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Destini @destini_tiara🔁 This made me so happy😊 This cast of Degrassi was the best 👍🏽
Quinta @quintabrunson🔁I think you guys are confusing degrassi fans with people who care about Drake’s beef with Pusha T. We only care abou t SPINNER AND JIMMY BACK AT IT AGAIN and TERRI AWAKE FROM HER COMA and EMMA RECOVERING FROM GETTING HER PERIOD IN CLASS and our first gay icon MARCO.
Degrassi madilyn reiter @madzzz98🔁 my first emo crush was eli goldsworthy from degrassi he had 8 year old me WHIPPED
Allison @allipatty🔁 Degrassi throwback to the first time I heard Drake rap. Wheelchair Jimmy killed this.
Evette Dionne 🤷🏾‍♀️ @freeblackgirl🔁The lies. The reach. The audacity. The same generation watching OG Degrassi were also hitting the Grindin beat on lun ch tables. How old do y’all think the show is?
Desus Nice @desusnice🔁j prince: drake has a song that will end pusha's career

pusha: release it


~Cola 🌞 @cocaa_ma🔁 Netflix this is your chance to put all ORIGINAL Degrassi episodes up NOW. Not that bullshit you tried to give us.
kiimm!✨ @KiimPossiible🔁 Real niggas watched Saved by the Bell not no fuckin Degrassi
gabby @ghcstspots🔁this goth gf meme happening while im at ashely’s goth phase in my degrassi rewatch is so funny
Ismail Sari @elturcosari🔁Drake pimping Degrassi die-hards into making that terrible “Im Upset” record probably go platinum is some super villain stuff
Em @emcantread🔁Am I the only person on the planet who has never seen Degrassi, and further, does not know any references/actors on said show?
Jaÿ D’usse @Niall_JayDub🔁 Drake really broke the “Degrassi in case of emergency” glass. That’s a cunning mofo, I’ll tell you.
Mark Renneson @markrenneson🔁Lots of tough things happening these days. And every once in awhile I need a break from the terribleness (what a priv ilege to be able to take a break). Drake's Degrassi 'reunion' was a nice one. So was this. Do any Canadians killing it globally,...
honey bee @marissa_bee15🔁am I the only one that never liked Emma from degrassi like she is so annoying to me


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