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Destiny 2 JeffTechnoLoreMaster @JeffTechnoWizAQ🔁 UPDATE

The Destiny 2 Reddit has REMOVED this post.

Destiny 2 USgamer @USgamernet🔁Bungie has issued an update regarding banned #Destiny2 PC players.
Siri Jansson @sirijansson🔁When Destiny 2 hits... On PC! 😻👏
Destiny 2 Can You RUN It @canyourunit🔁Only 17% of users passed Destiny 2's Recommended Requirements. Will you still get the game even if you can't max it?
Destiny 2 Scott Grill @ScottGrill🔁Bungie Explains #Destiny2 PC Bans, 400 Players Banned For Cheating In First Day #Destiny2PC
Mewtwo (2 DAYS) @MewtwoXYZ🔁 >People who bought Destiny 2 on PC
Blandon @Blandon0026🔁 That moment you realize... splatoon has a ranking system... and destiny 2 doesn’t
Destiny 2 Aleida Samallo @nerdshock🔁 Destiny 2: How to get to Power level 280 (and beyond) while playing solo
Destiny 2 Blizzard Ent @Blizzard_Ent🔁We’re a mere hour from Destiny 2’s PC launch, and Cayde-6 showed up to Blizzard for an impromptu launch celebration.
NVIDIA GeForce @NVIDIAGeForce🔁Destiny 2 is live on PC! Assemble your Strike team - reply to this tweet and tag two friends and you could all score Destiny 2 codes!
Bungie @Bungie🔁

Read all about security on the PC version of Destiny 2.

DoneRandomLee @RandomLeeALance🔁 Destiny 2 with my boy Sloan!
Chris @akaSwann🔁I liked a @YouTube video Destiny 2: NEW HIVE ENEMY & ERIS SECRETS! Festival Denied, Nokris Hints, Hidden Code

Read all about security on the PC version of Destiny 2.

Nitro on Elm St. 💀 @NitroTypat🔁Gonna launch up Destiny 2. Anyone want to watch?
MuthaFluffa @theMuthaFluffa🔁We're about to publish a blog article with some details about the bans that were issued to players in Destiny 2 on PC. Please stay tuned.
Rachael Beveridge @RachaelAnneBeve🔁 Collector's Edition
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lashman @RobotBrush🔁All Destiny 2 bans are manually reviewed, says Bungie, and only around 400 bans were issued yesterday
Arcslayes @arcslayes🔁Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Destiny 2) live at
Deku-des @SYurochko🔁We’re a mere hour from Destiny 2’s PC launch, and Cayde-6 showed up to Blizzard for an impromptu launch celebration.
Trey ひ 🐍 @yslatt🔁streaming destiny 2 on pc
Google Tech AU @ggtechau🔁Bungie Not Banning Destiny 2 PC Players Over Third-Party Software - Ubergizmo
DarthCosmo @Zidan24_10🔁giving away a copy of Destiny 2 for PC this week, thanks to ! 😄 Follow... by vi a
RiKo @RiKo_pubg🔁@ceeazy @HamzajZ @Bl1zzards_ @KawaiiShox Destiny 2 :p
StormbladeX69 XBL @BR4V0_F0XTR0T🔁 [Spoiler]Destiny 2 second DLC speculation.
Arkon Kai @Arkon_Kai🔁Update: Bungie explains Destiny 2 PC bans, saying that it banned ~400 people because, well, they deserved it.
Adrie(anne) frank @Adrie_Frank🔁My friend daniel

Send me the 2 codes and i will get him that
Ill say its a birthday gift from you guys!
Cus he got a birthday

Our destiny

Whalen147 @whalen147🔁We should all take a lesson from this Destiny 2 stuff and fact check before spreading. I feel like this got blown way out of proportion.
Kalibrated @KingKalibrated🔁The people crying about their bans on Destiny 2 PC crack me up but come on people. Grow the fuck up, don't be idiots and try to skirt lines
ThirdSoul @CheaperStronger🔁Wow! Just totaled up all the books we’ve unlocked (so far). It’s like 2000 pages of content!
Captain Qaveman @CaptainQ🔁Some new Bungie game came out, let's play it! (Never played the previous one all new to me) (yup, Destiny 2 )
Eric Wallace @PAG_BlackStar6🔁 What should I play?
Resident Evil 5
Destiny 2
Just Cause 3
Shweebe @Shweebe237🔁Playing Destiny 2 on PC Come watch! …
Tento @TentoGaming🔁@RaterKL Destiny 2 on pc :)
Daline Noble @Daline_Noble🔁@StrayaObscura just a note there is some trouble with 3rd party overlayes in destiny 2 it registers it as cheating and will insta ban you...
2🅱️rxy Micah @ToCGamerr🔁Check out this giveaway from #GamerLinkApp to win a copy of #Destiny2 on PC & more from @HyperX @NVIDIA & @GTThrone!
i'm SCAREwitch🦇🌕🎃 @imswordwitch🔁I was driving around on a pike in Destiny 2 last night and it felt weird and I wasn't sure why? And then I remembered my keyboard and mouse
TwitchSharer @TwitchSharer🔁Live with Destiny 2! Titan Story playthrough. …
Josh Clark 🌹 @clarkis117🔁>Destiny 2 PC detects and bans if you're using basically any software that interacts with the game, including discord and streaming


Andy @pixeldesu🔁I thought about getting Destiny 2, but banning players for using game overlays is well...uhhhh.
Second Trick Attack @JG_Dominik🔁Destiny 2 PC Security (about bans)

3rd party ap plications help page:

Spiddy @Spiddyocks🔁Banned after 2 hours of gameplay last night. Brand new computer with just Destiny and windows. PC specifically bought just for Destiny 2!!!!
YerBooty Stink @DDAMINAC🔁Shutup big head, play destiny 2
mikael jensen @DANSENDEBI🔁Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Destiny 2) live at
Padpa, Padparadscha @broletariat🔁I think the biggest disappointment of Destiny 2 is that it never commits to its implications about the universe
Francis @_franc312🔁LIVE NOW COME CHILL |Destiny 2 [@Small_Streamers @SupStreamers @StreamTweeterr]
Flocka @FragileGhost9🔁 NOTHING CHALLENGE! | Funny Destiny 2 Gameplay: via @YouTube
Norman Alexis, CAPA @Norman_Alexis🔁Check this out... Bungie explains Destiny 2 PC bans (update)
Brian Marshall @thereal_brianm🔁its finally here destiny 2 (pc): via @YouTube
Dana Wallace @ID10Tank🔁Destiny 2 ran fine yesterday, but now it won't go past load screen without crashing
Sort uH @SortuH🔁I liked a @YouTube video YES | Destiny 2 PC
West McGowan 🎃 @imwestm🔁Wish I could afford Destiny 2 =[ May pick it up next payday, or Wolfenstein!
Kabeer Sheikh @Bigbeer_01🔁This is what Destiny 2 looks like running at 3840x1080 at 144hz on a 49" UltraWide! 😮
Chris @akaSwann🔁I liked a @YouTube video Destiny 2: Which Exotic To Pick - Sunshot, Riskrunner or Graviton Lance?
Ada Stout @ZindenCaffeine🔁 Hey Destiny 2 pc players, did you know that warframe is free and they don't ban you for dumb shit


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