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Democrats Debbie Riley @debriley1997🔁 The Number of mass shootings under Obama voting out democrats
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁While the Republicans and Democrats in Congress are working hard to come up with a solution to DACA, they should be s trongly considering a system of Merit Based Immigration so that we will have the people ready, willing and able to help all of those companies moving into the USA!
Democrats khaake @khaake🔁 It'd be nice if Democrats plastered this ad in every suburban swing district this year.
Democrats Info 24 US @Info24USDemocrats seek expanded gun background checks after shooting #🔁//" target="_blank">
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁Cannot believe how BADLY DACA recipients have been treated by the Democrats...totally abandoned! Republicans are still working hard.
Joan Walsh @joanwalsh🔁I want to remind everyone about Virginia 2017: In the 13 races where pro-gun control Democrats squared off against N RA Republicans, Democrats won 12. Top of the ticket -- Northam, Fairfax and Herring -- had F NRA ratings, and all won. It's not hopeless.
The Next Democrats @Next_Democrats🔁Sean Hannity helped the Russians promote and foment hate and division in our country to get Donald Trump elected.
SloppyFalseFlags @TimMulliganPost🔁Caught On Hidden Camera - Clinton Delegate Says They Are In Fact Coming For Guns After She's Elected
#TrumpRussia LIVE @BlameItonBHO🔁 dbongino LyndaG1963 Yep, you got all the bad wrapped up there

As I wrote a few weeks ago

New Frontier Data @NewFrontierData🔁Democrats Forming Marijuana Legalization Consensus by @tomangell #CannabisIndustry
Gene @poppytoesocks🔁@AMike4761 Arm staff but democrats will condemn you for defending students
Roger Norman Jr @Roger51189854🔁Democrats, stop demanding escalations against Russia under the delusion that it will hurt Trump and start calling for detente. Republicans, stop crowing about how there was "no collusion" and start paying attention to how we're hurtling toward nuclear war.
William @William82861606🔁In 2017 in Virginia, pro gun control Democrats won 12 of 13 races against NRA-backed Republicans. We can beat the NRA. New Pod:
Orel Everett @OrelEverett🔁"Trump: Cannot believe how BADLY DACA recipients have been treated by the Democrats...totally abandoned! Republicans are still working hard.
LT_Misc @LT_Misc🔁Oh are JUST what the American people need.🙄 You couldn’t even beat Obama when we needed you to, AND stood hand & hand w/ the establishment & the Democrats against President . Don’t think for a moment We The People will ever forget it.
WE WUZ PAWL NELHEN @TheSandvvich🔁Democrats pretend to be for the “dreamers” yet when offered a generous immigration deal they refuse to cooperate

Instead, the Democrats want another 20 million illegals to come into America, ensuring a permanent leftist majority

Kal-el, The Man of Super @MrZimpy🔁@mike_Zollo Make democrats literally unvotable by november.
Angela McCoy @AngelaM54195037🔁My thoughts and prayers are with the in November.

Seeing as their thought and prayers haven't done a thing, I'm pretty sure if I offer the same for them, they'll get slammed by a .

diana gregory @thegregory5🔁It's pretty sad the democrats are just leaning about Russia. Mitt told you this years ago, and Obama laugh at him. Re tire goofy Nan
Hardcoreconservative @scattbros🔁RNC Spox: 'Today Marks the Day that the Democrats' Russia Collusion Conspiracy Theory Unraveled' | Breitbart
Lisa @Lisa52977606🔁FACT: Senate under the administration cut the funding for school safety. are the ones who actually tried to do something about gun control (Grassley/Cruz). If the didn't fillibuster this other mass shootings would have been prevented.
DPNM @NMDEMS🔁Why do Republicans only seem to care about deficits when Democrats are in charge? 🤔
ᴚѹМʊʂϯαηɠΙṥНоϯṤϯʊff™ @LadyRoyMustang🔁Democrats will double down and come midterms those who are in the middle and not affiliated with any party will end up voting for Trump/GOPs policies. Democrats lack messaging, this is quite clear. Most independents at the end of the day care about policy.
Donna Buxton @donbux29🔁Here's a pic of the interview -- a 15-min exclusive given yesterday -- that y'all still haven't aired... (While falsely claiming I'm "afraid" to talk to CNN.)
🌵ArizonaKat🌵 @mccraw_birkie5🔁 @DailyCaller @mccraw_birkie5 Russia may have stoked it, Democrats fanned the flames and now blowing on the coals.
lisa witham @cheezwitham🔁Fortunately the Democrats were eventually able to convince a couple of Republicans to cross the aisle to get a veto proof majority
Peter Starken @Patriotpeter2🔁🚨 The Clock Is Ticking! If The Democrats Want To Make A Deal, It's Really Up To Them Now! 🇺🇸💪 - Threatens To Veto Any Immigration Bill Which Doesn’t Fully Deliver
Paul Barsnica @pbarsnica🔁@FoxNews @HillaryClinton It’s all about electing democrats.
Mandy Haltrecht @MHaltrecht🔁As we process 37-page federal indictment against 13 Russian nationals for interfering with U.S. election, remember that Trump views it as "a hoax" made up by Democrats. He has not acted to safeguard US democracy from future foreign intrusions.
Pedro Rey Comas @Peterkingco🔁I hope all of our representatives know that the American people expect them to work the will of the people. We need gun safety laws. NOW. Republicans/Democrats. This is not about partisan politics. It's about our children & communities & we will vote for people who care about US.
Deplorable Terry! @terrydvl🔁Rosenstein: Russian nationals & companies indicted for election meddling. No allegation of American witting involvement & election impact or colluding with the Russians. The MEDIA & Democrats were beating the drum for a year for what?

Cats Eye @catseye2020🔁Too bad the Democrats have shown themselves to all the crooks pandering to their donors and not standing up for their citizens just ask your local superdelegate.
Mark Armstrong @humour_man🔁 Democrats are fighting for noncitizens illegals & have abandoned America the constitution the American People & our great Military fighting for freedom/liberty. Chuck & Nancy are a disgrace. Call your U S Congress.
Brian Topping @briantopping66🔁I know a few people who will vote republican now because of the democrats fighting for open borders and not voting f or tax cuts. The African American approval rating for Trump has jumped 16%. The democrats are exposed and are losing their credibility daily.
Isle0 @Kaymandive🔁Having covered Soviet/Russian active measures for decades, Democrats cared little for Moscow’s influence operations until their favored candidate lost and they needed an excuse. Totally cynical of liberals to bemoan Russian influence ops in 2016 election
Melinda Schuman @Tenderhearted3🔁 Ben Shapiro: The media push hard for gun control; Democrats attack the N... via @YouTube
Roger Rice @RogerRice10🔁 @StephenMilIer Well, they work for the democrats.
Joe Honeycutt @JoeHoneycutt1🔁@donnabrazile They call themselves Democrats
Scarlett_Sandra2.0 @Sandra2Scarlett🔁The Democrats only care about future votes! That's why they want open boarders! If they cared about American's safety they would not try to subvert and obstruct!
USA❤President Trump @terralynn68🔁What should TERRIFY Democrats is that while Mueller has found NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION by the Trump Campaign, and are neck deep and looking and many more months of investigations which will lead to indictments.
FuckItAll @kushkandy95🔁Passing meaningful gun control legislation may feel impossible, but there’s actually a very simple solution —


Jason Larsen @SesetatsSeditin🔁Ted Cruz on CNN bashing Democrats for calling for gun control I had to mute it...He`s a lying Lack of Shit just like tRump...I hope he gets voted out
Laura Whiteside @whiteside_laura🔁You aren’t looking at history if you believe that Republican line - they want you to believe that everyone is corrupt so you’ll turn off and stop paying attention and stop voting. Democrats keep being made to clean up major messes that GOP leaves of our government
Mark Pack @markpack🔁ICYMI: Liberal Democrats gain and lose a councillor
Wallace @pacaf1970🔁Dear Conservatives in , Democrats are going to be hitting NC 07 hard and trying to flip the seat. If from there you better get on it. It is my understanding is the Conservative incumbent candidate. . Lets not lose the seat.
Christina @ChristinaC40🔁You democrats make me sick!!!!!
Dan Siddons @SiddonsDan🔁“Today marks the day that the Democrats' Russia collusion conspiracy theory unraveled... The Russians were also organizing for ."~.
Covfefe Clannad @clannadlore🔁Funny how democrats are so concerned about Dreamers they have allowed the public education system to fall to the way side. 26 Billion could do so much for our legal American children. Like banning guns, there is always an agenda. Dems need votes for 2020
The Blind @blindmansregret🔁Last week, , , called for an investigation into the Trump White House security clearance process to protect our national security.
Loving God & Country @Dserayes🔁Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have been pushing for a crackdown on Second Amendment rights, whic h they often strategically refer to as "gun safety legislation."

Patti Brader @pjmugs🔁Rosenstein: "Some Russian trolls meddled in the election."
Democrats: "See! Yes! Listen to the DOJ."
Rosenstein: "It didnt change the outcome, and there was no Trump collusion"
Democrats: "well obviously DOJ has no idea what they're talking about"
boisterous bitch™ 🤷🏼‍♀️ @ThatDeaf_HOH🔁Twelve Democrats who voted against disability rights today:

Rice (NY)

Sally Patriot +++ @PatriotSally🔁. on possible immigration deal: "I don't know what's coming, but I don't see a deal coming. The parties are so far apart on this issue, and the Republicans have offered so much to the Democrats, and they're still saying 'no'."
Phil Davis @philstockworld🔁88% of Americans want universal gun checks and restrictions on mentally ill people buying weapons. 88%.

This INCLUDES responsible gun owners, Republicans and Democrats.

Those opposed are a tiny minority of sick individuals and pols enslaved by blood money. Don’t be fooled.

Trump1👍 @melgrissom🔁Wait, the democrats are letting their states break federal law, by giving sanctuary to millions of invaders, & at the same time, they’re trying to disarm the actual citizens. Can’t we just claim our states to be a sanctuary state for guns! Do federal laws matter?
Dr. Marty Fox @DrMartyFox🔁ATTN: Gun Grabbing AKA

My Parents Survived

I Saw A Movie Where Only The Had

It Was "Schindler's List"

Leppa @Leppa10🔁I liked a @YouTube video Debunking the Fake News Myth Democrats And Media Perversely Promote.
Johnbland595@gmail.c @Johnbland595gm1🔁Democrats today are like the anarchists from the past wanting to tear down the government, and take over the governm ent
Natalie 4 Trump @LookingLucky🔁Parkland high school students have more sense than grown-up democrats! They say gun control would not have prevented this tragedy!
Deplorable Robyn @rossr122🔁Stupid little PUNK! If had done his damn job and done more than wagging his finger at Putin and telling him to knoc k it off or giving a reset button, then none of it would have happened.
Ba @Ba04990897🔁.. your an idiot! Blaming Obama & the Democrats for shootings. Also blaming that your Grassley Cruz initiative didn 't pass? Children are shooting up schools they're not prior criminals. How does your logic of cracking down on criminals solve the problem of shootings?
Pebo Browning @Pebo4U🔁I swear I’m not interested in lies or bullshit. If I see bigotry,I’ll call it out regardless of who it is. I like Tru mp, but I’m not gonna condone any kind of racism or bigotry. He is being called a bigot and racist to try to ruin him because the democrats have nothing on policy.
Vickie Ramirez @VickieR38010334🔁Let Me Make Myself Clear:

Russia didn't influence my vote in the 2016 presidential election, but watching the democrat party rig the election against Bernie Sanders did.

The American people saw how crooked the democrats are.

America Great Again @Obamaisnuts🔁Troubling revelations today by Probe

1) paid $12M for Dirt on which HELPED Plan #2016 Election
2) & us ed Russians Disinformation 2 create

Elaines2cents @Elaines2cents🔁Says the wench that fully supports the killing of hundreds of babies EACH and EVERY DAY. Your Kamala shows j ust how pathetic of a representative you've are. Exactly how much money does give you in donations every year?

russian bot @CunninghamJacob🔁Lol, you think electing democrats will do anything? Bro, the nra will fight tooth and nail to protect are 2A. You thi nk my donations ain’t greasing the palms of Dems?
Lmao, you’re clue should’ve been Obama’s Presidency.
Becca Ream @BeccaReam5🔁" 's midnight map is a ridiculously hypocritical and a partisan move to help Nancy Pelosi, the DNC and Pennsylvania Democrats steal Pennsylvania congressional seats." - PA GOP Chairman


dumbass krist @chrspkc🔁1. Trump canceled DACA by executive order.

2. Trump killed bipartisan legislation to help DREAMers.

3. Trump is trying to blame Democrats (good old-fashioned lying) because he doesn’t want to face the political fallout for killing a program supported by 80% of Americans.

chamberedelite @chamberedelite🔁Wholeheartedly agree. Democrats don't care about DACA or illegal immigrants they only use it/them to attack republica ns and use it/them as political props. They did nothing with Obamas tenure to forge a path for them.
Joyce Huffman @joycemarieh66🔁IMPORTANT REMINDER: and 22 Democrats re-introduced a bill to ban “military-style assault weapons” and high-capacity ammunition magazines last year. Democrats are on the right side of history on the gun violence issue. Vote accordingly on November 6th, 2018.
Greg Elliott @grege1953🔁Wrong !!
Muller was trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. He couldn't. The accusations by the D emocrats and MSM that the campaign colluded with the Russians is false. That's what Trump was calling a witch hunt and this shows he was right !!
#SchumerSellout @QuipMaster🔁Democrats are growing up and demanding social justice!

If really cared he's have one of these guys, or b oth,l on his staff!!!

Colleen @Racer1961🔁Yes i knew that my president:Donald J. Trump had nothing to do with the And thank you president Trump for clarifying it 👍❤️🇺🇸 and
Sandi @SandiHKaye🔁Chuck Shumer and Democrats are saying now that 95% of Americans support DACA. If that is so, why didn't they shut down the Government in the name of DACA? Cause it isn't so.
Nature For All @lanatureforall🔁Please RT! 16 Presidents – 8 Republicans and 8 Democrats – have used the to protect our shared historical, cultural and natural heritage as national . This weekend, take action to defend this important law at .
Bobby Boone @BobbyBoon3🔁Who says two? Maybe three. What’s left of the GOP, traditional Democrats, and reformists, who want to limit severely the purchasing of iinfluence in Washington by special interests. Can you tell which one I would be a part of?
Chidiebere godwins @Chigodwins🔁The Russian Collusion angle is dead. The fact they indicted Russian nationalists with no ties to the Trump campaign shatters the theory it was Trump and his officials. So will the Democrats apologize for lying to the American people for the last year plus?

bob rogers @bobroge72708383🔁What really makes me made is the democrats was and are involved .and all the bullshit to set up trump no.1 no 2 how d o u believe muller?
Nieuw @dsventure🔁 @dbongino @LyndaG1963 Yep, you got all the bad wrapped up there

As I wrote a few weeks ago

tj @tjtjor🔁Let's also remember: I did not hear the Democrats calling for gun control when it was an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary City with an illegal weapon who shot Kate Steinle.
SeezBeez🐝 @SeezBeez🔁 Campaign workers' union pushes Democrats to practice what they preach via @MotherJones
ND Warner @NancyWarner4🔁Nice try Ted Cruz to blame Democrats for the deaths in Florida. Idiotic. Youand your Repugnacan associates are in b ed with the NRA. Clean your own house before you complain about dirt elsewhere!
Anton Karidian @kandidan🔁Today Congress voted to say that disabled people are not entitled to the same rights as everyone else. At least 12 Democrats voted in favor of HR 620, which says businesses have more rights than disabled people!



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