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Dempsey Tracy McPake @tracy_xXx🔁@A_P_Dempsey Yip, bleak 😑
Dempsey ➵ɢιυℓια❅ @GiulsLandena🔁 📸 Dempsey sandwich 💖😭 (c) Jill's instagram
Dempsey Robi Veltroni @robiveltroni🔁 "They were right...what I needed was a good psychiatrist."

John Dempsey, July 1965 Playboy.

DempseyDempseyDempseyDempsey EtainCommane @EtainCommane🔁 Changing lives @OneSightOrg @WheresWarron @RosDeans @dempsey_keeley @SGHJeff @RichardPeckUK
Dempsey Byron Dempsey @dempsey_byron🔁 He dreamed of playing for Celtic,
Since he was a boy
Dempsey rebecca maas @science4fifth🔁Our biggest fans this week: @fastwalker10, @MrsMcRaesClass, @J_P_Dempsey. Thank you! via
Dempsey OhioHealthMS @OhioHealthMS🔁Grab your Sweetie & join us TONITE at “PATIENTS & PARTNERS” 5:30-7p at the Dempsey Center! #MS #supportgroup
Dempsey Margot Dempsey @dempsey_margot🔁@row Great talk today. It was very useful. Thank you. #digicities
Dempsey Sauce Travel @saucetravel🔁Amazing to see @GNHotel's amazing Desmond & Dempsey luxury pyjama package in @YOUMagSocial this Sunday! 🙌🏻👌🏻
DempseyDempsey Queen 👑 @Gus_Duarte_🔁 ping my pong patrick dempsey
Major League Soccer @MLS🔁.@clint_dempsey ➡️ Victor Rodriguez ➡️ @SoundersFC take the 1-0 lead. #SEAvDAL
Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC🔁Bruin slots home the rebound off a Dempsey shot for his 9th goal of the season!

2-0 | #SEAvDAL

Omaze @omaze🔁Want to tell Patrick Dempsey, “Pick me. Choose me. Love me?” Now’s your chance! He wants to take YOU out to eat—GO:
rowan kerekrobertson @row🔁@dempsey_margot Thank you!
Joseph Coutlis @joemovin🔁You are a major source of inspiration. Thank you for all you & your soldiers have done. And all you cont to do with y ou staff. Thank you!
Jacqui Hurley @jacquihurley🔁@al_dempsey Watching it!
Joseph Coutlis @joemovin🔁 You-> major source of inspiration. Thank you for all you, your soldiers have done. & all you continue to do with you r staff.
Ken Hirt @hirtme🔁"There is no way I am staying in M.L.S." Clint Dempsey Sept. 2006 at age 23. Didn't he also say wouldn't stay if got paid Landon money?
. nd . @dempsey_naomi🔁 “You read my message but didn’t reply”

First of all I didn’t mean to read it

hanna dempsey @hanna_dempsey🔁 i hate that im sensitive and jealous and stupid and quiet and ugly and annoying
Moe Robinson @Moes_cakes🔁@J_J_Dempsey That's probably the best plan. I've never experienced a landfall of a hurricane before either. It looks terrifying to me.
タンク・デンプシー @Tank_Dempsey_BO🔁No power, no glory.
Dr John Dempsey ⛳️ @J_J_Dempsey🔁@green_infraltd Plenty of tea!
Dr John Dempsey ⛳️ @J_J_Dempsey🔁@Moes_cakes Thanks ....we have never seen a storm like this before, whole county is locked down
Centsible @centsible🔁Austria Swings Right, and How via @Judy_Dempsey
Edward Richtofen @Edward115Boi🔁"Dempsey found my teddy bear, I'm never going to hear the end of it and I?"
Liz Roscher @lizroscher🔁Kellie Martin! Lacey Chabert! Kimberly Williams-Paisley! Patrick Dempsey! WENDY MALICK!! I'm legitimately thrilled th ese actors have work.
Nikolai Belinski @PrimisNikolai🔁Those are new Staffs. My favorite is Staff of fire. Richtofen has a Wind staff. Dempsey has a lighting staff. And Tak eo has a ice staff.
Dr John Dempsey ⛳️ @J_J_Dempsey🔁@green_infraltd Thanks! Good job we have gas cooker, candles and battery radio!
Feivel @ElijahXAF🔁@Martin_Dempsey You know I dont like it public ;)
Moe Robinson @Moes_cakes🔁@J_J_Dempsey Wow! Keep yourself safe!
GEN(R) Marty Dempsey @Martin_Dempsey🔁Great #leaders share the spotlight. #ListenAmplifyInclude #RadicalInclusion
Dr John Dempsey ⛳️ @J_J_Dempsey🔁Well power outage now here in Kildare, probably gone for a day or two #Ophelia
Myria Antoniadou @MyriaAntoniadou🔁 Austria Swings Right, and How via @Judy_Dempsey
Environment Guru @environmentguru🔁A costly power plan no longer threatens Colorado’s economy: Stan Dempsey Jr. Scott Pruitt…
Music India @Music_India🔁Something for Kate's new album may include new sounds as Paul Dempsey heads to India - The…
Conner Dempsey @Conner_Dempsey🔁OH MY GOD ALABAMA how did any of you pass a driver’s test?
cole @coleclausen_🔁@Dempsey_Ty Yessir
タンク・デンプシー @Tank_Dempsey_BO🔁Yep, just as I suspected. We need to get the power
Bot @ZombiesBOT_🔁Dempsey has five nukes that they hide in Nuketown with MrTLexify
Ty @Dempsey_Ty🔁You tryna make that happen?
Bot @ZombiesBOT_🔁Dempsey has infinite perk machines that they love in Origins with MrRoflWaffles
Judy Dempsey @Judy_Dempsey🔁what an answer...
mark murnaghan @murno84🔁 Mark Dempsey could stop Ophelia
Quentin Joris @qjoris🔁Austria Swings Right, and How via @Judy_Dempsey
Catching Health @CatchingHealth🔁Lipstick Angels added color and to the Dempsey Challenge


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