokemon!
Hewwen Tess @helentessmusic🔁If u think I’m not buying detective pikachu immediately you should reconsider the kind of person you think I am
IO Games @iogameofficials🔁Detective Pikachu: Eevee's Case Is An eBook Prequel To The Game, And You Can Read It For Free
Mary 🍑 @iikarii92🔁Serebii Update: The Detective Pikachu sticker pack is available for free on iMessage for iOS devices
💙Eetu💙 @Bippeli🔁Detective pikachu doesn't seem like an interesting game to me
Lee @pkmntrainerlee🔁Money is tight so I had to choose between Detective Pikachu on 3DS or the amiibo. I chose the amiibo
Pokemon #393 Fan @PiplupFan393🔁I got Detective Pikachu digitally’s big. It’s really, really big.
👑 TOM + TOMORROW 👑 @zpowerring🔁I was looking over the Pokémon section on the Detective Pikachu page, wouldn't this be locket not locked?
dumb thicc diet coke @KittyCouch🔁happy detective pikachu release day to @bbynguerra
Mark Teo @Mahzes🔁Well, Royal Mail somehow delivered my Detective Pikachu amiibo to a delivery office halfway across the country from m e.

Noticed that Argos had it going cheaper, so contacted Nintendo and will just return that for a refund once it gets sorted.

Captain Steve @ Sea of Thieves @SteveMightSay🔁Detective Pikachu seems to be a goldmine of smaller voice actors and Im so proud of them 😭
Robert H Mullarkey @Robert88UK🔁My detective pikachu amiibo has been delivered
Damiannn @CaptainJaff🔁I think Danny Devit....I mean Detective Pikachu looks incredible!
santa@semihiatus @SantaAlter🔁o
detective pikachu is out today

I want but ca$h :(

Cam30 @pccote66🔁 3/20: Attack On Titan 2 for PS4, Xbox 1, & Nintendo Switch---Sea of Thieves for Xbox 1-----Velocity 2x: Critical Mass Edition for PS4-----FRIDAY 3/23: A Way Out for PS4 & Xbox 1---Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Day 1 Edition for PS4---Detective Pikachu for Nintendo 3DS
Nathan @nahtan123456789🔁3rd picture in, second row down, that font is the same as the text you add to your screenshots on Switch OMG DETECTIV E PIKACHU SWITCH VERSION SHTJEWGJS
Not so Bucket @BucketPls🔁A little sad I can't buy Detective Pikachu yet, but no fear. Whenever I am able to get it I will schedule a 24 hour P okemon stream! So a little patience will get us all far!
トモ @TommoTheCabbit🔁I'll definitely pick up Detective Pikachu today. I hope everyone has fun with it!


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