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Dems Luz Imperial @lucyimperial🔁 Dems to Trump: Consult Congress before lowering refugee quota
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁House Dems tell Mueller they have evidence Flynn failed to disclose a MidEast trip to explore a Russian biz deal.
Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle🔁ONLY deal that MIGHT make sense for #DACA is RAISE Act + E-Verify + Wall. Dems' "Border security" pledge is MEANINGLESS. @realDonaldTrump
Nate Silver @NateSilver538🔁Dems flipped two very pro-Trump districts in special elections last night, There was a 28-point swing to Dems in NH. A 31-point swing in OK.
🌺🍃Julie4Trump🇺🇸 @Julie4Trump🔁 Camped outside a Senate committee to see why Dems are keeping us in endless wars.
JOEL H @JOEL5H🔁Interesting theory: Trump is cooperating w/ Dems to get good press/improve poll no's./dilute Dem opposition b/c he's scared of Russia probe.
NewsBry @NewsBry🔁Warning for GOP: Trump voters blame Congress for his flirtation with Dems
Mitchell-Foster @WeAreHereHU85🔁BOOOOOM!! O what a tangled Web Dems Weave! New Evidence has Hillary's Debbie Wasserman Schultz involved in Russia/Election/Meddling & MORE!!
SarChasm @ttyger🔁@jmmjrjmmjr @benwikler Dems: blow jobs and strong First Ladies. No comparison.
IndivisibleSC-04 @IndivisibleSC04🔁Everything w/ Trump comes down to Russia. He's afraid:
- Dems are winning special elections
- GOP keep resigning

Robin Mitchell @stunburnt🔁The President infuriates his most steadfast supporters over reports he struck a deal with Dems on 'Dreamers':
Powdered Wig Society @Patreeit🔁President Trump reports the REAL news about his dinner with Schumer and Pelosi. Contrary to MSM reports, he did...
Harvey R Bower @hrbower🔁@dclark40 Your party has been hijacked by the "Radical Left Conspirators". Check it out. Hope Dems their party back before it's too late.
Ron Gardner @rlgardner37🔁Dems & Repubs call your representatives & demand term limits
Senate (202) 224-3121 Congress (202)225-3121 Something we can all agree with!
bathsaltz @bathsaltz321🔁@mitchellvii If dems don't make the right concessions etc and fail it's going to be a 2018 bloodbath. same if repubs get run over.
#TheResistance 2017 @sweetangelface🔁What we see on display is a typical Trump real estate ploy playing both ends by creating confusion between repubs & Dems
Janice Barker @MsJayeBee🔁McConnell: Dems shouldn't be able to block judges using procedure GOP used under Obama
TruthGoesALongWay @jody_mazzarese🔁I can't believe how truly easy it is to work some people up to such a frenzy...the Dems are playing these people like a fiddle 😐
TheRealQuatermass @PlanB1975🔁 Even Lib Dems can't stand Juncker! Cable says 'extremist' EU chief is 'wrong man' for job
robert locklear @rlockrocks🔁Really trying. infuriates me. My kids in debt for next 20 yrs for college & Dems give foreign dreamers free rides.
Donna @Uofm77🔁To anyone who thinks Trump's base will abandon him over his flip flops, inconsistencies or caving in to Dems–this was before the election 👇
KTLG @ProObamaAgenda🔁hey @msnbc ur RW friends have resulted to issuing threats on tv...seems they are out of options..let em know dems DONT GIVE A DAMN ..haha
TJ Horne @901TJH🔁McConnell: Dems shouldn't be able to block circuit court judges using procedure GOP used under Obama
Don't Give Up @BourassaKenny🔁@mitchellvii Its an issue but not my #1 issue .. that would be #LockHerUp hasn't happened yet.... Dems above the law
🌺🍃Julie4Trump🇺🇸 @Julie4Trump🔁. is trying to work with the Dems. Its sad to say but the Dems would rather see Trump fail than the country succeed..
klc @klc4trump🔁NO DEAL! 2nd Trump Official Refutes Dems" Misleading" Statement On DACA, BorderWall

Angela Sheldon @QueenbeeAxs🔁Huckabee Sanders absurd claim that somehow Comey violated Trump's privacy is on par with Trump's baseless claim Obama wiretapped him.
AllNewsNetworks @Allnewsnetworks🔁The President infuriates his most steadfast supporters over reports he struck a deal with Dems on 'Dreamers'
Dana leigh pallessen @Danalei99708825🔁Schumer is an ass, he rather have our new midieval barbaric days of terrorist.He's out. Dems created this world. END DACA and BUILD THE WALL
Deplorable Pepe @seymourbutz12🔁This is what they have been wanting!They have been trying to move the districts here in Texas to benefit Dems!This will be the way they win!
Feel the Bern! @the_fire_berns🔁Agree-so why 2 fundraisers-Is one n Lincoln 4 your Bold Nebraska-feel the Bern or DEMS n general?
JimW_in_NM @JimW_in_NM🔁ONLY deal that MIGHT make sense for is RAISE Act + E-Verify + Wall. Dems' "Border security" pledge is MEANINGLESS.
Daughter of Liberty @lleoffled🔁5. The Dems have to play to their base. The media knows what message their base wants to hear. They will deliver that message.
Donna feline @DonnaGarland17🔁@TalbertSwan Dems have been party of slavery, KKK always. Now their paramilitary wing is ANTIFA. Their plantation is poor inner cities
Georgia Blue @_GeorgiaBlue🔁If Dems prioritize we have a fair shot at winning back the House&having a real debate on healthcare & other fundamental issues
Eric Hamell @EricHamell🔁.@DrJillStein: No matter what happens in Congress, Dems could pass single-payer now in CA. Show us you're serious about healthcare as a...
Skyesidhe @skyesidhe🔁Dems can fail to convince 90% of Trump voters of anything, and win the midterms, if their base is mobilized
Fox Sports 1550 @FoxSports1550🔁According to Democrats President Trump has agreed to continue the DACA program in exchange for a border wall...
#CNN = #FAKENEWS👌 @PeteS77252077🔁You like the constitution? Well this goes through Dems win all future elections and wipe 1st and 2nd clean. They have said this!
Covfefe Thomas @MAGAnerd🔁I think these people are being idiots and believing the same media and Dems that has lied to them for two years.
LA @LAgreatwhitenor🔁 Even if Trump makes a deal with Dems on taxes, how would it get through the House?
idalia williford @volleymac40🔁Hold the line Mr. President

You already hold the cards
The Dems count on
Republicans caving

That's not you

John Redmond @sc23cc🔁@RadioFreeTom Is Trump up in Rhody? Or just all the Dems (basically means everyone) just down more ; )
Brian Schwartz @Schwartz6419🔁@EricBoehlert I think the Dems should try for it. Call it TrumpCare and give him a win on health care.
Eileen Townsend @EileenTownsend4🔁Trump nominations set up more ....chances for Dems to upset. The Dems can't even upset an apple cart.
🇺🇸TNHORSEFARMS🇺🇸 @TNHORSEFARMS🔁I ❤ u Mr. President & hav stood by u thru all the dems hav thrown at u...but Im not happy bout the dreamers stayin.
Rhodie @Rhodie33🔁If Trump thinks MSM/Dems will stop trying to kill him if he caves on key promise...

Well, that's the trick they always use.

Ask GWB.

High Voltage Turkey @PantsStatusZero🔁"Brocialist" are for free expression. Dems slut shame you.
Tracy Wade @jazzthecat66🔁(6/) : You're 1 of 3 Dems who hasn't backed the DREAM Act and now this?! 😑 cc/
Roger G Ryan @RogerGRyan1🔁We dont have the house or Senate.The GOPe & Dems = Uniparty that hate Trump & us. We have to defeat them. It wont be easy but we have Trump!
N💭c👇v📣n€87 @87Noctvrne🔁 the dems bought a thrasher hoodie, doesn't mean they skate
Jim Lewis @Lewis217Lewis🔁Real purpose of Trump election commission: exclude Dems, "mainstream Republicans." Lie about fraud. Suppress votes
Koppany B. Jordan @Koppany_Jordan🔁#tbt to when @benshapiro predicted in May 2016 that @realDonaldTrump would negotiate with Dems for amnesty. #Oracle
RealChazz @ChazzBurgundy🔁Dems obviously only want no borders so in thefuture they can fix vote in their favor by letting illegal👽s vote etc get rights legal🇺🇸s have👎
The Real Q @SkwirlyQ🔁

Here's Brandon Tatum to tell you why he'll NEVER vote Democrat again‼️

🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Corey Patterson @corepatt🔁 His press sec had disputed Dems' version. This is a confirmation of it
EmmJ @mannyj8🔁Don't let the Dems story tonight get you down. It is nat even close to accurate. As usual they are trying to push an agenda miserably
martha mccollough @marthaevapearl🔁Agree-so why 2 fundraisers-Is one n Lincoln 4 your Bold Nebraska-feel the Bern or DEMS n general?
Deplorable Tim 🇺🇸 @Timtravels007🔁This is what scares the Dems & their media the most. Independent thinkers who won't buy into their divide&conquer
Laurie/KMAP @knitmeapony🔁Just in case you wanted to know, there are many Dems who want to destroy disability rights.
❄️KimWim❄️ @kimwim🔁He is not a Democrat he's an Autocrat. Don't blame him on Dems.We had a very bright & experienced candidate & never would have voted for him
DemExitForever @NeverADemAgain🔁Yes. It is. And it is theirs. Why are you pretending to be an independent? This is a one party state, just admit you' re cool with corp Dems.
timwe592 @timwe592🔁WATCH LIVE! Trump: No Deal With Dems On "Dreamers" -
M-F 8am-11am C T
#End DACA 👎😠 @Pammov889🔁DACA is the Trojan Horse of Amnesty. The RINOs and Dems will say it is only for the children while they sneak in a bigger amnesty.
Lisa B @GodGetslastWord🔁I think we should all remain Calm and United until we find out exactly what the plan is. Dems would love nothing more than to divide us
Melania's Mistake @RunMelaniaRun🔁SMOKE & MIRRORS. He is pretending to side with the DEMS now so he can get their vote in Congress this Autumn. WON'T WORK.
Rhonda Leeta ♡♡ @RhondaLeeta🔁, you cut a deal with dems and sold out the citizenry. Amnesty is permenant, tax cuts/border security are temporary.U LOST MY VOTE
Hatemeso @Hatemeso12🔁You bought into the Dems game. They tried to get stuff to stick to now they are dividing his support base. Stay stro ng
Lynne Richardson @lvbgal🔁Hillary on TV all the time.
Dems in the West Wing making policy.
No wall.
DACA kept.
Obamacare still going.

Did 2016 even happen?

Linda Thomas @lindathomas102🔁@SteveBannen This is unbelievable. What's he going to say next that he's went over to Dems.
Mel @MEL2AUSA🔁Martin Shkreli put a bounty on Hillary's hair & now he's in jail, but Dems call on the assassination of Trump daily & get away with it. 🤔
Viva Covfefe! @MartinWiener🔁@ThinBlueLR RINOs are the worst of the worst. At least with Dems you know where you stand. RINOs are backstabbing snakes in the grass.
Duff McRaeRae @lilshilo🔁Yes! Because when 45 loses so does the country & Dems put country over party & aren't all ego driven. They r driven b y a desire to do good
Valerie Robichaud @ValJRobichaud🔁I'm just waiting for the Democrats to denounce the moral hypocrisy of their latest scandal via @AllenWest
Anoa C. ❤ @TheWayWithAnoa🔁Curious. Dems had a majority and public option was squashed. They could've had it passed then but didn't put up the same fight as now.
MarketingNetCo @MarketingNetCo🔁The President infuriates his most steadfast supporters over reports he struck a deal with Dems on 'Dreamers'
fred smith @fredy64961119🔁How about being a liberal lefty until it's your money involved, Dems?
Stephen ن 🇺🇸🇮🇱 @SP_Holman🔁It's been half an hour and Democrats still haven't condemned Seattle Mayor Ed Murray for sexual abuse

Does this mean all Dems are rapists?🤔

The Jackal224🇨🇦 @The_Jackal224🔁If you don't, midterms are going to be a bloodbath. You could open the borders and Dems would still impeach. Cucking never pays. Be smart!


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