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Denmark KIMXIFOREVER @fam_rustria🔁 Kim and Xian spend holidays in Denmark! via @KimXianATGInc
USA Hockey @usahockey🔁 picks up a win against Denmark in its first game at the 2018 . 🇺🇸

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Amy Siskind @Amy_Siskind🔁What a sad state of affairs in our country. Not surprisingly, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland are also the four happiest countries.
World Economic Forum @wef🔁: You're more likely to achieve the American dream if you live in /" target="_blank">
Kononykheen @kononykheen🔁They know the thing about good guitars up there in Denmark. Daniel Albjerg Rudolph 🇩🇰 on stage with rare Kononykhee n Breed Five guitar. And check this Fender Deluxe amp!

Jim Bruer @jim12957🔁What a sad state of affairs in our country. Not surprisingly, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland are also the four happiest countries.
Maitre f(l)ight @MaitreFrac🔁: You're more likely to achieve the American dream if you live in
kendra @otterpuckery🔁did they? i honestly turned off the TV before USA/Denmark. I couldn't take it anymore I needed a mental break.
CheelineMande01 @kimcheemande01🔁Insta Scoop: Kim Chiu and Xian Lim Together in Denmark

Image courtesy of Instagram: chinitaprincess

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BRAC @BRACworld🔁 signs agreement with BRAC to facilitate reintegration of returnee workers of > . Via
nastaran @nastaranazimi9🔁happy new year 2018
toastywoods @toastywoods🔁@manny_ottawa @albertacantwait Canada us not like Venezuela. It's more like Denmark
FECT @CTFE247🔁"Feed our lions with your unwanted pets"
~ Danish Zoos to visitors

Two zoos in Denmark are asking people to donate their unwanted pets to feed their lions and tigers.

...It's Such a Shame we Can't Donate Our Unwanted Politicians & Monarchy!

richemayotte @richemayotte🔁Team USA Tops Denmark, 9-0, in WJC Opener
Never GiveUp @NotHardDoSmart🔁Ireland will be without defender Richard Keogh, midfielder James McCarthy and forward Sean Maguire for their...
Medicalworld Nigeria @MedicalworldNig🔁Indian Hemp Smuggler Boards Police Car, Mistakes It For A Taxi - A man who smuggles Indian hemp for a living accident ally boarded a police car, as he had mistaken it for a taxi. The drug dealer in Copenhagen, Denmark, is facing the threat of a jail te...
Joan Maria Piqué ‏ن @joanmariapique🔁 If you want to live your American dream - come to #Denmark 🇩? ?
Little Discoveries @little_discover🔁 feeling in .
I💖YouMoreMaine💕💕💕 @edz16thesza🔁OHT 🎉

Denmark also has a custom of making an evening meal ending with Kransekage. This is actually the name of a dessert which is actually a cone-shaped cake with a steep slope. The cake is then decorated with flags and firecrackers.

I💖YouMoreMaine💕💕💕 @edz16thesza🔁OHT 🎉

People of Denmark practice throwing dishes at the doorsteps of other people. This is believed to bring many new friends to the person on whose doorsteps the dishes are thrown.

diesel @dieselrazon🔁i miss my denmark and aya 😩
MyrnaMarìaBarahona @MyrnaRockera🔁On This Day - Dec. 27th 1985. The mighty Metallica complete work on classic album, Master Of Puppets. It was recorded at Sweet Silence Studios in Denmark starting in early September. (September 3rd to December 27th 1985)
Unbound @toolnikc🔁

step up

ruud van der wal @fuut_ruud🔁3 day 100% renewable energy exercise over Xmas in Denmark. Transition in action. Nobody even talking about network trouble now.
Alexandra @Lexx_Horan🔁 picks up a win against Denmark in its first game at the 2018 . 🇺🇸

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Lizzie Roberts @lizrob92🔁@HKesvani Looked better in print but here ya go
Alastair Knox @newry_lad🔁You will pass through passport control in France because the UK is not party to the Schengen arrangements and France is. In fact, only RoI and Denmark are passport-free because they are not in Schengen either. So how did your father manage?
Lepus americanus @RabbitRichards🔁free University in Denmark seems pretty seductive
Corinne @PricklyEmu🔁A photo going viral in Europe social-media. (I am in Denmark) America has gone from hero to zero in 344 days.
DenmarkTopSongsongs @DenmarkTopSongs🔁Dagens hit melodi i Danmark.(Today's hits YouTube Video in Denmark.) 「Ed Sheeran」's 『Shape of You』
Erin @Cl3v3rGurl🔁“If you ask someone what their favorite metal song is in Denmark, you know what they’d say? ‘Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)’ by the Backstreet Boys.” -
❄fros-t❄ @bassistmp3🔁2001: Netherlands
2003: Belgium
2005: Spain, Canada
2006: South Africa
2009: Norway, Sweden
2010: Portugal, Iceland, Argentina
2012: Denmark
2013: NZ, France, Uruguay, Brazil
2015: Luxembourg, US
2016: Colombia
2017: Finland, Malta, Germany
Today: Australia

Alastair Knox @newry_lad🔁You have! You will pass through passport control in France and Holland because the UK is not party to the Schengen ar rangements and France and Holland are. In fact, only RoI and Denmark are passport-free because they are not in Schengen either.
HebraicExcellence✡️ @Jeffrey_Andrew7🔁More and more countries are affirming that is the newest form of traditional Antisemitism. Now, Norway joins Denmark and won’t provide funds to organizations involved with BDS.
Hudson Bilodeau @hudweiser4🔁USA Dominates Denmark 9-0 In Game 1. Road To The Repeat Is In Full Gear.
Lustkvant @Lustkvant🔁Will Sweden follow Denmark and Norway decision to halt aid to Palestinian NGOs over terror ties?
ET 🇨🇦 @etellurian🔁No islamic terrorist or terrorists influenced by islamists should be buried in Denmark. Assured Danes can say Danes a re not terrorists. History will be clear where Danes stand. No exception$.
We need Bernier or Rempel.
Not in a position to mock Denmark tbh, but Sweden maybe thoug h.
M Oli @mom2gbd🔁Bizarre story from Sweden.

30 yr old man was arrested for suspected terrorist attack in which he firebombed a prayer hall. He was known to be a terrorist sympathizer.

Swedish court freed him & paid $ 12 000 compensation.

Now same guy is arrested for terror offenses in Denmark.

Frank F @frankyf2009🔁USA wins 9-0 over Denmark at . 🇺🇸

Player of the Game - you guessed it: Casey Mittelstadt.

Excellent debut for the prospect at - 2 goals.



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