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Ksmsnowflake @KsmSnowflake🔁Police responding to Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana following reports of an active shooter, per Westfield Police.

Thoughts and prayers may make you feel good but they don’t do squat in preventing the next one. Stand up against the NRA or be complicit.

c@k¡ 👀 @cakikeith🔁The NFL’s approach to dealing with the movement is demeaning to us all. If they have any courage at all, value their players at all, respect the public at all, they’ll reverse this misguided decision or .

Laurie Stowell @LaurieStowell🔁Active shooter at Noblesville Indiana middle school.

While we’re busy praying for the victims, God is praying we’ll do something to protect the living.

David MOSES @DavidMO33803629🔁The FBI always works to protect Americans from crimes committed by Russia.

The GOP is so busy attacking the FBI & protecting Trump from an investigation of colluding with Russia to notice.

Vote against every Republican on your ballot at every level of govt in 2018.

Not a fan of Trump @ChrisFallis2🔁The first thing a cult does is claim everyone else is lying to you.

JBax52 @JBax52🔁A new lawsuit accuses Gov. Rick Scott’s administration of making it more difficult for young people to vote by preventing early voting at public buildings on state university campuses.

Gary Garrett @garypgarrett🔁The greatest thing I've ever done is join this is a huge family of patriots on a mission to save & I'm so proud to be on the right side of history

1Luv Unapologetic Hillary Dem @spiritmoon7🔁I retweet our Democratic members of Congress because it’s important to help get their message - our message - out to the people. I’ve lost count of my followers who use those retweets to insult “impure” Democrats. Folks, this isn’t a game - and I’m not here to play.
hollyeh @hollye_h🔁Yes, everywhere I’ve been since 2008, the small town cafes, the park benches in the shade, the blue-collar bars, the gas station coffee service, there has been a deep hue and cry, “Give power back to the big banks and Wall Street!”

Kim Lindberg @kim_iam🔁So take the protection bill to the floor. Talk is cheap!!

McConnell says he backs Mueller probe after classified briefing

KSTksti👩🏻‍💻 @KSTksti🔁Donald Trump's Republican-led war on U.S. intelligence agencies is working, The Chilling Effect of Trump’s War on the FBI The next terrorist attack here or abroad need not look further than DJT and GOP for blame, due to lack of C.I. involvement!
2018DemWave @2018DemWave🔁I once was religious and firmly believed in God. Today, I’m spiritual and believe in the capacity of humans to love, to share, and to help.

This will pass...because we will bring the future forward. We won’t settle for this. Empty the pews!

2018DemWave @2018DemWave🔁Trump’s pissed off about his chances for getting a Nobel Peace Prize? Just wait until the next Democratic POTUS is elected and begins undoing his destruction.

Extra-terrestrials will visit earth just to bring the new POTUS the highest honors of the frigging galaxy.

2018DemWave @2018DemWave🔁I actually expect better from smart people like you . Nancy Pelosi said everything that needs to be said. We should be holding Trump and the NFL owners responsible - not dare Democrats to sink into the mud. Please give it some more thought. Thanks. 💙

Matt Koenig @MattKoenig10🔁Don’t you mean “Fire Republicans now” Mr. Painter? As a brand new Democrat - who joined the Party to primary a sitting Democrat - I find it disturbing that you lump the Parties together when one of those Parties is gonna save the country. Your bias is showing.
OCDori @HelloooBetty🔁
May your day be filled with peace & harmony.

gene hill @genehil34403639🔁Republicans know their platform is a raw deal for Americans. Instead of fixing it, they try to fix elections.

2018DemWave @2018DemWave🔁infuriating Democrats? That’s your headline ? Not how inappropriate it is? Not how it could be evidence of further obstruction? This is the crap that got him elected. Stop with the horse race mentality. We’re a country, not a sport.

2018DemWave @2018DemWave🔁So we don’t count the lives lost before that? You’re willing to accept any number of lives lost as long as the domestic terrorist is also shot?

Should we not work to prevent any crimes then?

Is this part of the pro-life platform?

Sue #DemForce✌️ @unfollow45trump🔁"The techniques Mr. Trump used in real estate negotiations didn’t translate easily to nuclear weapons"
2018DemWave @2018DemWave🔁A Russian oligarch with links to the Kremlin met Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen at the Trump Tower in New York City less than two weeks before Trump’s inauguration as president

Lorna Davis #DemForce @imlornadavis🔁A Russian oligarch with links to the Kremlin met Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen at the Trump Tower in New York C twitter.com ity less than two weeks before Trump’s inauguration as president

DehumanizationLeadstoFascism @NotAcquiescing🔁NFL to players: stay in the locker room, stand, or be fined.

Owners: But, we never officially voted for the policy.

NFL: We did a little informal polling and think everyone is cool with it.

Maybe not.


Will N @surfbro26🔁Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, received a secret payment of at least $400,000 (£300,000) to fix talks between the Ukrainian president and President Trump, according to sources in Kiev close to those involved.

SHELLEY RAYMOND👑 publicfrienemy @raymond_shelley🔁I hope so..with my entire being, I truly hope.
No man deserves the scale of so much as trump.


Sue #DemForce✌️ @unfollow45trump🔁This mixing of threats with olive branches is a typical Trump move, observers say, but it may not work in international diplomacy. "This isn't a New York real estate deal," one expert says. "These are the North Koreans."
Sue #DemForce✌️ @unfollow45trump🔁He’s afraid to leave the protection of the embassy b/c US has prepared charges to seek his arrest. US intel agencies think Russia used him as an intermediary to distribute hacked Hillary Clinton campaign emails during 2016 presidential election.
CHERYL MCDANIEL @MCDANICS🔁Democrats offer the platform, policies & plans that will take us forward, away from destructive results of GOP corruption to a brighter future with a level playing field, where the American Dream is built.

Read about it here.

Patty Leimel @PattyLeimel🔁 is raking in campaign cash after helping Trump obstruct Russia probe




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